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The End of Euromedocracy

October 27 Parliament of Catalonia approved the results of the October 1 referendum and proclaimed the independence of the Catalan Republic. Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rahoy immediately introduced 155 to the Spanish Constitution article and removed the Catalan General’s President Carles Puçdemon and all of his government from power, and dissolved the separatist parliament. Catalan independence lasted as long as two days, and Puchdemon fled to Brussels, calling from there "for democratic resistance." Catalonia was transferred under the external control of Spain in the person of Deputy Prime Minister de Santamaría.

What was all this about? Barcelona peacefully proclaimed independence, confirming it with demonstrations of its supporters, Madrid peacefully suppressed it, taking its demonstrators to the streets. In general, it resembles the works of artists-actionists, only of epic proportions, it is a kind of political actionism. Raise the flag of the Catalan Republic, and wait for when and how it will break the Spanish police - that's all independence. A fair-day exhibitionist Pavlensky for nothing in Paris burnt the door to the bank, if only in Barcelona. For such a performance, he would probably have become a hero there, though, despite whose door he set on fire.

Why was the proclamation of independence of Catalonia, if no one was going to seriously defend? Did the X-NUMX days of bucket talk to Raho to initiate a dialogue in order to pretend to be a victim? Or simply democracy in Europe has collapsed so much that it has become part of postmodern art. Yes, there were broken heads during the referendum, but not more than in other accidents or on the football lists of the fans. Contemporary art permits self-harm in acceptable sizes, to take at least an actionist Pavlensky ...

All this was to be expected. There were no visible prospects for supporting the independence of Catalonia from the outside, and, most importantly, there was no evidence that the Catalans themselves would defend it. Europe is against, America is against, and tourists were also against. All supported Mariano Rajoy, only urged not to beat Carles Pucdemon much. To demonstrate “the force of law, not the law of force,” as Donald Tusk, President of the European Parliament, said.

Official Madrid did not use force in Barcelona to Puigdemona and his associates. However, it is still not clear whether they have committed a crime, or not? To arrest them or not? Will this great political spectacle be held on a peaceful path?

Observers believe that Washington's harsh statements in support of Madrid pushed him to use force against the Catalan separatists. On the Yugoslavian way. Given the US commitment to a policy of double standards, that is, a big lie, this can not be ruled out. President Trump warmly welcomed Brexit, he remains silent about Catalonia. In the expert community, the US has long been talking about the non-viability of the European Union, and here Catalonia seems to confirm their conclusions.

Generally, in Catalonia for the first time in stories political propaganda attempt to achieve independence! While the nations shed for this river of blood. The closest and European analogy is the separation of Yugoslavia, which Europe supported, lied about democracy and immediately recognized the new Yugoslav republics in the blood of the country's collapse.

In Catalonia, the Yugoslav lie of Europe has been uncovered. The European Union is directly responsible for the two-day “independence of Catalonia” - this is the result of Brussels’s political-actionist strategy of blurring the borders in Europe and building European identity, diminishing the role of states and reducing them to the regions. Barcelona seemed to believe in this policy, and now the casal of Catalonia is destroying the entire building of the Brussels democracy: Madrid will hold extraordinary elections in Catalonia on December 21, and the Catalan pro-independence parties can again win them and everything will happen again?

Our experts, discussing Catalonia, roll into vulgar Marxism with its “economic man”, who care only for his animal needs, which in many ways destroyed the USSR. They argue: the Catalans do not have serious economic reasons for discontent, and independence, obviously, will worsen their economic situation. So again the old argument with biblical analytics comes up: "Man does not live by bread alone!"

What are the rights of modern man: the bread is one, or does he have only one bread? The answer to this question can give Catalonia. By the way, Europe in the Catalan question showed that it is inferior in democracy to the late USSR, which was the only peacefully letting its Union republics into independent sailing.

Since the European Union is trying to launch Russia along the Yugoslav way with its “Euro-Associations”, the incident of Catalonia in Russia is, of course, beneficial, and it should be played out as a kind of retaliation. Russia cannot play it politically today, but it can provide moral support to the fighters for the independence of Catalonia with its media. Because Catalonia revealed European fake democracy, as Trump revealed the American fake media and their "democracy." Because Spanish phantoms patrol the sky on our borders in the Baltic States.

Thanks to the Catalan precedent, it becomes obvious to all that Western democratic values ​​are a myth, beads and mirrors for the new Indians, a lie for export for independent peoples. Catalonia has shown that police batons and Brussels-based demagogues are central to European democracy. The Spanish-Catalan party is still far from completion, the Pandora’s box is just open ...
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 3 November 2017 15: 19
    In Catalonia, the Yugoslav lies of Europe were revealed.
    ..Also, the SSs lie when Europe recognized the independence of the Baltic states, Georgia, the Czechoslovak lie ..
    1. RL
      RL 4 November 2017 10: 56
      Do you mean that the “scoops” lied? One cannot but agree with this!
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 4 November 2017 21: 58
        Thanks to the Catalan precedent, it becomes clear to everyone that Western democratic values ​​are a myth

        Pff ...
        Brains must be present, and facts to watch. When it was impossible to read the Western press in the USSR, I still naively admitted that Soviet propaganda might lie about the West. But in reality they are happy, rich and dream of peace. But when I got the Internet, I realized that it was not propaganda, but facts.
        Who has no brains or does not want to look at the facts, but listens to slogans - no "obvious" facts will force to change. Until his “refugee from Africa” begins to rape on the street, and the wallet is not taken away, he will laugh at the “Charle” cartoons and condemn Assad’s “chemical attacks”.
  2. Wolka
    Wolka 3 November 2017 15: 44
    edematous democracy of edematous Europe, generally dropsy of the forerunner of the irreversible process of imminent death ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 November 2017 17: 26
      Yeah .. Recent events in Europe are more like impotence ..
      1. Victor Kamenev
        3 November 2017 17: 57
        In principle, it is true, speaking more scientifically, that this degeneration, or the fall of drive, according to Gumilev. Look, the people seem to be there, but in fact they no longer exist, but there is an electorate ...
        1. iouris
          iouris 4 November 2017 13: 10
          Quote: Victor Kamenev
          You see, the people are, as it were, but in reality they are no longer there, but there is an electorate ...

          Do you not see the division of society into antagonistic classes? Electorate is allowed to choose K. Vittorgan, K. Berkova and K. Gordon.
        2. bandabas
          bandabas 4 November 2017 14: 06
          Once again, they played democracy.
    2. RL
      RL 4 November 2017 10: 54
      Not so long ago, Chechnya also wanted to become independent. I had to buy a lot of blood and feed her "owners" every day and put up with the fact that they will host in Moscow too. And who is more coward here, Catalans or Moscow-Petersburg? The Catalans did not give up, but for now, they lost with their heads raised, and the Moscow and St. Petersburg allowed themselves to wipe their feet.
      1. iouris
        iouris 4 November 2017 13: 14
        Quote: RL
        Not so long ago, Chechnya also wanted to become independent.

        If you (God forbid) your left leg becomes independent of the right, can you imagine how you will move? You have incorrectly identified the problem. The problem is to live very well, preferably at the expense of others.
  3. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 3 November 2017 16: 03
    The demon-eyed demon simply began to play. Madrid’s insistent invitations to the negotiations ... the position of a politician from the outskirts who blackmails the center with his “peaceful, democratic branch” is wonderful. Something lightly ... maybe seriously ?! And now he has been going to various negotiations for years, slowly squeezing out all sorts of preferences at the center, and he enjoys respect among his "comrades-in-arms", bordering on enthusiasm. Well, paradise!
    When Madrid rejected the shatnik with contempt, the poor man was at a loss, embittered, and smeared. The boy did not have any plan for the case when you need not to chat, but to act. He was absolutely not going to take any real action. Hehe ...
    1. Victor Kamenev
      3 November 2017 18: 09
      Formally, Puchdemon had a plan, and he was called "democracy" like a magic wand. He waved this wand and became the head of a sovereign republic. And in response, he received the Constitution. You will laugh, but Puchdemon calls his shift an "attempt on democracy." That's what Soros does to people! Kills Europe, and how should we treat it after that? How to a useful idiot?
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 4 November 2017 08: 55
        Nope. He did not even have such a plan. Remember, he was silent for a day like being shot, when they demanded of him - do something! Do it! Advertise or refuse! But he kept quiet, all whined about democracy and Madrid’s reluctance to “negotiate.” Absolutely no reason for him to separation, he does not know what to do with it, and generally does not want to do anything. The desire was simple - to fool the good by blackmailing. It did not work out to fool, but he didn’t pretend to anything else.
    2. 5 November 2017 01: 45
      The wrong politician was nicknamed Putsch Dimon. Directly according to Vysotsky, there are few real violent ones, and there are no leaders ... What the hell is independence if the first question was the dough section?
      And with this dough they ate. And all these arrests, special forces and re-elections are already entourage.
      Independence was put on the back by companies that urgently began to re-register tax residency.
  4. skullcap
    skullcap 3 November 2017 16: 38
    About this fool for suckers called "democracy" a good article titled "The Great Lies of Our Time" was written by K.P. Pobedonostsev. Clears the brain.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      3 November 2017 18: 13
      There were warriors in Russia - not us!
    2. Dart2027
      Dart2027 3 November 2017 19: 04
      Quote: kosopuz
      About this fool for suckers called "democracy"

      Briefly and clearly.
      1. raf
        raf 3 November 2017 23: 33
        Briefly and clearly.
        Wise was an old man!
  5. Eurodav
    Eurodav 3 November 2017 16: 43
    From the whole article, I liked this one:
    "... Puigdemon fled to Brussels, calls from there" for democratic resistance ... ".
    He escaped himself, and invites others? What is it called in normal people?
    1. Victor Kamenev
      3 November 2017 18: 15
      Judas, or the Smerdy's Dog
      1. raf
        raf 3 November 2017 23: 38
        Quote: Victor Kamenev
        Judas, or the Smerdy's Dog

        Here you are absolutely right! You can’t name it another way! I reassured so many people, but I dumped the smell of fried ones. And now those who believe him will have huge problems. Catalonia will now be “cleaned”, brutally cleaned! "!
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 4 November 2017 08: 56
      Quote: Evrodav
      He escaped himself, and invites others?

      This is called - "Lenin in Poland."
  6. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 3 November 2017 17: 00
    Catalonia, in addition to the lack of real democracy in Europe, showed how elites can betray their own people.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      3 November 2017 18: 17
      Do not worry, the people are not very hurt, this is for him as a piquant, sharp adventure, there are no nations already in Europe, this is what the incident of Catalonia says.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 4 November 2017 15: 31
        It is not a matter of the affected people, but the betrayal of the elites.
  7. nivander
    nivander 3 November 2017 17: 16
    it was Catalonia and the Basque Country that were the mainstay of the Republicans in the Civil War
    1. Victor Kamenev
      3 November 2017 18: 19
      This phenomenon explains L.N. Gumilev his theory of drive.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 4 November 2017 15: 32
        Read and agree.
  8. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 3 November 2017 17: 23
    What are the bastards doing?
    And where is Azov now? The guys have already learned Spanish. And where now with the tongue? However, with a rough tongue ...
    Puigdemon fled to Brussels, calls from there "for democratic resistance". Traitor, pacifist, renegade, radish ... sad
    Again to Kolomoisky in the stable.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      3 November 2017 18: 21
      And also a big democrat, an exhibit for the Kunstkamera named after Soros.
  9. smaug78
    smaug78 3 November 2017 19: 11
    And when the same Catalonia decides to support, God forbid, the separatism of the same Tatarstan? Does the author immediately see America's hand? There is no long-term benefit for Russia.
    1. 5 November 2017 01: 53
      Well, Russia fiercely supported Catalonia?
      Sent emissaries with money, formed detachments, fed different Catalan Basaevs and Dudaevs? Let them write anything at home, but they will climb with moralizing and “help” - they will rake worse than Dudaev’s Chechenia.
      Do not meddle with your comparisons. You will be more whole
  10. polpot
    polpot 3 November 2017 19: 58
    He could go to surrender to the authorities to get a term and pretend to be Mandela, he managed to ruin a prosperous country
  11. Falx
    Falx 3 November 2017 21: 55
    I am not a supporter of the independence and the so-called "self-determination" of certain nations, which in some cases can also be put in quotation marks ..

    separatism in my opinion is justified only in cases of harsh and consistent discrimination on ethnic / ethnic grounds ... separatism from economic motives is simply selfishness.
    because of this, the separatist sentiments of the Catalans (parts of them, as I understand it) are not justified by anything else, there is no discrimination against the Catalans in present-day Spain, neither at the local Catalan level, nor at the general Spanish .. in Franco’s times it was probably different ... but then - this is not now ...

    but what is the whole circus with the declaration of independence, and justified by obedient self-dismissal for two days, I just don’t understand ... the news flashed along the way that the governments of Germany, France and Britain would never have recognized the independence of Catalonia .. maybe this was the reason for such sharp turn ..

    It’s better not to appear in Barcelona for a tuftsman now .. his former supporters of the go and the Spanish authorities will surrender him after he threw ...
  12. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 4 November 2017 06: 44
    In general, these attempts to independence of Catalonia remind staged party. What kind of independence can we talk about if nobody wants to defend it? The booth.
  13. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 4 November 2017 07: 06
    Where in the EU democracy. belay

    There, the commissioners still rule. laughing However, recently, at the grassroots level, migrants have been added to them. laughing
  14. iouris
    iouris 4 November 2017 13: 18
    This story is not entirely clear. We must, as the best German Gorbi says, “wait.” It is highly unlikely that the "leaders" of Catalonia would act on their own and in the interests of Catalonia. And most importantly: where does democracy come from? Democracy could only exist for some time in a slave-owning society in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. And our time, the power of money is absolute. So you need to see who benefits. To make the right judgment, you need to be a very informed economist.
  15. Blue cop
    Blue cop 4 November 2017 14: 55
    Yes, what is European democracy?
    There has always been hard centralism
    The Spanish Monarchy is one of the most respected in Europe.
    He will not give his lands to power to different sixes
    It is right
  16. Satum
    Satum 4 November 2017 16: 47
    Puchdemon must go to the Rothschilds and agree with them on the independence of the Catholic Church laughing
  17. tracer
    tracer 5 November 2017 01: 09
    Real democracy is when you cry on the street and go home in the arms of a sofa. Nobody will go for the idea in Tyurjach
  18. sds87
    sds87 5 November 2017 20: 54
    Puchdemon and Co ... laughing The most interesting thing is not these clowns, but who is behind them. Who benefits from this whole situation in Spain? After all, it is clear that behind all the speeches and ideas in favor of independence are those who benefit from this whole situation with the games of "independence." I tend to be naughty USA. They do not need a strong and independent Europe. They need a controlled mess to bring order to their mind in this mess. First came the gimp with refugees. Then the attacks. Now, obviously, the incitement of "national independence" among different nationalities living "under one roof" has clearly gone. Basques and Catalans are an example of this. Principle: "divide and conquer."