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Outpost of the Russian world

“Transdniestria is part of the Russian world, and Russia should not lose this outpost,” said Elena Sutormina, chairwoman of the Public Chamber (OP) Commission on the development of public diplomacy and humanitarian cooperation during the round table “Economic and Humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Transnistria: new perspectives and opportunities. ” That, in fact, was the main conclusion of the forum.

Outpost of the Russian world

Its participants noted that the customs and economic blockade of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika (Pridnestrovie) on the part of Kiev and Chisinau is becoming tougher. And this happens, firstly, at the same time with the growing obstruction of not the pro-Romanian president of Moldova Igor Dodon from not only the parliament and the government, but also from Romania, other EU countries and NATO. For Moldova, we note, it threatens with a civil war, which may spread to the territory of Transnistria. And secondly, the Kishinev revanchists, supported by Romania and the West, are increasingly provoking conflicts on the border with the MRT. Demanding, at the suggestion of the Parliament and the Government of Moldova, the participation of military units of the United States and Romania in the peacekeeping contingent in the region.

In general, this policy pursues three interrelated goals: exacerbating the socio-economic crisis in Transnistria, accelerating the notorious reintegration of Moldova with Romania and forcing Russia out of the region so that NATO countries come instead. Such assessments were made by E. Sutormina, as well as the leadership of the PMR, the president of the Fund historical prospects by Natalia Narochnitskaya, other participants in the round table.

These trends are already having a negative impact on the socio-economic situation in Transnistria. For example, the deficit of the PMR budget reaches 70%, the level of depreciation of fixed assets in the country has already exceeded the critical level. In addition, the diverse products of Transnistria on the recommendations of Bucharest, Kiev and Chisinau are increasingly subject to various restrictions and even bans in different countries, the number of which is increasing.

If these trends continue, Russia will remain the only trading partner of the PMR. By now, the share of the Russian Federation in the foreign trade turnover of Transnistria reaches 85% against 70% at the beginning of 2000's.

For your information: from the middle of 1950-s to the second half of 1980-s, the share of Transnistria in the total GDP of the Moldavian SSR was at least 40%, and in the volume of industrial output it reached almost 70%. But, in the opinion of all the forum participants, today the economy of the PMR is in deep crisis due to these factors. “Our economy is breathing its last, which calls into question the preservation of the statehood of Transnistria,” said Olga Gukalenko, a representative of the Supreme Council of Transnistria in the Russian Federation.

Alexander Shcherba, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the PMR, said: “We are experiencing growing political and economic pressure from outside. Now we are at the stage of a dangerous economic blockade for us, especially because of the installation of Moldovan-Ukrainian posts on our border with Ukraine. As in Transnistria, in essence, a “transit” economy, the republic suffers ever-increasing losses. ” And if in the region “a humanitarian catastrophe happens, it will be a blow for Russia as well. 200 of thousands of Russian citizens and hundreds of thousands of Russian compatriots live in Transnistria. ” Therefore, the Transdniestrian leadership “appeals to Russia as a guarantor in order to gain understanding and support”.

Natalia Narochnitskaya especially emphasized that, “despite all the problems in Transnistria, the republic’s statehood has taken place, and this has to be taken into account by neighboring countries, and in a broader context - to all opponents of the TMR. Russia as the main guarantor of peace in the region, for geopolitical reasons, cannot remain indifferent to the socio-economic situation in Transnistria. ” She also stated that the Foundation of historical perspective, other public organizations will continue to develop humanitarian and cultural interaction with Transnistria. Expressing the hope that the growing problems in the economy and social sphere of Transnistria "will be properly heard and perceived in the federal departments and the government of Russia."

It is worth recalling that one of the main export gas pipelines of the Russian Federation to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and the Eastern Balkan region of Turkey passes through southeastern Transnistria.

Moreover, this artery crosses the border of the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic with Ukraine twice. And for this reason, Russia cannot stand aside if the exacerbation of both the military-political situation in the region and the socio-economic situation in Transnistria itself. This was also noted during the forum.

Elena Sutormina said that following the results of the round table, a resolution would be sent to the legislative and executive authorities of Russia with proposals to encourage participants in the Transnistrian settlement process in the 5 + 2 format (that is, the parties to the conflict Moldova and Transdniestria, the guarantors and intermediaries of Russia and Ukraine, the OSCE mediator and observers from the EU and the USA. - A.Ch.) not allow the use of methods of blackmail, pressure and restrictions to Transnistria. ” The resolution, according to E. Sutormina, also reflects the issue of financial and humanitarian support for Transnistria.

Although one can hardly expect that the policy of the West and its puppet regimes in Bucharest, Kiev and Chisinau with respect to Transnistria will change.

The United States and NATO have long been aiming at this very geopolitically attractive region for them, since from this one can effectively control the situation in the Danube-Black Sea area of ​​the former USSR.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 2 November 2017 15: 35 New
    Undoubtedly, it’s hard for them in this “environment.” And the bad thing is that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Any games, games of democracy and attempts to negotiate with those with whom it is impossible to agree a priori.
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 2 November 2017 16: 36 New
      Quote: 210ox
      with whom it is impossible to agree a priori.

      It is difficult that Ukraine is engaged in idiocy, imagining itself to be the arbiter of fate. Chisinau itself is not worth the eggs. Hope that in \ in Ukraine it is adequate that there will be too little in the near future ... I think that there are any plans for Transnistria, it’s not for nothing that our military are present there ... And thank God Gorbachev and Yeltsin are not ...
      1. revnagan
        revnagan 3 November 2017 10: 02 New
        Quote: NIKNN
        It is difficult that Ukraine

        Ukraine is the name of the state. Under the rules of the Russian language, the names of states are capitalized. How can you not respect your language so that out of petty desire to at least somehow “annoy” the hated Ukraine in a pointed manner to write its name with a small letter. Believe me, the current government Ukraine simply does not care, and in this way you show your lack of culture and put on display personal complexes.
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 3 November 2017 10: 04 New
          I am glad for your highest culture, alas, not everyone can see reaching your heights ... However, for my own, let me go ahead with it myself, without support ...
          1. revnagan
            revnagan 3 November 2017 10: 07 New
            Quote: NIKNN
            not everyone is given the chance to reach your heights ...

            Well, do not be so self-critical. Do not give up, work on yourself, and you will succeed. hi
    2. stas
      stas 2 November 2017 18: 07 New
      First, Humpbacked with EBN destroyed the Russian world, sold everything and gave it away. For which Putin even awarded the EBN Order.
      Now we are fighting for the return of the Russian world.
      For the Russian world, the main danger is the power itself, which is not controlled by the people.
      Who will replace Putin, someone from his entourage who will defend a market flea market that feeds power and the elite, but allows the people to exist in a half-poverty state.
      Capitalism in Russia is a fascist economy which the Tsar stands on guard.
      They created a capitalist-fascist paradise in Russia, and they shout that this supports the people, because they love Putin.
      So hold a referendum-who is for capitalism with Putin's face.
      The results will not please the King.
  2. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 2 November 2017 16: 23 New
    It is convenient for our government to have Transnistria, the LNR, and the Dnieper. This allows us not to get involved in the war directly, but this relaxes and allows us not to change the economic course.
    1. nmaxxen
      nmaxxen 2 November 2017 23: 41 New
      People are dying, but it’s “convenient” for someone.
      The authors and performers of these "amenities" need to be "conveniently" placed on a rope under the aspen.
      And those who justify such cunning creators of these conveniences are simply narrow-minded petty little people.
  3. Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov 2 November 2017 18: 22 New
    With the loss of Transnistria, the collapse of the Russian Federation will begin.
  4. samarin1969
    samarin1969 2 November 2017 19: 19 New
    It is difficult to imagine at least one world power that would not have entered into a military conflict for the sake of its citizens or compatriots ... And only a country called "RF" invents the reasons why this should not be done. The plan is obvious, "economically" justified - to return the "costly" republics to "partners" ... Well, senators and deputies can chase air about "patriotism" ... Until now, the speech of the "patriot" Kosachev in the PMR about citizenship has not been forgotten peoples of Russia.
  5. San Sanych
    San Sanych 2 November 2017 20: 30 New
    Syria is being saved, the debt of Kyrgyzstan was written off, and not only her, but Russians in Transnistria, in New Russia and in other post-Soviet republics were left to their fate ...
    1. nmaxxen
      nmaxxen 2 November 2017 23: 45 New
      everything goes according to the plan of the owners of the Kremlin compradors - to simulate patriotism and sovereignty in words, and to destroy the Russians in practice.
  6. San Sanych
    San Sanych 2 November 2017 20: 37 New
    It’s not clear what kind of power we have, they saved Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the debts were written off to 100 billion Africans and other "brothers", Syria is now being helped, and the Russians have been left to the mercy of fate in Transnistria, in New Russia and in other post-Soviet republics .. .
    1. protoss
      protoss 3 November 2017 01: 36 New
      in which, damn it, new Russia? I have relatives in the Donbas, I spent almost every summer in the throat as a child, and an adult came there, the last time in 2012. I have never heard of any “New Russia” there. always there they considered themselves to be part of Ukraine, although the Russians themselves did not really know Ukrainian. They came up with some garbage, started a war, they broke people's lives.
      1. vladimirvn
        vladimirvn 4 November 2017 09: 33 New
        Donbass fought in the battle with the Dnepropetrovsk, for spheres of influence. And the people are bargaining chips.
      2. varangian
        varangian 7 November 2017 13: 05 New
        Quote: protoss
        even though the Russians themselves and Ukrainian plainly did not know
  7. SMP
    SMP 2 November 2017 21: 05 New
    On the Advanced tab
    Konstantin Semin: A political booth cannot last forever

    I listened to Konstantin, it said that the Americans were concentrating troops in Bulgaria and Romania, that is, they were creating an attack group, his opinion was from the Crimea.
    Plus, the Americans agreed to export lethal weapons to Ukraine.

    Personally, my opinion is not against Crimea because it is already the territory of Russia, most likely they are preparing a military operation to liquidate the Transnistrian Republic, and without Ukraine this operation is not only problematic but also impossible, since it is almost impossible to force the Dniester from Moldova, since 1992 there so many fortifications have accumulated that the losses will not be justified by high, and NATO will not fight like that, and from the side of Ukraine there is no fortified plain at all.
    Plus, during the NATO exercises in Bulgaria this year, Bulgarian soldiers refused to shoot at the targets dressed in Russian uniforms, in Transnistria, the soldiers have old-style camouflage of Russian soldiers.
    So train. and many other signs on the Internet, slipped a year and a half ago, the Gagauz ... Bessarabia ..... Familiar places I was there in the exercises of the Yug-90 (Ishmael).

    For Poroshenko, so as not to get under the rink of Trump, he will agree to any deal even with the devil.
    In Ukraine, preparations are underway for an operation in the Donbas, and of course no one will talk to anyone about it, and Poroshenko doesn’t cost anything after readiness fast to transfer troops to the border of Transnistria,
    and there they can apply Yugoslav scenario.
  8. SMP
    SMP 2 November 2017 21: 45 New

    Once again, Kiev creates a confrontation on the Ukrainian-Transnistrian border and sends police forces and national guard troops (internal troops) to the banks of the Dniester this time. The situation was almost military, the Ukrainian trenches bristled with bayonets, even armored vehicles and artillery ready. It is still quiet and dispenses with shots, but on the previously smiling faces of people on this border, fear is mixed with bewilderment. And really, why Ukraine is hosting all this military clowning here? In its modern history, Ukraine has never entered into an armed conflict with the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic (PMR), moreover, on a par with Russia and Moldova, it was the guarantor of peace in the demarcation zone. Next:
    ntent = rnews & utm_medium = read_more & utm_sour
    ce = copylink
  9. iouris
    iouris 2 November 2017 23: 52 New
    Outpost And who left him in the deep ... rear of an incredible "partner"?
    1. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 3 November 2017 13: 11 New
      Quote: iouris
      Outpost And who left him in the deep ... rear of an incredible "partner"?

      Yes, all the same liberal parasites that are now at the helm of the country! What changed? They just gathered additional arguments to bargain for themselves an extra soldering from amerogeodes. This is the essence of all their gestures.
    MOSKVITYANIN 4 November 2017 13: 32 New
    It is worth recalling that one of the main export gas pipelines of the Russian Federation to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and the Eastern Balkan region of Turkey passes through southeastern Transnistria.
    Moreover, this artery twice crosses the border of the PMR with Ukraine.

    It is because of this factor that the EU does not give the go-ahead for defrosting the conflict in the PMR .... not only the recipients of the goods will suffer, but also the transit countries ....
    And for this reason, Russia cannot remain aloof in the worsening of both the military-political situation in the region and the socio-economic situation in Transnistria itself.

    Too many regions where "the Russian Federation cannot remain aloof ..."
    In 2019, the agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine on gas transit through non-gas ends, so the PMR will lose its geographical location for the Russian Federation ... and it never occupied a military position ....
    The Russian Federation needs to withdraw its troops from there (because in the event of war our units will turn into internment camps), send a military police battalion outfitted with Chechens and Ingush (one damn fool) ....