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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Penguins to replace monkeys: math is not against

All readers are strongly welcome from all the cockroach people of Ukraine. Do not be surprised at the not quite traditional greeting. This is a tribute to one event from personal, so to speak, life. We with Vyshivankom relationship figured out. Which of us is a real cockroach, and who is like that, went for a walk. But in order.

Vyshivanok made me a claim that I usurped the right to truthful information. Well, and undermine his authority in your eyes, my friends. In principle, Vyshivanok rights. And only I write, and I wrote a lot about Vyshivanka. From all of our conversation, I learned the conviction that it is necessary to explain his position. He, too, is a cockroach.

From his own thoughts a small lawyer was born in defense of Vyshivanka. The difference in understanding the situation arises from the difference in ownership of information. I have enough sources, and for my opponent, the main sources are our media. Here is the last example, which I think will explain a lot to you. Speech by Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Igor Guskov:

“Today, the SBU officers detained a citizen of the Russian Federation, who is reasonably suspected of involvement in committing high-profile crimes in Kiev. He arrived in Kiev in the morning from another region of Ukraine, brought with him grenades, incendiary bottles and cold weapon".

"... obviously, in order to facilitate the implementation of his criminal intent, the Russian arrived and moved around Kiev in the form of a special forces member of one of the units of the National Police."

"The SBU has relevant information; the special services of the Russian Federation have significantly intensified work aimed at trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, with the aim of fomenting fear, spreading panic moods."

I deliberately quoted such a great quote. Lawyers can. And now I’ll figure it out for you.

The fact is that everything that Guskov said ... is true. Suddenly, yes? Indeed, a Russian was detained at the station in the form of special forces of the Ukrainian police. Indeed everything else. Except for one small detail.

Commando was real! Not dressed up. Indeed, the Russian, who arrived at the very beginning of the Maidan and actively participated in the ATO after the Maidan. Ukrainian horse with Russian citizenship, which no one deprived him. A Ukrainian did not give him. Its like in abundance.

And the second statement is always true. This is an axiom. If the special services are “competing” with each other, then naturally such a “competition” does not fade. That is why, quite reasonably, it only strengthens!

I hope you understand why the majority of Ukrainians believe our media. Vyshivanok is just one of this most ... As an indicator.

Now about our peremogs, which, according to ingrained tradition, always become like a zrad. Everyone remembers our top bang this year? Bezviz! That kind of, well, can not be turned into zradu such peremog. This is what we thought. it turned out, you can. Europeans, woodlice such, came up with us a new "stick in the wheel."

They create some kind of system. ETIAS is called. In short, now all citizens who are not members will be registered in this system. For 10 euro. And it, the system, will decide whether or not to let a European in the EU. And most importantly, computers are going to put there the very first generation. Probably, they will buy it from warehouses in Russia in order not to hurry to let ETIAS pass. Three days to "think."

And you know what the most annoying? It's a shame that best friends “piled on our trousers”. Georgians!

They got us visa-free a little bit earlier, and spoiled things up in the EU. About 3 thousands of Georgians sent in the ass. I mean, to Georgia from the EU. Right now, the Ukrainian men are scratching their heads.

Ukraine seems to have been sold for European price, but it turned out that they sold it for nothing ... But there is still hope. Maybe our European countries will help. In 2020, the system seems to work. And we sabotage it in Ukrainian. How do the reforms do.

Our pans also decided to spoil our neighbors. We clean the toilets for them, while they clean the real Europeans, we harvest, we finally build. And they? That damned lives in these Poles historical memory of how they exploited Ukrainians. Okay. Let them exploit. In Poland, wages are three times higher than in Ukraine. But after all, that they thought up something.

The Polish government is planning to adopt a draft law on a fixed seasonal employee employment tax by the end of the year. As many as 300 zł per month! Robbers!

"This applies to hundreds of thousands of people. It is necessary that farmers can legally hire such workers by paying a small tax of about PLN zł per month."

What do they think we're idiots all about? We do not understand? Yes, everything is clear for a long time. More than a million drove in. Total 300 million zlotys to the budget. And second, but how many left back? They want to control us. How to count sheep ... Peremoga, how to eat ...

Darkly somehow. But we have and quite a funny news. Here for example. In the center of Kiev, there was a march for the decriminalization of storage without the intent to sell marijuana. About 100 people came to the march. Peaceful rally. And most importantly - European. Seeds of Spanish hemp handed out for free. Grow to your joy. Snickering ...

I just want to go to the rally and say the program speech! What are you all half measures?

1) Legalize prostitution. This is required by the pension legislation - work experience must be taken into account for retirement.
2) Distribute free of charge any drugs in pharmacies! Fools let them inject (you can even have a registered nurse inject them) and sniff. This will lead to a sharp drop in thefts, robberies. For sick people will not have to go stealing for a dose. Less mortality among drug addicts from overdose, less spread of AIDS and other things in their midst.
3) Declare war on any other country. And immediately surrender - let the invaders feed us, and we will be pricked, fucked and live happily.

And for a better understanding of my speech, it is necessary to arrange a torchlight procession with torches from hemp bushes around the perimeter. To make everyone feel ...

And now the news about you. Really important for you. In short everything. Put you on a short leash. Like dogs. Right on the border. By the way, with 1 in November, we strengthened the border guard and control over its crossing. Only our brother can cross more or less calmly. For all people. And the border guard itself was strengthened. Terrorist threat from Russia ... Hmm.

Our "your" Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin stated the need to introduce additional control over the movement of Russians in the country!

"We must understand that we are at war with Russia."
"At the same time, we should understand that we really need additional control over the movement of Russian citizens and what the Russian special services are doing here."
"This is what the biometric data and applications for previous trips will be introduced from January 1. And then, of course, we need to take further steps. Will this be a biometric visa regime, since the normal visa regime does not work and .d., because they must control every step that is being done here to discredit the situation in Ukraine. "

Here are many who criticize our education system. it is impossible, they say, to become literate, studying science on the move, but practice shows that it is possible!

Our infrastructure minister, Vladimir Omelyan, personally proved this! We are now members of the Silk Road. The engine will go on the route China-Ukraine and beyond! We even know the number! 1319-1320! Chinese in Zhezhou train from 57 platforms and go! To Ukraine and through the PSC and Mostiska to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary! And Russia will remain overboard.

How this happens we do not yet know, but it must happen ... someday.

Now here I sit at the globe of Ukraine. I am looking for the Ukrainian-Chinese border.

Honestly, I did not find, apparently, an old-fashioned globe. And, leaving this occupation, I went. Where? Yes, to the native Rada. To work. But it was specially released early in order not to fall into any binding.

Maidan is ...

But grieve you. Or vice versa, please. Our monkey "Maidan" gradually turns into a penguin. That is, all the heat-loving Banderlog has already left, but not to the north, to lie there, but to the south. It's warmer there.

That left the very same ... firm in convictions. Frost-resistant.

But I will begin my report with the nuance of the Georgian, about which I wrote a little higher.

Here you are glad. As you can see, everything is quiet and calm, no excesses. But you have a closer picture.

This is called zrada. On the Rada. What we see next to the Ukrainian prapor? That's right, Georgian. I don’t know how it fits in the human brain, with cockroach - with difficulty. Ukrogruzinsky or Gruzoukrainsky Rada now?

The most interesting thing is that they did not hang a Georgian flag from mishmaydan. This radish is awesome. In the face of the commandant, who allowed this. For the rest, the policeman in the picture is bored, who very quickly hammered into the liver through the head an understanding of the moment. That they still can and can.

Okay, I think, I prank around for now. I will see what and how, and how much everything has changed here, if it has changed.

Nothing new, everything and everything in the old way.

There are no spectators at all, once the monkeys have migrated, the circus is curled up, which means that there is nothing to look at for normal Kievans.

Interested in bags. This is just your bags, but it became interesting to me. Where the bag comes from. With what.

And now - all at a glance. sand. River. Ukrainian! 25 kg. Everything is transparent and simple. Just like money that can be made even so.

This is new. Explanation for all who are here and why.

Kitchen in the same place. With the menu. for lunch chicken soup, for dinner - buckwheat with meat. And tea.

Added agitation. Visual.

In principle, here it is possible and not even translate everything for these, the letter "d" is written. That is - it is clear and true.

But this inscription has changed. Previously, candy company, not owned by Poroshenko "Roshen" was posted "Peter, eat!". Apparently, they decided to approach the issue more culturally. So now "Peter, eat!". Although what is essentially a difference?

This is the headquarters of the whole movement. It works around the clock, with a break for lunch and dinner.

Local information channel. They shoot, assemble and immediately post on the Internet and on the big screen in the camp.

There are no problems with electricity, generators plow around the clock.

Bah, familiar all faces! Titushnik with experience and pravosek in balaclava! So, in the rank of dinosaurs go.

And this is a novelty. Penguin. Brainstorm tent. With wooden floors, heaters, a huge screen and a whole staff of successive talkers. These broadcast without interruption. Come in, people, enlighten!

Well, who does not want, then, in the old-fashioned way, sit on tents. Waiting for decisive action.

But this is interesting. Board survey of those present. Anonymous, but significant. It can be seen who came and why. Whom the heart called, and who for fun.

Local Handmade Hall of Fame.

The national guard guarding this fun place is also fun and not really bored. Zoozone same ...

Kievans prefer not to honor this place with attention. Not interested. Everything that could be said is already said. What could not be done - not done. "Bored girls," as one character said ...

Evening center of Kiev. In the day off. In addition to the family with a child, the rest in the frame - "local". Maydannye.

[media = https: //]

Speaking of girls. That is, about Putin. Have you noticed that there, on the inscriptions, are already beginning to understand that Poroshenko's nits are more unpleasant than Putin's lice? I think that as a representative of the kingdom of insects, it will be useful for me to review this topic. Compare and decompose on the shelves.

In general, the maydanchik did not gain anything and did not lose anything due to the fact that the penguins replaced monkeys. The mathematical rule states that the sum does not change from the rearrangement of the places of the terms. Zero swapped with zero, in the end, after the equal sign, nothing has changed.

It is a pity, of course, it means that everything is still ahead somewhere a bright future is hanging.

In general, Kiev is still good autumn evening.

But I am still waiting for the back streets, from which I hope to bring something tasty for myself and interesting for you. So if I say goodbye, then not for long.

And yes, with the 100 anniversary of the October Revolution, everyone for whom this is a holiday! Who is 7 November shandarahnet something under the herring under a fur coat and Olivier.

And I say goodbye to you until the gentlemen of the editors will issue my first story about the Chernobyl impressions.
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  1. assasyns
    assasyns 8 November 2017 07: 46
    Thank. As always with humor)
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 8 November 2017 08: 12
    Cockroach, do not be offended, but something is already sick of your troubles, as it was not written ...
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 8 November 2017 09: 09
      I agree that I got this "horror without end" mixed with new victims of peaceful, unhappy people in the Donbass. Reflexively switch attention. Even half a year old and from our side you will begin to be surrounded by a fence and fenced off with minefields.
      By the way, your Gestapo - doesn’t “catch cockroaches” at all, as I would have found you for me and slammed it in your slipper, you’re completely careful, you’ve lost your fear.
    2. BAI
      BAI 8 November 2017 09: 36
      Yes, the first episodes were more interesting. Like a crisis of the genre. But on the other hand - where to get material for an article every week?
      1. domokl
        domokl 8 November 2017 11: 55
        laughing Ugh .. I'm gonna get a cockroach from today.
        “A public figure, the head of the historical club“ Cold Yar ”Roman Koval claims that 75-year-old Sergey Kanikovsky was killed in the occupied Crimea. The reason allegedly was that the man hung a Ukrainian flag on the balcony.

        He told the corresponding story on his Facebook page.

        "A comrade from Sevastopol called me ... And I belatedly learned the tragic news: Sergei Kanikovsky died, a member of the Sevastopol Prosvity (before the occupation of the city by the Russian Federation), a member of the All-Ukrainian political association State Independence of Ukraine in 1990 – 2000,” he."
        This is not a country, but a Klondike for the reader. The moron on a fool and schizo chases ...
      2. izya top
        izya top 10 November 2017 21: 03
        Quote: BAI
        Yes, the first episodes were more interesting.

        was yolka and yule fellow and kitsya taka swell repeat
  3. Berber
    Berber 8 November 2017 09: 02
    Thank. Something sad. Tell me a jam or is there a feeling of denouement?
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 8 November 2017 12: 53
      Quote: BerBer
      Thank. Something sad. Tell me a jam or is there a feeling of denouement?

      To the denouement far. Even if the beggar ceases to exist physically.
      1. Berber
        Berber 9 November 2017 08: 40
        Poroshenko will leave, another will come. You need to clean the entire top. His change is worse for us.
  4. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 8 November 2017 09: 08
    Thank Okoloradsky! good He laughed when he saw in the photo how your "yellow-black" flag is already being used - "patriotic" like that, instead of a tablecloth on a table in the "headquarters of the whole movement"! laughing It’s good that even though they don’t wash the floors, apparently the remnants of the brains of the “Maidan” penguins have remained! laughing
    1. Redfox3k
      Redfox3k 8 November 2017 10: 10
      Well, not a flag, but "ensign"
      1. domokl
        domokl 8 November 2017 11: 52
        belay What, our Shmatko from the series is also there? Only he is a senior prapor. Although, in Ukraine only stars for service to the aggressor could ...
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 8 November 2017 23: 50
          That’s all clarified by Shtirlits (c) It turns out that Ukraine is the Praporov metro field and their flag is Prapor. laughing For 20 years, the richest republic from the USSR brought to a level below Honduras, only the real Shrapatka Prapora could good lol
  5. jonht
    jonht 9 November 2017 04: 47
    As always interesting and informative, we look forward to continuing.
  6. izya top
    izya top 10 November 2017 20: 47
    [quote] intensified work aimed at trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, with the aim of escalating fear, spreading panic "./ quote]
    Is this about a mihu-temporary egg carrier?