Military Review

Roll away from me with the military department!

This letter was published by a student of one of Kiev universities and provided with photographs. And in the end I’m still a little statistics from myself dokinu, good, they said, where the numbers can be found.

So, what did the Kiev student want to share? Spelling and grammar corrected, swore replaced.

Post about the military department of NUBIP (National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Kiev):

This is not anti-advertising, not goni and not a lie. These are facts and truth, you can ask those who graduated from the "military department" and adequate (important!).

Suppose you decide that you want to enroll in the commissariat. And yes, you know that now after the military can take into the army on the 1,5 year - that is, it does not retreat.

The first thing you think: "Clearly, they will learn how to handle the technique, they will teach tactics, I will learn to shoot somehow." Lying.

A brief description of the personnel of the military department: a mob of drunks. Not everyone, but 9 of 10 is thumping in the morning. You can personally go to the "teaching" and check.

In pairs - mostly rubbing stupid incomprehensible game or simply give to teach the statutes for memory, and then - write a module / test for them.

Separately, I would like to highlight one particular feature - drunks (polkan, subfloors) - always require a squadron to collect money "to help the department", etc. In fact, they drink it up that very evening. Did not pass the money - the platoon commander and you suffer.

THINK: APU officers are asking for money from students. It was so that they "asked" to fold 15 UAH. It was on 50. In general, a frequent occurrence. It was very difficult for the few who refused this shit.

Shoot in the dash you will 2-3 times for all the training (2 of the year), on the 3 shot from the PM and on the 5 with the TOZ.

After 2's years of "learning" (and now after one), the second part of eating shit begins - MILITARY FEE.

In fact, this is the same finished army, where the same colonels, lieutenant colonels and others thump even harder, and you suffer a garbage all day long like 5-6 beds, drill for 4 hours, etc.

This year the fees were in Goncharovsk. And you know what? The month of July, you walk in shape, and SOUL IS NOT ALL. SIMPLY NO. THE ONLY SHOWER - FOR THE WHOLE PART ON THE STREET, WHERE THE 3 NOZZEL WORKS. THERE IS THE WHOLE PART.

Food: dining room - food is worse than shit. Fresh vegetables for 28 days were given 4-5 times (these were suspicious "fresh" cucumbers), everything.

Further, you don’t have time for anything, because all the time drunks with epaulets give some stupid tasks like "to remove weeds from the ground," "dig a trench, then bury." And all in the heat. Again, hygiene - zero.

The officer corps, who thumps from morning till night (damn if I lie, ask elders, that is), feels his impunity and uses such a classic punishment technique: if someone did something wrong, he didn’t - suffers whole platoon. They are just beasts. At the same time, they continue to "carry out money" with students.

100 think before you go into this shit.

The photo below "Put on a plate" is a potato, if you can call it that, and a dog sausage.

"Tanks"- pieces of fabric stretched over the frame, - the strength of the APU.

"Goncharovsk shower" - a shower designed for 500 people (3 working nozzles).

Sorry for the mat, a lot of letters, but you need to know the truth. If interested - I will write on each issue separately. Write in the comments.

And here I can not cite one of the first comments.

And the author of the record believes that the army is better than in the training center Goncharovsk? So you are mistaken because:

1. On the parade ground we step 8 hours a day.
2. All repair work we do too.
3. I don’t keep silence about the shower. Already 2 have no hot water for a month and the shower is cold every Thursday.
4. There is no free time for myself (the first six months), not only do you walk in the morning with a carbine on your hip, then in the evening there is some work on the barracks, and on weekends you also walk in outfits, so there is almost no rest neither weekdays nor weekends, and so every day all 1,5 of the year, or 1, if you have a full higher education.

And junior lieutenants (in Ukraine, after the military department they assign a junior lieutenant. - Comm.), You are right, the boys come to 1,5 years of military service, but with the title ml. lieutenant, who by 22 of the year, but they are generally such oak that their first year breeds like young children, and they are also paid about their stupidity around 8 thousand UAH per month.

So I see no reason to pay the 2 department of the year, and then also serve as a ml. a lieutenant on time 1,5, where you are bred, and six months later, and reprimands are discharged, and minus the salary. Now I don’t see any advantages from the military department.

* * *

Be surprised? Well, really, not worth it. We have become accustomed, in principle, that much in today's Ukraine is being done, to put it mildly, not with our hands and head.

It is probably worth sympathizing with Kiev students who pay for two years of “training” at the military department of 12-14 thousand hryvnia.

Cherry on the cake - this is what else for these "fees" need to lay out another 2 500 hryvnia.

True, if the brains suddenly earned, and the student changed his mind about the “fees”, then the issue is solved by skidding another 2 500 hryvnia to his department head.

And nothing: one of the best armies in Europe, they say ...
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  1. seregina68
    seregina68 31 October 2017 05: 34 New
    Every day I am more and more convinced that Ukraine has lost its mind.
    1. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
      Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 31 October 2017 06: 56 New
      Just did not lose, but deprived ...
      And now they are continuing to deprive the remnants of the minds of those latter who, by some miracle, did NOT go crazy back in 2014 ...
      After all, it’s only WITHOUT reason that Mazepia today can be set against Russia: - (((
      1. Santa Fe
        Santa Fe 31 October 2017 07: 50 New
        from personal experience:

        The largest Russian university by the number of students

        Only those who didn't care for everything, including study and life, did not go to the military department. So to speak. people who happened to be in the university at random and, naturally, who took off after the 2-3 course and went to the draft board for kirszas.

        Most of the classmates, who tried to learn and cared a little about their future - everyone chose a "military woman." With the sole purpose - to get the "tags" ml. lieutenant and avoid conscription.

        Learning process:

        Wiping pants in the audience once a week on Tuesdays. + A couple of weeks in May, marched along a small street behind the university (preparing for the parade).

        Teaching staff: talkative half-clandestine, incompetent in nothing but chatting with the audience of cadets. In the third year, their number was drastically replenished with teachers who had flown out of a closed tank school (after a loud case with the beating of Private Sychov).

        I teach with voenka sympathize. I speak as a teacher. When you know that your subject is important and useful - you teach the subject. And you try to do it the best you can.

        When you teach some kind of murk that is not interesting to you or the audience, you teach "communication lessons with students"

        Were drunkards? Of course. the truth is not during classes, but at the end of the working day. In his teaching. In general, this is the lesser of evils. The usual thing

        What did you study?
        Draw triangles, rectangles, which were supposed to denote tanks-BTR. They bellow at the incompetence of the teachers. One of the polkans did not know what a tomahawk cruise missile is. Others, probably too

        The manuals of the faculty of military training - chickens scoff, they have less information and technical characteristics of equipment than in Wikipedia. which is understandable - the manuals were written at the end of 1980-x, when domestic samples were strictly classified, and Western ones are little known, due to the lack of sources of information. It was already beyond the power to read the Internet and rewrite the manuals of the old Polkan.

        Rifle training - was absent. Studied and learned to shoot later, under very different circumstances

        Military training - did not get because of an internship in Moscow. Put the "automatic", like many. 4 course, everyone was no time for jokes, you need to look for practice work and generally arrange life.

        The waste of time, compensated by the “military man” and the absence of the need for further communication with the recruiting office

        In general, in the post-Soviet space, all such institutions look the same
        1. aleks_29296
          aleks_29296 31 October 2017 08: 34 New
          In general, in the post-Soviet space, all such institutions look the same

          I would not agree. Where I had to study, the situation was somewhat different - the material base was excellent, the classrooms were perfectly equipped with real mechanisms and stands (automotive equipment). I have never seen a single teacher drunk (at the training camp the truth was a sin for some after an evening divorce). In general, who wanted to get some knowledge, in the end received a diploma in mechanical engineering, in addition to the main specialty.
          1. Santa Fe
            Santa Fe 31 October 2017 08: 58 New
            Quote: aleks_29296
            In general, who wanted to get some knowledge

            "some kind of knowledge". And this is for the 2,5 year of study. No, dear, everything is much easier

            1. The only meaning of any military department: young people, especially civilians, are given the opportunity to get a "military man" without breaking away from home and school. In general, the process is not important and not interesting to anyone - those who attend the military department do not see themselves a priori in the army, they need a ticket and forget about the military registration and enlistment office forever.

            2. The second group of interests is all those who are interested in preserving their jobs and titles, the whole system of military departments and faculties of military training in Russian universities

            3. The universities themselves are also interested in the availability of a military department - this makes the university more attractive to applicants (why - see paragraph 1)

            That's the whole point. Nothing new under the moon.
        2. Cat Marquis
          Cat Marquis 31 October 2017 09: 59 New
          A waste of time

          Do not tell me, it was different. My classmate studied at NVIMU, he said in Soviet times: -the barracks position before the 3rd year, serious drill training and a decent naval department. Allegedly, a decent percentage went on to serve further in the Navy.
          1. Santa Fe
            Santa Fe 31 October 2017 10: 39 New
            Quote: Marquis Cat
            barracks position to 3 course,

            Cat Marquis,
            How does this relate to today's military education departments?
            1. Cat Marquis
              Cat Marquis 31 October 2017 11: 25 New
              Oh, I thought, by a sinful thing, that military departments in civilian universities “in general” are being discussed. Sorry.
        3. Lganhi
          Lganhi 31 October 2017 10: 17 New
          I studied at the Russian State Medical University in the military department in 2002-2007, the teachers are normal, competent, nevertheless not masur, but meteorologists. There was no extortion of money, they passed all tests and exams honestly, did not humiliate anyone, in general, the attitude of teachers and students at the department was almost like a civilian, especially since the department was in the main building of Univer. At the training camp, we went to Gdov, placed in the officer’s dormitory, fed in the officer’s canteen, the food wasn’t special, yet the breech was felt, apparently the food was prepared by conscripts, but well-fed and edible, at least none of our collection was starving even from food did not refuse. True, I must say that we were more prepared by drill for taking the oath. Since we were meteorologists, we were almost not taught us drills at the department, so walking along the corridor with a step is all. They took me to the shooting range only once and allowed to shoot only with three AKM rounds, it was a shame sad . But so they alternated drill training with theoretical and practical, and handed over HES. The commanders of our two companies were old men and the captain, normal people, for us then they seemed already age, although if you think now, they were 26-28 years old. In general, the training for me left a positive impression: I lived for 5 weeks at the government expense, ate, there were no officers to humiliate us or extort money.
        4. sgapich
          sgapich 4 November 2017 00: 18 New
          I didn’t go to the military department for several reasons:
          1) When I entered the institute for the first time - I was young and stupid, it seemed to me more important to have an extra free day - you can make money on hikes and equipment.
          2) By the time he entered the institute for the second time, he had already served an emergency and worked as a radio installer.
          3) At the evening department, which, as a result, graduated, she simply was not.
      2. Lganhi
        Lganhi 31 October 2017 10: 06 New
        Nonsense. Do not try to justify and whitewash the horses, wearing portraits of Bender and Shukhevych, and considering them their national "heroes."
      3. the most important
        the most important 31 October 2017 12: 39 New
        Quote: Sharikov Polygraph Polygraphovich
        Just did not lose, but deprived ...

        Well, to be absolutely accurate, Ukraine did NOT have any reason at all since independence, apparently, when they parted, they did not get their brains ...
  2. ares1988
    ares1988 31 October 2017 07: 25 New
    The Russian army is quite a model of the 90s. But this, of course, is not the case.
  3. Blue fox
    Blue fox 31 October 2017 09: 46 New
    At the moment, in 404 the situation with this topic is similar to our 90th. However, later it was not much better. In 2008, when I was training for a special course in mine-blasting, I ran into various listener officers. There was a lieutenant from the flight technical staff, a gunsmith who was sent on a routine, there was a miner from the fleet, there were several “jackets”, two “motorized gunners” and one of the engineering brigade (all the volunteer jackets). The first was the “sailing” sailor trying Do not disgrace the honor of the fleet in the night booze. Then, “motorized gunners-jackets” flew into the infirmary with skin inflammation because of their complete unsuitability, because they didn’t wash themselves in cold water in the training center barracks and arrogantly (the officers) refused to wash their dirty field uniforms as we did, remembering the cadet years — with brushes and soap on the floor in the washbasin (and with us the lieutenants of all stripes did the same with the Major Marine from the Pacific Fleet), and after the infirmary they failed to catch up with the program and did not pass the intermediate test. The guy from the engineering team was brainy (MADI graduate), but a pathological coward (starting from the F-1 dropped under the feet with a training fuse on grenade throwing) and ending with trembling hands even when installing POMZ-2M with the most reliable fuse MUV-2, which after pulling out fuse checks only after more than 3 minutes becomes a combat platoon. So with the “jackets” in the army it’s not an easy task, the examples that I have cited are unlikely to happen to personnel. These either get used to or are eliminated in the first year. As for the situation in general, in the North Caucasus Military District at that time, I know, there were very smart guys in the EW service, ZAS signalmen, and so on. So the departments are certainly needed, the main thing is proper training for them and mandatory serious practice.
    1. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 31 October 2017 09: 56 New
      Quote: Blue Fox
      proper training on them and compulsory serious practice.

      One day a week?
      1. Blue fox
        Blue fox 31 October 2017 13: 00 New
        Why one day? I hoped that those in the subject understood what I meant by proper preparation.
      2. GIN
        GIN 2 November 2017 04: 48 New
        Apparently someone doesn’t know that they are studying at a university. This is enough for a field officer. They don’t need a shagistik. It requires solid training on the parade ground.
    2. PSih2097
      PSih2097 31 October 2017 13: 05 New
      Quote: Blue Fox
      So with the “jackets” in the army it’s not an easy task, the examples that I have cited are unlikely to happen to personnel.

      Oh, the “jacket” itself, but I can also tell you a lot about the “boots”, especially when of us - “jackets” we decided to “sculpt” engineering intelligence officers, especially the case when the brave starley with his squad got lost at the training ground (they just took away electronics instead giving a map and a compass) ...
      1. Blue fox
        Blue fox 31 October 2017 14: 34 New
        OK. In my current civic team, I am the youngest among similar colleagues and the only "boot". People with much more experience in this organization come to me for advice. Does this confirm something? Nothing but the fact that each case has exceptions that only confirm the general rule.
        1. PSih2097
          PSih2097 1 November 2017 15: 24 New
          Quote: Blue Fox
          Nothing but the fact that each case has exceptions that only confirm the general rule.

          therefore do not need this:
          So with the “jackets” in the army it’s not an easy task, the examples that I have cited are unlikely to happen to personnel.

          And as for the S / C at the MPP, we threw such tasks at the training ground as a staff that even experienced ones would fit "what and how", because our brains are not clogged up with "academies", we only have "childhood in military towns" ...
  4. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 31 October 2017 10: 31 New
    This year the fees were in Goncharovsk. And you know what? The month of July, you walk in shape, and SOUL IS NOT ALL. SIMPLY NO. THE ONLY SHOWER - FOR THE WHOLE PART ON THE STREET, WHERE THE 3 NOZZEL WORKS. THERE IS THE WHOLE PART.

    Welcome to the 90s. smile
    1994 - fees near Tula. We had no soul at all. There was a bath once a week. And instead of a shower - a washbasin with cold water and a hose on one of the taps.
    June is the month. Temperature + 30 / + 32 in the shade. We were officially allowed to tuck up our sleeves and unzip the gates.
    Food: dining room - food is worse than shit. Fresh vegetables for 28 days were given 4-5 times (these were suspicious "fresh" cucumbers), everything.

    They bought fresh vegetables themselves - at the weekend, during the dismissal to the city.
    And the food ... pea puree + canned food "Atlantic Ear", "shrapnel" on the water + pieces of skin, stewed fruit with sand - this is one of the most memorable. However, on weekends, lunch was prepared from canned food.
    Further, you don’t have time for anything, because all the time drunks with shoulder straps give some sort of tasks such as “to remove weeds from the parade ground with a spatula,” “to dig a trench, then to bury”. And all in the heat. Again, hygiene is zero.

    We saw our complex only 2 days before the exam and 4 days before departure. We assembled the antenna post (forgetting to connect the UV-12 antenna transmitter - transmitting SAM missiles), picked it up manually, stretched the cables (which you found) - and that’s all. They didn’t manage to turn on the complex - and they couldn’t: there was no diesel fuel in the unit.
    And before that, they were engaged in dismantling rusty iron deposits in warehouses, dug up control strips around the storages, washed equipment (with water and the remains of diesel fuel from the tanks to make it shine), rolled out the equipment (at the same time accidentally started a TZM-machine, which stood for six months in the transmission), unwrapped cables from S-200 launchers (the brigade was handing over the old complex), transport containers for missiles were cleaned from rust (from the inside), etc.
    The drill was only 2 days for 4 hours - with this I was lucky. Although I already at the third hour tore my voice.
    And the curators from the department at the morning divorce preferred to stand in the shade, while swaying noticeably. smile
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 31 October 2017 15: 35 New
      I’ll also share the training camp in Krondstat in the early 2000s, in winter. Once they took a shower to the shower, to another the RF, the shower in three rows, in one only hot, in the other only cold, in the middle more or less. Food, they sold all the meat to the side, we got fat and entrails, with vegetables, and also canned food. Once in the shooting range, three rounds from Makarov. They took some classes identical to those that were at the department, well, clearing snow on the parade ground, and marching. Exactions once a week to any office and so on. In general, it was fun, students still, but from the point of view of some kind of military training, it is very doubtful
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 31 October 2017 13: 08 New
      Quote: Eight
      The correct article. There are more such articles. The more shortcomings of the Ukrainian army will be revealed, the faster it will increase its combat effectiveness.

      but she won’t raise anything, stupidly she won’t be able to, give her at least an abrash, f-35 and AB Nimitz ...
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 31 October 2017 14: 23 New
      Quote: Eight
      The more shortcomings of the Ukrainian army will be revealed, the faster it will increase its combat effectiveness.

      It is unlikely. Because the main drawback has been known since 2014 - this is the complete unwillingness of the rank and file to do anything, and the command staff - to command subordinates. For 2017, the problems are exactly the same - everyone does not care.
      In 2014, they cried about the impossible living conditions in the PDP - they say that the wizard did not fly in a blue helicopter and did not turn the barracks that were killed in the trash into a European town. In 2017, the same complaints are heard.
      At the same time on their own military of light they can’t even dig in the tent in which they live - so that the water does not flood under the bunks. The junior commanders do not give a damn about arranging the RPM, and the rank and file on their own living conditions, too. Dig out a field toilet, close up the cracks in the barracks, dig a pipe to understand where the leak is - why, it is better to wait until autumn and continue to live in the pigsty.
      1. Eight
        Eight 31 October 2017 14: 28 New
        Your awareness suggests that you are a member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 31 October 2017 14: 38 New
          The Armed Forces of Ukraine Armed Forces are very fond of bringing their problems to the network.
          The same Denis Mokrushin had a repost of the notes of an artillery officer from one of the APU training centers devoted to the life, life and training of personnel. The epigraph to them could be set "Thump all!".
          1. Eight
            Eight 31 October 2017 14: 47 New
            Well, since you are so informed, explain to me what purpose they pursue by trying with tenacity worthy of a better use, to represent Ukraine and the Ukrainians as a herd of idiots, jumping in pots and unable to set up a tent. After all, for what it is done.
            1. Alexey RA
              Alexey RA 31 October 2017 15: 41 New
              Quote: Eight
              Well, since you are so informed, explain to me what purpose they pursue by trying with tenacity worthy of a better use, to represent Ukraine and the Ukrainians as a herd of idiots, jumping in pots and unable to set up a tent. After all, for what it is done.

              Nothing to blame on the mirror ... ©
              This is not Kiselev with the Savushkins, sticking out their tongues, in Photoshop, they undoubtedly filled the neat field towns of the Ukrainian army with hastily painted mud and thick avatars. They did not organize Mishiko-tour and pseudo-Maidan. Not they laid out the largest emblem of rotten fat. smile
              Conspirologically I can assume that this is done with the aim of firmly consolidating in the mind that "We will never be brothers"now on both sides. So that there would be no more desire in a kindred way to make concessions -"understand, forgive, warm, give"- and eventually again be in the role of" moskaly - on the knife! "
              1. Eight
                Eight 31 October 2017 15: 46 New
                A version has a place to be, but it does not clarify anything. After all, if they decide, those who decide "understand, forgive, warm, give" have a good hang ", then for those with "firmly anchored in the mind" nobody will ask. This is the paradox.
                1. Alexey RA
                  Alexey RA 31 October 2017 19: 29 New
                  Quote: Eight
                  After all, if they decide, those who decide to "understand, forgive, warm, give" have a good hang ", then those who are" firmly entrenched in the mind "will not be asked. This is the paradox.

                  As the experience of a neighboring country has shown, the gestures of decision makers should still be provided with public opinion that has been preliminarily arranged accordingly. Otherwise, all sorts of options are possible.
                  You can’t just take and deploy a policy of 180 degrees.
                  1. Eight
                    Eight 31 October 2017 20: 44 New
                    As experience shows, the basic methodology of "building" public opinion has been worked out to the smallest detail. A small adjustment to local conditions - and public opinion is unfolding in the "right" direction, and even society is confident that it was precisely this that turned him there.
                    1. Negro
                      Negro 31 October 2017 20: 52 New
                      Quote: Eight
                      As experience shows, the basic methodology of "building" public opinion has been worked out to the smallest detail.

                      Quote: Eight
                      After all, if they decide, those who decide

                      Excuse me, are you talking about Mr. Poroshenko and the people in his circle? Or about the "Washington puppeteers" who are currently sewing each other treason and 80 years in prison? Or ZOG, as usual?
                      1. Eight
                        Eight 31 October 2017 20: 56 New
                        What I mean is written in a comment.
                      2. Negro
                        Negro 31 October 2017 20: 59 New
                        No. It is completely incomprehensible who you consider to be an actor, capable of making harsh political decisions in modern conditions in / in Ukraine regardless of public opinion.
  6. Servla
    Servla 31 October 2017 13: 08 New
    Yes, gospadi, do you think Russia is better? by the same principle and almost the same in the military departments of our universities.
  7. Gleb-Kiev
    Gleb-Kiev 31 October 2017 15: 23 New
    Hmm ... The National Agrarian Academy has never been distinguished by the quality of training, although it has been reassigned to the University.
    My classmates were better trained (KNU named after Shevchenko, Department of Biology, prepared by RKhBzshnikov). Although there were also enough troubles, well, yes, we studied in 2000-2003.
  8. Timofey
    Timofey 31 October 2017 15: 52 New
    also from personal experience:
    went through a military department and training camp back in 1991 (eprst! how many years have passed already!)
    Teaching: Colonels and undergrounds burned on us hardware and electronics from morning to evening (VK was allocated one day a week from 8.30 to 17.30)
    The charters, the drill took only 2 months for all 2 years, the truth and the fire too (in short: we were not taught not to march, not to shoot)
    Nobody heard about “help to the department” in those days.
    Teachers in a quiet "ate" cognac at the end of the day, but DON'T GIVE GOD to light up in front of students or management!
    Technical equipment of VK: beyond praise! ALL equipment of the complex: both assembled, and in parts, and in section, and in mock-ups ... (as we all studied when we studied it !!!)
    The training took place in the beautiful city of Lepel (now the Republic of Belarus)
    They lived in tents on the outskirts of the unit, ate from the field kitchen. Of the pickles, RED FISH every day (who is not in the head for tomato sauce, one can for four) However, a normal shower bath every week is sacred (we went in formation to an adjacent tank unit).
    every day of training: theory, practice, once for all training-shooting.
    Taught so that even now I remember a lot!
    Impressions left a mass (90 percent - positive)
    ... as on the primer of the Belarusian pine forest at 9p117 ...
    Z.Y. prepared us for the commander of the technical position of the complex of the R-17 complex, according to NATO SCUD, and in our opinion - a product 8k14 based on 9p117
    ZZ.And also in the hangar of the VC was 2P19 - the beast car :)
  9. Sergey53
    Sergey53 31 October 2017 18: 04 New
    Yes, the army is the strongest. Therefore, no one wants to fight with her.
  10. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 31 October 2017 20: 42 New
    A letter from a sissy who has seen enough films about the American army. He thought he was in Wayst Point? And they will feed him black caviar, and the charters are so-so - on the side? Yes, in my military school there were similar living conditions! True, there was enough shooting and tanks too. And the bathhouse could fall out every two to three weeks! and instead of a shower, like many, a washstand and a hose. And not in summer, but in winter! And sleep under a blanket and an overcoat, because the Ministry of Defense did not pay for heating! so the guy just mixed up paradise with the female genitalia!
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 1 November 2017 11: 22 New
      Elementary organized life and fresh nutritious nutrition are the guarantee of combat readiness. The Russian Army finally understood this. But in Ukrainian, no.
  11. Eight
    Eight 31 October 2017 23: 19 New
    Who hurts. You look at the beginning of the discussion about what the conversation is all about. If you have anything to say on this issue - tell me. And about the puppeteers and Poroshenko, and without that, how much is all that you are unlikely to add.
    1. Negro
      Negro 1 November 2017 20: 05 New
      Your posts allow you to assume that you are talking about public opinion in Ukraine, or in Russia. However, if we are talking about Russia, the question "why are the characters associated with the executive branch trying to pass off Ukrainians as sheep" loses its meaning, it seems to me.
  12. Sancho_SP
    Sancho_SP 1 November 2017 07: 10 New
    And I repeat that if you did not consciously choose the profession of a military man, you will not get any benefit from all this semi-slavish heresy.

    What is in Russia, what is outside Ukraine, including a little brain from the army, you can slope even for free.
  13. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 1 November 2017 11: 20 New
    Just like at the venous training camp in Russia ... about 1997-1998 approximately. In Ukraine, apparently, time has stopped.
  14. beeper
    beeper 2 November 2017 03: 35 New
    Somehow not at all surprised ...
    In the years of the heyday of stagnation, our “eternally red-faced" head of the fire training cycle, Colonel Ogrel (the name, of course, is fictitious, but classmates tankers will probably guess who it is?))) in the morning, our training platoon "for training in the field (to the territory of art warehouses, for digging pits for fence posts)", before "setting the combat mission", he built us and called us closer to the platoon commander and began to tell him conspiratorially ... Soon Vitalik (name changed) with a guilty smile ran up to the ranks: “Guys, you need to throw a colonel into a crate of beer for a soberbird — this is his personal request!”, But then it looked like an impudence from the snickering Soviet “polkan” -alconaut and we all just they laughed from him and the “super-flexible” Vitali, the sergeant who had served the “early maturity,” supposedly, “what kind of money does the cadet have, does the colonel not have enough salary for beer?!” ... but, nevertheless, such a blatant “colonel request” then , in Soviet times, was a shock to me, x from childhood, he grew up side by side with the army and its "stupidities," but before that time, I had never heard that a colonel of the Soviet army, like a street "kid", "knocked a trifle" from the rank and file winked ... and for the fire exam (such practice was instituted and the teachers of all the cathedral “cycles” liked to brag that they had “everything done by the students’s hands” in the military department), they demanded that we be brought to him and hand over nails, sandpaper, paint, rulers and vernier calipers (?) "to repair the class - who can do as much (but not less than the amount specified in the" list "specified in the platoon commander) ..."
    The theft of food at graduation training camps was just going through the roof, and the “perpetual kitchen outfit” sent from the “base” tank division, all of the representatives of the Georgian “community” contributed to a considerable degree. They fed on the first boiled water with slices of lamb fat, on the second pearl barley with the same slices of lamb, brown tea, tea and not smelling, sweet boiling water, enough bread, butter was never given, on Sundays two boiled chicken eggs. Whoever ate the first and second, he soon ended up in the hospital, because besides the flagrant food theft, these “kitchen workers” also neglected personal hygiene! request
    "Thanks to" our "hot" Georgian conscripts, most (about 400 cadets out of 600) of training camps were killed with dysentery and hepatitis - at first they filled the military infirmaries of the military units of the garrison, and then the civil clinics of the big city and on a spacious parade ground, in the morning and in the evening we, “conditionally survivors” (myself, “for prevention”, swallowed chloramphenicol and ate only bread with “tea” on weekdays, sometimes my mother came to visit on Sundays and brought something to eat from home-made food, maybe thanks to chloramphenicol or his barefoot peasant childhood, he didn’t get jaundice or “disinfectant”, but by the end of the training the teeth were completely dark and transparent, and my civilian clothes stored in the quartermaster’s warehouse became much freer, although they didn’t suffer from “overweight” before the training ...- “thanks” to the mercantile Soviet warrant officers and “fathers-commanders”!), there was very little left and only at the end of the training camp our comrades began to gradually return to duty Ory and "treated" until the end of the fees ..
    Such an emergency failed, with all the diligence, to hide from the command of the KVO. A commission was sent from Kiev, and one morning, marching with a song to "eat", hungry cadets witnessed an unforgettable spectacle, a huge dish (about a meter in diameter, I never saw such a movie before, after or in any films ) with a tall "Egyptian pyramid" of slices of the finest boiled meat on the "officer desk" and the Kiev "commissars" seated around it hand in hand with the already "united," local "pulpit" and "divisions" - all for them it ended well, even the party reprimands did not work, but the arch-clean Georgian “cooks” were sent back to the unit and the kitchen outfit was recruited from the cadets, who each morning was specifically “supervised” by the medical officer Major Zasadi ... (in general, the surname was also changed). ... so that the “Shukshin-style brothelier” was still inherent in the Soviet army (my great-grandfather told the relatives of such ex-army about the tsar’s army, as if they asked the priest-king why the soldier rations were scarce, and the tsar picked up a handful of sand and poured it in g Fight off the right-flank servant, and the one next to him in the line ... the left-flank warrior reached only a miserable pinch-tsar and said to this: “So, brothers, and with food, we select the ration at the norm, but along the way to the soldier rations” leaks through the fingers "...).
    We were taken to the bathhouse every week, to the next division (on the way back and forth it was possible to shop in a "chip", even watermelons and melons were there — the prices for everything at that time were quite affordable, quite cheap). The water in the tent camp, although re-chlorinated, in the washstands was always wash-and-wash, right there, in the field, it was possible ...
    The head of our tank "oak grove" and the corresponding training camp, Colonel Baranenko (surname changed, but classmates guess) all the years of study (along with other colonel-majors) puzzled us with funny "sense stores", but shone with such "fresh finds" at the training camps, like "keep quiet, I ask you!" and “ArEST, ArEST, ArEST” ... the diggers were punished by diggers (with blunt, broken shovels, according to the principle “I do not want you to work, I want you to suffer!”), work is a “standard” pit in clay soil 4mx3m and depth 2 m (for food waste, but it happened that it was just like that “from here until the evening”, strictly sisyphically, “I order to dig a hole” ... finally the “fines” dug and hope for rest, but no: “I order to bury this hole "...).
    They fired from AKM, PM (to my surprise, many who first picked up the army “Makarov” shot it 25 meters “excellent” - not less than 27 points out of 30 possible), the PKT machine gun and the 23mm extension barrel were practical shells driving the T-62 and T-10 tanks (homing at least 9-10 km) at the tankodrome, preparing to launch and launch the tank engine, shifting gears were practiced in the Fifty-Five park with the tracks removed. Tactics "on foot in a tank" and the practice of engineering equipment of positions was practiced at the training ground next to the tankodrome and during all the years of study at the department. The technical and technical characteristics of military equipment and weapons, the organization and tactics of their army and the armies of potential opponents, radio communications, orientation and methods of working with the map, the interaction of the combat arms, the organization of marches and movements studied and consolidated all the years of study, since there was a tank division at hand. Firing tasks were solved in the classroom, tank dash and directly at the training ground ... Then, at the first training camps, we managed to get to know the secret military equipment and weapons, see it in action, feel and work with it “idle” fellow . We had shagistics at the training camp, but without too much bingo and fanaticism.
    The military and technical training at our military department was good, but it could have been much better if it were not for the total Soviet secretion of everything and everything, and not the tyranny of officers-teachers who snickered at home "military service", even though many of them were experienced fighting on the Sinai Peninsula, Vietnam, Cuba, Angola, Mozambique and even one, "fresh", has already ripened from Afghanistan, but their "caste arrogance (stubborn army stereotypes)" interfered with the normal educational process and the "spontaneous" transfer of experience ... request
    I am still interested in military history, the development and improvement of military equipment and weapons, the strategy and tactics of military use, and I find the site quite interesting for myself wink !
    P.S. That impudent robbery-eating around the cadets by the snickering alcohofer, capital and local, remained forever in my memory and influenced my further perception of the Soviet army and its military leaders ... as my wife said in a similar situation: "These are not doctors!"
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 6 November 2017 10: 49 New
      Exactly, exactly! Since those first shots from the PM in the "camps", I fondly fell in love with the gun, knocking out either 27 or 28. Well, I want to buy SCS, it pained me when I liked it))) like a gun! Where I directed, I got there))))
      1. beeper
        beeper 7 November 2017 01: 34 New
        Makarov pistol - since childhood, my favorite pistol ... wink , sorry that I do not have it for personal use ... winked
  15. sergo42
    sergo42 3 November 2017 22: 50 New
    "You will shoot at the shooting range 2-3 times for all training (2 years), 3 shots from the PM and 5 from the TOZ."
    So they have a great training program !!! I studied at the military department of Samara State Technical University (Samara, Russian Federation) from 93 to 95 years. Everything is as in the article, only in 2,5 years of training I shot 1 time 3 cartridges from PM !!! I didn’t see the form in my eyes, even at the training camp.
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 6 November 2017 10: 54 New
      Come on ... In part did not give, even if not the first term?
  16. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 6 November 2017 10: 43 New
    Military Department number 2 of Moscow State University. Air defense. Teachers taught, many of whom passed Vietnam, Egypt, Korea. They taught so that once from the reserve a full course (not mine) was called up for training and sent to Kazakhstan. Time to prepare - the road in the train. They shot back so that the idea arose in the Moscow Region further than all biennials to call. I remember that we were preparing for the state in the military unit near Ramenskoye, went out of the RTTSN bunker for a smoke, we asked Major Kozeev, “How so?” In the Moscow region, a nuclear weapon, an air nuclear explosion, the population, then, behold, I feel sorry for the bird ... And he says, “Guys, I could remind you that according to the rules of firing, the special charge“ I ”, it’s also called“ Chamomile ”, is used according to .... But I’ll say it easier, if you have at least one B-52 HERE, ”he shows with his finger behind Moscow,“ skip, then for two weeks HERE will be very sympathetic to those who died there instantly. ” Questions? - There were no questions. My course was the last one that S-25m1 studied, then there were S-300s. Cabinets with equipment were mounted in the premises, so that the adjustments were studied on "cats". Well, the work of operators is already, of course, in part. True, our entire battery was nearly ruined when we showed how to put a rocket, but this is a completely different story. Now the positions of all 25s are cottage villages, but on the Yandex map and Google in photo mode, they are perfectly recognized if you know what to look for. The guys fell on the prize for the 75th, which were similar in filling, nothing, studied and served. But our difference from the personnel was that we knew all the parts of the complex (albeit not thoroughly), and the personnel thoroughly in the combat unit knew only their piece, with our questions about the "neighboring" pieces, sent to colleagues. The adjustment of the voltage diagrams of the cabinet "U" is still not forgotten))) Then everything came in handy. VUS 441002 "Operation and repair of radio-technical means of guidance of stationary air defense systems of medium prescription". I have the honor!
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 6 November 2017 11: 01 New
      Fed at the training camp, by the way, medium-normal. True, the first week no one cf. l. Locked everyone. Although, in the officer’s tea room, where, as cadets had access, the saleswoman made several monthly plans. It was painfully good for the cottage cheese with sour cream)))) For understanding, it was 85 or 86