Military Review

1919. British mission in the north of Russia

General Henry Seymour Rawlinson interrogates Red Army prisoners, 1919

The train of General Henry Seymour Rawlinson. Xnumx

General Henry Seymour Rawlinson leaves the headquarters building of the North Russian Expeditionary Force, Arkhangelsk, August - September 1919

General Henry Seymour Rawlinson prepares for flight. Lake Onega, Bear Mountain, October 1919

General Henry Seymour Rawlinson climbed into the scene of an observer on a Fairey IIIC seaplane. Lake Onega, Bear Mountain, October 1919

General Henry Seymour Rawlinson begins his flight on a seaplane Fairey IIIC. Lake Onega, Bear Mountain, October 1919

Seaplanes Fairy 3c, ready to fly from Lake Onega, Bear Mountain, 1919

View of Bear Mountain from the north, July 1919

Building a RAF hangar in snow-covered fields near Murmansk, beginning of 1919

Brigadier General Edmund Ironside, Commander-in-Chief of the Entente in Arkhangelsk, presents medals. 1919

Royal arrows and dead Bolsheviks in a position in the Kedrovskaya region

Two captured Bolsheviks, father and son of 13 years

Group of 64 captured Bolsheviks

"Special cell" for prisoners

Without a signature

Without a signature

Without a signature

British hospital ship in Arkhangelsk, 1919

Tugs on Dvina

View of the embankment in Arkhangelsk


Icebreaker cuts a pass for Allied transport

Two vehicles make their way through the passage cut by an icebreaker

Kirby and his friends

The guns of the Red Army, captured by the British. Xnumx

Solombala, Arkhangelsk

Campground Royal Riflemen. Xnumx

Position of the Bolsheviks

Private Blake and Kipper's Hand Dog

View of the Archangel Michael the Cathedral from the Dvina
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  1. svp67
    svp67 1 November 2017 06: 54
    I wonder how proud Angles would behave now if not for them, and our ancestors would have conducted such an “expedition” in Wells or Scotland?
    1. figwam
      figwam 3 November 2017 09: 27
      Yes, the West already then divided Russia into spheres of influence, the Britons, the Yankees, the Czechs supporting the civil war robbed and ruined the country and settled thoroughly, as can be seen from the photo. The Red Army drove this abomination from our land.
  2. A.V.S.
    A.V.S. 1 November 2017 07: 51
    Entente intervention in the north of Russia is very revealing: they occupied Murmansk with Arkhangelsk and ... that's it! There were no great battles between the allies and the Red Army. Moreover, the British paralyzed the actions of the Northern Army of Russia, which was able to launch an offensive against the Reds only after the evacuation of the allied forces in the fall of 1919. The total losses of British troops in the North for more than a year ... 128 ( one hundred twenty-eight!) people were killed, and a total of 526 soldiers and officers lost their lives (non-combat losses are 3 times higher than military losses) !!! That is, the British played football more than they fought with the Bolsheviks. It is understandable: the regime is worse for Russia than the communist one and it is hard to imagine that the British were very happy.
    1. kirgiz58
      kirgiz58 1 November 2017 08: 17
      Quote: A.W.S.
      worse regime for Russia than communist and hard to imagine

      Another detractor of the "communist regime" sought out. am What about the weather in Frankfurt am Main? Or is he just a heap?
  3. Velizariy
    Velizariy 1 November 2017 09: 11
    All this foulness was part of Bolshevism and the collapse and fragmentation of Russia. Those who planted Bolsheviks in Russia, the same and carried out the intervention with the aim of robbing our State and, to be careful, they supported these same freaks called Bolsheviks.
    Children's concentration camps are precisely the invention of these creatures, otherwise you can’t just call this scum, who doesn’t believe, study the archives. Hitler simply copied the notions of the Bolsheviks.
  4. nnz226
    nnz226 1 November 2017 11: 27
    And why there is no photo of the English concentration camp on the island of Mudyug ??? Where have these creatures killed many thousands of Russian people?