Military Review

How do air defense systems for the protection of Moscow

From the beginning of 2016, two new divisional sets of the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile-gun complex (ZRPK) and the Triumph anti-aircraft missile system (ZRS) launched to Moscow on the air defense of Moscow.

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  1. corporal
    corporal 1 November 2017 12: 46 New
    Tomahawks will not pass? wassat
  2. cedar
    cedar 1 November 2017 15: 56 New
    Quote: Corporal
    Tomahawks will not pass? wassat

    And do not crawl.
  3. Aimpoint
    Aimpoint 6 November 2017 11: 14 New
    In the case of total genocide, Moscow will be better protected than other cities.