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Battle for world markets: Russia can win

In the next broadcast with entrepreneur Konstantin Babkin, we are discussing a set of issues related to how Russia can make a breakthrough in the global market for consumer goods, including high-tech ones. Does Russia need to leave the WTO and create a new organization, on different principles?

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  1. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 3 November 2017 11: 15 New
    If the internal contra does not hinder. It began to interfere more and more, in unison with the sanctions of the State Department! Kudrin, Ryzhkov, Gref, Chubais, how they broke the chain.
  2. SMP
    SMP 3 November 2017 12: 55 New
    In Russia, there are two business groups.

    First these are oligarchs who own extractive companies, they need the WTO like air.

    The second a group owning a business in production, the WTO is not just like a bone in the throat, but also deadly, because with such tariffs for electricity, D \ Zh transportation, It is impossible to compete in the domestic market with foreign companies.
    Also, the iPhone helped the business, introduced a tax on river transport. homo.idioto.S And river transport in summer navigation is much cheaper than railway transportation.

    And the Communist Party can solve this problem very well, namely, exit from the WTO, and the nationalization of the entire mining industry, oil, gas, and so on.
    Because thanks to the money that the state will be able to receive annually from the extractive industry in the budget, it will be able to reduce the tax burden on producers, that is, those same 2,5% per annum for loans, and two lower taxes for development.
    That is, one lobby that stores all its money in the United States will be less.

    Otherwise, the transfusion from empty to empty, so where to get money? If you cut taxes.
    Everything is said about the financial regulator that the Central Bank should be, there are no institutions, there are no people with outstanding mathematical abilities in the Central Bank, that is, nothing to add.
    1. Al Bychkov
      Al Bychkov 5 November 2017 02: 02 New
      that’s the essence of tariffs, maybe the goal is to hinder development?
      1. SMP
        SMP 5 November 2017 09: 46 New
        Al Bychkov Today, 02:02 ↑ New
        that’s the essence of tariffs, maybe the goal is to hinder development?

        If you knew what was going on in their heads request

        But by deeds you will know them.
        That power which wants to develop production will create all imaginable and inconceivable conditions so that people who want to get rich do not have any other opportunity besides the construction of factories producing industrial products.
        And this is a fact.

        And what has the government of the Russian Federation been doing since the time of the drunk EBENe?
        That is, who has an entrepreneurial spirit, who is interested, who is hardworking and persistent, and who have no other opportunity besides building a wood processing workshop, building a factory for the production of some kind of household appliances, creating a company producing software products, or car manufacturing companies, for example, premium class hand-made assemblies, and there were many such in the USSR by 1990.

        So entrepreneurs will be engaged in production for there is no other way.

        And where did the authorities direct and now under entrepreneurial motivation under Putin? entry level?
        Trade ... bought in China, sold in Russia.

        That's so simple, let's not do anything other than industry to all, without exception, entrepreneurs who will pull that sometimes give and without interest loans to allocate if successful in the international market.

        And what about Yeltsin? or Putin? or bears? that’s the answer who they are.
      2. SMP
        SMP 5 November 2017 10: 10 New
        Add another KB Rotor

        Entrepreneurs invented and patented a new lightweight gearbox for a coaxial circuit, began to try to get on their feet, so what?

        Who helped them? Is Rotenberg a friend of Putin? or abramovich? which would be better sponsored by the budget of england buying football clubs.

        Or a state? No, the Chinese, if the Chinese did not give money, the company would be bent, and so on throughout the country.
        We have a lot of craftsmen, but no one helps them, from the word at all,
        the turnover only interfere.

        Now, for the operation of the Nerpa snowmobile, entrepreneurs will have to pay a water tax that introduced Medvedev this year.

        They do not help anyone, except their own homies.

        If the links to YouTube do not go through, you can see for yourself.

        Shkondin's motor-wheel, bicycle.
        If it were not for the English Alfa Group, not to be confused with the bank, then Shkondin would have also bent.

        And hundreds if not thousands of those whom they not only do not want to hear, but deliberately and deliberately interfere.
      3. SMP
        SMP 5 November 2017 10: 25 New

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      7. SMP
        SMP 5 November 2017 10: 38 New

        Twice the link did not hook I had to delete I will try again.
        In India, they have been releasing his bicycles for a long time in Russia, no, Shkondin was tormented from the beginning of the 90s and only the English alpha groups helped, naturally not for free.
      8. Maki Avellevich
        Maki Avellevich 5 November 2017 22: 27 New
        Quote: Al Bychkov
        that’s the essence of tariffs, maybe the goal is to hinder development?

        exactly. here on the forum are often outraged why Russia buys American treasure?
        why invest billions in a dollar? once they paid the Golden Horde, and America is the new Golden Horde for Russia and for the whole world.
        the whole world (almost) depends on and works for the dollar (hello from the Fed).
        we pay and we cannot roam