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Glazyev: The government arranged a financial Halloween for Russia

The State Duma approved in the first reading a bill on the federal budget for 2018 and for the period up to 2020. Despite the protests of politicians and experts who believe that the proposed financial document is a budget for further stagnation, the government insists on its adoption.

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  1. ADmA_RUS
    ADmA_RUS 31 October 2017 11: 02
    Why clog your native language?
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 31 October 2017 11: 57
      Yes - not "Halloween", but a normal one, your own Sabbath ... evil spirits! Where is Gref - Koschey, Kudrin - the ghoul, and Sakhipzadovna - ... the magpie?
    CONTROL 31 October 2017 11: 59
    by global standards, the share of government spending in health care financing should be 4,5 percent, and not 2,2, as it is today in Russia. He cited the example of the United States, in which up to 15 percent of GDP goes to healthcare.
    “The levels of social expenditures that are prescribed in our budget correspond to some average African level - no higher,” he said, adding that the Russian Federation lags behind the global average in the social sphere by about 1,5 times (in proportion to GDP).
    Sergei Glazyev called the reason for "such hatred of state officials" - the abolition of standards for financing budget expenditures under the leadership of Alexei Kudrin.
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  3. afrikanez
    afrikanez 31 October 2017 14: 23
    government insists on its adoption
    The government is trying its best to fulfill the order of the Americans (as much as climb out of their skin) am
    1. SMP
      SMP 1 November 2017 08: 53
      The government is struggling to comply with the Americans order

      Does Putin mean not the head of state? It turns out so?

      Either last year or this year, I watched Putin’s and Gennady Zyuganov’s couch, so he told him live on the air that according to the constitution, the President of the Russian Federation has more powers than the Secretary General of the Central Committee in the USSR, hence the conclusion?

      That is, without Putin’s approval, nothing happens at all, all with his permission.

      In fact, the oath of the KGB officer said that the state employee. security at the cost of own life should defend, among other things, the POLITICAL STORY of the USSR.
      The betrayer will betray once and the second.
      If Yeltsin was a visible enemy, then this Judas is even worse, for he is covered by those who believe in lies. And many, because of this I ... U, for only 10 years, slipped into an extreme form of nationalism, because they did not see a way out, thus discrediting themselves.
      For me personally, it makes no difference that Putin is that bulk, that Khodorkovsky, that Medvedev are all the same, to build all together before the moat and .............

      I would put a video of Colonel Kvachkov’s statement about the Putin regime, but they’ll delete and ban the slap.
  4. pravednik
    pravednik 29 November 2017 07: 46
    That's why:
    1) does the president not approve smart economists as chairman of the government?
    2) why is Glazyev not a candidate for president? I am 100% sure that people would vote for him.