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Complete Catalan Puchedon

The explanatory dictionary of the Russian language may well be updated with the new term “puchdemon”. This word borrowed from Catalan in Russian would mean a person who literally proceeds to do something with “revolutionary” enthusiasm, agitates everyone to follow his example, and at the crucial moment hides “in the bushes”, at the same time declaring that he was misunderstood . Or adds that with the implementation of the plan you need to wait.

Frankly speaking, in our country there are plenty of such “puchdemones” when they say “A” and are already ready to pronounce “B”, but in the end flowery explanations begin that, they say, it’s not time to step further, you have to wait, and “ A - it was already too bold and even unjustified.

In general, “puchdemones” are people who, with fire in their eyes and tense muscles, grab a chess piece from the board, resolutely move it to another cell, but then, looking down, return back, despite the fact that they have violated an important chess rule: took - go!

Get to the point.

On the eve of the Catalan Parliament was surprised primarily by the Catalans themselves. And both those who had previously voted for independence from Spain in the referendum, and those who rejected the very idea of ​​such a referendum.

The fact is that the Catalan Legislative Assembly for two days made two reciprocal decisions. At first, the majority of parliamentarians in Barcelona voted to adopt a declaration of independence. Literally right there, the head of Catalonia, Carles Puchdemon, came out to the rostrum and announced that this decision must be immediately suspended in order to “start a dialogue with Madrid”. In the meantime, the Catalan parliamentarians went to Madrid for a “dialogue”, apparently reviewing the cadres with the actions of the visiting Spanish police, were already preparing to make a decision on self-dissolution. Attention is drawn to the fact that the deputies dissolved their own parliament on orders from Madrid, although they themselves voted for sovereignty from the kingdom. That's the logic. This is the collective “buzdemon”.

How do these measures explain the Catalan deputies themselves, who could have received the Nobel Prize for “reinforced concrete logic,” if such a prize were given? The explanation looks like this: we take into account the Balkan experience and do not want a repetition of the bloody mistakes made during the breakup of Yugoslavia. We want to break up with Madrid peacefully, so much so that he will eventually let us go ...

As an example, such an event is more than a quarter of a century old as a referendum in Slovenia. A few words about the Balkan plebiscite, which was the first sign of the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The so-called Democratic opposition of Slovenia has initiated a referendum. It was held in December 1990 by decision of the local parliament. The question then was one and sounded like this:
Should the Republic of Slovenia become an independent and sovereign state?

“Yes” 88,5% of the inhabitants of the republic of the SFRY responded to it, “no” - 4%.

Then the Slovenian Assembly made a decision of this nature: the results of the referendum would be temporarily “frozen” for the implementation of the negotiation process with Belgrade. It is important to note that at that time the Yugoslav constitution itself was on the side of the Slovenes, which prescribed the right of the republics to self-determination. As a result, Slovenia has truly become an independent state virtually bloodless - which cannot be said about the subsequent fragmentation of a Balkan power called Yugoslavia.

Here, in the Catalan Parliament, when mentioning Slovenia, an important detail is tried to be overlooked: if under Yugoslavia a charge was laid for possible disintegration (that very point of the constitution on self-determination), then in “democratic” Spain with referendums “problem”. There is no hint in the basic Spanish law that Madrid can let go of someone, if he is too impatient with sovereignty. Therefore, the logic of Madrid is very simple: We are not going to violate the constitution. No recognition of independence — once, the dissolution of the Catalan parliament — two, early elections to this very parliament — three, the introduction of direct rule by the Spanish government in Catalonia — four.

Here and wash, gentlemen "puchdemona" in Catalonia. They took a piece from the board, but with the move they did not dare, and therefore everything is simple - get it, sign it. And they signed ... They themselves resigned and sent ...

Complete Catalan Puchedon

Madrid did not stop there. The Spanish Prosecutor General’s Office has filed lawsuits against Carles Puchdemon and other Catalan “revolutzonerov”. All members of the so-called Generalitat de Catalunya are accused of incitement to insurrection, encroachment on the constitution, revolt against state power and embezzlement of budget funds. And now, according to the “humane” Spanish laws, all the “comrades” from the Barcelona generality are facing a real term of up to 30 years. It is noteworthy that the Spanish Prosecutor General is not even going to use the police to arrest Pucdemon and his hesitant associates. According to the head of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Spain, members of the Catalan government must come to the authorities themselves. Let them dry crackers, so it turns out? ..

The situation for the Catalan political elite is murderous. Themselves driven into a corner, despite the fact that initially it (the top) was supported by millions of Catalans. And if you refer to any Yugoslav "experience", then in Barcelona you could well recall the decision of the international special commission, which recognized the "legitimacy" of secession of Kosovo from Serbia against the background of the existence of Serbian constitutional prohibitions. After all, it was then stated in the West that the independence of Kosovo must be recognized because of the danger to the Albanian population from Belgrade (and personally Milosevic). And if you scroll through the shots with how the Spanish police thrashed their legs and batons with Catalans during and after the referendum, how they poured them with tear gas and rubber bullets, wouldn’t the commission find the danger to the Catalans from Madrid? I would hardly have found ... But there was a chance for a “Kosovo” dispatch from Puchdemon, given the double standards actively practiced in modern Europe.

Now there is almost no chance. If earlier Catalonia was going to introduce an almost parallel economy with the advanced use of cryptocurrencies, now all these Puchdemon initiatives look like a big bubble that not only burst, but also left a frankly unpleasant smell.

Catalans simply threw. And the residents of Barcelona and the surrounding area have already begun to say that the current generality was a collective decoy of Madrid, in order to deprive Catalonia of its autonomous status once and for all.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 October 2017 06: 00 New
    head of Catalonia Carles Puigdemon
    the people gathered and threw it at a decisive moment ... today Spain will declare this person to be prosecuted ... he has already washed off just in case ... bully
    1. Finches
      Finches 31 October 2017 06: 08 New
      "The Russian secret services are behind the referendum in Catalonia !!! As proof, the king of Spain showed several Russian passports (supposedly) of so-called vacationers who got lost in southeastern Spain!"
      - Spanish Bulk! The State Department worked out all kinds of money adding political instability to Europe, so that no one would touch it! Another example of Spain will be ... laughing
      1. xetai9977
        xetai9977 31 October 2017 09: 22 New
        Separatism must be eradicated in the bud! Moreover, everywhere! But for some reason here on the site there are users who justify and protect separatists with foam at the mouth - from the same Catalonia to Karabakh. But for some reason they themselves are calling for the destruction of the separatists within Russia. And the same users then write sheet comments about the “double standards of the West”.
        1. Finches
          Finches 31 October 2017 09: 31 New
          Dear separatism, separatism is different! For example, the separatism of citizens of one of the republics of the USSR in the late 80s led to the formation of the state of Azerbaijan ...
        2. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 31 October 2017 10: 02 New
          Quote: xetai9977
          Separatism must be eradicated in the bud! Moreover, everywhere!

          Ja, ja ... do not want to recall the results of the 1991 referendum on the preservation of the USSR? wink
        3. Primoos
          Primoos 31 October 2017 10: 07 New
          Double standards were invented in Europe, so let them eat their cooking. And rightly so! Yugoslavia reward.
        4. EvilLion
          EvilLion 31 October 2017 10: 30 New
          You write from separatist territory.
        5. venik
          venik 31 October 2017 10: 47 New
          Quote: xetai9977
          Separatism must be eradicated in the bud!

          Correctly! If Azerbaijan’s SEPARATISM had been eradicated at one time, look at the Karabakh problem! And then your sweetest one turns out funny - when the Azerbaijanis demanded separation from the USSR - it’s not considered separatism (this is a “liberation struggle"), and when the Karabakh Armenians demanded separation from Azerbaijan - this is PURE WATER SEPARATISM !!!
          "Nothing" comes out!
    2. 210ox
      210ox 31 October 2017 07: 03 New
      I would call it "The Big FUN in Catalan ..
      Quote: aszzz888
      head of Catalonia Carles Puigdemon
      the people gathered and threw it at a decisive moment ... today Spain will declare this person to be prosecuted ... he has already washed off just in case ... bully
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 31 October 2017 07: 11 New
        210Stock Today, 07: 03 ↑
        I would call it "The Big FUN in Catalan ..

        ... yes, there are similarities in this ... bully
        1. Primoos
          Primoos 31 October 2017 10: 49 New
          It may look like a bunch, but it's much more serious. The serene existence of Spain, and indeed of all Europe, is in the past. The threat of separatism and instability settled on this territory for a long time. Damocles Sword. Europe will no longer be healthier, destruction cannot be stopped.
          1. Nikolaevich I
            Nikolaevich I 31 October 2017 11: 24 New
            Quote: Primoos
            Damocles Sword

            The sword may Damocles, but only without a soft sign ...
            1. Primoos
              Primoos 31 October 2017 14: 55 New
              Quote: Nikolaevich I
              Quote: Primoos
              Damocles Sword

              The sword may Damocles, but only without a soft sign ...

              And what? Tomorrow school with parents? After all, the meaning, albeit with difficulty, but even YOU understood. Or maybe I had a difficult childhood. Or maybe I didn’t finish university. And what?
              1. Nikolaevich I
                Nikolaevich I 1 November 2017 01: 36 New
                Quote: Primoos
                And what?

                Over shoulder...
                1. Primoos
                  Primoos 1 November 2017 07: 53 New
                  There is such a bird-woodpecker. Do not believe? Ask ornithologists.
    3. Primoos
      Primoos 3 November 2017 11: 41 New
      Puigdemona is perfect to be imprisoned in the Spanish Zindan. Not for Catalan independence, but for the betrayal of those whom he cowardly betrayed. Cowardice and meanness must be punished!
  2. Molot1979
    Molot1979 31 October 2017 06: 50 New
    Yes, from the very beginning it was clear that everything would end. It’s one thing to vote for independence or to take part in the struggle of clashes with the police; it’s quite another thing to defend freedom with arms in hand. They can kill there. All that was required of Madrid was not to give in and threaten. Madrid, which made mistakes, turned out to be consistent and did not give up. All that remained for the Poddemons was to prepare for the Spanish ATO. But the gut was too thin. Not for that, they started all this to heroically fall on the barricades. I had to raise my hands and run to Brussels. And that among the Catalan milleins there are not hundreds who are ready to fight for freedom, it was clear long before. Europe is the same.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 31 October 2017 09: 17 New
      Quote: Molot1979
      And that among the Catalan milleins, there are not hundreds who are ready to fight for freedom

      There is a lot of freedom in the world, there is not enough money
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 October 2017 07: 01 New
    The situation is really strange. Perhaps the author can be supported on the assumption that
    the current generality was the collective decoy of Madrid to deprive Catalonia of its autonomous status once and for all

    members of the government of Catalonia must themselves appear to surrender to the authorities
    And at that time, the “pooh demon” with five friends squandered abroad where, as expected, he could ask for political asylum.
    1. Oleg Andreev
      Oleg Andreev 31 October 2017 07: 57 New
      The demo shoto puffed up, and now does not know how to rake it.
  4. 32363
    32363 31 October 2017 07: 27 New
    unexpectedly, he was expecting everything, but that he would stand on his slippers and knock over even thought ... the Spaniards are not the same.
  5. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 31 October 2017 07: 32 New
    The so-called "democracy"does not solve such issues, here Madrid has turned on the regime"totalitarianism"while in soft form.

    But - totalitarianism - it is bad in Russia, China, Iran, and when you need to overclock the occupation, or Negroids in Fergusson - everything is in order. Catching a bunch of demons, lepens and others is normal.

    For an unbiased observer it is obvious:
    1. Democracy is not a panacea or a golden age.
    2. Democracy is fully combined with totalitarianism, when necessary.

    1 + 2 = democracy is no different from totalitarianism, it is one and the same regime of suppression of democracy, only with variations = democracy is generally nowhere. This is an ephemeral fantasy.
  6. Cat Marquis
    Cat Marquis 31 October 2017 07: 36 New
    Yes, it’s not a matter of “despotism” —this is the universal misfortune of all modern “populist” politicians — they like to throw “demanded” slogans, appeals, admiring themselves at the same time, but when it comes to translating these slogans and calling them into action, they “put out” and they’re “lost” because it is then that they begin to understand what to chat with while sitting on a state salary in a cozy apartment with nishtyaks — this is one thing, but if you “start to realize” ideas, you will have to lose all this and even experience hardships, and even plow all day with an still unknown result, therefore, when it comes to real action, they slowly begin to "release the brakes."
  7. Oleg Andreev
    Oleg Andreev 31 October 2017 07: 43 New
    Yes, I didn’t know that in Europe there are such spiteful Spanish “rakhoi”, and Spain is the dictatorship of one Castilian people, although they are far from the country that won Guidnosti (yet). But there are 300 spirits of ukropatriots ready to go to the king’s help!
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 31 October 2017 08: 00 New
    I wrote here recently that "someone" will throw the Catalan government ... That's the result .. The truth is, as the struggle for the "independence" of Catalonia developed, we will not know soon ...
  9. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 31 October 2017 08: 24 New
    Everything as I wrote a lot earlier. Nothing new in the world. The elite once again threw people :-) Our elite is the same, a little cooler kneading and will sprinkle all over. It is so far that it puffs out its cheeks, clinging to the Rosguard and the contract army, pompously discusses the mirror responses to the West. And as they take it for tinsel, that's all!
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 31 October 2017 11: 01 New
      And who will take them for the tinsel? Explain.
      1. andrej-shironov
        andrej-shironov 31 October 2017 16: 45 New
        I think there are those who wish. The situation in the world to hell.
  10. polpot
    polpot 31 October 2017 08: 33 New
    Looking at all this, you understand that the Bolsheviks were people who made history and modern European politicians people who made television shows
  11. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 31 October 2017 09: 14 New
    Catalan experience teaches that any independence must be paid for by someone
  12. johnik
    johnik 31 October 2017 09: 27 New
    Puig Demon - it sounds somehow familiar ... Maybe they specially selected so that the ears stick out for our eyes?
  13. Rostislav
    Rostislav 31 October 2017 09: 32 New
    Unlucky Catalans, or did it lead us? We just have a "dimon", and they have a whole bunch ...
  14. dzvero
    dzvero 31 October 2017 09: 35 New
    And Ukraine, it turns out, if not global, then quite a pan-European power. As soon as the basics and other rabble declared his readiness to help the Rokhai, so immediately the Katalun parliament turned on the reverse gear, and the pond demon washed off ... Your affairs are strange, Lord ...
  15. unignm
    unignm 31 October 2017 10: 37 New
    recalls the Greek macho who from the beginning twisted all the figs and then blown away like an ace.
  16. pytar
    pytar 31 October 2017 11: 05 New
    No country in the world will voluntarily allow the removal of any territory from itself. It does not matter what status these territories have. There is always a center of power and it will use all its cash and opportunities to maintain the integrity of the country. Whether bloodshed comes to depends only on the balance of power. The Catalans are not the only ones in fact. Supporters of independence are not so numerous in real life. The example from Slovenia is interesting, but there was no bloodshed, since the Slovenian leadership prepared on time. Slovenes blocked the Yugoslav army in the barracks. The events there were unexpected for the center in Belgrade. For a number of reasons, Croats and Bosnians did not have time to prepare properly and their removal from Yugoslavia resulted in a bloody massacre that killed tens of thousands of people. There is an example from Czechoslovakia, where Czechs and Slovaks dispersed peacefully at will. As a result, now the wallpaper of the country’s children maintain excellent relations among themselves, and the old ties between them have been preserved. What can not be said about the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. Where blood has been shed, it is more difficult to establish a normal relationship anew.
  17. iouris
    iouris 31 October 2017 11: 25 New
    I would have waited with the final conclusions, but would have paid attention to the fact that the Catalan history, as it were, "lies" with the Ukrainian (like, alternative). In this regard, it is necessary to carefully analyze what domestic officials managed to say about the unity of "God-protected" Spain, of course, taking into account the presence of apartments and other real estate in the troubled EU region.
  18. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 31 October 2017 11: 42 New
    I sometimes notice an enthusiastic screech in journalistic articles, articles of "political scientists, political observers" ... such as: Long live the independence of Catalonia! Dumb ... and dumber! Do we need to support this? Do not ! Chechnya tried to pull from the Russian Federation ... in other North Caucasian "republics" rumbled in their heads ... now Tatarstan is not boring for years, but for "quarters" .. Tuva is worried worse than Honduras ... and it’s not going to continue! So ... the actions of Madrid give us an example and inspiration! With this Spanish hammer you can also enlighten "your" separatists!
  19. nik_i_a
    nik_i_a 31 October 2017 13: 50 New
    Brutal and unshakable DEMON PUTCH so to speak, PUTCHDEMON in one word!
  20. etrofimov
    etrofimov 31 October 2017 15: 22 New
    We already had a similar one, they called Gapon ...
  21. Stinger
    Stinger 31 October 2017 19: 50 New
    A century of freedom not to be seen!
  22. RomanS
    RomanS 31 October 2017 23: 29 New
    We come up with a political scam unit. I propose to measure in "cipras". Puchdemon doesn't sound like that, though essentially the same. You can use national symbols, such as “EBN.” (Ie, Yeltsin BN) Although there are figures in the history of each nation (Mazepa is also good !!!). Only a common misfortune unites the aspirations of the people and the efforts of the government. In peacetime, their roads diverge further and further ...
  23. Selevc
    Selevc 2 November 2017 11: 25 New
    Well, is the diapers revolution over?
    When you think of Spain, sultry macho bullfighters and passionate creoles immediately come to mind - in fact, quite a long time ago the opposite - in their brains are calculators, in their hearts they have completely won tolerance, for lunch there are at least calories - this is such a revolutionary Spanish McDonald's !!! )))
    And by the way, they smile sincerely only when they see money - a lot of money !!!
    1. Selevc
      Selevc 2 November 2017 11: 45 New
      Puchdemon - some have decoded this surname as a "coup demon" but it turned out he was just demonically puffed !!! )))))))