Military Review

For the victory - shooting: the truth about the "death match"

22 June 1942 of the year, exactly one year after the start of the war, a "deadly" football match took place in the German-occupied Kiev. Captured footballers of the Kiev club Dynamo played against the national team of the fascists. "Dynamo" put forward a condition - they must lose, otherwise they will be shot. Despite this, Soviet athletes repeatedly hammer into the enemy gates. It cost them their lives.

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  1. dog breeder
    dog breeder 8 November 2017 15: 38
    The dead would know what those who they perished then would do ... Eternal memory to the heroes ...
  2. -ш-
    -ш- 8 November 2017 17: 24
    and now the dynamo was afraid to go to the match in Mariupol and refused the match ... now only women are playing there
  3. medvedron
    medvedron 26 November 2017 22: 04
    And now in Kiev, many Dynamo fans say there has never been such a match, and they are fighting Communism together.
  4. Dolos
    Dolos 28 November 2017 21: 55
    Do not believe in these invented football legends of Kiev Dynamo with nothing. After the liberation of Kiev in 1943, the Komsomol Central Committee and the NKVD dealt with these tales. I dare to assert - from personal conversations with participants in the events. There are documents in the archives. Found that no one captured Dynamo players. Why didn’t the Germans immediately shoot the NKVD team players? These players worked mainly at the bakery near the Air Fleet bridge on Kassior. Nobody left them for underground work. Total - strong, healthy athletes remained in the occupied territory on their own initiative during the period of general mobilization ??? What is it called really remember, deserters. They played football and worked at the bakery. Others defended their homeland for them .... They sent them to the camp and then they shot part of them for violating the order of the fascist German commandant of Kiev - for stealing bags of flour. They were caught by the Germans - what were the documents in the commandant's office. The topic of football heroes was needed to promote the club after the war. The NKVD and the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Ukraine banned this topic for many years. A board at the Dynamo stadium appeared later - legends for the promotion of the NKVD club became necessary. In modern terms, memes. The creation of the team was vigilantly monitored by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. He was engaged in financial and administrative support. Dynamo Kiev was the first to introduce active meeting management. For example, in the 60s, the football players of Moscow “Spartak”, upon arrival in Kiev and staying at the Moscow hotel, before the match, found under their pillows baloon raincoats and patent leather shoes ??? So winning more than 1-0 was not recommended. Information from the Spartak players of those times. All this was remembered not in order to insult the wonderful Soviet football team Dynamo Kiev. No. All sorts of methods were in control. Including such. Talking about the feat of football players in football games with the Germans is wrong and disgusting. A dirty story of former club players. In a simple sense - traitors and deserters.