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Revolution. Trap for Russia

The filmmakers set themselves the task of uncovering the behind-the-scenes roots of the 1905 revolution of the year, later called the first Russian revolution, to show its "American mark."

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  1. Eurodav
    Eurodav 6 November 2017 19: 23
    "... Many Leninist cadres passed the anti-Russian Masonic hardening at the beginning of the century: G.I. Bokiy, G.I. Petrovsky, N.I. Bukharin, Lenin himself, G.E. Zinoviev, LBKamenev, Ya. M. Sverdlov, H. G. Rakovsky, M. M. Litvinov, K. Radek, A. V. Lunacharsky and many others.
    in particular, the Yugoslav historian Z. Nenevich reports the fact of a visit to the Italian Masonic lodge in Rome by a prominent Soviet military commander, deputy people's commissar of defense M.N. Tukhachevsky.
    But, thanks to Stalin, from the second half of the 20 years, Masons are struck by a real plague. So during 1926-1928, Krasin, Skvortsov-Stepanov, Sokolov, Kozlovsky die, in 1929 von Meck and Manuilov were shot, and in 1933-1934 - Sereda and Lunacharsky ...
    In the pre-war period, Western countries were led only by Masons, often with a large share of Jewish blood. In the USA it was F. Roosevelt, in England - W. Churchill, in France - C. Shotan (Deputy Prime Minister), and a number of important ministers. On behalf of President F. Roosevelt, a secret memorandum is being developed on the possible directions of strategy and policy in relation to Germany and Russia. It said in particular: “... to turn against Russia all the power of undefeated Germany ... This will probably lead to the conquest of the Soviet Union by that very powerful and aggressive Germany ... But in order to prevent the subsequent domination of Germany over all the power of Europe, we will be obliged, together with Great Britain, after Germany’s conquest of Russia again and without Russia’s help for the difficult ... task then to defeat Germany. "!!!!
    According to data from American sources, in 1920 Lenin was ready by secret agreement to transfer all of Kamchatka to America “for economic utilization”. 35 But this was prevented by the Japanese who claimed it, who supported the outbreak of anti-Bolshevik protests.
    It’s not for nothing that Metropolitan Anthony of the Russian Church Abroad wrote in 1932: “All the principles, all the methods that the Bolsheviks use to destroy Russia are very close to the Masons.” In the fall of 1918, a series of documents and materials were published in the United States under the general title “ German-Bolshevik conspiracy. " In this collection of information at number 5 the following documents were published on the intercourse of the Bolsheviks and the German General Staff. The document is given in a new spelling.
    "Gr. General-Stab.
    Central Abtaylung, Section M.
    Berlin. October 1917 "
    To the Government of the People's Commissars:
    According to the agreements that took place in Kronstadt in July of this year, between the ranks of our General Staff and the leaders of the Russian revolutionary army and democracy of the city of Lenin, Trotsky, Raskolnikov, Dybenko, the Russian branch of our General Staff operating in Finland, are sending officers to Petrograd to establish the Intelligence Headquarters. The following officers will be at the head of the Petrograd Branch, fluent in the Russian language and familiar with the Russian conditions:
    Major Luberty, Agasfer's encrypted signature.
    Major von Belke, Schott's encrypted signature.
    Major Beyermeister, encrypted signature Baire.
    Lieutenant Hartwig, encrypted signature of Henry.
    The intelligence department, according to the contract with Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, will have supervision over foreign missions and military delegations and the counter-revolutionary movement, and will also carry out intelligence work on internal fronts, for which agents will be sent to various cities. At the same time, it is reported that consultants for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, von Schönemann, for the Ministry of Finance, von Toll, are being sent to the Government of the People's Commissars.
    Head of the Russian Department of the German General Staff: O. Rausch.
    Adjutant: J. Wolf.
    Well, then, for the poor and destitute? If it weren’t for Stalin and VO there wouldn’t have been ...
  2. Dart2027
    Dart2027 6 November 2017 19: 27
    In fact, the same thing can be observed now - any revolution is organized by serious people.
  3. Eurodav
    Eurodav 6 November 2017 19: 49
    Quote: Dart2027
    In fact, the same thing can be observed now - any revolution is organized by serious people.

    Naturally! People who want ... Give ... Provided that they will give !!! Revolution and Credit, in approximately the same plane ... The point is the politicization of these issues ...
  4. Eurodav
    Eurodav 6 November 2017 21: 01
    Damn ... Read ...
    The revolutionary leader of the XX century, the ideologist of Trotskyism - one of the movements of Marxism. Twice exiled under a monarchical system, deprived of all civil rights in 1905. One of the organizers of the October Revolution of 1917, one of the founders of the Red Read more
    Born November 7, 1879, Bereslavka, Elizavetgrad district, Kherson province, Russian Empire
    Died August 21, 1940 (60 years old), Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
    Married to Natalya Ivanovna Sedova (1903-1940), Alexandra Lvovna Sokolovskaya (1899-1902)
    Parents David Leontyevich Bronstein, Anna Bronstein
    Children Zinaida Lvovna Volkova, Nina Nevelson, Sergey Lvovich Sedov, Lev Lvovich Sedov
    QuoteStalin is the most outstanding mediocrity of our party.
    He died ... he didn’t die, wasn’t liquidated ... He died, a smoking-room .... Well, Pedovikia, I see ... But the facts are ... Hey, Zionodebils, we Russians can think !!!
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 6 November 2017 21: 17
      Quote: Evrodav
      measures ... did not die, was not liquidated ... He died, a smoking-room .... Well Pedovikia, it is clear ... But the facts are ...

      Are you about Trotsky? In fact, Wikipedia says that he was mortally wounded and died the next day.
  5. dSK
    dSK 6 November 2017 22: 40
    Social revolution always chaos, destruction, national woes. Need social evolution - development of positive qualities and the elimination of negative ones.
    The constant choice of man’s free will is with his Creator and creator, or you will fall into the arms of a destroyer and a horned liar who always “slipes” the left option, the “easy way” (earned - bought or went at night and dragged away).
  6. Brigadier
    Brigadier 7 November 2017 10: 19
    And for some reason, everything is blamed on the insidious abroad ...
    It is evident that the authors forgot that the "crunch of French bread" was not more than 10-15% of the population of then-Russia. The rest of the workers and peasants had only hard work for 12-14 hours and starvation. That’s why they revolted in 1905 and 1917 so that life would become worthy of a working person, and not the gluttonous bourgeoisie.
    The oppressed people revolted. Himself rebelled! To throw off the yoke of the landowners and capitalists and win a happy life for their children.
    And he didn’t give a damn that someone was getting something somewhere! If the people were satisfied with that life, then no one would raise it for any revolution for any money.
    And the fact that here they tell us about the infusion of some kind of finances into the revolution from abroad, so you have to remember at the same time that now we again have in power the very same, slightly modified, landowners and capitalists who have well understood the meaning of the word "fakes" and for which the memory of the people of October 1917. worse than nuclear war ...
    1. lance
      lance 7 November 2017 13: 01
      and how they like foreign accounts in foreign banks from foreign celestials or looted in Russia and say not to go
    2. andrew42
      andrew42 7 November 2017 16: 37
      No one denies the extreme poverty of the bulk of the workers, the egregious number of horseless peasants, and poor farm laborers. A "crunch of French rolls" was more likely at the disposal of 5-7%, plus 7-8% of merchants of various stripes. But this does not cancel, but rather indicates an external factor. External is not so much in understanding borders, but in complete hatred and rejection of Russian statehood in any form and under any flag. Eating "crunchy buns" was just the "key" to demolishing the overwhelmed national elite of the Russian state, according to the tracing of all "bourgeois" revolutions, starting with the English one. And the French Revolution, in general, is essentially a visual aid — take it and repeat it. Decomposition of the elite, plus war - and you’re done, pull out slogans like “Every woman has a peasant,” “Every peasant has a bubble,” and go, “demolish the old ruling“ canned food ”, sit down yourself, saddling it, oh sorry,, masses, masses .. Which, however, is the same, only "more tolerant."
    3. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 7 November 2017 17: 14
      Foreman Today, 10:19
      Well, about twenty years, such nonsense would have rolled. You need a time machine and back .... and they will listen.
      1. Rebellions, riots, and they end like riots.
      2. An ORGANIZATION-PARTY is required, and these are dozens of years of work and financing. “Abroad will help us!” (Greetings from Ilf and Petrov.). By the way, it will help everyone who is against power, and the past, and the present, and the future.
      3. Unified state examination on five zdal? So you know how to read. Now learn to think. (Old men and Fursov to help)
  7. e-walker
    e-walker 23 November 2017 17: 31
    I rummaged through all the known resources, the 2nd film by Elena Chavchavadze "Trap for Russia" is nowhere to be found or search engines do not index it! So ...