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Armor of the future: the latest equipment "Warrior" for 60 seconds

"Warrior" - Russian military equipment of a soldier, which is also called the "kit of the soldier of the future." The website of the TV channel Zvezda talks about how it increases the survival rate and effectiveness of Russian military personnel on the battlefield.

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    XXXIII 3 November 2017 19: 25 New
    Armor of the future:

    0.49 a soldier’s flashlight strangely flickers, the batteries are gone ..... wink
  2. Serge72
    Serge72 3 November 2017 22: 54 New
    Yes, very interesting armor
    In a combat situation, it would be better to run in
  3. Aimpoint
    Aimpoint 4 November 2017 14: 05 New
    The equipment is excellent. But there is nothing of the “future” in it.
    1. Guru
      Guru 5 November 2017 13: 35 New
      I agree that there is no future, this is a variant of the present. The warrior of the future has already been introduced and is in development.