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Life of Russian emigrants in France and Germany. 1931 year

1. Russian aristocrats living in a modest house in the suburbs of Paris, France 1931 of the year.
General Gudim-Levkovich and his wife are listening to news from the homeland

Life of Russian emigrants in France and Germany. 1931 year

One of the closest friends of the Empress Princess Maria Ivanovna Putyatina with old friends who came to visit her

Johan von Grekov, former director of the Technical University in St. Petersburg, is currently producing coffins for the dead members of this colony of exiles.

Baron Vladimir Romanovich von Knorring, Adjutant General of Grand Duke Vladimir.

Pavel Aleksandrovich. Ofrosimov, the former Major General of the Suite, His Majesty now breeds chickens

The former governor of the Tula province (possibly Alexander Nikolaevich Troinitsky) lives on the donations of Baroness Maria Matavtina-Makovskaya, the widow of the artist Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky

Prince Boris Vladimirovich Gagarin, before. Union of Cavaliers of St. George in exile writes memoirs

Baroness Dikova, widow of maritime minister in Russia, Ivan Mikhailovich Dikova, kills time with solitaire.

2. Russian noblemen emigrants living in the castle of Saint-Michel-sur-Orge, donated by an Englishwoman Mrs Loomis, France 1932 year.
Like all French castles, Saint-Michel-sur-Orge is surrounded by a huge park.

Each inhabitant of the castle is given the job to which he is most located. Thus, this Cossack officer became a kitchen worker.

The Russian prince was appointed as the head of the laundry, among the workers of the laundry was the widow of General Nikiforov.

Russian prince in the laundry room.

There is no chapel in the castle; therefore, the priest Alexander, an Orthodox priest, provides daily services to the inhabitants of the castle.

3. The Russian church in Berlin, next to which many Russian émigrés live in the barracks. Germany 1931 year.

Former Cossack colonel working as a musician in a Berlin cafe

At the table eats the former adjutant general of the retinue of Her Imperial Majesty.

Russian captain repairs the roof of the hut, in the past he was one of the largest landowners

Brigadier General Viktor Petrovich who served 50 for years served the Tsar and Fatherland

The former commander of the 10 Ulan regiment is now a kitchen worker.
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  1. Oden280
    Oden280 2 November 2017 09: 53 New
    The future of our elite and oligarchs if they ruin the country.
  2. ADmA_RUS
    ADmA_RUS 2 November 2017 09: 54 New
    Traitors are of little interest to anyone.
    And they are not exiles. They left voluntarily.