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India will buy 111 helicopters for the Navy

The military leadership of India approved the acquisition of 111 new helicopters for the Indian Navy, and 95 of them should be assembled in the country, the newspaper said Look.

All cars are supposed to be purchased under the program “Do it in India”, that is, 16 helicopters must be delivered in finished form, and the remaining 95 will be assembled in an Indian enterprise.

Soon the government of India will determine a foreign manufacturer who will deliver helicopters into the country and agree to place production there. Among the options are considered Russian Ka-226T sea-based with folding blades.

Earlier it was reported that Russia and India signed a contract for the joint production of Ka-2016 helicopters in 200 year. The amount of the agreement amounted to more than 226 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, Russia will supply 1 helicopters ready, the rest will be assembled in India.

In September, the media reported that at the first stage of the execution of the order Russia will supply 100 helicopters.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 1 November 2017 13: 35 New
    An Indian helicopter, this is nonsense, unless the cows are fastened to the back of the cow a la Carlson!
    1. Muvka
      Muvka 1 November 2017 13: 54 New
      Will be assembled from ready-made kits. And as usual - mediocre.
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 1 November 2017 13: 58 New
        Crafting is the enemy of any technique. Slightly not so - they will blame the low quality of Russian components. yes
        1. Solomon Kane
          Solomon Kane 1 November 2017 14: 45 New
          Technique in the hands of a savage is a piece of metal.
          Military equipment in the hands of the Indians turns into a pile of charred metal
  2. shvn
    shvn 1 November 2017 13: 57 New
    Again, now with the helicopters will the Indians bend us? After all, they don’t like something with the new plane, will it be the same with helicopters? Frozen Indians or the most cunning?
  3. ydjin
    ydjin 1 November 2017 14: 07 New
    Something I did not understand the news, or 16 and 95, or 40 and 200? Or all together to the heap ?!
    1. Muvka
      Muvka 1 November 2017 14: 32 New
    HEATHER 1 November 2017 14: 17 New
    The Indians got it. Soon, the catavasse will go again to cancel the contract. But to whom should they transfer (and to all) assembly technology? Let them jump on the palm trees. There are many problems with them.
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 1 November 2017 14: 32 New
    Yes, this is a continuation of the Indian game "cleverly cut the budget." Use blackmail. But assembly in India - yes let yourself. From this, Indian competencies will not grow ...
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 1 November 2017 14: 58 New
      India - in December 2015, a contract was signed for the supply of 200 Ka-226T for the Indian armed forces [5]. The agreement provides for the establishment in India of a joint venture with the participation of Rostec holdings (Rosoboronexport and Russian Helicopters) and the Indian corporation Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). According to the terms of the contract, Russia must deliver 40 helicopters, and the remaining 160 units will be assembled in India [6]. The assembly of helicopters in India is scheduled to begin in 2018 [7]. The order can be increased to 400 helicopters.

      Somehow I did not understand, either the news is not entirely fresh, or ...... the Indians outplayed everything ...
  6. Zhelezyakin
    Zhelezyakin 2 November 2017 09: 16 New
    Hindus are very cunning guys. For work, you have to contact them.