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Kurt Volcker Double Game

The October visit of the US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker to Kiev is still causing political analysts questions: what was it? Why did the Minsk agreements need to be so decisively forced into a “peacekeeping” impasse?

Generally speaking, this visit is a manifestation of the inescapable passion of Americans for double games in foreign policy. They are also called "double standards." Therefore, sometimes with irony you observe those who build their reasoning on the promises: the US State Department or Kurt Volker said ... No, sometimes they tell the truth, but in order to distinguish this truth from the ordinary, everyday lies of Americans, you need to watch their hands. Moreover, Volker worked for the CIA, and there are no former tsareushnikov.

Double play requires the personal participation of its high-ranking cheaters, and Walker once again demonstrated this to us. As soon as he left Kiev, as the American arm of NABU, controlled directly from the US Embassy on the street. Tank, arrested the son of the chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the recognized ruler of the Nazis "Azov" Arsen Avakov. According to the old and trifling, according to Bandera concepts, the “case of backpacks”. In general, the Americans' accusations of corruption are their favorite hook, on which they push everyone in a row: both their enemies and their friends, because they often change places. But ask Walker about the "backpacks" - he will be offended to the depths of his double soul ...

Now Volker makes reassuring statements, called Russia's proposals for peacekeepers in the Donbass “interesting”, is planning a new meeting with Surkov, or is preparing an alibi for himself, some kind of cover legend, that he wanted to do something better in Ukraine? Generally, judging by the serious statements of Volcker in Kiev, our politicians and Sergei Lavrov himself immediately responded to them, calling them the “occupation of Donbass”, Volker opposes himself to Vladimir Putin, that is, he leads the game in Ukraine with Putin himself, and Vladislav Surkov only transfers moves.

Where else can you see “Volkner’s hand” in Kiev? Poroshenko in a military unit near Kiev says suddenly about the possible need for the rapid transfer of rocket artillery to the Donbass for his "defense." It was he who told Volcker that he was keeping the secret word given to him.

In the Rada, the Maidan coup activists became more active: a participant in the Maidan People’s Deputy Derevyanko registered a draft law on the impeachment of President Poroshenko with a majority of Rada’s votes, without investigation and accusation. A revolutionary, I must say, bill (or is it a guillotine knife?), Which, apparently, will start pushing Mikhomaydan with all its “will of the people”.

We know for sure that Saakashvili is an American agent, and he is now trying to flirt with Avakov. He said that “rubbish”, under the pretext of which Avakov had removed the police cordon from the Maidan, could relate to the Rada, and expressed his firm conviction that Poroshenko was behind the arrest of Avakov’s son, he was taking revenge for the overclocking of Mihomoidan, and in general. Avakov's answer we will see on November 7, on the actions or inactions of the police in relation to Mihomoydan.

The attack of the NABU security officials on Avakov seems to be pushing him towards Saakashvili, encouraging Avakov to take a more active part in the coup, gives him reason to be offended by Poroshenko. That is, the Americans, as it were, took upon Avakov with their two secret hands: both Saakashvili and NABU. It is known, according to the testimony of the Avakov press service of Anton Gerashchenko, that Avakov’s relations with Poroshenko have long been very tense, and the arrest of Avakov’s son may even strain them. Ukropress reports that Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with Avakov, in which the President of Ukraine denied any involvement in “this provocation” - the arrest of his son, and translated the arrows to NABU and Saakashvili, or the Americans?

In any case, Avakov’s son was released by a district Kiev court under a written undertaking not to leave the city, very quickly, and the courts are still subject to Poroshenko, since there is no anti-corruption American court in Ukraine yet.

And what do we see in all this lawlessness? First, the American ears, which stick out literally from all cracks. Secondly, we see American hands, some set Poroshenko on fire with Mikhomaydan, others push him to the “missile defense” of Donbass. This, as one of our politicians says, is unequivocal.

The Maidan can crush Poroshenko: his representative Derevianko managed to register his Maidan bill in the Rada, and this means that the Maidan had already made his way to the Rada. Will the Speaker of the Rada, the famous Nazi Andrei Parubiy, come to the Maidan to shed a tear? And accept the "people's will"?

President Poroshenko may try to disperse Mihomaydan if he begins to radicalize. However, here he cannot do without the unconditional support of the chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, a key figure, no matter how cool this situation is. Or Poroshenko urgently needs to start the "missile defense" of Donbass. What kind of drama specifically Kurt Walkner chooses, we learn November 7.

6-11 November in Vietnam will host the APEC summit, on the fields of which the meeting of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is planned. Do Kurt Walker and his former boss John McCain want to present them, on this occasion, some surprise in Ukraine? The temptation is probably great ...
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  1. RomanS
    RomanS 7 November 2017 16: 12
    Browsers, forecasters, "analysts" and "experts." Thanks to you, I see freedom of speech in action. Even if your reading matter is informational noise. Learn the bourgeoisie of true democracy!
  2. izya top
    izya top 7 November 2017 17: 04
    the Yankees got rid of the riders to the fullest, and Europe was smeared with shit. and they don’t know how to get out of this cesspool with profit (political, not financial) request
    1. Black_Vatnik
      Black_Vatnik 7 November 2017 17: 26
      But they partially succeeded - now Russia has a multi-million hostile state on its side ... one more in addition to the others.
  3. iouris
    iouris 7 November 2017 17: 55
    There is no double game. The goal of the US administration is to finish off the USSR and select nuclear weapons. Tactics may vary depending on the position of the "elite".
    1. Victor Kamenev
      7 November 2017 20: 48
      And then they proved a double game. After all, officially the United States does not set out to finish off Russia, but only bring democracy to it from Navalny.
      1. iouris
        iouris 7 November 2017 21: 09
        The issue with Russia, in principle, is closed. The US administration is only concerned about the nuclear status that the Russian Federation inherited from the USSR. There will be no nuclear weapons - the Russian Federation will turn into a bastion of democracy, doping scandals will cease. What does Navalny have to do with it?
        1. Victor Kamenev
          7 November 2017 22: 58
          The US is now worried about its own hemorrhoids, Russia will never be a democracy, because Navalny and his friends, after the Crimea, got the stamp of traitors, fighters for the feeding trough, hiding behind corruption.
  4. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 7 November 2017 18: 04
    Although they say that Avakov and Poros are like 50 to 50, but I think Arsen is hiding his power capabilities. Avakov is really key, but now is not his game. His hour will come. And Poros has already read a book, although it’s a trick.
  5. Antares
    Antares 7 November 2017 19: 51
    American agents arrest the son of an American agent to keep Americans in check, other American agents want to overthrow American agents to bring in new American agents, an American agent logs a bill against other American agents, and the main American agent is trying to figure out what is happening.
    The American messenger himself is also in doubt from the abundance of American agents.
    Summary of the next series of the series "The Incredible Adventures of American Agents in Ukraine"
    1. Victor Kamenev
      7 November 2017 20: 52
      In a sense, you are right, all of them are colonial slaves, however, some slaves are more equal and needed than others. And in general, the stage needs to be periodically updated so that the show goes on, and Poroshenko’s old slave rests ...
      1. dSK
        dSK 7 November 2017 23: 21
        Poroshenko, the second term is unlikely to shine, until the end of the first year is left? In order to successfully “make legs”, like Yatsenyuk, one must have time to sell out not small assets, not at bargain prices, a year is enough .. Otherwise they can “hang all the dogs” and strip them to the skin.
        1. dSK
          dSK 7 November 2017 23: 59
          There is no difference to Donbas who Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Saakashvili will be - the states "rule."
  6. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 7 November 2017 20: 10
    America's goal is the stability of American money, which is directly proportional to the general instability in the world.
    Americans are not satisfied with the pace of the ATO; therefore, Mihomaydan and Poroshenko are not satisfied with the size of the military, and not only aid, therefore loud statements. Avakova, everything suits, but he does not want to do anything, so he was chopped finely. But the Americans feel sorry for as much money as Kiev wants for the war, therefore they exemplarily punished precisely for the backpacks. That type did not steal.
    something like this.
    In general, it's time to close the borders and live on our own, it will be better. I do not consider freedom to leave, I consider betrayal.
    1. Antares
      Antares 7 November 2017 20: 30
      Quote: aybolyt678
      America's goal is the stability of American money, which is directly proportional to the general instability in the world

      Developed countries receive the main income from trade with each other. Sowing instability around you, you risk being left without a solvent client. If you assume that instability is wreaking on the border of an EU competitor, then there’s also a mistake (Total trade between the US and the EU amounted to 515,6 billion euros, or 15% of the total EU trade, the EU has China 14%)
      a decrease in solvency is also disadvantageous.
      Instability on the border with the Russian Federation. There is a place to be. A decrease in the share of the Russian Federation in turnover with the EU is evident.
      Although all that we see is the result of "pipe / energy wars"
      1. Victor Kamenev
        7 November 2017 20: 58
        The greatest profits come from wars, but to those who do not directly participate in them, and hot spots, the so-called “controlled chaos” was not invented by us, but by our highly human Western partners.
      2. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 7 November 2017 21: 34
        Quote: Antares
        Developed countries receive the main income from trade with each other. Sowing instability around yourself - you risk being left without a solvent client

        Bankers receive the main income from debtors. To seriously and permanently, better forever. In addition, a developed country is financially sovereign. Who needs dollars in such a country? And in today's blazing world, everyone needs them. In addition, a warring country (or under the threat of war) will take a loan at a higher percentage, and give a resource for a smaller amount.
        And about the "decline" in the share of the Russian Federation with the EU, thank God !! generally close this trade is necessary. Resources are exported. And about investments - the assembly of a car from seven parts, or the organization of a robotic assembly where we only need electricity to automatically cast the crankcase !! the amount of this electricity is between 30 and 45 percent of the cost of the engine. And our electricity is subsidized !! Who are you kidding?