Military Review

The military situation in Syria: US forces blocked the crossing of the Euphrates Syrian army

October 30 US-backed VTS resumed operations against ISIS in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor province. The detachments of the VTS occupied the settlements along the road between the cities of Al-Busayriya and As-Suvar, the settlements of Fudein, Sijri, Jahar, Vandiya and Kharijiya.

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  1. VadimSt
    VadimSt 1 November 2017 15: 52
    On October 30, US-backed SDS resumed operations against ISIS
    Conscience enough to declare the fight against ISIS. In fact, they say about the hara-kiri of CIA operations in the Middle East or with the words of T. Bulba - "I gave birth to you, I will kill you."
  2. tTshka
    tTshka 2 November 2017 02: 00
    The USA are still fighters with bearded men ...
  3. zibo1668
    zibo1668 8 November 2017 17: 12
    From the diary of the Iraqi partisan. .
    "Monday. We drove the Americans out of Um Qasr. We seized the port and oil rigs.
    Tuesday. The Americans dealt a massive blow and captured Um Qasr and oil rigs.
    Wednesday. The Lukoil security service appeared, cursed for a long time and drove us and the Americans to fight in the desert ... "