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Ship gunnery AK-130. Infographics

The AK-130 artillery mount is a 130 mm double-barreled naval automatic gun. Today it is the most powerful weapon of the Russian fleet. The AK-130 carriers are the following ship projects: Project 1164 Atlant missile cruisers, Project 1155.1 large anti-submarine ships, Project 1144 cruisers Orlan, and Project 956 Sarych destroyers.

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  1. nmaxxen
    nmaxxen 8 November 2017 08: 17
    Weight is 8000 kg?
    Here even another toe does not help.
    In fact, the installation weight is 89 kg.
  2. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 8 November 2017 08: 36
    Fine "sewing machines" really "helped" during the BS EM "Prudent" in the Persian Gulf (1988). To everyone. who is in the shoes - especially Respect and Respect!
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 8 November 2017 08: 40
      Quote: KudrevKN

      Everything .. ended 956 .. a couple of "low-walking" remained. the ship was beautiful.