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90 years nuclear physicist Yuri Trutnev

Academician Yury Trutnev celebrates his 90 anniversary. It was thanks to the work and talent of Yuri Alekseevich that the foundations of the modern nuclear weapons, which allowed us to achieve parity with the main nuclear "partner" - the United States. Ultimately, the development of Yuri Trutnev made an invaluable contribution to ensuring peace and nuclear balance on the planet.

Yuri Trutnev - Soviet and Russian physicist, Hero of Socialist Labor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, winner of the Kurchatov gold medal. Yuri Alekseevich was born on November 2 on November 1927 in Moscow. After graduating from the Physics Department of the Leningrad State University in 1951, he was sent to work at the All-Russia Research Institute of Experimental Physics and began working in the closed city of Arzamas-16 in the Design Bureau No. 11.

Yury Trutnev was one of the representatives of the team engaged in the development of the RDS-37 thermonuclear charge. The principle of radiation implosion incorporated into the development of this charge formed the basis of the principle of the creation of thermonuclear weapons. The very same charge became the prototype of the subsequent Soviet nuclear warheads.

90 years nuclear physicist Yuri Trutnev

“Military Review” congratulates Yuri Alekseevich on his anniversary and expresses gratitude for his invaluable contribution to the development of the country's security!
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  1. Cutter
    Cutter 2 November 2017 06: 17 New
    Congratulations to Yuri Alekseevich, health and many years to come! Honored Man! hi
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 2 November 2017 06: 21 New
      Our congratulations ! hi hi
      And there would be more such people!
    2. Jedi
      Jedi 2 November 2017 07: 56 New
      I join in the congratulations and wishes! Thanks to such people, the United States can only lick its lips toward Russia. hi drinks
      1. AUL
        AUL 2 November 2017 09: 33 New
        Happy anniversary, Yuri Alekseevich! Health to you, vigor and long life! love drinks
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 2 November 2017 06: 36 New
    My congratulations to the hero of the day! hi Without such people, there was no modern nuclear shield of Russia!
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 2 November 2017 07: 10 New
    May God give him a step beyond 100 in life !!! drinks hi soldier hi
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 2 November 2017 08: 04 New
      Yes, and with good health and memory, and also worthy students and successors of the cause!
  4. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 2 November 2017 11: 03 New
    Therefore, we are still alive! We had a teacher ... for tactical airplane driving, it seems, was talking about "Kuzkin's mother." When everything was ready: the aircraft was prepared to carry ammunition of non-standard dimensions and weight, device (RN202 / AN602 - authors: The development group included A.D. Sakharov, V. B. Adamsky, Yu. N. Babaev, Yu. N. Smirnov, Yu. A. Trutnev and others.) - also ... asked Nikita test pilots to work for the good of the Motherland: to become suicide bombers. They agreed through a million rubles, operating on the fact that then the orphans must be fed. Nikita was indignant and through Rodion Malinovsky appointed such and such a unit to carry out the combat mission. “But what?” Bachurin told us, “a combat mission! Whoever the commander points to will fly. And no objections! We are officers!” They chose the best crew, and then there’s the usual job. The guys returned on a black plane (the paint was charred, but the hull saved: the frames groaned and fired rivets) the background was wildest - the radiation induced in the metal after irradiation with a wild amount of neutrons. Guys - to the hospital, treated, gave different orders, fired in the reserve ...
    Sik Transit Gloria Mundi!
    In general - the Motherland will order - forward! (Why the hell, otherwise, you went to a military school) By the way, we, young cadets, somehow did not doubt it and were not afraid.
    That inspired it ... Wow! This was told to me more than forty years ago! And next to me was my friend, whose dad started a cast in Kapustin Yar, and ended up with Academician Velikhov in Troitsk ....
  5. NIKNN
    NIKNN 2 November 2017 11: 57 New
    Congratulations to you Yuri Alekseevich! Happy anniversary and I wish you all that you can wish good, happiness, many years to come! Thank you, Yuri Alekseevich, for your work !!! hi
  6. Orionvit
    Orionvit 2 November 2017 12: 28 New
    This is what I understand man. The nuclear physicist is 90 years old and radiation is not much. Long health!