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Debut shock company

Debut shock company

The Red Banner Leningrad-Pavlovsky Motorized Rifle Regiment - a structural unit reconstructed a year ago by the 90th Guards tank divisions. Having completed “preferential holidays” as a young military formation, he replenished the contingent of units and formations of the Central Military District, now holding on the training grounds a report on what had been achieved in the school year that was ending.

Actually, behind subordinate captain Bitner, this year there was already one test - control classes in the spring. However, for beginners that test period was rather a test one. Although the tank company commander himself is sure: "If the task was to report as usual, they would have coped."

And this is not bravado. Back in the old days, being in the Ural motorized rifle brigade, tankers were the locomotive of the combat training of the formation. Then Ivan Bitner commanded a tank platoon.

When recreating the 90 Guards Tank Division, the command of the military district decided to maintain a successful tank unit in the regular structure of the reconstructed motorized rifle regiment. In it, Ivan Bitner, with the rights of the best-trained officer, accepted a tank company. And the most "test" - the first. Captain Bitner explains: “Whoever serves, he knows that the division at number one, as a rule, is leading at all the planned events held in the military unit. So it was in the composition of the former brigade. This is also the case with the motorized rifle regiment: all checks are mainly on our base; ostentatious classes are also our strength. ”

At the same time, I want to emphasize: everything that was assigned to the company, the personnel worked on the new set of standard combat equipment. Not on those combat vehicles that the crews had cherished for several previous years, maintained and, as they say, adapted for themselves, but on samples of T-72B obtained from the district storage base. As a result, in the first year of combat training, tank crews entered combat vehicles that had not undergone intense field operation and had a maximum mileage of a scanty three hundred kilometers.

It would seem to own and rejoice. After all, they were not transferred to a “second-hand”. But, as the tank crews say, “the unworked products must also be put into operation”.

We must once again concentrate and prove that the honorary name of the shock unit of the company is deserved

Exactly a month was spent by tankers in the fleet of combat vehicles: in the process of scheduled maintenance, they replaced the preservative lubricant with operating oil, where it was required, “refreshed” gaskets, connecting hoses, nozzles, painted cars. And already during the first serious test - at the finish of the winter field exit, participating in bilateral tactical exercises as part of the 90-th Guards Tank Division, the subordinates of Captain Bitner were recognized as the best. From Chebarkul to Yekaterinburg, to the “winter apartments”, the unit returned with the honorary addition in the standard name: it became the first strike tank company. As a special encouragement, the commander of the Central Military District then invited the company tankers to meet Victory echelon in Yekaterinburg, and Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky personally presented memorable black knives to the servicemen - a symbol of the 10 of the Urals Volunteer Tank Corps celebrated in World War II. Among those who were encouraged were Ivan Bitner and his commanding crew - motorcaster driver Alexey Petrov and gunner-operator junior sergeant Konstantin Grigoriev. By the way, in the same composition they are winners at the district qualifying stage of the Central Military District “Tank Biathlon - 2017”.

And also in the asset of the shock company, transfers to distant and unfamiliar training grounds, including in the Rostov region, participation in the Ural International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2017", demonstration performances on the tank and foot race in the framework of the regional "Race of Heroes".

They coped with all the tasks, the regiment command was not let down in anything. “First of all,” Captain Bitner readily explains, “that there are no random people in the company.” Its backbone is the servicemen, who have adequately proved themselves in the brigade link. And the divisions that arrived to us during the reconstruction successfully passed the tests I developed. ”

Someone will say: this is something new in military practice. “Understand what you want,” captain Ivan Bitner parries, “but I have carte blanche from the regimental command to select a motivated, professionally oriented, and long-lasting personnel staff for the strike company.”

To this end, the company has developed a series of questions, the answers to which most accurately show the degree of training. At the beginning of the test, I ask the candidate to name the conditions of the third exercise of control shooting, ”says Captain Bitner. - It's like a multiplication table for a student. If a person starts to get confused, then what next to talk? The answer immediately shows: during the period of the previous service, the guy was only listed in the tank unit. ”

Hearing from me that these days the command of the regiment considers the first strike tank company as the leader in passing the final test, captain Ivan Bitner was not surprised. He explained: “I myself strive to ensure that for my company this becomes the norm. Each of the contract tankers understands that there will be nothing new, unusual when checking for us. There is the same thing that we are doing in the park day and day in the summer and at the training grounds. It is just necessary to concentrate once again and prove that the honorary unit of the shock division of the company is well-deserved. We are ready for the exam! ”
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 6 November 2017 17: 15
    Thanks for the article. There would be more essays about specific people on which our army stands and will stand.
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 7 November 2017 06: 43
      And what is the significance, the difference between the SHOCK MOUTH from the usual one, even if it bears No. 1? Let it be indicative, leading, first-flank, finally selective.
      The name "Shock" has a completely different purpose. “Shock” includes the functions of a combat tank fist, supported by motorized infantry, self-propelled artillery, mobile engineering equipment, respectively, organizationally included in the reinforced tank company, provided with communications with army strike aircraft. And to teach them all to act together. This will be the IMPACT MOUTH, operating in the breakthrough of the advancing troops.
      And so this is pompous balabalism with the word "percussion"!
  2. svp67
    svp67 6 November 2017 17: 24
    And the most “test” is the first. Captain Bitner explains: “Who serves, knows that the number one unit, as a rule, is the leader at all planned events held in the military unit.
    Something this more and more begins to remind me of the USSR, with its "excellent" units. "First" is of course yes, but not to the detriment of the "second", "third" and so on ....
    1. Blue fox
      Blue fox 6 November 2017 23: 00
      Yes, yes. "Tank fill" is called.
    2. cariperpaint
      cariperpaint 7 November 2017 22: 11
      you do not quite understand the meaning of manning. Of course everyone wants the best for themselves. but the first chooses the first and so we went. there are simply no other options. In any case, those who choose are not the first to receive those who are a little worse. And as for events, then tradition and an incentive for those who are not in it. it is to some extent now and trying to change by introducing the title of drums. it is necessary to earn it already and not the fact that the first one will become one.
      1. Blue fox
        Blue fox 8 November 2017 09: 29
        I perfectly understand the principle of manning, but to my utter horror I understand that everything that was avoided by all means in combat units following Chechnya 1 and 2 and 2008 is coming back. In one place, such methods of manning and such a gradation! Of course, I judge from my belfry and, based on my experience of interacting with various units in carrying out a combat mission, I don’t push the truth in the last resort and am well aware (although certainly not far away) of the variety of units and units and a huge range of tasks for which they they must do it, but I remember very well the company of explosives, which I had to work with, when the company commander himself admitted that if the 2nd platoon can still be put at checkpoints, the 3rd "elite" is at best capable of serving in the LDP I do not want a similar one for our modern army. That’s why we always lurked around with the 1st platoon in which the fighters worked for wear and tear, unlike aircraft guides, signalmen and other attached groups in which people changed. From this people die unjustifiably!
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 6 November 2017 18: 04
    Let there be the first companies, drums and the like. And more ... They will ask from the whole part ... Window dressing is not in the "trend" now. A command is easier when the subordinates have a living example ...
    1. andr327
      andr327 6 November 2017 20: 05
      Where did you come from? Window dressing and the army are inseparable! Strongly interferes of course, but familiar.
      Even here, sheer window dressing. all the best. especially personnel, in 1 company. “Oh, I have carte blanche from the regiment’s command to select a motivated, professionally oriented and long-term personnel service as part of the shock company.” How is that? What will the rest be?
    2. infantryman2020
      infantryman2020 8 November 2017 09: 19
      Here, they made fun :))))
      Today, window dressing in the army is still in a trend !!!
  4. tchoni
    tchoni 6 November 2017 18: 33
    Agitation in the style of the thirties of the last century. How these agitation ended - everyone knows. It is unclear how this generally fell into the armament section. The site is my personal "fairy"
  5. Recoil
    Recoil 7 November 2017 12: 49
    People, do not judge strictly - this is the publication of the Red Zveda. Essentially, an article for divisional circulation. The author is trying. It is written without errors, the direction for upbringing is sustained.
    You did not serve, to her God.
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 7 November 2017 16: 09
      You did not serve, to her God. - Rollback

      They served, and therefore we know that this is not the Shock Company, but the first demonstration, in which the best soldiers are selected, so that you can show something on the inspections and exercises. And that’s it.
  6. Mr Catofei
    Mr Catofei 8 November 2017 22: 48
    Can I put in my 5 kopecks? In 1989, a former Afghan warrior came to our school and opened a hand-to-hand fighting school, took everyone who wanted to practice, did not look at anyone who had predispositions, and after less than a year of classes our section at the city competitions paid everyone. Why am I doing this - if I give the innovator and good organizer the opportunity to create, he will turn mountains. It seems that the captain of such people and the fact that he was given such an opportunity is good, now we need to find such commanders in other companies