Military Review

Large-scale exercises of Su-30CM fighters in the Crimea: unforgettable footage

Crews of Su-30CM multi-purpose fighters based in the Crimea conducted large-scale exercises, the main task of which was to establish interaction with the gunners on the ground. Aircraft VKS RF bombed targets both on water and on land.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 7 November 2017 09: 54
    An aircraft manufacturer is an endangered profession, it is now completely replaced by UAVs, but this does not mean that this skill must be forgotten. It should be possessed by ALL motorized rifle officers, tankers and sappers ...
    1. Juborg
      Juborg 7 November 2017 20: 52
      It seems, taking into account the regional warrior, this dangerous profession is in demand today not when. Unfortunately, the UAV is not always able to open all the enemy's ZKP or ZS. They (gunners!) Are not strange used by Israel and the United States does not disdain, although it’s not impossible to blame them for the weak development of unmanned aerial vehicles. So until the UAV receives something like an all-seeing eye, which sees through walls, earth, etc., a person in this matter cannot be replaced.