Iran. Vice is compressed

Tensions around Iran and its nuclear program are increasing every day. Attempts to resolve the issue through discussions, international conferences and negotiations, consideration of the situation in the UN do not bring results. Already against Iran, information war began and the processing of public opinion. These are harbingers of a real war, the global consequences of which no one represents. But a number of basic problems still remain outside this confrontation and information war. For obvious reasons, no one wants to pay attention to these problems. Urgently need a war.

The main complaint about Iran from Israel, the United States and its allies, the UN, the IAEA and other organizations, is only their opinion on the Iranian nuclear program. weapons in violation of international law. There is no real evidence, although Iran’s right to a peaceful atom is recognized. But then the question arises: why are the same requirements not being imposed on Iran by these organizations on Israel, which, in violation of international law, possesses two hundred nuclear munitions? And why are there no international inspections on its territory, why is the UN, the IAEA, the USA, Russia, China and others silent? Why is it not mentioned that the Iranian nuclear program began in the early 50s of the last century with the help of Americans who built a nuclear reactor at Tehran University and helped train specialists. Again double standards? The original interpretation of this issue was put forward by the President of the Institute of the Middle East, the former president of the Russian Jewish Congress, a member of the presidential council (!) Of the Russian "Friendship Society with Arab countries (!)" Mr. E. Satanovsky. The essence of his thought was that Israel’s policies are predictable, but not Iran’s, so Israel can and should possess nuclear weapons for security purposes, it will not use it, but Iran can use it.

By the same logic, Israel seized part of Jerusalem in violation of UN resolutions, since there are Jewish shrines, 78 percent of the territory of Palestine and the Golan Heights of Syria, as it is necessary for its security, and how this is consistent with international law, UN resolutions are , like the topic with nuclear weapons, remains open and inconspicuous. And now the “sane and predictable” government of Israel openly declares to Mr. E. Satanovsky that it will strike at the nuclear facilities of Iran, a UN member state. As one of these “experts”, the former adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister on national security and anti-terrorism, Dani Arditi, stated, Israel has every opportunity to attack Iran and destroy its nuclear centers, while mistakenly believing that Israel’s damage will be no more than after the second Lebanon war, that is, unacceptable damage will not be. Such as Dani Arditi do not understand the main problem: according to international law, striking even conventional ammunition at nuclear, chemical, biological objects, large hydraulic structures ... leading to heavy casualties and environmental collapse in large areas is equal to the use of weapons of mass destruction. That is, Israel’s strike on Iranian nuclear facilities (as was 6 June 1981 of the year in the case of Iraq, when Israel destroyed its nuclear reactor), is essentially nothing more than the beginning of a nuclear war against Iran! Thus, Iran has the legal right to adequately respond to Israel with the same, all the more so regardless of the Israel’s missile defense system and the missile defense system of the US naval group, it has such an opportunity.

According to the Israeli military intelligence chief Kohavi, in March 2012, Iran has already received four tons of uranium enriched to 3,5% and 100 kg enriched to 20%. Therefore, according to Israeli military intelligence, Iran is able to deliver dozens of nuclear strikes with a dirty bomb on Israeli territory and turn it into Chernobyl for many years. For example, spraying a few hundred kilograms of enriched uranium over only half a million Tel Aviv will force the entire population to leave the city, lose their housing, because it is impossible to completely deactivate the city. At the same time, beaches, agricultural territories, industrial enterprises, water sources, the economy of the whole country will be lost ... Thus, even striking Tel Aviv alone does unacceptable damage to Israel, turning it into a nuclear desert. Therefore, when Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khamenei declares that Israel will be destroyed in nine minutes, he has more than good reasons for such statements.

If the Israelis hope for the help of the Americans in this matter, then it is not without problems here. In March of this year, in the United States, a secret staff game, Internal Look, was conducted, the analysis of which showed:

1) The United States cannot avoid participating in any Israeli confrontation with Iran.
2) The United States will enter the war after the death of 200 people.
3) Thousands of American citizens may die as a result of the war.
4) The head of the Central Command of the American Army, General John Mattis, after completing the headquarters game, confidently told his subordinates that the Israeli attack on Iran would have disastrous (catastrophic) consequences both for the region as a whole and for the United States.
5) The attack on Iran is possible only with the permission of the UN Security Council, which will not happen because of the position of Russia and China (the situation with Yugoslavia may again happen again). The only justification could be the use of force by the state if it became a victim of aggression, but in this case Iran will be the victim of aggression.

Therefore, in the event of a strike on Iran by Israel, the Americans decided to go the beaten path, as it was more than once in their stories. In 1941, the US military-political leadership was aware of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing to prevent it, and an excuse was needed to start a war with Japan and subjugate the Pacific region. As a result of this attack, the Americans lost 2403 people killed and 1178 wounded. They unleashed the Vietnam War after they themselves had fired their ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. It was necessary to expand the Pacific hegemony at the expense of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. As a result of the Vietnam War, the USA lost - 58 000 killed, 303 000 wounded, 100000 — 150000 veterans committed suicide after the war. The 11 September 2001 attacks were known to US intelligence agencies. But with their direct participation, the attacks occurred: 2977 killed and 24 missing. After that, the seizure of Iraq and Afghanistan began, and now, as a continuation, a revolution and a new configuration of the Middle East, with an attempt to subjugate Iran. For this, the US ships were introduced in the Hormuz and Persian Gulfs, we need another political provocation after the Israeli strike on Iran. US ships in the narrow Gulf of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf are substituted for the direct attack of Iranian missiles, which from a military point of view is clinical nonsense, but after that you can lose more than 200 people. Declare yourself a victim of aggression and enter the war against Iran on the side of Israel, doing all the dirty work for it.

The military contingents of the United States and a number of NATO allies are in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan. Thus, these countries as participants in the aggression will be drawn into the war with Iran and will receive very painful blows. Moreover, in these countries a terrorist warrior will unfold against the objects of the United States and its allies, and the territory of the United States and Europe will suffer. Iran’s military, political and religious potential is enough for that. And this is already for many years a blow to the entire system of international security, the global economy, the ecology for a huge region, the collapse of oil prices, millions of victims and refugees ..., especially against the background of the global crisis, that for the dollar and the euro will be a collapse with all the consequences of this consequences. But the most important thing is that Israel’s guaranteed death is no longer important, in nine minutes or nine days. Therefore, this time apparently Israeli and American analysts miscalculated very much and decided to engage in global suicide.
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  1. +30
    29 March 2012 13: 45
    It is impossible to lead a discussion when the arguments of one of the parties are not accepted at all. This is not a discussion, this is a dictate.
    1. +25
      29 March 2012 13: 48
      I recall Krylov: "... you are to blame for the fact that I want to eat ..."
      1. +9
        30 March 2012 08: 18
        Consumer society has always put paramount emphasis on and on ... Remember American militants or detectives, an American will sell his mother for 10000 dollars, although the money is also ridiculous for a not rich Russia .. But for an American, a fortune for which everyone can risk it .. .
        Iran, like other African and Asian homosexuals, has encroached on American holiness, namely on the belly ... So, everything must be done to prevent this ... And the victims? Let there be victims, but the main thing is not to die ... Principle-If food is not enough, but you can’t find it, you need to reduce the number of eaters ...
        Iran is dangerous not only with its armed forces, but with the reaction of Muslims around the world to aggression ... Europe will drown in blood, the United States and North America will live on a powder keg ... Everyone will not trust everyone ...
        And even with such prospects, the Americans are still discussing the possibility of starting a military operation .. As it was, it is and will be so until the belly is more important than the head ...
        1. Inzhengr
          30 March 2012 09: 33
          Quote: domokl
          ... Europe will drown in blood, the United States and North America will live on a powder keg ... Everyone will not trust everyone ...

          Before the events in Libya, they said the same thing, and what’s the result, we swallowed, Muslims didn’t even pickle in America or Europe, But Libya had about the same weight in Africa as Iran in the Middle East, supposedly with its own terrorist network and others .
          And they handed over Iran exactly at the moment when they refused to supply three hundred. This was a signal.
          1. Jaromir
            30 March 2012 15: 22
            It is impressive that the causes of all American wars are called by their own names! Provocation, provocation, and again provocation! ..
        2. Grin
          30 March 2012 12: 02
          Remember the American militants or detectives, for $ 10000 an American will sell his own mother, although the money is also ridiculous for a not rich Russia .. But for an American, a fortune for which everyone can risk it.

          Yes, in this regard, in my opinion they are completely sick on the head, they are ready to lick each other live in cash for twenty, and even 10000, not one resident of the United States will disdain this.
    2. YARY
      30 March 2012 07: 44
      This is exactly what Sy Shy A wants! Dictate to everyone and everywhere sitting down and raising his legs on the table! What do you take pigs? The country is created criminally here itches at them! Put the "gun" to the opponent's head and dictate!
      1. Sergh
        30 March 2012 08: 07
        You are simply surprised at the Amer nation, do not disdain even their people that Pearl Harbor, that September 11, under their ambitions. A bunch of bankers do not give a damn about their Americans, the more they suffer, the greater the argument for war. In this situation, we can’t just watch, because then they will simply have us without any conversations in all the cracks, this is also done, show will and embed with an iron wedge, I don’t know how exactly, there are strategists for that, but it’s intended to hurt.
        1. rolik
          30 March 2012 11: 22
          comment to Sergh But there is nothing to be surprised. The American nation is 90% stupid herd, which since childhood have introduced cinema standards and mode of action. Therefore, everything that they say from the screens of television and newspapers is accepted as a priori and is not subject to appeal. Adherents of Freemasonry rule the American herd, so draw conclusions. For them, any goy is just a consumable in achieving their goal. And Israel in this regard, exists only as a platform for attacking Iran. Now the aggravation of the situation is approaching its climax, in which two worldviews will collide. One is subject to moloch, the other is subordinate to the spiritual. And the result of this confrontation depends on the position of Russia, China, and India (as the oldest civilizations).
          1. Jaromir
            30 March 2012 15: 27
            Moreover, according to the theory of Masonic adepts, sacrificing their flock is even useful! It squeezes a number, infects with a common goal and eradicates idleness and dissent!
          2. +3
            30 March 2012 15: 28
            [quote And there is nothing to be surprised. The American nation 90% stupid herd, which since childhood have introduced film standards and a way of acting.]

            Like us the last 20 years.
  • vozn_ser
    31 March 2012 13: 33
    From the first years of its existence, brazenly considering our entire planet as a zone of its vital interests, and itself as a nation chosen by God to restore order in various countries and at the same time to fight for the so-called human rights, the United States with the help of the CIA, created in 1947 on the proposal and with the personal participation of President G. Truman, and one of his best intelligence agents and A. Dulles, and the same, but with different functions of the Gladio body, created in 1954 and soon became one of the killer-mafia divisions of the criminal community of NATO, they seek to impose their order on sovereign states, their immoral and criminal way of life, blasphemously calling it “civilization”, “democracy” and “freedom”.

    Until now, the United States believes that everything is allowed to it: to change regimes in countries of the world, to remove from the leadership by all means, or simply kill the heads of sovereign states objectionable to them, who have chosen a different path of development, and plant their puppets in their place. In order to occupy these countries with their help, to pump out their infinite wealth, especially oil, gold, diamonds, various ores, from them, and to turn the citizens of these countries into wordless slaves.

    From history, it is known that only from 1961 to 1976, the United States, with the help of the CIA, Gladio, and special services of their NATO member states, conducted more than 1000 such operations. Moreover, in order to lull the vigilance of peoples, the United States resorted to various tricks, accusing the so-called sovereigns of state leaders "Organized crime" and "growing terrorism." But by all indications, the main organized criminal and state terrorist No. 1 are the USA itself, NATO subordinate to it along with Gladio and the especially sinister brainchild of the USA - the CIA.

    An Irish lawyer, winner of many international awards, including the Nobel Prize, Sean Mac Bryze, wrote about this organization:

    "The CIA is a secret mafia that organizes political killings, unleashes wars in other countries, and creates mercenary groups to overthrow legitimate governments and destabilize disliked societies." The US-CIA wrote about these crimes in his book “CIA-espionage, terrorism, sinister plans” by the famous Russian Soviet publicist A.I. Osievsky. The book was published in Moscow by the Political Literature Publishing House in 1988. One of its sections lists CIA special operations to overthrow or physically eliminate the progressive leaders of different states who did not want to become dependent on the United States, as well as outstanding fighters for the freedom of peoples.
  • +3
    30 March 2012 09: 51
    Quote: Dmitriy69
    This is not a discussion, this is a dictate.

    Monologue so
  • rolik
    30 March 2012 11: 09
    It is more correct to say this is not a discussion, but a monologue. In which, on the opposite side, they just try to shut up their mouths.
  • re321
    30 March 2012 12: 31
    The article is just some kind of apocalypse, "everything is very bad and will be even worse" lol Do not worry, everything will be wonderful, Iran will be stalled! If the Persians instead of peace agreements and cooperation want war, they will receive it. But what will the simple Iranian people get from this war? I have not heard the answers to this question on this site yet. It seems the people are not interested in anyone, and yet the majority of the population simply wants a peaceful and civilized life, which for some reason is not. And why is it not in the oil-rich state? This is a question for the local elite.
    1. +7
      30 March 2012 13: 41
      Well, probably in Saudi Arabia everything is in chocolate, or in the same Qatar, so no one is opposing them, Why? Yes, because their regime suits both the United States and NATO. The same are the main US bases. Iran wanted to improve its state without outside advice on its development, to become more developed in relation to its far from economically developed neighbors, which means strengthening its influence in this region. Such a competitor frustrates all plans to turn the entire Middle East into a single sphere of influence USA and its allies.
      1. Jaromir
        30 March 2012 15: 31
        This is nonsense! Americans are sick of the interests of the simple Iranian people !!! They’re so sick that they can’t eat! But with the simple Libyan people, everything is now in order, he now has democracy and happiness! .. And you don’t need to root for him!
      2. 0
        31 March 2012 01: 40
        Quote: olegyurjewitch
        Well, probably in Saudi Arabia everything is in chocolate, or in the same Qatar, so no one is opposing them, Why? Yes, because their regime suits both the US and NATO

        Or Bahrain, where the sprouts of civil society were crushed with the help of special forces of the SA and Qatar. Did the US react? Of course not, because there is base 5 of the US operational fleet, which means democracy.
    2. +11
      30 March 2012 15: 59
      Quote: re321
      It seems the people are not interested in anyone, and yet the majority of the population simply wants a peaceful and civilized life, which for some reason is not. And why is it not in the oil-rich state? This is a question for the local elite.

      Because the Iranians do not want the civilized life of parasitic worms imposed by YOU around the world on airplanes and missiles, and all the more they do not want to serve as a parasite of Eurocivilizators for you as a breeding ground. And the standard of living there is quite high, despite the sanctions and embargoes.
      In the ranking of countries in the world in terms of living, Iran is 88th in the group of countries with a high level of development.
      Russia is in the middle of the list of countries with a high level of development - at 66th place, Ukraine at 76, the last place in this group is 94th. The data presented in the annual reports of the UN lag behind (as a rule) by two years from the current year. Therefore, the rating of countries published in 2011 is based on data obtained in 2009.

      My webpage
    3. +3
      30 March 2012 16: 50
      Answer Re321
      It's strange to hear about twas, thinking about the people. Do not pretend, please, you understand perfectly well that if Iran is "stalled", it will be pretty thinned out (considering that the Persians who do not want to follow the example of Libya in the liberal-democratic Middle Ages will put up serious resistance) the people of Iran will drag out a miserable existence, an order of magnitude worse than before.
      Do you seriously think that if you kill 10% of the Iranians. to destroy infrastructure, to actually steal the remaining industry (or rather its pathetic bits) and oil production, damn it, even to destroy agriculture (as in Iraq and Libya), will the remaining population be much more comfortable in their cozy poverty?
    4. +4
      30 March 2012 18: 50
      [quote = re321] If the Persians instead of peace agreements and cooperation want war, they will get it. [/ quote]
      a disfranch here flattens you, Evil Persians threaten everyone and surround Israel and the USA with AUG and military bases.
      [quote = re321] and yet the majority of the population just wants a peaceful and civilized life, [/ quote]
      This civilized life has already been brought to Iraq, Libya, etc. [
      quote = re321] And why isn’t it in the oil-rich state? This is a question for the local elite. [/ Quote]
      Sell ​​yourself to the local elite and you will have civilized happiness.
    5. FiremanRS
      30 March 2012 20: 26
      Why should someone put Iran in a stall? On what grounds? The Persians by themselves did not threaten anyone and quietly poked around in their sandbox. Why do Jews have nuclear weapons, but Iran does not have the right to do so? Further, why on earth do you, my dear, decide for the Iranian people? What makes you think how they want to live and how they live? Why do you approach with your own yardsticks to a culture about which you know nothing personally, except from the "democratic free" press?
    6. +3
      30 March 2012 21: 57
      Quote: re321
      Iran will be stalled! If the Persians instead of peace agreements and cooperation want war, they will receive it.
      Persians, Syrians are peoples with the most ancient culture, they are almost brothers of many neighboring countries, and they all have the same religion, and they existed long before the Jews and many peoples of Europe appeared, not to mention the United States, I mean that very many will help them, and with weapons and money and volunteers, both co-religionists and non-co-religionists will do this. Because the whole world understands there is a need to stop the United States and its European henchmen. And to your question
      Quote: re321
      It seems the people are not interested in anyone, and yet the majority of the population simply wants a peaceful and civilized life, which for some reason is not. And why is it not in the oil-rich state?

      first ask yourself why and try to answer it yourself, you will receive an answer, though I doubt that you are capable of doing this.
      1. 755962
        31 March 2012 00: 57
        The US leadership is trying to save Iran from the Israeli strike - such a charge was put forward today by former US Permanent Representative to the UN John Bolton, in which he was supported by leading Israeli media. In his opinion, Barack Obama is extremely uninterested in starting the war in Iran until the US presidential election scheduled for November. In order to thwart Israel’s plans for a surprise strike, the US administration deliberately leaked classified information.

        This is a recent publication of the influential American journal Foreign Policy. The article, citing an anonymous source, said that Israel gained access to the military airfields of Azerbaijan. From these military bases, the Israeli Air Force will be able to strike at Iran’s nuclear and military facilities without refueling. In addition, the presence of a land border will allow Israeli special forces to conduct operations on the territory of the Islamic Republic.

        How reliable information was transmitted by an “anonymous source” is unknown. However, the fact of publication and the wave that followed in the press puts a fat cross on such plans. The leadership of Azerbaijan hastened to make an official refutation, saying that the territory of the state would never be used to strike Iran.

        Thus, the timely filed "leak" really ruined the plans to strike Iran by Israel from the territory of Azerbaijan, if we accept the fact that such took place. How is this to be understood? Pentagon military analyst David Eisenberg told Foreign Policy that the purchase or even lease of air bases in Azerbaijan would be "crucial" for Israel. The F-16 bomber with full ammunition on board will complete its combat mission without refueling in the air and will return to base. American General Joe Howre agreed with Eisenberg. "The Israeli aircraft is thus amazingly fuel efficient." According to the general, this does not guarantee an Israeli attack on Iran. But the very fact of access to Azerbaijani airfields makes this task "more feasible."
    7. orient
      31 March 2012 23: 56
      Perhaps I will not be original if I say that despite the desire of all people to live in a civilized manner, the resources on earth for this are not enough for everyone. Therefore, unfortunately, it is impossible to live peacefully and it is unlikely that it will already work out. And if we take into account the inability or unwillingness of most people to self-restraint, then the conclusion suggests itself disappointing. Moreover, it is precisely the "civilized countries" that suffer from this ...
  • beech
    April 1 2012 19: 29
    it is understandable, a little more time and Iran will do yao, which means everyone will have to reckon with it, and the amers will have to fall off and not threaten !!!
    1. gladiatorakz
      April 3 2012 11: 31
      Delivery vehicles are still needed. Modern. With overcoming missile defense. But the path has been chosen (but rather the only one left by the US aggressor and Israel) and Iran is moving along it. An option for the United States to allow Iran to create nuclear weapons, or even to allow the creation of nuclear weapons. Without the possibility of hitting the United States. Provoke a strike on Israel (maybe retaliatory). Or to carry out the attack themselves, and blame Iran. All Means of Mass Idiocy from them. The beginning of 3 MB. Which is characteristic, again not on their territory. What is not an option?
  • +3
    29 March 2012 13: 48
    it will be a blood bath. what for Iran, what for the rest. Russia, however, is desirable to remain a spectator in terms of military operations, and to fuck all possible beggars.
    1. Vladimir75
      30 March 2012 08: 28
      and now imagine the situation: You are standing near your entrance with a neighbor talking "for life" And suddenly three big boys run up to you and start beating you Neighbor "in confusion" stands nearby and claps his eyes Residents of apartments "are watching the process with interest" And now the question : How will you treat this "neighbor" after leaving the hospital and what other residents of your house will think of him
      1. Arc76
        30 March 2012 13: 51
        And you didn’t forget what the spiritual leader of Iran called our country. That's right, the country of small Satan. Dear Iranian fans, if the Islamic Republic gets its nuclear club it will be bad for our country first of all. Expressing your terminology, you never loved a neighbor. periodically swearing hard with him, but now you also want to buy a gun, and on occasion you can shoot him because he lives immoral in your opinion.
        1. Jaromir
          30 March 2012 15: 36
          Who told you about the love of the Iranian leaders? .. And the Iranian bomb is no worse than the Jewish, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and, especially, American bombs, which are pinned around our country with a picket fence! So don't be scared! Scarecrows!
          1. Arc76
            30 March 2012 16: 31
            In the above countries, the regimes are more or less adequate, but about Iran it is doubtful. Theocracy ruling in Iran calls its main goal the export of the Islamic revolution, including to the territory of Russia.
            1. recitatorus
              30 March 2012 17: 18
              And the most adequate, in your opinion, is probably the American regime! With its export of so-called universal values! Of which the most urgent are pederasty and prostitution ?!
              1. Arc76
                30 March 2012 17: 31
                As far as I know, the United States has not fought with Russia and is not going to fight. And that someone is imposing piderasty and prostitution on you? Well, as for America, then yes, I think the United States is more adequately medieval Iran.
            2. Marat
              30 March 2012 21: 12
              Lying! The export of the Islamic revolution to the territory of Russia is supported precisely by the enemies of Iran - the United States, England and Western countries. Turkey has become the base of Chechen separatists. Our eternal enemy, Saudi Arabia, also deals with this - and she is the enemy of Iran.

              Iran, on the contrary, cooperates with Russia and Kazakhstan and does not allow Islamists to use their territory to attack us - plus it provides supplies to Armenia
              Iran really helped us stop the Afghan Wahhabis in difficult times - when they could reach Almaty - and these Wahhabis from the USA and England were launched. I was amazed at the courage of our Kazakh general (I did not remember his name, to my great regret) - in those days when it was simply FORBIDDEN to speak badly about American and English "friends", first of all in Russia, and therefore in Kazakhstan - in these times of "madness" of states - he bluntly stated that the Afghan Wahhabis (at that time we watched with alarm reports about the approach of the front to our borders and hoped for Dostum and Masud) were supported by the United States and England - I personally saw his speech on TV - I don't know what happened to him later
              1. Arc76
                30 March 2012 21: 16
                What are you saying, and read about the primary sources, Khomeini fatwas, especially with regard to the USSR.
                1. Marat
                  30 March 2012 22: 03
                  I love the USSR as my Motherland - but I must admit that the ideology department of the Central Committee and Suslov broke firewood - and the ideologists of Khomeini also had enough fools - so now the enemies are poking us into that tragic mistake of the USSR and Iran - which consisted in the fact that the two countries had common geopolitical interests - common enemies - could not become allies - but it should be noted that after the change of the pro-American regime on the border, confrontation and tension disappeared - all these violations and anxieties under the Shah's regime - the border was "closed" from pendo ss about - and now they want to open it again - like a front against us

                  Today’s Iran has made ideology more flexible - to be friends with friends (primarily Cuba, Venezuela, the ALBA country) and quarrel with enemies

                  Read the speeches of Ahmadinejad or Sajidi - this is the rhetoric of Fidel Castro and the Communists. This is the same rhetoric that we hear from our and Russian and Belarusian presidents. We have nothing to share with Iran now - except friendship

                  The only reason for the cautious position of our countries in our weakness and unwillingness to openly challenge the enemy
                  1. Arc76
                    30 March 2012 22: 37
                    But no matter what they say about him in Iran, theocracy rules, spiritual power prevails over the secular, and this is known to be a sign of a medieval state, and this is precisely the danger. If, for example, pragmatic Americans do not attack us because of a nuclear war and they will suffer unacceptable damage, then leaders like Khameini possessing nuclear weapons will easily do so by sacrificing their own people.
                    1. +2
                      30 March 2012 22: 41
                      But no matter what they say about him in Iran, theocracy rules

                      But what about the monarchies that preach radical Islam ??? Theocracy - doesn’t mean - Wahhabism?
                      1. Arc76
                        30 March 2012 22: 53
                        And I did defend the Saudis, but the whole difference is that the top of the Saudis are people engaged in personal enrichment, which means they are quite predictable and quite adequate. But I can’t say such a thing about Ayatollah Khomeini, if he had a nuclear bomb he would attack Israel without hesitation because he was a fanatic.
                      2. dodil
                        31 March 2012 13: 08
                        Your thoughts about the mental health of Homenia and those who are next to him are extremely far from reality. Iran will not attack Israel even with a nuclear bomb, as Iranians, unlike Jews, know the measure and do not crave blood.
                      3. Arc76
                        April 1 2012 09: 13
                        But what about the famous fatwa "kill Americans everywhere" Khomeini, who does not know when to stop, signed Rushdie's verdict? Don't tell me, Iran is a medieval ethnos.
                      4. +1
                        April 1 2012 12: 46
                        the top of the Saudis are people engaged in personal enrichment, which means they are quite predictable and quite adequate.

                        Quite the contrary, the most unpredictable are those who, apart from personal enrichment, see nothing.
                      5. Arc76
                        April 1 2012 13: 05
                        These people have something to lose, they love life and everything connected with it. And fanatics like Khomeini didn’t want anything in this life but a fight. This is the basics of geopolitics.
                    2. +1
                      31 March 2012 15: 53
                      Quote: arc76
                      then leaders like Khameini possess them with nuclear weapons
                      In Austria in the twenties, Russinov (Slavs) were shot at by several thousand just because they were Russins. A few years later, the Archduke of Austria asked them for forgiveness, they were destroyed they never said, but they could have committed a crime, he added immediately. To kill people only because it seemed to someone that they could commit a crime, what is it ??? let me ask you. Knowing that the United States really intended to strike a nuclear attack on the USSR several times but did not do it, and we know that they can do it all the same but have not done it yet, do you think they need to be destroyed? What is this motivation ???
                2. +3
                  30 March 2012 22: 03
                  What are you saying, and read about the primary sources, Khomeini fatwas, especially with regard to the USSR.

                  You look at the dates, exactly after the release of our diplomats ...
              2. +6
                30 March 2012 22: 02
                Turkey has become the base of Chechen separatists.

                It’s time to start an operation to search for and capture terrorists, for one channel we’ll have a brothel and clean up slaves of Slavic nationality ... and as a result, the president’s summer residence will be in Constantinople ...
            3. gladiatorakz
              April 3 2012 11: 46
              Adequate to what? USA already used nuclear weapons. There is evidence of the use (possibly testing) of tactical nuclear weapons by the Germans in 2 MB. Kursk arc and the storming of Sevastopol (Dora). That is to say, adequate did you mean them?
    2. 755962
      31 March 2012 01: 17
      Juliet Chiesa, MEP: "The West believes that the whole world should be reformed according to their vision. Iran is going on its own. But this is not China - it can be destroyed. And we are moving towards this, unfortunately. I believe that the probability of war against Iran almost one hundred percent ".http: // v = bkCNGEQtUUA & feature = player_em
    3. 755962
      31 March 2012 01: 19
      Quote: Recon
      blood bath. what for Iran, what for the rest.

      Juliet Chiesa, MEP: "The West believes that the whole world should be reformed according to their vision. Iran is going on its own. But this is not China - it can be destroyed. And we are moving towards this, unfortunately. I believe that the probability of war against Iran almost one hundred percent ".http: // v = bkCNGEQtUUA & feature = player_em

  • Vanek
    29 March 2012 13: 53
    The military contingents of the United States and a number of NATO allies are in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan. Thus, these countries as participants in the aggression will be drawn into a war with Iran.

    Taxed Iran. Reptiles.
    1. KAV
      30 March 2012 08: 41
      The news already slipped information that Azerbaijan, Turkey and Afghanistan are against the provision of its territory for military operations against Iran. So not everything is so simple with Nato in the East.
      1. CCCP1980
        31 March 2012 16: 59
        adventurous Turk policy
        1. kNow
          31 March 2012 17: 25
          not yet learned to write in Russian?
    2. General
      30 March 2012 10: 20
      in azerbaijan? in Georgia? lieutenant what are you talking about?
      1. Inzhengr
        30 March 2012 11: 38
        Please enlighten how things are going with NATO in Azerbaijan
        1. +3
          30 March 2012 14: 24
          Look for information in yesterday's materials. In a nutshell: The Azerbaijani leader assured that he did not intend to represent his territory for NATO troops.
        2. General
          30 March 2012 16: 26
          Yes, there’s practically nothing to do with NATO, there’s only a relationship with Turkey, which is all there, Azerbaijan mainly buys Israeli weapons because they only sell, Turks also sell but not everything we want, apparently they don’t let them in, and Israel itself dictates the rights everyone, Azerbaijan’s relations with the West are very bad, the West criticizes that supposedly human rights are not respected, etc.
  • Legion47
    30 March 2012 07: 36
    Iran is not Iraq or Libya where the generals were sold or ran in fear of rebels. In Iran they are more fanatical in their beliefs, which means the United States and Israel will face the most fierce war in recent history!
  • Goga
    30 March 2012 07: 36
    Colleagues, with the general correct direction of the article (put +), it seems to me that the situation is somewhat getting worse. Turkey is unlikely, for a number of reasons, to support the attack (see article on the Turkish Prime Minister).
    It is also doubtful that the United States would engage in direct military intervention in the conflict until the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan.
    1. +3
      30 March 2012 08: 12
      If they balanced approach to the problem ...
      then of course yes ... Igor.
      But they have logic ... miscalculable.
      Remember how Mark Twain's boys started to fight - cross the line, I'll blow you up ..
      Here they are - they drew the line .... in their brains ... they uphold it .. and then they decide that the line on 2 cm was to the right (or to the left, or higher .. or lower).
      They there, on films, now and then pass on a glass ...
      What take a drunk? Only aggravating ..
    2. +10
      30 March 2012 08: 18
      Goga, it will be pumped up, not so much by Israel as the United States. The reasons are obvious, states need war in any form, but not in their territory, because the financial bubble is about to burst. And what can happen in the states themselves in this case, we know very well. It is enough to recall the 2005 year when there was a massive emergency blackout in several states, which resulted in chaos, morodism and violence instantly appeared on the city streets. In a word, the mentality of the people is far from real democracy, only consumption and life are at the expense of others.
      1. Goga
        30 March 2012 08: 46
        Good afternoon, colleges, Tersky and Igarr, an article appeared here - "Obama surrendered Israel, why?" and one more "Afghanistan without Americans" - I think this is just about that - they kick Obama, and he understands that in Afghanistan, on land, far from the aircraft carriers, with a hostile local population, the Persians will kill their warriors, and Obama does not need corpses before the elections.
        1. +4
          30 March 2012 11: 42
          At the same time, Obama is not eager to become a political corpse, so he is now in a state like we have in such cases they say "If you can't, but you really want to, then a little bit you can." So he dodges from kicks.
          1. Goga
            30 March 2012 12: 06
            Tersky - Barak, which is called "by default" his puppeteers - the Jews can drag him into this adventure, until now he competently fought back, how he will go further - we'll see.
            1. +3
              30 March 2012 14: 32
              Before the election, Abama will try not to rock Israel, and there something will change. The world began to take a closer look at the political games in this not calm region. Yes, and in the camp of the alliance there were tensions over Iran.
  • Uralm
    30 March 2012 07: 45
    What can I say. To provoke, amers have already sent their oldest aircraft carrier for disposal to the shores of Iran. They do not even hide that this is his last military campaign.
    And as for the possession of nuclear weapons on the basis of the principle of application, non-use, it is generally interesting to obtain. What amer. categorically it is impossible to have nuclear weapons. because this is the only country that, without absolute need, used nuclear weapons 2 times. And it can be used again as soon as the urine in the head outweighs the brain (as long as they have 50 \ 50%)
  • Ty3uk
    30 March 2012 07: 53
    Yes, they will erase Israel from the map, not now in 20 years, what's the difference?
    The state created by war from war will perish.
    Israelis should not threaten Iran, but establish relations with the Arab world, return the lands illegally occupied - this is the only way to preserve them as a state in the future.
    1. Roman A
      30 March 2012 09: 37
      Quote: Ty3uk
      Israelis do not need to threaten Iran, but establish relations with the Arab world

      Israel needs all of them from the Arabs as a thorn, and they still try to win back on it; he is still a friend of America, so let him pull the warlike Arabs, otherwise they will go to Russia on behalf of Allah
      1. Ty3uk
        30 March 2012 10: 32
        Are you talking about Afghan majahideen? Or about impotent Qatar and CA? Don’t worry, they won’t go.
  • Prophet Alyosha
    30 March 2012 07: 56
    When a drunk in public transport begins to swagger he is not getting a decisive rebuff impudent more and more. If Russia was Russia, and not what American curators did for 20 years, we would have stopped the aggressors back in 99 in Yugoslavia. One statement about delivering a nuclear strike on any country from which the strike on Serbia would have been taken would completely discourage NATO from beating up weak people! When will we wake up from a lethargic dream?
    1. lokdok
      30 March 2012 12: 09
      I hope never, and will continue to develop the economy in a dream, build houses, give birth to children, and not get into every fight because of another brother. Moreover, they become brothers as soon as they are beaten.
      1. Arc76
        30 March 2012 14: 08
        Here is a striking example of a man who is ready to start a nuclear war for the interests of another power.
        1. 0
          30 March 2012 16: 57
          Agree, the statements of high-ranking US officials (current, retired and elected - but still influential) against Russia and not only often do not differ from this statement. But they are very different in seriousness and a real opportunity to put their statements into practice. So, that the instigators of the war, to be honest, it is worth looking elsewhere ....
          1. Arc76
            30 March 2012 18: 02
            So, after all, we also have Zhirik. As a rule, all Republican candidates during the period of the election campaign in the USA conduct anti-Russian rhetoric in terms of the votes of the ultra-conservative part of voters, but becoming presidents say something completely different. At least Bush’s words about Putin.
            1. +3
              30 March 2012 18: 40
              Answer Arc76
              The difference is that our Zhirik I was not the US Secretary of State. It was not in vain that I wrote that it is necessary to distinguish between idle talk and idle talk, which a chatterbox can bring to life. Regarding Romney and other McCains, you are right - they are a version of our Zhirik. But even they, unfortunately, have a much greater influence on US policy than our Vladimir Volfovich.
          2. Arc76
            30 March 2012 23: 38
            I can understand them, they pursue benefits for their country, but the respected Prophet wants to put his country on the brink of a nuclear war for a completely alien marginal Asian regime, that’s not given to me to understand.
  • VictoRUS123
    30 March 2012 08: 32
    Prophet Alyosha RU I support you. With these jackals in the person of the United States, we can only talk from a position of strength. How much they brought grief to people, driven into poverty and devastation. Really they will not be rewarded according to their merits all their bloody crimes. Maybe these are my dreams, but it seems to me that we will still say our word in Iran, since the defeat of Iran will lead to the destabilization of the entire Caucasus
  • welder
    30 March 2012 09: 04
    The United States, Israel and their allies, potential destroyers of the planet ..... a sort of malignant tumor
    1. chistii20
      30 March 2012 09: 29
      And this tumor needs to be urgently cut; Russia has it in the form of aviation and the navy there, and there may be something else there, but in Russia there is an operation ahead
      1. welder
        30 March 2012 09: 41
        chistii it seems to me if we start a war, we will become these annihilators of the planet ..... think !!!
        1. Prophet Alyosha
          30 March 2012 12: 52
          VELDER.NOBODY IS GOING TO START A WAR! It’s enough to wake up to take a tough and decisive stance against the aggressor and believe me - it wakes up quite enough. Well and of course build muscle.
    2. Sniper 1968
      30 March 2012 09: 48
      Quote: welder
      ..... a kind of malignant tumor

      I agree. Only a scalpel. After anesthesia. General. good Yes laughing
      1. +7
        30 March 2012 09: 51
        Guys, I agree with you.
        A little clarification .. I have a brother surgeon. So ..
        A well-fixed patient - does not need anesthesia.

        It will be so.
    3. Inzhengr
      30 March 2012 11: 54
      The United States has an updated military doctrine, which Obama himself unveiled in January of this year. The document says that the emphasis will be on ensuring uninterrupted access of the United States and its allies to vital natural resources, as well as the security of the delivery routes of goods and services by sea and air (the so-called "zones (objects) of global significance" - global commons). Any state or non-state actor that interferes with these PPLs automatically becomes a source of threat to US national security and falls into the category of their opponents against whom the use of military force is permitted.
      And everything officially blows open to the whole world from the mouth of the president. The US does not hide its intentions by force to take away resources from anyone they want. Please note that in the sight only countries with rich natural resources
      1. Ty3uk
        30 March 2012 12: 37
        Well, in this respect, Obama has not revealed America to us. laughing
        1. Arc76
          30 March 2012 14: 17
          So form a volunteer corps, and attack America. I’ll even give you a name for the First United Russian Volunteer Shock and Offensive Corps to fight America, PERDUNK. and the age of the volunteers will be clear, and the name is sonorous, only my copyright too.
          1. Sniper 1968
            31 March 2012 07: 25
            Still a member of the First Israeli Democratic Organization of Revolutionaries (P.I.D.O.R.)? Have spring aggravation or money been planted?
            1. Arc76
              April 1 2012 09: 34
              Go ahead to defend Iran, old man, you were taught military affairs in the USSR, as you yourself said, now this experience would be useful to you.
              1. Sniper 1968
                April 2 2012 00: 07
                I’m not an Iranian. My Motherland is here. You write everywhere that we are in Iran-violet. At first glance, you're right ... But, after the fall of Iran, the game will go to our field. And this is not gut. Well, we, as usual, we will meet the enemy at home, if that ... That's it, Arkady (?) ...
    4. Volkhov
      30 March 2012 14: 51
      Quote: welder
      The United States, Israel and their allies, potential destroyers of the planet ..... a sort of malignant tumor

      The Russian Federation is an ally of the United States, only China is closer, and you, as a Pole, are for Russian Harakiri?
  • +2
    30 March 2012 09: 07
    In 1941, the US military-political leadership knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing to prevent it, needed a reason to start a war with Japan and subjugate the Pacific region, but can you learn more from this place? Has anyone read about this? If yes, please link smile for general development it will be interesting to read.
    1. Timonf
      30 March 2012 09: 22
      Quote: Joker
      In 1941, the US military-political leadership knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing to prevent it, needed a reason to start a war with Japan and subjugate the Pacific region, but can you learn more from this place?

      There is a film: "Comparison" by Sergei Kurginyan.
      1. 0
        30 March 2012 09: 48
        Thank you very much, I will definitely look.
    2. Uralm
      30 March 2012 09: 23
      As far as I know, the British knew in advance about the Japanese attack. They didn’t specifically tell Amers to drag them into World War II.
  • zol1
    30 March 2012 09: 19
    He is in Africa!
  • Sniper 1968
    30 March 2012 10: 07
    It seems to me that besides interest in Iran’s resources, this gang-watering can, led by the United States, has another tambourine interest in this country, namely, the Iranian corridor for escaping from Afghanistan ... Good luck to everyone.
    1. Goga
      30 March 2012 10: 37
      Sniper 1968 - If YUS now hook on Iran, they will have no one to escape from Afgan. It is quite possible to conduct a ground operation from the territory of eastern Iran (away from aircraft carriers) and "hide" the entire NATO grouping in Afghanistan with the full support of the local population. So Yusam will first withdraw the Afghan group from under the blow, and only then think - to cling to Iran or will it cost so?
    2. vylvyn
      30 March 2012 11: 17
      Nice little corridor. On such a corridor, the US Army can not flee from Afghanistan in columns, but in a deployed chain.
  • +2
    30 March 2012 10: 31
    Iran is a rapidly developing country ... by its existence it refutes the thesis that in the east they can live only at the expense of oil and UN handouts ... This is the main thing that they will not forgive him ... and in a few years he will be among the ten developed countries of the world ... and this is already very dangerous to say for Israel ... which is an artificial formation sucking juices from Jews around the world ... I think that it’s for them all without losing ... in case of victory on the other hand they are profitable ...
  • +7
    30 March 2012 11: 07
    It seems to me that Iran (and Syria) is a trap for the United States. I will try to clarify my thought ... It is impossible not to hit Iran (the US needs a war!) And hit badly (it is not known how it will go) Israel's strike on Iran will automatically involve the US in the conflict. There is a high probability of the use of nuclear weapons (according to exercises without nuclear weapons either) by the states or Israel, which is the same thing. Here will be the most interesting. After the use of nuclear weapons, the United States and Israel (the Israelis, okay, the Jews of the United States will once again "merge" their fellow tribesmen) may turn out to be outcasts in the world! (Nazarbayev has already proposed to consider as outcasts those who are the first to use nuclear weapons.) It is no longer possible to predict how the whole "world" will behave ...
  • +2
    30 March 2012 13: 09
    The Americans will start a war if they are sure that they have a 5th column in Iran. As in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. The main problem for the Americans is the IRGC, or rather the loyalty of its leaders to Khomeini.
    Iranian society is not as uniform as we think. There are many people who do not support the regime. So that everything will depend heavily on the commanders of the Iranian army and the IRGC.

    Americans are not fools. Just do not climb. Example: Cuba - there is no fifth column; Cubans are good soldiers. Better not to climb. DPRK - no fifth column, sowing. Koreans are good soldiers, they will die, not surrender. Conclusion - it’s better not to climb yourself. Etc.
    Not everything is so simple with Iran.
  • SenyaYa
    30 March 2012 13: 39
    In 1941, the military-political leadership of the United States knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing to prevent it, an occasion was needed to start a war with Japan and subjugate the Pacific region. As a result of this attack, the Americans lost 2403 people killed and 1178 wounded - A very, very, very controversial statement !!Until now, historians around the world argue about this, and the author gives out as a fact ...
  • +2
    30 March 2012 14: 02
    Guys! Do not consider others fools. They also calculate everything there and much further than we do.
  • schonia06rus
    30 March 2012 15: 38
    I have a feeling that only children are sitting on this site! "Americans are dull herd, cinematic lifestyle", etc. guys about 6 years ago did not lie on our lawns! but at the expense of the Americans, then one morning I watched a film on ort (I don’t believe the American one), I don’t remember the name), the essence of the film is that a girl comes to the American wilderness and decides to open a tourism business there. she decided to make a calendar where local football players would pose in shorts. SO SHE ALMOST THE ENTIRE FILM TRIED THEM TO SHOOT IN THE SHIRTS! THEY CONSIDERED IT WASN'T FOR MEN TO GET NUDE! Yes, you are sure that they live like in a movie! When McDonald's was opened in Astrakhan, everything was boiling water!

    And on the topic, you noticed that the recent ates summit was held in Hawaii (the notorious pearl harbor), none of you thought why? there the Vedas are the largest base of the US Navy! the answer is simple, we just showed everyone who is Dad in the hut!
    1. Ty3uk
      30 March 2012 16: 50
      Quote: schonia06rus
      And on the topic, you noticed that the recent ates summit was held in Hawaii (the notorious pearl harbor), none of you thought why? there the Vedas are the largest base of the US Navy! the answer is simple, we just showed everyone who is Dad in the hut!

      And this year will be held in Vladivostok - the base of the Pacific Fleet, and what?

      Quote: schonia06rus
      when they opened McDonald’s in Astrakhan, everything here was boiling ss @ li!

      Well, the guys just got up from the lawns, what do you want? laughing
      Seriously though, the people simply drank enough of this "American way of life" imposed in the 90s, consciousness has returned in recent years and now there is a massive rejection of what was laid down earlier. It will pass soon.
      1. -1
        April 1 2012 12: 59
        schonia06rus the recent ates summit was held in hawaii (the notorious pearl harbor) none of you thought why? there the Vedas are the largest base of the US Navy! the answer is simple, we just showed everyone who is Dad in the hut!

        Ty3uk And this year will be held in Vladivostok - the base of the Pacific Fleet, and what?

        It's just that "dad" in the hut has changed :)
    2. -2
      April 2 2012 12: 45
      Quote: schonia06rus

      In fascist Germany, many of the SS and other punishers would also be very shy in their circle, and even synthetical to the point of love, they loved their cats, dogs, wives, children, but this did not stop them from killing, burning, poisoning in gas chambers, hanging of people.
  • patriot2
    30 March 2012 17: 12
    Lord, holy, holy. Again amerovskie cockroaches climbed out of the corners and kept the speech. By the way, on "Fontanka" today they wrote:
    US Army will test a flea robot and a cockroach robot
    30.03.2012 15:06
    The US Army will test two new reconnaissance robots developed by Boston Dynamics. According to CNET, the Sand Flea wheeled robot is capable of jumping over nine meters, while the RHex walking robotic cockroach can easily navigate mud and mountainous terrain, as well as swim underwater.

    According to CNET, RHex has six “legs” and weighs just over 13 kilograms. The robot is equipped with surveillance cameras and can operate on battery for six hours. The range of the robot is about 600 meters. RHex video presentation can be viewed here.

    Sand Flea is a lightweight four-wheeled robot weighing 4,9 kilogram. Its battery charge is enough for 25 jumps. As seen in the Boston Dynamics video presentation, Sand Flea easily jumps onto the roof of a nine-meter building. According to the Ieeee Spectrum, Sand Flea uses a carbon dioxide piston to jump.

    According to CNET, Sand Flea and RHex robots, in particular, are planned to be used in Afghanistan.

    Boston Dynamics has previously introduced an improved version of the mule robot for the LS3 military (also known as the Big Dog) and Cheetah, the world's fastest cheetah robot.

    Therefore, friends they are all here on this site. They have also been taught to speak them, but not yet to think. That’s what they’re doing here. smile
  • felixis69
    30 March 2012 18: 02
    Yes guys ... I see that here the majority are zombified by the image of the enemy in the person of the Americans, well, the Israelis. And like all their enemies - this is a priori our friends! ... Well, everything is clear with the Americans - they were them and they will remain! ....
    About the United States and Japan .... Of course, the US leadership knew that there would be an attack on Pearl Harbor! ... But of course, the Soviet leadership also knew that Germany would attack the USSR - the results of the first days of World War II are known to everyone! ... The United States did everything possible to weaken the unexpected attack (no one will be sure of 100% reliability of the information), the Japanese battled 4 battleships in Pearl Harbor and the same number were damaged - this was the worst loss for Americans. Not a single aircraft carrier was lost (they were withdrawn from the bay), namely the aircraft carriers played a key role in the defeat of Japan, and the battleships, due to the small depth of the bay, for the most part were then raised and rebuilt.
    About Israel and Iran ... is there anyone here who wants to move permanently to Dagestan, where terrorists make explosions every day? ... The answer is clear. And the Israelis live in constant tension from terrorists. And here there will still be a "friend" of terrorists with nuclear weapons nearby! And no one knows what the Iranian leadership will think of tomorrow or after tomorrow. North Korea almost jumped at our Nohodka with a missile, now we still have to wait for Iran to show off with nuclear weapons ... Both sides are good - the Americans and the new Eastern Napoleons!
    1. laurbalaur
      30 March 2012 20: 03
      And what is not clear who pays for the site? I, the man who loved the ship called the USSR, but I hate the fragile boat with the name of the Russian Federation, or at least its ambitions! Wanting -minusit, but it just seems to me that the site contains a bunch of harmful visitors who incite ethnic hatred!
      Respectfully, Sergeant of the reserve military service in the DRA, Major of the KGB reserve.
      1. 0
        30 March 2012 22: 11
        No one pays anything, at least no one offered me anything (so no need ...), here, people just express their opinion, of course there are trolls, there are those who are convinced that they are right (a la me d'artagnan , and everything around p ... si), for the most part, the people on the site are ordinary people, not struck by the state propaganda ...
  • zevs379
    30 March 2012 22: 03
    Jews seem to have outwitted themselves. if it starts again in Russia?
    1. -1
      30 March 2012 22: 06
      And where do the poor things go to them ... Immediately there are passports of the USSR and the Russian Federation ... Or in the USA
  • zevs379
    30 March 2012 22: 12
    But it’s interesting with us as with bomb shelters? I mean in what condition and for how much time is it calculated?
    1. 0
      30 March 2012 22: 17
      Shovel - earth - formwork - cement - generators and filtration plants, well, etc. - here you have a refuge ...
      1. zevs379
        30 March 2012 22: 26
        Can we press the first button?
        1. -1
          30 March 2012 22: 32
          look for abandoned military units there, as a rule, everything is there
    2. -1
      31 March 2012 11: 56
      Not like that. Not at all.
  • marauder
    31 March 2012 02: 29
    What only Jews don’t do to get another Holocaust.

    I think that all sorts of Holocausts did not arise from scratch.
    In addition to the Jews they were arranged for fagots and gypsies.
  • Odinplys
    31 March 2012 02: 34
    How much enriched uranium ... does Iran have ... and in what% ratio .... no one knows for sure ... But Israel knows for sure ... if something happens ... to them ...
    Do not wake the beast ... And you will sleep peacefully ...
    The United States is bluffing ... there will be no war ...
  • evilzorg
    31 March 2012 11: 14
    There will be no local blitzkrieg - Israel already understood this. Iran is painfully strong from all sides. But a regional or even global conflict can come up with, more precisely - this is their (USA) master plan. Remember how you usually get out of crises.
  • -1
    31 March 2012 11: 48
    like it or not, they’ll arrange something there! although I can’t believe it. But I also thought on August 7, 2008 that Georgians would not be able to attack the MS of the Russian Federation ...
  • 0
    31 March 2012 12: 25
    There are forces, there is a desire, there are plans for this region too.
    Here is the answer to all the indignation of the protests and veto.
    It’s possible to stop the war in the region (it can penetrate both openly-foreign intervention - and secretly - creating financing for the opposition, revolution and all crap called democratization).
    The question is different: what goals does RUSSIA pursue, does it have plans for the development of relations, what benefits will it benefit from all this farce (why farce is because it has been a region of Western influence since ancient times and only they are responsible for all the crimes that happen there).
    1. evilzorg
      31 March 2012 15: 47
      The region is strategic for Russia, you can’t argue, but the current leadership and system of Iran does not allow openly supporting a strategic partner. Not many people want to be defenders and allies of rogue nations. That's why they refused to supply even non-offensive weapons.
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