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Why the West will never win and never forgive Russia

Why the West will never win and never forgive Russia

В historical perspective, Russia intuitively fought for the survival of all mankind. Of course, events are far from always presented in this way. Be that as it may, this huge country has repeatedly resisted the most powerful forces of evil, which became a threat to the very existence of our planet.

During World War II, the Soviet (mostly Russian) people sacrificed at least 25 of millions of men, women and children for the victory over Nazism. No other country in modern history has had to go through such trials.

Immediately after this victory, Russia, along with China, Cuba and then launched the most incredible and noble project of all time: the systematic destruction of Western colonialism. Worldwide oppressed masses rose up against European and North American barbarity, while the Soviet Union was ready to become a beacon of hope for them, to provide substantial financial, ideological and military aid.

As the oppressed and deprived nations gained independence one by one, hatred of the Soviet Union and the Russian people grew in all capitals of the Western world. After all, the plundering of "non-white" continents was considered the natural right of the "civilized world."

In the United States and Europe, words like “colonialism” and “imperialism” quickly acquired an extremely negative connotation, at least outwardly. Therefore, it would be counterproductive to demonize the USSR (and even less to attack it) for supporting the liberation struggle on all those continents. Instead, developed theories about the "Empire of Evil."

Russia has always been an "obstacle." This colossal country interfered with the cruel plans of Washington, Berlin, London and Paris. Plans on how to take control and plunder the whole world.

But the good deeds, the dirtier the attacks on them.

Russia has always stood an incredible ability to mobilize their forces to throw all the resources to achieve a single, deeply humanistic and moral purpose. In its struggle it has always been something sacred, something high and extremely important.

“Get up, great country, Get up for a mortal battle!” This is how one of the greatest patriotic songs of World War II begins. When Russia fights, only victory is important for it. At any price.

Russia was destined to fight for the whole world by fate. If you do not believe in fate, you will never understand the famous "Russian soul". The point here is not in religion: Russia is for the most part anarchic and atheistic. But she believes in fate and accepts it.

In addition, in most cases, Russia has little choice. The alternative to victory was only the end of humanity. And when the very existence of the world was threatened, Russia always rose - fierce and frightening, but at the same time incredibly beautiful in its anger and determination. She fought with every handful of her land, with every heart of her people. And almost always won. But at a terrible price - burying millions of sons and daughters and plunging into the sea of ​​unimaginable sadness and pain.

And next has never been anyone who comforted her. So far, the fires raged until the faces bereaved mothers and wives have not yet had time to dry tears, to have spit upon, mocked and humiliated treacherous Western regimes and their propaganda.

Her heroism belittled, mocked the victims. It was alleged that he gave his life for mankind millions actually died for nothing.
In exchange for the heroism of the Russian did not ask for anything, except for two basic things: recognition and respect. But I never received either one or the other.
Now Russia is again rising, begins the epic struggle with the IG, a monstrous parody of the Muslim faith, which creates and armed the West and its regional angry hangers.

Russia was forced to act. After all, if it is not, then who? After centuries of the Crusades and colonialism terrifying West from the Middle East, one of the cradles of our civilization is almost nothing left. Stripped and humiliated by the Middle East has become a mosaic of miserable standing in the service of Western client states. Tens of millions were killed. All that can be looted. The socialist and secular governments are pressed to the wall and toppled.

I worked a lot in this region and I can attest that, perhaps, the exception of Africa, in the world there will be no more victims of greed and barbarism of the West.

Syria and Iraq, two desperate, suffered mortally wounded country, appealed to Russia for help. And she agreed.

Yes, of course, I already hear this cacophony of voices voicing from Europe and North America about “Russian interests” and “sphere of influence”. Because in the West there is nothing sacred. And it can not be in principle. Because gloomy sarcasm and nihilism are mixed with everything ... If the West behaves like a thug, the picture of the rest of the world also needs to be painted in the same colors and shades. In the end, the West has no allies, no feelings. Interests only. It was not I who invented it, they told me about it again and again when I lived and worked in the ruined corners of Africa.

But I do not care what they say in Paris and Washington. What matters is what they say in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. And I will explain to you how things are there: if you go to the barber and say that you are Russian, the people will rise, embrace you and wept.

Russia will never attack other countries, but if she herself comes under attack, her rage can be terrifying, especially during a war. “Whoever comes to us with a sword, will die of the sword!” Said the Prince of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky in the 13th century.

The recent incident with the Russian bomber that was shot down over Syria, the Turkish Air Force, increases the risk of a wider regional war.
Turkey, a NATO member country, spreading terror throughout the region: from Libya and Somalia to Iraq, Syria and its own Kurdish territories. She tries people destroys a lot of people (including journalists), robs millions of their natural resources and dissipates (mostly on the money Qatar) the most that neither is extremist Islamist teachings.

I met Recep Tayyip Erdogan many years ago, at the beginning of the 1990s in Istanbul, when he was still the mayor of the city, and I “licked my wounds” after publishing how the West systematically destroyed Yugoslavia.

“Do you speak Turkish?” He asked me somehow. “Not very well,” I replied. - Little".

“But you know perfectly well how to pronounce the name of our party! He exclaimed. “It proves how important we are.”

From the very first meeting, I realized that he was an aggressive bastard with megalomania and an inferiority complex. But it never occurred to me that he would go that far. And he could. And it affects millions of people across the region.

Now he has brought down a Russian bomber and invaded Iraq.

Turkey has repeatedly fought with Russia and almost always loses. And in the period between the two world wars, she was able to survive only with the help of the Soviet Union. Therefore, it would be worth to think twice the next step.

Russia is not just "leading the war." Her struggle for the survival of humanity is nothing but a work of art, poetry, a symphony. It's hard to explain, but true. Everything is intertwined.

It is mean to knock down the Russian Su-24 - the same as spitting on the graves of 25 for the millions who died in World War II. This is a disgusting and stupid step. In Russia, this is not done. If you want to fight, fight face to face.

But if you kill, like a coward, invades devastated neighboring countries, once you can see in the sky is not the Su-24, and heavy bombers.

Russia can not win. There are many reasons. One of them is very pragmatic: it is a nuclear superpower. The second is that it usually is fighting for a just cause. And he does it with all his might and with all your heart.

If it were not for Russia, the planet Earth would no longer exist. At least, in the form in which we are accustomed to see it. The West and its fascist Christian states would completely control the world. And the “nedonaroda” would be treated like animals (even worse than now): there would be no boundaries, limits to theft and destruction.

The so-called "civilized world" (the one that builds its theaters and schools on the bones of others) without the slightest resistance would go to full control over our planet.

Fortunately, there is Russia. And it can not be beat. And that never, no one will. The West would never forgive her for what she stood to the side of the poor and oppressed.
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  1. Firework
    Firework 31 October 2017 15: 10
    The West will always be afraid of Russia because of its size and large army, as well as because of unpredictable events within the country
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad 31 October 2017 15: 35
      Quote: Salute
      The West will always be afraid of Russia because of its size and large army, as well as because of unpredictable events within the country

      Yeah recourse You want to say the West attacked us ... In short, scared and attacked laughing
      1. dzvero
        dzvero 31 October 2017 16: 02
        Yeah, he’s such a fright ... and if he’s also trembling in his knees then a complete atas ... how can one not begin to share the bear’s skin smile
      2. Standard
        Standard 1 November 2017 15: 51
        Quote: You Vlad
        You want to say the West attacked us.

        And you want to say that you did not attack?
  2. Firework
    Firework 31 October 2017 15: 47
    Quote: You Vlad
    The West was attacking us ... In short, scared and attacked

    one of the reasons for Hitler's attack on the USSR in the 41st
    1. Skeptic
      Skeptic 1 November 2017 08: 42
      Quote: Salute
      Quote: You Vlad
      The West was attacking us ... In short, scared and attacked

      one of the reasons for Hitler's attack on the USSR in the 41st

      Not a damn thing to myself, but I thought Hitler believed that the people of the USSR were of the third grade. Feel free to share technologies with Stalin because he believed that they still could not master them. And already at war with England, he decided between the matter to seize Moscow without even transferring his country to martial law.
      1. Standard
        Standard 1 November 2017 15: 56
        Quote: SkepticCynic
        I thought Hitler believed that the people of the USSR are of the third grade.

        Since in such cases it is customary to refer specifically to the “people of the USSR” as the Russian people, Hitler simply did not have a historical opportunity to say so, if only because Russia already had Russian flags (imperial) over Germany, but not over Moscow (or St. Petersburg).
  3. zoolu350
    zoolu350 31 October 2017 16: 09
    Russia has its own way, we are not East and not West - we are North! And I believe that as soon as the power of the oligarchy of the Russian Federation falls, our Russian Civilization will again become a Beacon for all of Humanity!
    1. protoss
      protoss 1 November 2017 09: 42
      there is Russian culture, but there has never been any Russian civilization. Russia is part of European civilization. in order to claim their own it was necessary to appear early for a couple of thousand years.
      1. zoolu350
        zoolu350 1 November 2017 10: 32
        Russia is not a part, Russia itself consists of parts. If you want to feel yourself part of a civilization hostile to the Russian World, feel, but without me.
      2. Standard
        Standard 1 November 2017 15: 59
        [quote = protoss ... Russia is part of European civilization ... [/ quote]
        Actually, Europe is part of Russia (purely geographically, first of all).
        The European character of Russia is a “cry” of the 19th century.
        Now this is no longer important.
        1. protoss
          protoss 1 November 2017 17: 20
          civilizational Russia refers to European civilization, as well as, for example, Canada or Australia, which geographically is not Europe at all.
          the fact is that a separate Russian civilization does not exist, if only because of the rather late emergence of statehood and the formation of the ethnos itself. while there is certainly a great Russian culture.
          1. Standard
            Standard 2 November 2017 13: 22
            Quote: protoss
            the fact is that a separate Russian civilization does not exist, if only for a reason ...

            But it can be assumed that the mission of those living in Russia is to lay the foundations of precisely Russian civilization.
            All other "white" civilizations have exhausted themselves. For the future, something else is needed. Why not Russian?
  4. Forcecom
    Forcecom 31 October 2017 16: 50
    And we don’t need the West to forgive us, Russia is not a country, not a piece of land on the geographical map of planet Earth, Russia is an idea!
    1. Okolotochny
      Okolotochny 31 October 2017 21: 35
      As Catherine the Great said, Russia is the Universe!
  5. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 31 October 2017 17: 02
    With all due respect to the author, it is still written very pompous! And why is he all Russia, but Russia? Russia has always been surrendered by the elite; Russia has never collapsed on its own or from external enemies, only because of the betrayal of the elites.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 1 November 2017 19: 37
      All because the author himself is not Russian. And he needs hope ... the whole world needs hope. And when you talk about the only and last support, about what you trust in the most extreme need, it’s hard not to fall into pathos.
  6. samarin1969
    samarin1969 31 October 2017 17: 30
    Usually there are many cynics who criticize such articles. I will support the author - "+" for optimism and love for Russia.
  7. Irek
    Irek 31 October 2017 19: 54
    We are really different ...
    1. Okolotochny
      Okolotochny 31 October 2017 21: 36
      “Better do it and do not die,” the moment of truth.
  8. Prometheus
    Prometheus 31 October 2017 20: 08
    In my opinion, an article two years ago. "Now he shot down a Russian bomber and invaded Iraq." - is no longer relevant, is it?
  9. aries2200
    aries2200 31 October 2017 20: 08
    let them pray that we tolerate them ... this is why we should ask forgiveness from them !!! ..... for bringing Hitler to suicide ....
  10. SMP
    SMP 31 October 2017 20: 14
    Why the West will never win and never forgive Russia

    But should this concern us? let them try to forgive themselves.
  11. Radikal
    Radikal 31 October 2017 20: 16
    From the very first meeting, I realized that he is an aggressive bastard with megalomania and an inferiority complex
    Well said! wassat
  12. Alexander Sosnitsky
    Alexander Sosnitsky 31 October 2017 23: 16
    Because they are from Neanderthals, they understand if they eat. About 5000 years ago they still ate their own, and 500 lived in the mud. Stuttgart was equipped with the daughter of the Russian Tsar, where the central square was mud and soldiers marching, and the prince was illiterate. Around the city there are Orthodox churches, the Hohenzollern castle is half Russian. Although in Russia there was everything ...
  13. Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov 31 October 2017 23: 21
    It is impossible to defeat Russia, for it is a continental empire. Separating from Russia means turning into an enclave (Tatarstan, Siberian Republic, etc.), to which the Russian Federation will instantly block oxygen. The empires of the West are sea empires, where countries have access to the sea, because the empires of Portugal, Spain and Great Britain collapsed. The Russian Empire is reliably protected by mountain ranges from the south, and the Arctic Ocean from the north.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  14. Andrey Barinov
    Andrey Barinov 1 November 2017 05: 23
    Stop talking about the cohesion of the Russians in the Battle of Kulikovo, in the ice battle and the Second World War! There is no truth about Kulikovo and the ice TRUTH ...... Secondly, the whole nation fought, the whole country ..... everyone was without resentment, poor and impoverished ..... If it’s a disaster now, is there a lot of VOLUNTARY WAR? will they die? For Gazprom ... oil ..... forest .... fish hosts?
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 1 November 2017 08: 57
      Quote: Andrey Barinov
      Stop talking about Russian cohesion

      Similarly, I want to suggest that you stop talking in propaganda cliches "there is no Russian cohesion," "there is no truth," "no one will die for Gazprom." It's already so boring that the jaw hurts from yawning. I will answer with the same banality - die go for the idea. In the West, the ideological background is always the same - to dominate and command, the Russian historically developed into a defensive ideology. There was a seizure of territories, one cannot argue with history, but strategically these were steps to protect their original territory, while the west did not capture it for defense, but for robbery. That’s the difference - the West is fighting a war for its own Gazprom, and the Russians will not go to die for the Gazprom, but go to die for their children, grandchildren, that there’s nowhere to retreat behind. Another question is that many, including those who "did not go to fight for Gazprom," will try to gain bonuses for someone else’s death, but this is another matter.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 2 November 2017 09: 29
        Indeed, dying go for the idea. And what idea does the current government give us? The worship of the golden calf? Do you want to bring the market to order? Yes, the entire Russian elite, coupled with the oligarchs, will immediately leak when a more or less serious kneading occurs! Like Kerensky, dressed in a woman’s dress!
    2. Standard
      Standard 1 November 2017 16: 05
      Quote: Andrey Barinov
      For Gazprom ... oil ..... forest .... fish hosts?

      I have been wondering for a long time - how much do you get paid for this argument?
      Or do you think your propaganda is not visible?
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 2 November 2017 09: 30
        Tell me, do they pay me too? Do not tell me where is the money? Because I myself am unemployed and money would not hurt me!
        1. Standard
          Standard 2 November 2017 13: 28
          Quote: andrej-shironov
          Tell me, do they pay me too?

          You may be a "voluntary defeatist."
          Wikipedia once had an amazing article on propaganda.
          In your "sorrow" the propaganda of powerlessness does not stick out.
          And in the comment protected by you - it doesn’t even hide.
          Answer your question: for what are the American armed forces fighting, for what are the European "coalitioners" fighting - in Syria and in Libya?
          Really such fools, what kind of American democracy?
          1. andrej-shironov
            andrej-shironov 2 November 2017 15: 43
            Well, the level of analytics inspires, especially a reference to Pedivikia. On the contrary, in my grief, as you called it, the propaganda of the civil position of the common people, to which it was sick to be only cattle, which the oligarchs and the authorities are trying to manipulate! Do not confuse soft with round. Answer your own question: why industry has not grown over the 18 years of Putin’s rule, why prices are constantly rising, why ordinary people are forced to give up treatment for babies instead of the state, why judges can afford to arrange weddings for millions of rubles for children, why scandals with “drunken” "6 year old boys? Open your eyes! With the tacit consent of such people as you agree and be a customer, the authorities conclude that they are able to powder their brains for many years to come!
  15. protoss
    protoss 1 November 2017 09: 37
    some pathetic junk of the beginning of 2016.
    ... invincible Russia ... Western imperialists ... for the benefit of all mankind ... bastard Erdogan ... planet earth would no longer exist ...
    the author, it seems, is some kind of crazy fanatic for whom there is only black and white. I understand that the site needs propaganda articles, but this is already a bust.
    1. Standard
      Standard 1 November 2017 16: 06
      Quote: protoss
      the author seems to be some kind of crazy freak

      And suppose that is exactly what he thinks.
      Then you will understand what his life is - unlike yours.
      1. protoss
        protoss 1 November 2017 17: 13
        I can suppose, but it's hard for me to understand. such categoricalness in judgments and faith in some fairy tales is characteristic of the teenage period, but here the adult, apparently, has some kind of mental disorder.
        1. Standard
          Standard 2 November 2017 13: 30
          Quote: protoss
          faith in some kind of fairy tale

          This invincibility of Russia do you consider a fairy tale?
          To no avail.
          Indiscreet, of course, but modesty adorns only girls.
          1. protoss
            protoss 2 November 2017 16: 42
            there are no invincibles, in the past century, for example, there were victories - Finnish, Khalkhin Gol and Hassan, the great Patriotic war, but there were defeats - the Japanese and Polish wars, the First World War. whatever reasons and excuses, just as a fact. so let's look more realistic at ourselves.
    2. Kashaverskiy
      Kashaverskiy 4 November 2017 13: 24
      Do you prefer to listen to no less pathos tales about the epic struggle of Western countries against terrorism? How much pathos was there after the 9/11 attacks, the Western media sputtered, vying screaming about the right to sacred revenge for the attack on the twin towers.
      1. protoss
        protoss 5 November 2017 01: 24
        for you, too, only extremes exist, if not white, then immediately black?
        if I don’t wear a T-shirt with Putin and don’t hang the St. George ribbon on myself or my car, does it mean that I have a star-striped flag on my wall or mine kampf in the original and in expensive binding?
        I'm just not enough to believe in any pompous stuff. besides, I know world history quite well (I am fond of youth), therefore, it is deprived of these illusions about a unique path, a special destination, etc. etc.
        you need to soberly evaluate the world around you and your place in it.
  16. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 4 November 2017 11: 38
    The USA won the Second World War - any Anglo-Saxon will tell you this, even a schoolboy. laughing But there was no Great Patriotic War at all - there were clashes of local significance in a secondary theater of operations. This is the United States lost 6821 people in the battle of Iwo Jima am

    Western Democracies themselves humanely abandoned their colonies. laughing

    Washington, Berlin, Paris bring the light of democracy to the world, but they did not rob anyone and are not going to rob anyone. laughing The United States generally exchanges colonial goods for no less valuable square green papers. am