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Prague-45. The last battle with Reich

Early in the morning of May 7, the duty radio operator at the headquarters of Marshal Konev caught the message: "Prague is saying! German troops are attacking Prague. We are calling upon the valiant Red Army! We need your help! Prague is not giving up!"

Back at noon, May 5, an uprising began in Prague. Then the Czechs entered the barricades and forced out the German garrison from the city. But the nearby million-strong fascist army group "Center" came to the aid of the garrison in order to suppress the uprising. However, two soviet tank the army was urgently removed from the Berlin direction and at maximum speed came to the aid of the rebels. Thus began the last battle with the German Reich.

Until now, this uprising and the subsequent large-scale military operation of the Soviet troops kept many secrets and mysteries. Why was it necessary to revolt in Prague, when it was obvious that the Hitler regime was doomed, and in a week, maximum two, would Prague be free? Who organized the uprising and gave the signal to start a speech - Benesh's emigrant government in London or the Soviet Union? Or was it an initiative of the underground Czechoslovak Committee? What role did the army of General Vlasov play in the liberation of Prague?

Through 60 years, the heroes of the film, the direct participants of those events, answer these questions: members of the underground Prague committee, Soviet intelligence officers abandoned on the territory of Czechoslovakia on the eve of the uprising, residents of Prague and war veterans.

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  1. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 4 November 2017 20: 00
    It was interesting to read
  2. Alexey Pishenkov
    Alexey Pishenkov 4 November 2017 23: 03
    The old film, veterans and eyewitnesses is interesting to listen to. Otherwise, well, oooh, very inaccurate, blunders and overlays even inside the film itself. For a very general acquaintance, moreover, with a slightly modernized version of the Soviet era (here already + Vlasovites) it will probably come down, but to whom the topic is really interesting I recommend this
    _stalina / poslednij_boj_kto_osvobodil_pragu / 243-1-
  3. Dead duck
    Dead duck 5 November 2017 13: 59
    Will Prague be free? Who organized the uprising and signaled the beginning of the speech - the Benes exiled government in London or the Soviet Union?

    arrogant Saxons .... and as always framed and thrown request
  4. Molot1979
    Molot1979 5 November 2017 14: 52
    Well done Czechs. They waited with their rebellion right up to May 5. Berlin had already fallen, and Hitler was brutally self-defeating, and the Czechs had only just reached it.