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Baltic Fleet Replenished with New Patrol Boat

The State Admission Commission signed an act on the acceptance of a new patrol boat "Raptor", built for the Baltic fleet. Currently, the boat is included in the fleet, reports press office Baltic Region Information Support Department.

Baltic Fleet Replenished with New Patrol Boat

The boat arrived at the permanent base in the port of Baltiysk, where it will carry out tasks for the purpose in the Baltic naval base. State tests of the serial “Raptor” were held in the Baltic Sea marine testing grounds.

The Pattor boat of the 03160 Raptor project, built for the needs of the Baltic Fleet at the Pella shipyard in Leningrad, is capable of performing tasks in patrolling the coastal zone of seas, straits and estuaries, and be on duty in designated areas. He can intercept and detain small targets, as well as carry out measures to assist in the water crews in distress of watercraft or aircraft in the area of ​​duty, ”the release says.

The length of the boat is about 17 meters, the width is about 4 m. The power unit with a total horsepower 2000 allows you to reach speeds up to 50 nodes. On the boats there is a room with places for an inspection or anti-terrorist group, divers or rescuers, depending on the tasks performed.

The crews of boats "undergo mandatory comprehensive and multi-level training at the Joint Training Center of the Navy (St. Petersburg) and directly at the shipbuilding enterprise," the press service added.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. bagr69
    bagr69 31 October 2017 15: 30 New
    It would be nice if there are more of them in places where poachers operate without fear of anything at all.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 31 October 2017 17: 43 New
      But the trouble is that the instructions prohibit attracting this ship to fight poachers. Another agency deals with poachers.
    2. Titsen
      Titsen 1 November 2017 06: 50 New
      Quote: bagr69
      It would be nice if there are more of them in places where poachers operate without fear of anything at all.

      What poachers - the boat has tasks like an aircraft carrier!

      When to decide on the concept of building the Fleet - where are the ships of the 1st rank?
      1. Former battalion commander
        Former battalion commander 1 November 2017 18: 01 New
        Which ships are 1st rank? A ruined economy by "effective managers" is not able to produce such weapons. They do what they can for those pennies that they got from the master's table.
  2. Topotun
    Topotun 31 October 2017 15: 42 New
    Eh, it would be better if an MRK .... Yes, preferably a couple ... Although these are needed. Not enough of them only ...
  3. family
    family tree 31 October 2017 16: 27 New
    48 nodes, Kord and two Pechenegs.
    The border would be nice to add, anti-sabotage
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 31 October 2017 17: 48 New
      What for? He can only detect a saboteur visually. The Americans surrounded them with machine guns and miniguns, since they use them in dagger operations for all kinds of women, as fire support. With the help of UDC / DKVD they are delivered to any region.
      1. family
        family tree 31 October 2017 18: 12 New
        For prophylaxis, well, and the fish are suppressed along the way repeat
  4. mitrich
    mitrich 31 October 2017 17: 12 New
    This is power! Tear tepericha natu in the Baltic, like a Tuzik heating pad! request
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 31 October 2017 17: 53 New
      What is your sarcasm?
      1. Galleon
        Galleon 31 October 2017 19: 58 New
        Why sarcasm? Moreover, even 1000 patrol boats are not able to strengthen the BF and solve its problems. Dreamers are already proposing to direct the forces of the fleet in the fight against poachers - such news is so moving the point of consciousness in people. They give you a chewing gum instead of a full allowance according to the food certificate, and you rejoice! So who are you after that?
        1. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 31 October 2017 20: 33 New
          1) they give us news, without any "should strengthen the Baltic Fleet";
          2) where I was happy, give my quote;
          3) after you admitted that I am happy, you insulted.
          1. Galleon
            Galleon 1 November 2017 00: 43 New
            0,5) The news must contain an event that has some significance. Reports on the replenishment of the fleet, which exists to cover the second most important city and the north-western direction of the country, as well as actions on the North-European operational theater of operations (search and destruction of submarines, disruption of sea and ocean communications, support for landing operations, destruction of coastal military infrastructure. .. senior officers will supplement me) with a patrol boat, a new pontoon or a pontoon boat - it does not carry information and does not matter to a military man. For an accountant, yes. Are you an accountant? 100 years ago, this fleet had 8 armored battleships and 9 cruisers, 50 destroyers, 30 submarines ... we will not list guard and minzags and minesweepers. By 1990, you can see the composition of the DCBF yourself. A naval man cannot perceive this blather about a patrol boat without sarcasm, understand? CAN NOT! That’s where sarcasm comes from - pain, go with it ... With the current ship’s composition, at least really go out against poachers! That is why your perplexity and your perception of such an “event” at face value is perceived as your joy, and mockery of us. Tell me, is this not your publication?
            0.7) How did I offend you, a question? But I had in mind something else - that you are a naive or ignorant person: you don’t understand this wild difference between the tasks and the forces to fulfill them, you didn’t think about it, and you, or someone like you, give me at least a raid tug boat - all is well, the fleet is growing. But he does not grow. Can't you see that the rearmament of the fleet at such a pace does not lead to its restoration? The number of warships of 1-2 ranks in each fleet is calculated in units.
            Here is the whole discussion of this article - laughter through clenched teeth. And you are offended ...
    2. aries2200
      aries2200 31 October 2017 19: 51 New
      natu in the Baltic torn for a long time .. and not laughing they were well pollinated by REP ... not so long ago ... then they went to tugboats in Denmark ... the same ESSEN that was pollinated on the Black Sea ....
  5. aries2200
    aries2200 31 October 2017 19: 48 New
    7 feet under the keel team ..... smile
  6. mitrich
    mitrich 31 October 2017 19: 51 New
    Quote: Lord of the Sith
    What is your sarcasm?

    Is this news worthy of an article? Strengthening the power of the Navy? Under the USSR, no one would have noticed, not even a series. For there was a routine and a plan. And now the event, bonnets to the top and screams of ur-ur request
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 31 October 2017 20: 42 New
      Where are the screams of ur? Drop the quote or screen.
  7. Sergei75
    Sergei75 31 October 2017 22: 08 New
    Hurray, now we have something to answer for THEIR aircraft carriers!
    still here you need to add how many boats, buckets to the dining room, etc.
  8. Normal ok
    Normal ok 1 November 2017 00: 20 New
    This is power !!! straight terminator among boats)))
  9. raw174
    raw174 1 November 2017 10: 19 New
    It is necessary in the Black Sea! Our answer to the Wolf Pack and the Mosquito Fleet!
    We are waiting for news about the super-unmanned nano BTR from an extra-strong, unparalleled and 100% domestic trash can!
    At this pace, our sailors will soon begin to launch “convenient large targets”, aiming pistol fire from the porthole!
  10. Former battalion commander
    Former battalion commander 1 November 2017 17: 44 New
    Somehow it doesn’t sound solid about the whole BALTFLOT and it was replenished with some sort of boat ... Has it really come to such a handle that getting a boat for the whole fleet is an EVENT.