Military Review

November 5 - Military Intelligence Day

The Day of Military Intelligence is a professional holiday of the Russian military, whose service is somehow connected with military intelligence. This holiday is celebrated in Russia annually, 5 November.

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  1. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 5 November 2017 10: 32 New
    In the West it’s calculated, if on the 5th of November it lends itself, then it means a scout.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 5 November 2017 10: 45 New
      Happy holiday fighters and commanders, and all involved in intelligence! love
    2. Dashout
      Dashout 5 November 2017 10: 48 New
      Of course I congratulate our guys on Scout Day! And the question is: the forces of special operations (reconnaissance and adjustment of targets) - are they also supposed to be scouts? Now the guys have worked ... Especially congratulations!
      1. GIN
        GIN 5 November 2017 13: 46 New
        about EASN do not forget
    3. dog breeder
      dog breeder 5 November 2017 12: 58 New
      Yes calm down! You can hardly calculate the real ones. Well, those who brought-related, yes, you can. I have two of these, constantly getting angry over those about whom you write.
  2. Rock616
    Rock616 6 November 2017 16: 41 New
    Congratulations to the intelligence! drinks