Military Review

In memory of Alexander Prokhorenko


"I call fire on myself", -
It sounded under the sky of Palmyra.
As if with a saber after a heart chopping,
The doomed begged the commander:
"Request a missile attack
To the point where I am surrounded by enemies:
Overlaid, I have no choice
I am constrained, like a pond by the banks. ”
“Go away!” The commander ordered, “
Move to the green zone ... ".
"I can not," flew on the air, -
At the end of the water and ammunition.
I am trapped in the terrorists ring,
Gangsters won't let slip in ...
There is, of course, salvation in lead,
But I don't want to be killed by myself.
Commander, let him go to hell
These vile igilovtsev pack:
Do not hesitate to ask the guys
To hit from the air soon.
Do not feel sorry for me - I am ready
To die in our righteous battle;
Let him get a rocket catch
This gang is deadly.
Redeem their vile agility ...
I will die without craving death ...
But they will stop smashing
Everything around these predatory stinkers.
Take care of my loved ones,
Tell me I'm not broke,
That in an unequal battle did not subside,
He was not a coward and fought bravely.
Tell me I love them
And come back to them sometime a bird,
And then let them crane
Lift from the well water.
I will fly to you, commander
On the seventeenth day of March,
So you do not forget the candle
Dedicate to the owner of "farta".
Now ask the guys.
Fire flame throwers at me.
Calling fire on myself.
I am sure you will understand me. ”
There was something great about him
In this heroic insight,
What does not die under fierce fire
And does not fade in the last "Farewell!".
The ring continued to shrink
The spirit of the soldier was staying at the zenith
Just a thought darkened the face:
"Why are you, brothers, so long fly."
The village passed before the gaze
Towns in the golden Orenburg region,
Where it snowed so cool
Where spring is anticipated in the cold;
Where did father take to the fields
Own fighting, overworked tractor,
And the land answered with grain,
Seeing cars along the road;
Where cooked with beet borscht
Infinitely beloved mom
And taught that mites can
Come across and in the form of a balm;
Where is his spouse at demolitions
Every day she looks at the road
Measuring separation in hours
And praying for the beloved of God;
Where is enthusiastic brother Ivan
Tried on an officer's uniform
And he said to friends: “My bro
Helps rocket storm! ".
Being at the threshold of the end
His being in this world,
Prokhorenko asked the Creator,
That peace reigned in Palmyra,
So that there is no more war
On the planet now and ever,
So that the sons decide
No weaponsbut compromise.
And the ring was all narrowed down by the enemies,
They thought it was flawless,
But sent to hell in circles
Their attack from heaven is the Russians.
Over the Syrian land, slowly,
Rose to the transcendental dalyam
Volitional soldier soul
Not subject to all orbitals.
At this moment in the Orenburg village
Mother's heart pinched
And the stars fell in the darkness
On the cuts of the Fatherland pepper.
Orenburg simple guy
No match for those who are happy to sit out
Or escape from the fate of a journey:
He was preparing for a feat from childhood.
On such selfless fighters
And there is a century-old Russia,
Where descendants are found in fathers
Unstoppable military power.
There will be news, time dolby,
Piling up unconscious piles
But the one who fires upon himself
Called never to be forgotten.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 7 November 2017 05: 52
    "Hold on, my boy: in the world
    Do not die twice.
    No one in our life can
    Kick out of the saddle! -
    Such a saying
    The major had. "
    "The son of an artilleryman" K. Simonov
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 7 November 2017 05: 55
      I will post the full version, it's worth it ...: SON OF THE ARTILLERIST
      I was with Major Deev
      Comrade - Major Petrov,
      Were friends with civil,
      Since the twenties.
      White whipped together
      Checkers on the run,
      Then served together
      In the artillery regiment.

      And Major Petrov
      Was Lenka, beloved son,
      Without a mother, at the barracks,
      The boy grew up alone.
      And if Petrov is away, -
      Used to be instead of father
      His friend remained
      For this tomboy.

      Call Deev Lenku:
      - Well, let's go for a walk:
      Son of an artilleryman
      It's time to get used to the horse! -
      With Lenka together go
      In a lynx, and then to the quarry.
      Sometimes, Lyonka saves,
      Can't take a barrier
      Fall down and wail.
      - Of course, still a little! -

      Deev will raise it,
      Like a second father.
      Squats again on the horse:
      - Learn, brother, take barriers!
      Hold on my boy
      Do not die twice.
      Nothing in our life can
      Kick out of the saddle! -
      Such a saying
      The major was.

      It took another two or three years
      And to the sides carried away
      Deeva and Petrova
      Military craft.
      Deev went to the North
      And even forgot the address.
      Seeing would be great!
      And he did not like letters.
      But that must be why
      That I myself did not expect children,
      About Lenka with some sadness
      Often he remembered.

      Ten years flew by.
      There was silence
      Thunder rattled
      Over the birthplace of war.
      Deev fought in the North;
      In the polar wilderness
      Sometimes newspapers
      I was looking for the names of friends.
      Once I found Petrov:
      "So alive and well!"
      In the newspaper he was praised,
      Petrov fought in the South.
      Then, coming from the South,
      Someone told him
      What Petrov, Nikolai Egorych,
      Heroically died in the Crimea.
      Deev took out a newspaper,
      He asked: “What date?” -
      And with sadness I realized that the mail
      It was too long here ...

      And soon one of the overcast
      Northern evenings
      To Deev in the regiment appointed
      There was Lieutenant Petrov.
      Deev sat over the map
      With two smoking candles.
      A tall military man entered,
      Oblique sazhen in the shoulders.
      In the first two minutes
      The major did not recognize him.
      Only basotki lieutenant
      About something reminded.
      - Well, turn to the light, -
      And he brought a candle to it.
      All the same baby lips,
      The same snub nose.
      And what a mustache - so is it
      Shave! - and the whole conversation.
      “Lenka?” “Exactly, Lenka,
      He himself, Comrade Major!

      - So he graduated from school,
      We will serve together.
      Sorry, so happy
      Father did not have to live .—
      In Lenka's eyes flashed
      Uninvited tear.
      He, gritting his teeth, silently
      He wiped his sleeves.
      And again the major had to,
      As a child, tell him:
      - Hold on, my boy: in the world
      Do not die twice.
      Nothing in our life can
      Kick out of the saddle! -
      Such a saying
      The major was.

      And in two weeks
      There was a heavy fight in the rocks,
      To bail out all obliged
      Someone risk themselves.
      A major called Lenka to himself,
      He looked at him squarely.
      - According to your order
      Appeared, Comrade Major.
      - Well, well, that appeared.
      Leave the documents to me.
      You go alone, without a radio operator,
      Walkie-talkie on the back.
      And across the front, over the rocks,
      At night in the German rear
      You walk along this path
      Where no one went.
      You will be from there by radio
      Fire the batteries.
      Is that clear? ”“ That's right, that's clear.
      “Well, go quickly.”
      No, wait a bit .—
      The Major stood up for a second
      As in childhood, with two hands
      He pressed Lenka to himself: -
      Go on such a thing
      Which is hard to come back.
      As a commander, I am you
      There is not happy to send.
      But as a father ... Answer me:
      Father, I do not you?
      “Father,” Lenka told him.
      And hugged him back.

      - So, as a father, since it turned out
      To fight life and death,
      Father's my duty and right
      Son of his risk
      Before others i have to
      Son forward to send.
      Hold on my boy
      Do not die twice.
      Nothing in our life can
      Kick out of the saddle! -
      Such a saying
      The major was.
      “Got me?” “Got it.
      Let me go? - Go! -
      The major remained in the dugout,
      Shells rushed ahead.
      Somewhere thundered and banged.
      The major watched by the clock.
      A hundred times he would be easier
      If he walked by himself.
      Twelve ... Now, probably
      He went through the posts.
      Hour ... Now he got
      To the foot of the height.
      Two ... He must have now
      Creeping on the very ridge.
      Three ... Hurry to
      He was not caught by the dawn.
      Deev went out into the air -
      How bright the moon shines
      Could not wait until tomorrow
      Damn her!

      Walking like a pendulum all night
      The eye of the major did not close,
      Bye on the radio in the morning
      The first signal came:
      - It's all right, got it.
      The Germans left me
      Coordinates three, ten,
      Let's get some fire! -
      Guns loaded
      Major calculated everything himself
      And with a roar the first volleys
      Hit the mountains.
      And again a signal on the radio:
      - The Germans are right over me,
      Coordinates five, ten,
      More like fire!

      The earth and rocks flew
      A column of smoke rose
      Seemed now from there
      No one will leave alive.
      The third signal on the radio:
      - The Germans around me,
      Hit four ten
      Do not spare the fire!

      The major turned pale upon hearing:
      Four, ten - just
      The place where his Lenka
      Gotta sit now.
      But without surrendering
      Forgetting that he was a father,
      Major continued to command
      With a calm face:
      “Fire!” - the shells flew.
      “Fire!” - charge soon!
      Four, ten squared
      There were six batteries.
      The radio was silent for an hour,
      Then a signal came:
      - Silent: stunned by the explosion.
      Beat as I said.
      I believe my shells
      They can't touch me.
      Germans are running, click,
      Give a sea of ​​fire!

      And at the command post,
      Having received the last signal,
      Major in a deafened radio,
      Unable to stand, he cried out:
      - You hear me, I believe:
      Death cannot be taken.
      Hold on my boy
      Do not die twice.
      No one in our life can
      Kick out of the saddle! -
      Such a saying
      The major was.

      The infantry attacked -
      By noon was clean
      From fleeing Germans
      Rocky height.
      There were corpses everywhere
      Wounded but alive
      It was found in the gorge Lenka
      With a head tied.
      When the bandage was unwound,
      What he hastily tied
      Major glanced at Lenka
      And suddenly he did not recognize him:
      It was as if the former,
      Calm and young
      All the same eyes of a boy
      But only ... completely gray.

      He hugged the major before
      How to leave for the hospital:
      - Hold on, father: in the world
      Do not die twice.
      Nothing in our life can
      Kick out of the saddle! -
      Such a saying
      Now Lenka had ...

      Here is the story
      About these glorious things
      On the Middle Peninsula
      I was told.
      And above, over the mountains,
      The moon was still floating
      Explosions banged close by
      The war continued.
      The phone cracked and, worried,
      The dugout commander walked
      And someone just like Lenka,
      He went to the Germans in the rear today.
      Konstantin Simonov. Collected works in 6 tons
      Moscow: Fiction, 1966.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 7 November 2017 06: 00
        This verse to me since childhood sunk hi
        1. Grandfather
          Grandfather 7 November 2017 06: 04
          Quote: Uncle Lee
          This verse to me since childhood sunk hi

          for sure ... hi Happy Holiday! drinks
          1. Uncle lee
            Uncle lee 7 November 2017 06: 06
            Quote: Grandfather is caste
            Happy Holiday!

            hi Happy Great October! drinks
  2. Masya masya
    Masya masya 7 November 2017 06: 04

    He’s not used to retreat without a fight,
    Let the enemy know and remember this.
    He is only twenty-five!
    Remained young forever.

    He is an officer with a fearless soul
    He is strong in spirit, like the wind.
    The whole world shouts to you: “Hero!”
    And your feat, everyone knows the children.

    You keep fighting
    In the soul of every soldier.
    To give life for honor and form
    Not everyone is given, guys!

    March 31 2016
    Posted by: Vladimir Detkov
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 7 November 2017 08: 05
    Bright memory!..
  4. Hoc vince
    Hoc vince 7 November 2017 11: 05
    ... I’m completely and forever guilty of those
    With whom to meet today, I would consider it an honor.
    And while we are alive to the end flew,
    Memory burns us and torments our conscience - from whom? Who has it.

    Someone sparingly and clearly counted our hours
    Our life is as short as concrete stripes.
    And on it - who crashed, who - took off forever ...
    Well, I landed, and I landed - that’s the trouble.
    Vladimir Vysotsky
  5. mat-vey
    mat-vey 7 November 2017 16: 22
    And in Afghanistan they didn’t give a hero for this ... and the barmalei to the prisoners that those that were equally treated ...
  6. TOR2
    TOR2 7 November 2017 21: 37
    This case once again confirms the need to create special technical means for such situations. For example, a spotter or a group of scouts was surrounded and the situation created in the article was created. A group of planes with specialized bombs in the arsenal flies into the region. Before the specialized ammunition is dropped, the spotter turns on the beacon. The receiving device of the aerial bomb “sees” the lighthouse and displays the bomb exactly on it. At a certain height, the bomb sends a signal to the lighthouse - "dig into the shelter." After that, the rotating bomb causes the release of cluster munitions that create a ring of destruction around the lighthouse. And further on a situation.
  7. nnz226
    nnz226 7 November 2017 23: 53
    Eternal memory and eternal glory !!!
  8. Vadim Sh.
    Vadim Sh. 8 November 2017 21: 35
    Eternal GLORY and eternal GLORY to Alexander, thanks to his parents for such a son.