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Readers know that the site "MIC" for the last two months has been subjected to powerful DDoS attacks, hacking attempts have been repeated many times. Other state-owned media have also been affected. Who is behind these hostile actions?

Beneficiaries of hacker attacks on the media are numerous. These are competitors, and political structures or executive authorities that clean uncomfortable journalists and editorial offices, commercial organizations, and so on. But the main beneficiary and customer is the state, primarily the United States. The pursuit of world domination implies superiority not only in armaments, economics, finance, but also in the dissemination of profitable information. Today, the so-called world media base their editorial policies mainly on stuffing of three or four US agencies, which, like 70 percent of leading publications, are the property of the transnational financial oligarchy. The need for a uniform information policy was discussed at one of the first Davos forums. And for Bilderberg, this is a mandatory part of the agenda. Information is not only a means of “warning” the masses of people about current events in their diverse interpretation, but also a formidable weapon mass destruction. The so-called soft power. Recall how the Soviet Union collapsed. Without a single shot, but with the "freedom" of a massive western word. The same thing happened in Yugoslavia, and I watched it. It was the mass media that provoked interethnic massacres through total lies. Therefore, the emergence in the information space of uncontrolled media that provide a different product and are not involved in the operation of "soft power" will be suppressed by all means and means. Cyberattacks first.

The states and Russia first of all need to realize the radically changing nature of modern wars. Yes, expensive weapons remain: nuclear, conventional, biological, geophysical, space, etc. But, firstly, it is expensive, secondly, its use is governed by international agreements, and thirdly, it immediately gives the aggressor country consolidates the victim society. And hacker attacks, firstly, are not prohibited, secondly, hidden by state affiliation and thirdly, often lead to more significant results than the use of conventional weapons. I believe that we will soon (closer to the presidential elections in Russia) see blows to the banking (payment) system, transport infrastructure, government, communications, etc. The destruction of uranium enrichment processes in Iranian centrifuges by American-Israeli hackers that attacks on nuclear power plants and other dangerous objects are quite possible. Plus, the West has accumulated vast experience in influencing, through the media and special channels, the adoption of important strategic decisions, a change in goal setting and even “voluntary” self-destruction of states. Recall the sad experience of the USSR. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary at the state level to recognize the informational impact of a weapon of great destructive power. Next, develop a scientific theory of protection against it, including counterstrikes, strategy and tactics of action. To form headquarters, divisions, educational institutions, to create and adopt modern means. And persistently teach the cyber war and the personnel of state and private structures to protect against hacker attacks. As in the Soviet Union, the entire population was taught protection against nuclear weapons in the civil defense system.
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  1. NIKNN
    NIKNN 8 November 2017 16: 01
    Therefore, first of all, it is necessary at the state level to recognize the information impact of weapons of great destructive power. Further develop a scientific theory of defense against it, including counterattacks, strategy and tactics of action. To form headquarters, units, educational institutions, to create and adopt modern weapons.
    I do not understand, the author is not aware that all this is created? Or why this article? request
    1. BAI
      BAI 8 November 2017 16: 19
      What do you want from the political officer?
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 8 November 2017 16: 21
        Quote: BAI
        What do you want from the political officer?

        Ahh, well now nothing. Let him have fun ...
        1. antivirus
          antivirus 8 November 2017 17: 17
          Ivashov says, perhaps "no action is visible." The statistics lie down on the hand-woo table, but we can’t immediately hit the handles
          If a hybrid war, soft power does not require a note from the State structures, then it is necessary to fight in a "peaceful mode" and not express concern to Lavrov
          this is a variant of action in the world inform war
          1. jjj
            jjj 9 November 2017 12: 37
            And the "collective agitator, propagandist and organizer" will soon again be in demand on paper
  2. Rostislav
    Rostislav 8 November 2017 16: 16
    Reasonable thoughts, but will power do what?
    Until now, many of those who were actively ruining the USSR, and now are carefully opposing the revival of Russian industry, are at the helm.
  3. zzdimk
    zzdimk 8 November 2017 16: 49
    Does someone optimize this site? Probably not. Scaling constantly flies when viewed from the smart of any system. What kind of security are we talking about?
    1. meGrail
      meGrail 8 November 2017 22: 30
      This is all the machinations of spies from the USA!
  4. iouris
    iouris 8 November 2017 17: 02
    Information and network attacks are carried out only on a technologically retarded enemy. An example is the doping scandal.
  5. Curious
    Curious 8 November 2017 19: 14
    "Readers know that the VPK website has undergone powerful DDoS attacks over the past two months, hacking attempts have been repeated many times. Other statist media have also suffered."
    And where does the site of the military-industrial complex, whose founder is Ashurbeyli Igor Rauf oglu to the state media. And why do Americans need it?
    1. jjj
      jjj 9 November 2017 12: 39
      If everything is as you described, then VO should be closed, since foreigners cannot own more than a quarter of the Russian media
      1. Curious
        Curious 9 November 2017 14: 13
        Firstly, Ashurbeyli Igor Rauf oglu is not a foreigner, and secondly - where does VO come from?
  6. meGrail
    meGrail 8 November 2017 22: 29
    we can see attacks on the banking (payment) system, transport infrastructure, governing bodies, communications, etc.

    Oh, I can’t! Author wake up and come to the real world! Banking system - have you heard VISA and MAstercard? One keystroke they have - and there are no card payments from the word AT ALL! (do not recall local MIR or Belkard payment cards, like ours, which work in 1 out of 10 cases). I won’t talk about interbank transfers, I once threatened to disconnect them, you know which chandelier has risen.
    Transport infrastructure - how can hackers then break it? PLATO HACK? Yes, please, I think a lot of people will only be happy!
    Means of communication? You are aware that all these 3G 4G and other Wi-Fi standards - in most cases contain their patents and proprietary algorithms, and their own equipment is used for communication. Imagine if all CISCO will fall at the largest operators?
    If the US wants it, it can make the oldest DDOS attacks seem like a trifle. And all because we need them than we need them, and while this, unfortunately, is so
    1. jjj
      jjj 9 November 2017 12: 41
      Quote: meGrail
      Banking System - Have you heard VISA and MAstercard? One keystroke they have - and no card payments from the word AT ALL!

      So we told them that there would be no payments at all. All over the world. Including the United States. And they backtracked
      1. meGrail
        meGrail 13 November 2017 10: 57
        When did you say this before you took the pill or after?
  7. Const
    Const 11 November 2017 18: 01
    And once again the general is right. The question is why the obvious for many is unrealistic.