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The time has come for alarming conclusions. "Terry Puncture" of Kiev on lethal weapons leaves time to prepare


On Sunday evening 5 November 2017, we once again witnessed the result of the continuing attempts of Moscow, Donetsk and Donbass to meet the Minsk format, which had long been a fiasco, and continued to bring grief and losses to the homes of civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, as well as to kill the lives of servicemen The people's militia LDNR and the volunteers who defended our Donbass. At about 7 hours of high-intensity fire contact between the “fresh” (recently arrived) battalion-tactical groups (BTGr) 25 of the separate Dnepropetrovsk airborne brigade and the artillery units of the DPR People’s Militia Corps responsible for covering the Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration. 450 high-explosive NURS type 9М22 was released, which caused critical damage to more than 25 residential buildings located in Yakovlevka, Zabichevo, Vesel and also in part K evskogo district of Donetsk.

The next day, the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, with pathos, stated that the counter-artillery fire of the People's Militia of the DPR was destroyed, attention, "as many as two artillery batteries and three enemy dugouts!" Against the background of the fact that earlier the command of the NM of the DPR and completely banned the army corps from giving otvetka to the Ukrainian militants, this was a real achievement over the past year. And if without patriotic snot, then on an operational-tactical scale, the destruction of the above military objects of the junta had no effect on the overall picture in the Donbas theater of operations. There is no doubt that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have long since compensated for their losses by transferring two new batteries to the western firing lines of Donetsk, placing them in completely different positions. Moreover, there are no temporary and geographical barriers for this transfer, as the nearest reserve units and logistical support facilities are located in cities such as Kurakhovo, Selidovo, Krasnoarmeisk and Kramatorsk. Consequently, the command of the NM corps during the next artillery strike will gain absolutely nothing, moreover, the shelling will be even more furious and lengthy; the only solution to the problem of shelling is a quick offensive operation to the borders of the former Donetsk region.

An interesting opinion regarding the combat potential of the DPR army on the eve of the upcoming escalation was expressed by the ex-commander of the Vostok battalion Alexander Khodakovsky in his analytical note published immediately after the Sunday strike in the capital of the DPR. Once again, he recalled that the intelligence information coming from the “Square” indicates the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the general offensive against LDNR immediately after the end of the autumn thaw and frost, and also spoke about the degree of readiness for military operations of the military units of New Russia. In his opinion, the technical capabilities of the corps and tactical advantages remain at a very decent level, while the morale and motivation of the personnel have declined many times. This is not surprising, since the entire ideological groundwork acquired in 14, 15, literally disappeared together with the inaction of Minsk and the Norman formats, as well as due to the difficult socio-economic situation. The ultimate goal of staying on a fixed line of contact under the endless shelling of the Ukrainian militants was lost - instead of the revolutionary upsurge of 2-3 a year ago, a total ideological disappointment ensued and this situation cannot be neglected.

On the one hand, the beginning of a large-scale offensive "throw" of the Ukrainian troops in the shortest possible time will raise the lost morale and motivation of the LDNR military personnel, especially with regard to the parallel "Northern wind", which again "hovers more" over the eastern edges of the republics. On the other hand, even with indirect Russian military support, it will be increasingly difficult to withstand a regularly updated Ukrainian army each time, which indicates the need for faster reflection and response. In other words, the “physical” (technological) readiness of the people's militia corps announced by Alexander Khodakovsky for the active phase of the confrontation causes more and more doubts and requires serious improvement and operational-tactical reformatting. This problem is absolutely not sucked from the finger and is explained by the accelerating modernization of the Ukrainian army, which has recently been extremely fruitful soil. Representatives of the Ukrainian defense structures, as well as officials of Western European companies and the US State Department declare this.

The greatest number of myths and guesses is wandering today around the provision of Ukraine with US military assistance in the form of lethal weapons. Of the latest details on this subject, we can note three voiced models of providing Kiev with lethal weapons, of which only one is known for details providing for the provision of an “independent” 47-million package for updating the APU. Apparently, the meeting of Russian leader Vladimir Putin with US President Donald Trump on the margins of the APEC summit in Vietnam, as well as the meeting of Vladislav Surkov and Kurt Volcker, scheduled for 13 in November, may influence the choice of configuration of arms supplies, but in fact it doesn’t change anything. The only question is what kind of weapons can fall into the hands of Ukrainian militants. More recently, the veil of secrecy in this matter began to open slightly, and it is very far from comforting forecasts.

In particular, even 5 November 2017 of the year, the Ukrainian media, citing the commander of the rocket forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Gorbylev, announced Kiev’s plans for large-scale procurement of combat modules (towers and guns) of the Polish KNR artillery guns (serially produced by “ Huta Stalowa Wola "under license from the British branch of BAE Land Systems). The Crab's turret and cannon are a copy of the combat module of the British self-propelled artillery unit AS-155, and in the Ukrainian version they will be mounted on the BM Oplot T-90 tracked chassis “BM Oplot”. The first rumors about the possible adoption by the Ukrainian artillery formations of new self-propelled artillery guns crawled back on October 84, when a similar vehicle arrived in Kiev to participate in the exhibition “Arms and Security-9”. Many Ukrainian military "experts", employees of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff, as well as Gorbylev himself, argue that in the new self-propelled gun Ukrainian criminals-artillerymen need in connection with the galloping speed of arsenals of standard 2017-mm high-explosive and other types of artillery shells, as well as moral obsolescence of SAUs such as 152C2 “Acacia” and “Hyacinth-S”. In part, this version is true (huge losses of arsenals during large-scale detonation in warehouses near Mariupol, Vinnitsa and Balakley, as well as the gradual deterioration of units during aggression against LDNR), however, the main hitch lies in a completely different point.

We are talking about the NATO caliber of the gun, which is 155 mm, which already says a lot. First, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are finally rebuilt to the “artillery standards” of the North Atlantic alliance; and this, in turn, forces us to begin actively purchasing 155-mm artillery ammunition from manufacturers in Western Europe and the USA. Secondly, for the first time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have artillery weapons adapted for high-precision 155-mm M982 Block IA-2 "Excalibur" active-rocket projectiles, the 250 units of which can be purchased as part of the 47-million grant from the US military aid offered by the State Department and the Pentagon and already reviewed by US National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster. New lethal weapons, including those reviewed by our previous works of the FGM-148 "Javelin" and "TOW" ATGM, could fall into the hands of Ukrainian militants immediately after the adoption of the US defense budget by the Congress on 2018. Let us consider what tactical problems artillery units of the LDNR People’s Militia Corps may encounter after entering the Crab Armed Forces armed forces armed with Excalibur.

Firstly, it is on the 50% a long range of the M982 Block IA-2 "Excalibur" in comparison with the existing and even promising active-reactive and guided projectiles, which are in service with not only the Novorossia air forces, but also the Russian Army (60 vs. 40 km, respectively). If we compare the Excalibur with such corrected projectiles as the Krasnopol-МХNUMX (39 km) ЗОФХNUMXМ, the gap in the radius of action is even greater: the brainchild of Raytheon Missile Systems and BAE Systems Bofors surpasses the domestic clever ammunition 1 times! In simpler language: “Crabs”, purchased by the Ukrainian junta, deployed in Krasnoarmeysk (at a distance of 25 km), will be able to fire at the central districts of Donetsk, being outside the range of D-2,4, “Msta-B” and the Uragan MLRS. How do you like this prospect?

Another extremely important tactical and technical point is that the “Excalibur”, used from extreme distances, will not allow the counter-battery radar of artillery reconnaissance NM DNR to accurately determine the location of the positions of the new Ukrainian SAU “Krab” and deliver a counter-battery strike by, for example, multiple launch rocket systems 9K58 Smerch. Even if the artillery batteries of the DPR army equip with the Zoo 1M radar-attached radar, they can detect the approaching 155-mm Excalibur only with 20 - 24 km, i.e., on approach. Due to the fact that the projectile is controlled by the nose aerodynamic rudders, it can deviate significantly from the initial trajectory typical of conventional high-explosive fragmentation projectiles for the 40 km from the point of the shot and the mathematical algorithm for calculating the projectile exit point will be for the Zoo 1M computing facilities ineffective and invalid. Accurately calculate the location of the artillery battery firing the Excalibur is possible only when looking for the M982 on the ascending branch of the trajectory, when the projectile does not correct the flight path, and for this you need to be at a distance of no more 25 - 26 km from the active artillery positions of the enemy.

In the current conditions of Donbass theater, this, unfortunately, is not yet feasible. This is precisely the danger of the introduction of 155-mm artillery guns with all the ensuing consequences. And it can happen very soon! The M982 Block IA-2 circular deviation is from 20 to 10 meters, which poses a huge threat to LDNR gunners. In fact, the entire defensive republic of the barrel and rocket artillery can be eliminated with impunity in just a few days from a distance in 50 - 60 km.

What countermeasures can be developed against Excalibur? Undoubtedly, these are powerful electronic countermeasures operating in decimeter L-wavebands (at frequencies from 1 to 2 GHz); It is in this wavelength range that the radio navigation satellite system GPS channels are located (frequency range 1176,45 - 1575,42 MHz). To serve an excellent service here can mobile electronic intelligence complexes / EW R-330ZH "Resident", which, according to information previously found on the network, have already been transferred to the LPRD people's militia corps, and this is very encouraging. A quick means of counteraction can be considered as a quick change of the positions of artillery batteries of the LDNR armies during counter battery operation, especially at night. But even this will not help if in 30 - 70 km from the front line a high-altitude strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4A with the well-known call sign UAVGH000 will be patrolling: its onboard side-view radar with AFAR AN / ZPY-2 MP-RTIP will accurately detect new positions of SAU Republican armies. Since the above radar operates in the centimeter X-band (8-12 GHz), then the electronic countermeasure for Global Hawk will require other, for example, Krasukh complexes.

Models of similar mini-confrontations of Western high-precision weapons and Russian countermeasures on the lands of Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics can be considered and “chewed” to infinity, the facts remain facts: Kiev will receive a lethal weapon by the spring of 2018; the headquarters of the “Square” has already outlined priorities in the types of weapons. Moscow, Donetsk and Lugansk, it remains only to consider a preemptive move in this dangerous and unpredictable "game." And if this move gets stuck in the quagmire of “peace treaties”, it will be practically impossible to outplay the Ukrainian Armed Forces without direct military support from Russia.

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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 November 2017 07: 38
    “Minsk format”, which continues to bring grief and loss

    It remains only with sadness to state the facts. Someone is playing his party, and someone is paying for it with his life.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 8 November 2017 08: 28
      What we have, we don’t store. Having lost it, weep .. These political chess and HHP were hesitant ...
      Quote: rotmistr60
      “Minsk format”, which continues to bring grief and loss

      It remains only with sadness to state the facts. Someone is playing his party, and someone is paying for it with his life.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 8 November 2017 14: 29
        Quote: 210ox
        What we have, we don’t store. Having lost it, weep .. These political chess and HHP were hesitant ...

        Unfortunately, not Kiev, but Washington is sitting at this board, and therefore the party is long-playing and with an unknown outcome.
    2. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 8 November 2017 12: 23
      Quote: rotmistr60
      “Minsk format”, which continues to bring grief and loss

      It remains only with sadness to state the facts. Someone is playing his party, and someone is paying for it with his life.

      The party is played by the bourgeois capitalists, the oligarchs, ordinary citizens are paid. We can only be surprised at the mass degeneration of ukrov and the failure of power in Russia. In any case, for what the Anglo-Zionists did on our outskirts, there will be no mercy for them - every sane citizen of Russia should strive to utilize this abomination by all available means. And bequeath this matter to children and grandchildren!
  2. Mik13
    Mik13 8 November 2017 07: 45
    Author, do a good deed - do not write more about what you do not understand. From reading your opus, blood comes from the eyes ...
    In other words, the “physical” (technological) readiness of the People’s Police corps for the active phase of the confrontation, announced by Alexander Khodakovsky, raises more doubts and requires serious improvement and tactical reformatting.

    Is this some new term? Maybe you should read some books on military affairs, for general development? I strongly recommend you the Charter ... for starters.

    Now, in essence, the main idea of ​​your ... article.
    The greatest number of myths and conjectures wander today around the provision of Ukraine with American military assistance in the form of lethal weapons.

    I will tell you a terrible MILITARY SECRET (tm). Only this is a secret:
    In fact, the army is not individual weapons — it is a complex system of the integrated use of weapons. At the same time, some kind of interaction must be organized ...
    Well, suppose tomorrow the United States will deliver to the APU a large batch of mythical "Javelins" or "TOUs," so what? Nothing - the combat capabilities of this ATGM are the same as those of the systems available in the Armed Forces now. But at the same time, the specifics of their combat employment will require reconsidering the OSh of infantry units at the unit level - which (for a number of organizational reasons) is unrealistic in the conditions of the Armed Forces.
    Simply put, the American anti-tank systems are very good in the conditions of the NATO armies, but they are unlikely to take root in the APU.
    You can put in the Armed Forces "Escalibury" and even artillery systems that use them ... and nothing will change at the same time - since the artillery of the Armed Forces simply does not have the technical ability to detect targets at ranges of use of these weapons. Moreover - it is precisely the US artillery intelligence systems that are supplied - even with 2015. This is much more serious - but still - no fundamental changes in the tactics of artillerymen of the Armed Forces took place.
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 8 November 2017 08: 57
      The personnel of the armed forces of any state can be re-equipped and retrained for new systems. It only takes time. Now they can’t detect targets at ranges of 50-60 km, after some time they can. An example of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, more recently, soldiers "dug from the fence to lunch", are now able to effectively use the most complex weapons systems. On the other side, the same Slavs and the officer corps are not very different from the Russian, all Russian names are entirely. The delivery of modern artillery systems to the APU can be a very big problem. Residents of LDNR and now in Stalingrad on the 42nd.
    2. Fulcrumxnumx
      8 November 2017 12: 38
      MiK, in the course you just do something!) Do not mislead readers! First, there will be plenty of targeting tools for Ukrainian militants in the event of an escalation: this is also described in the Global Hawk with its optical-electronic and X-ray radar, and the AN / TPQ-36 "Firefinder" radars and many other "buns" . Do not worry, if necessary, and "Rivet Joint" will appear, everything is ahead! Regarding "Javelinov" I advise you not to be mistaken: FGM-148 strike from the upper hemisphere, in the least protected projections of the BTVT; in case of the appearance of these complexes in the Ukrainian militants, it will be even more difficult to take control of Mariupol or Volnovakha. Here, the available means of reducing the infrared signature will improve the situation, and only the "North wind" ("Whalers", "Grani-KM", etc.) will help to surpass the enemy. At the moment, the NM of the DPR has a lot of advantages over the Armed Forces of Ukraine in both technical and tactical directions .. with the supply of lethal weapons, depending on its type, everything can change dramatically ... it is worth understanding ..
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 8 November 2017 16: 05
        Quote: Fulcrum29
        First, there will be plenty of targeting equipment for Ukrainian militants in case of escalation: this is the Global Hawk described in its work with its optoelectronic and radar devices

        Global Hawke will engage in tactical intelligence? Maybe he will also correct the artillery fire?
        Quote: Fulcrum29
        radar AN / TPQ-36 "Firefinder"
        have long been. Fundamentally, nothing has changed. And all because they can’t fully reveal their capabilities in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are made to NATO standards.
        Quote: Fulcrum29
        Regarding the "Javelins" I advise you not to be mistaken: FGM-148 strike from the upper hemisphere, in the least protected projections of the BTVT
        Willingly I believe. Only the likelihood of a tank being defeated is the same for the trendy Javelin and the completely unflattering and unfashionable 9K111M. And 9K111M in the platoon on BMP-2 - as many as 3 pieces, and on 4 missiles for each in the combat unit. Moreover, if necessary, PU with BMP can be removed and used separately, as a portable complex. And the "Javelin" in the BMP-2 simply does not fit. Well, that is, it will fit in - but then the soldiers will go on foot ...
    3. g1v2
      g1v2 8 November 2017 13: 43
      I’ll add a little. Ukraine has the opportunity to fight for several years only thanks to the huge Soviet reserves. And then for some positions - such as heavy North-West tornado and tornado, the bottom is already visible. And nowhere to buy them. Only the huge reserves of our calibers, even if they have a 30–40 year production term, give the VSU the opportunity to fully fight. request
      In the case of transition to NATO standards, all these reserves will be useless. Expand the production of BP all the necessary calibers - the years and billions of dollars that need to be taken somewhere. East Europe has been unable for 13 years to completely switch to NATO calibers. That means supply from the wheels remains. Well, let's say Bulgarian factories will pull such a production. But this will require a permanent logistics corridor from Bulgaria to the atomic zone. Moreover, having no serious reserves of bp data of calibers on the territory of Ukraine, in combat units of the All-Union Artillery Shell, hunger will become regular. request And the NATO equipment itself must be bought for something. The NATO armies themselves hardly see any new technology; they are unlikely to send ukram what they cannot deliver to their armies. Nowhere to take these hundreds of new abrams and leopards as a gift to the valiant ukrovermaht. Well, do not forget that NATO standards are not only equipment, but also lubricants, logistics, staff training, supply of zip, etc. The technique itself is just the tip of the iceberg. If NATO had such opportunities and means, Eastern Europe would have been completely re-equipped long ago. request
      It’s just beneficial for us that everything goes over to NATO standards, since this will reset the stocks of military equipment and Soviet-style military equipment both in Ukraine and the rest in eastern Europe. But unfortunately this transition will not happen, no matter how Ukrainian politicians sing about it. So, the stocks of military equipment and military hardware in Ukraine are still relevant. Although finite. If less water flows into the pool. what follows. then sooner or later it will be empty. Eastern Europe may close some of the losses. but not all. There is also a 30-40 year old equipment, which is partially decommissioned, partially sold to Africa and the BV. Of course, it remained decently, but less than Ukraine had before the war. You can make up for the loss, but not to strengthen it. hi
      1. JonnyT
        JonnyT 12 November 2017 17: 15
        One important detail cannot be ruled out. Along with weapons of NATO standards, NATO personnel, mercenaries and trained militants will arrive. They are then trained and tactics of application and will act in accordance with NATO statutes, instructions. The risk is minimal - reconnaissance target designation is art support, while the APU on the front line will be meat in Soviet junk. And now imagine situations when they will hit LNR from unpunished distance, with high accuracy, methodically destroying the defense. At the same time, a crowd of APUs will go. In a word, good is not enough. Apparently, NATO and the Russian Federation want to face off in a general (classic) battle. Training before declaring war
        1. g1v2
          g1v2 12 November 2017 21: 01
          Do not arrive. Maximum - several dozen instructors and a couple of CCO groups. For one simple reason, losing your military personnel who are entitled to privileges and compensation in a war in which gain does not shine is simply unprofitable. There are simply no goals for these forces. Mercenaries too, it makes no sense to bring. Mercenaries cost money, but free cannon fodder from Russian guys caught on the streets of the same Kharkov - no. Well, what's the point of splurging? Moreover, they cannot achieve any turning point without the full-scale deployment of American troops, and they understand this very well. Whatever they put to the Donbass from across the ocean - the Russian Federation across the border will easily supply more. Just because we have Soviet armored vehicles and artillery a bunch of warehouses clogged. Tch stupidly the game is not worth the candle. request
          And the main events of this war in the coming years will not be in the Donbass but in Kiev. Hence, the mattresses will invest money not in the resuscitation of the university, but in preparation for the next election and strengthening control over local elites. What does a tie-eater require there? Special anti-corruption courts controlled by the Americans and the abolition of parliamentary immunity. That's what the money will go into. hi
  3. tasha
    tasha 8 November 2017 08: 14
    I wonder if it is possible, within the framework of any agreements, to organize a watch on the demarcation line of UAVs, like the RQ-4A? And to spread the coordinates of heavy weapons on both sides in open access ...
    1. boboss
      boboss 8 November 2017 13: 30
      ... and destroy
      1. tasha
        tasha 8 November 2017 14: 03
        There is sometimes such a thought. Maybe this is how the opposing sides will share in the future ...
  4. medvedron
    medvedron 8 November 2017 08: 37
    FVSO LOST !!! GIPS REMOVE THE CLIENT IS LEAVING !!! Or maybe enough screaming?
    1. stas
      stas 8 November 2017 13: 14
      Wipe the snot. Donbass needs to be decided.
      On 8 troubles one answer. It is necessary to recognize LDNR.
      1. medvedron
        medvedron 8 November 2017 13: 44
        It is necessary to solve it, but not as it is written in the article. Of course, I understand that you do not care, you do not live here, and your relatives, too.
  5. Essex62
    Essex62 8 November 2017 08: 47
    It was said at a different time and under other circumstances, but in fact, it is 100% applicable to this situation - "the best air defense is our tanks at enemy airfields." An abscess, the Nazi suburbs, must be eliminated. And, for the one thing that prevents it, the liberal-aligarchic gopa in Russia.
  6. BAI
    BAI 8 November 2017 09: 45
    to proceed with the active purchase of 155-mm artillery ammunition from manufacturers in Western Europe and the United States

    The good news is that these ammunition will be in limited quantities, in any case there will be less than 152 mm Soviet ones.
    Bad news:
    the range of the M982 Block IA-2 "Excalibur" in comparison with existing and even promising active-reactive and guided missiles, armed with not only the aircraft of Novorossia, but also the Russian NE (60 versus 40 km, respectively).

    Russian gunsmiths urgently need to develop an adequate response.
  7. Valmih70
    Valmih70 8 November 2017 10: 05
    I agree with Mik13 in his thoughts completely. I want to add one more thought. The purpose of the supply of Western weapons is to further destroy the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. The delivery of even obsolete requires a fair amount of spare parts. All this in the context of destroying the economy of Ukraine and "putting it on the needle" of the consumption of Western goods that need to be sold. Plus, the weakening of Russia due to the untying of Ukraine from it. Everything else is a consequence.
  8. mac789
    mac789 8 November 2017 10: 17
    Put Iskanders and S-300 to Donetsk
  9. vvvjak
    vvvjak 8 November 2017 10: 39
    Open the "Wiki" and watch amazing things. The cost of one Excalibur shell is 160 bucks (minimum) 000 million grant will be enough for 47 shells, and at least one howitzer must be bought for them. And also targeting and guidance systems, as well as practice shooting. In total, a couple of shots of an advertising nature of the type "the whole world for Ukraine" and Russia is poor.
  10. unignm
    unignm 8 November 2017 11: 10
    Author: Evgeny Damantsev

    and when I read it I thought that the author is a runaway arrow.
  11. Protos
    Protos 8 November 2017 11: 16
    What a game! What did you smoke?
    Everything is far-fetched, and what is not far-fetched has nothing to do with analytics (science fiction and wet dreams) lol
    SCHWERIN 8 November 2017 12: 29
    You know, sick of all this. Some words, statements, refutations, etc. But in fact, Hohland, year after year, strengthens its position in the world, it is supported by all the "progressive" mankind, no one imposes sanctions against it, it experiences bad or good all winters, Petro shakes hands, ideological zombies of the population are successfully completed, the army is motivated, its rearm, etc. They feed us news: they say in Kharkov they spat in the face of a veteran of the ATO, dropped off a minibus, threatened with Russian tanks, etc. It was really I don’t know. But they blew up a gas pipeline in the Crimea, killed our officer, fired on the positions of the republics under OSCE supervision, and people are dying - I see this and believe it. Our border in the Crimea is a semiconductor. To all of us, Ukrainians can, to us it is impossible. Our singer was not allowed on Eurovision, Ukrainians, the organizers threatened to fine, but I do not know? Probably not. Our embassy in Kiev was bombarded with Molotov, mocked at the flag. We were silent. As a result, they received the arrest of diplomatic missions, theft of archives and the removal of flags in the United States.
    CRIMEA why did you want to join Russia? What would Ukrainians bring down the beaches of Crimea? I don’t think so. Examples of the lack of mirrored half-mirror responses can be omitted.
    Clearly ONE. Diplomacy is no longer working. All this resembles the Winter War of 1939. On the threshold of a great war. From Leningrad to the border river less than a hundred kilometers. We began negotiations with the Finns on the transfer of the border. But those behind Great Germany. They began to wipe out. Diplomatic negotiations did not lead to anything. Then Molotov said that the diplomats had done their work, it was time to speak to the soldiers. The entry of troops began. Everything would be fine, but stalled, hoping for the Finnish proletariat, the Finnish communists. But even those took up arms. The war dragged on. And every day he played against the USSR. Protest movements in the world were expanding. Yes, the Finns have broken. But A. Hitler said that the Red Army is weak and it is necessary to prepare for war with Russia. What they got.
    Another example is the 5-day war 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX. Instant reaction to aggression. The world did not have time to recover and the Georgian army surrendered. Joining the Crimea. Great advantage. And then we stalled and the end of the edge is not visible. First, we declare sanctions against the United States, then we say that it is not profitable for us. But probably first you need to calculate, then declare.
    I'm afraid WAR can not be avoided. I think it was necessary to send troops to protect the Russian population on the outskirts in 2014. There was a reason. This is my opinion, although in the year 14 I thought differently.
  13. Forest
    Forest 8 November 2017 13: 13
    Firstly, to shoot Escalibur, you need guidance from modern UAVs or special forces groups.
    Secondly, 60 km is the maximum theoretical firing range, now the best PzH2000 self-propelled guns fire active up to 54 km. The crab has an HC range of up to 30 km.
    Thirdly, Escalibur is so "cheap" that even in the USA it is used very rarely, literally every shell on a receipt. They were produced by several thousand in all.
  14. Clone
    Clone 8 November 2017 13: 30
    Author: Evgeny Damantsev
    Katz offers to surrender?
    1. Smog
      Smog 8 November 2017 14: 29
      Quote: Clone
      Author: Evgeny Damantsev
      Katz offers to surrender?

      What in every article.
  15. vippersona
    vippersona 8 November 2017 13: 43
    Chu, and before, American art was here, and then what? Everyone forgets how much art is used in the Donbass. Even take the winter conflict of the 17 year. These were the sounds of ammunition. I do not mention large and long conflicts, as in the winter of 15 or in the summer of 14. Those living in Donetsk remember very well how the city shuddered every minute. Thousands of ammunition were fired per day, but how many on the entire front line? How much near Debaltseve or near Ilovaisk? I tend to the fact that in Ukraine it is necessary to expand the production of NATO ammunition, because it is very difficult to deliver in the right quantity. Therefore, the threats that NATO artillery will come here tomorrow are at least far-fetched. Yes, they will arm certain units. But they did it before, and earlier it was possible to destroy them. And about the words of Khodakovsky ... every month we are promised the advance of the Ukrainian troops, and every month he is not. Trite because they are afraid of Russia. Even if they put lethal weapons to Ukraine, then what? Russia is at hand, and the Syrian war showed that domestic weapons are no worse than Western ones. Of course, there will be problems, but I repeat: in the quantity that is necessary, it is impossible to supply the Ukrainian army with NATO weapons. At least this task is for several years.
  16. Whaler
    Whaler 8 November 2017 15: 29
    Reflections and the writing of an amateur on a given topic)) It happens that when an author, in addition to 2D logic, has no more assets and even an elementary military education ... the dislike is shorter negative
  17. 1536
    1536 8 November 2017 18: 52
    Ukraine’s provocations and terrorist acts against Russia are rare. After stripping the Donbass, they will be massive. The trouble is that our government sits at the negotiating table, without setting the condition for the participation of representatives of the LDNR in them. It turns out that Ukraine is simply struggling with a "bunch of separatists" on its territory. Therefore, the main condition for any negotiations should be the recognition of LDNR as a party to the negotiations on the part of Ukraine, and on the part of the USA and the EU. Without this, no negotiations can be conducted with anyone.
  18. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 8 November 2017 19: 00
    Quote: vvvjak
    Open the "Wiki" and watch amazing things. The cost of one Excalibur shell is 160 bucks (minimum) 000 million grant will be enough for 47 shells, and at least one howitzer must be bought for them. And also targeting and guidance systems, as well as practice shooting. In total, a couple of shots of an advertising nature of the type "the whole world for Ukraine" and Russia is poor.

    What do we (Russia) want from the Lugansk and Donetsk fronts? So that they debug their "people's militia and artillery" in defense and exhaust the ukronatsiks in this defense by inflicting unacceptable on him losses in manpower and equipment, in image, moral and material resources, including financial. Experience has shown that losses of the order of 10% l / s and 30% of equipment + 40% of the finances allocated for the operation by the West are unacceptable for Kiev (half must be stolen!). 100 thousand l / s will be thrown on the offensive - it is necessary to put forever only 10 thousand of the most frantic, blue-yellow. Really for 50 thousand. "Police with artillery", sheltered behind the heaps, mine industrial zones and outskirts of the garage? Really. We think that the losses of the “police” will be no more than 3-5 thousand (up to 10%) l / s killed and wounded and 5-10% of equipment, which is easy to make up for. The shoulders of logistics in the people's republics are several times shorter than the ukronazist ones. After that, the “bowing" of the advancing and the counterattack with the flight to the shallowest sea and to the very native borders is logical. Trophies also expect about 300 tanks, 500 artillery systems and other movable junk junk. And everything will be almost quiet for the next 5 years in the states of independence and the RECOGNIZED PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. Without their military victory gained in battles, nobody will recognize them de jure anyway.
  19. Santor
    Santor 8 November 2017 19: 44
    Quote: rotmistr60
    It remains only with sadness to state the facts. Someone is playing his party, and someone is paying for it with his life.

    You noted that sir rightly .... For the "unknown" partisans were the first to fire at the 25 brigade ......
  20. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 8 November 2017 21: 11
    Interestingly, the production of new machines as part of old platforms and new combat modules is not one day. Crew training is also not one day, and not even a week. Training crews in shooting new high-precision ammunition, even longer. Maybe not everything is so scary and urgent?
  21. manne mann
    manne mann 9 November 2017 11: 01
    It’s a pity that the Kremlin still hasn’t realized that the main and valuable thing is people! And when people play the fate of the people, what the Kremlin is doing with the Donbass and Putin is immediately announcing the so-called Ukrainians whose ,, state "kills Donbass, with their brothers, this is mean!
  22. n.kiries
    n.kiries 9 November 2017 14: 16
    Fiery Hell for APU: Zakharchenko’s answer for Donetsk (VIDEO, MAP) ??? Dear friends! Please comment. Thank you.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. akm8226
    akm8226 12 November 2017 16: 51
    I remind you of home-grown strategists hoping for new American armament such as the Krasnopol missile - as soon as this armament is delivered there will be nothing to stop Russia from delivering Iskander or Tochka-U tactical complexes to Donetsk in one night, and immediately level everything with the ground discovered American weapons. But an artillery gun of the “Coalition SV” type is not a needle - it is very problematic to hide it. In addition, the very first projectile fired in the center of Donetsk automatically removes all restrictions imposed on the DPR-LPR by the Minsk agreements. And then what boilers dill learn to the fullest.