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Belarusian “Back to the Future” by Lukashenko

Belarusian “Back to the Future” by Lukashenko

My Belarusian friends told me about this system. The topic is very funny, but it made me think about it in relation to our realities, since there is in it some kind of rational grain.

Recently, many Belarusians are faced with the harsh capitalist reality - unemployment. The preserved corner of socialism is not so much bursting at the seams, but hidden unemployment (this is when an employee from the 40-hour work week has 5-10 hours maximum) cannot be assessed due to the lack of reliable information. We will not evaluate.

Any citizen of Belarus who has been left without work (for various reasons) can search for it independently through recruiting agencies (those who really want to make money) and usually find it ... in Russia.

Either option is to get on the labor exchange, which is called the "Employment Center". This is for those who found a job "in the dark" and does not want to pay tax on parasitism. Either sit at home or dig in the garden.

The staging process is not very troublesome, but rather tedious and long, not a week, of course, but you can spend the whole day at the door of the corresponding room. After receiving the unemployed card you need to once a month, on the specified date to come and celebrate. Otherwise, they can deregister and deprive the already negligible benefit, which ranges from 23 to 41 of the Belarusian ruble (670 — 1195 of Russian rubles) per month.

It's okay, we have the same system.

But in Belarus there is a small nuance about which I want to tell.

In order to get this benefit, you must also devote one day per month to community service.

Working off the day is as follows. An unemployed person calls or comes to an employment center and makes an appointment for a specific day. On the specified day, 8 will come to the center again in the morning, where a delivery bus, or even more than one, will wait for him and other fellow citizens.

In the fall, most of them are sent to collective farms or to farmers for harvesting. You can earn about 15 Belarusian rubles (437 Russian rubles) in a day and get a few kilograms of vegetables, it all depends on the benevolence of the owner (or to steal).

According to my interlocutors, there are farms where they work less (due to low wages or no one at all), but, in addition to the vegetables received from the owner, a huge amount will be stolen during the work.

Considering which contingent comes, it is not surprising. There are people who, according to 10-15, are on labor exchanges for years, and this is despite the fact that it is possible to retrain and get another profession with virtually guaranteed employment. In the event that you are not a dunce and your hands grow from the right place.

But, apparently, this is not enough for anyone. And not every employer needs an employee who, by lunchtime, “zhahnul” 50 grams, or even more. Namely, this could be observed at the cleaning. Someone had time before lunch and added it during lunch, and someone at lunch took a dose such that the birds, as they flew, choked.

Some people, some of whom are already retired, work in such a way - in the 6 season, days a week, receiving Belarusian rubles for 15 plus vegetables, this is a good addition to the pension.

The pension of the majority of the population ranges from 200 to 300 Belarusian rubles (5830-8750 Russian rubles).

So it turns out that different people with different goals get to work out. Some are driven there by force, some go to earn money, some are on the stock exchange, so as not to pay the “tax on parasitism”, and someone wants help in opening the SP and must be some good unemployed for some time.

Nevertheless, there is a certain logic in this matter. My friends, of course, booze, because both work for Russian employers on the “remote” and did not want to spend the working day. What remains? Right off.

For knowledge workers (one is an accountant, the second is doing some kind of creepy calculations for a metalworking plant), this is actually a feat - it’s all the day plowing on carrot harvesting. The farmer got tough, forced to work, how he works. But the result is 10 rubles per person and a bag of selected carrots.

And this is not the worst option, by the way. It would be possible to get, for example, on street cleaning. Absolutely free.

The logic of the Belarusian authorities is clear and understandable: if you are unemployed, then you have enough time to devote to the state. Even if it is almost free of charge, since the amount of the allowance is small.

Speaking of Russian realities, it would be quite possible to adopt this method. And use, as in agricultural work, and when cleaning the streets, for example. "Exhaust" would be very good, I think.

Here we are not talking about those who really stayed "overboard". In the first place - employees of specialized factories. As an example, I can give the same KBKHA. Shortened and quit electrical engineers snapped up like hotcakes. But with the hydraulics alignment is quite different. Exchange without any prospects.

But first of all, it is not about those who are happy to be on the stock exchange, and who work "in the black." And such people were full, when he was being, he came across such organisms, working at a medical plant. They come not for the sake of employment, but to get a mark that they are not suitable. And God forbid such a / such to take: you get for the money the enterprise sneaker, who for short labor activity will do everything to poison your life. But usually such a frame simply will not work, because he already has a job, just extra money never stopped anyone.

Absolutely not fighting for the interests of the state, which our citizens are trying to deceive. It deserves it. However, the experience of the Belarusians makes sense to adopt. At least for the sake of cleaning the streets or, for example, park areas.
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  1. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 31 October 2017 06: 05
    Street cleaning will cost a lot. Bus, equipment, persons controlling the work, coupled with the persistent unwillingness of workers to involuntarily perform work with the highest quality and productivity, will lead to the collapse of any attempts in this direction.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 31 October 2017 21: 09
      I support - it is more necessary to restore order and law in the sphere of housing and communal services and street cleaning. So that people themselves go to this work, consciously, and not under escort, to drive them there. This will reduce the criminality of this area, corruption and even the unemployed will be less.
      Moreover, often such unemployed are simply physically incapable of carrying out work with such a load, and coercion will definitely lead to “sudden deaths,” which in turn will raise a wave of protests and redress for citizens.
    2. weksha50
      weksha50 31 October 2017 22: 17
      Quote: Mikhail M
      Street cleaning will cost a lot.

      I absolutely agree ... An example is before my eyes, in the entrance, at the neighbors ... I have no sense at all, expenses are at the maximum ...
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 October 2017 06: 06
    ... I believe that let the forum users from Belarus express themselves and state their views on life ... yes
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 31 October 2017 06: 48
      Quote: aszzz888
      I believe that let the forum users from Belarus express themselves and state their views on life ...

      evening wink , now there is no time - we need to get ready for work request
      If anyone, of course, is interested repeat
    2. Ronald Reagan
      Ronald Reagan 31 October 2017 17: 20
      Views on life ... We are now reaping the fruits of wrong decisions in the mid-90s. The situation is rolling away, if not worse. If in the regional centers and Minsk, wherever things went, then in small towns a real hell is happening: there is no work at all, and any vacant place is occupied immediately. The question of a penny wage is not even worth it - if only they would. And with regard to public works, we can say that this is a godsend; slaves are hardly paid and forced to work. laughing
  3. zulusuluz
    zulusuluz 31 October 2017 07: 16
    What can I say ... Not all "smart" war broke. The people work for 15 p. per day with an "average" of 30 per day. At the same time, performing not the most honorable and easy work.
    In Belarus, the face of absolute social injustice - the police receive zp about the specified amount - 900 r / month., and the nurse - 350-400. These are state employees. On collective farms, the people have 100-400 rubles, and 400 have 5 percent on the farm. The rest are 100-150. In industry, the picture is almost the same. s.p. raised, but no work (5-15 working days per month) and people get 300-800 rubles. With distribution zp following the example of collective farms ...
    It is regrettable, gentlemen. Human labor is not appreciated in Belarus from the word at all.
  4. Mik13
    Mik13 31 October 2017 07: 25
    I have a better suggestion.
    I propose cleaning streets and other socially significant objects to reserve for violators of public order.
    Here is another Baghdasaryan riding across the SDA - and as a thank you will receive not a job in the housing office, but a street cleaning.
    A businessman from the North Caucasus, who recently fired at a hotel room from an award pistol while intoxicated, should not receive 4000 p. fine (this is generally ridiculous), and, for example, 300 hours of cleaning toilets at the railway stations of the capital.
    But unemployment must be fought with the creation of new jobs, and not with semi-repressive methods of collective-applied style ...
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 31 October 2017 21: 11
      But this is correct. In your proposal, “forced labor” does not, like others, have a solution to the problem of poor execution, but punishment by breaking off the spread fingers !! good
    2. weksha50
      weksha50 31 October 2017 22: 33
      Quote: Mik13
      I propose cleaning streets and other socially significant objects to reserve for violators of public order.

      You simply did not encounter a practical solution to this issue ... Already someone wrote above about the costs ... And I will confirm ... Two policemen for 1-3 street cleaners ??? Laugh...
      Remember the film "White Dew" ... Painting the fence and the prisoner gulba ...
  5. Pups
    Pups 31 October 2017 07: 47
    Nanotechnology from the "father"
  6. groks
    groks 31 October 2017 08: 20
    The cleaning company is cleaning our yard. From the owner of such a company. There are unemployed. They get almost nothing, but they do almost nothing. The rest is received by the sole shareholder.
    About the seizure of electricians from KBHA - not true. Who did they give up now? Well, God forbid, they will start posting in hypermarkets to demand by the rules to do - as they used to in rockets.
  7. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 31 October 2017 08: 38
    [quote] [However, the experience of Belarusians makes sense to adopt. / quote]
    About the experience of Belarusians about raising the retirement age and about the law on parasitism in Russia we speak with might and main, and liberals in the government and "people's" representatives in the Duma, but so far we are afraid to realize, we have the presidential election in the face, and before them there will be no sudden movements, but after the election, hold on to the Russians, we’ll live, we won’t come up with any laws, but don’t sleep at night, they’ll take care of the people.
  8. novel66
    novel66 31 October 2017 09: 19
    50 grams before dinner is nothing!
  9. igorra
    igorra 31 October 2017 12: 05
    Regarding the cleaning of the streets, I am in favor, especially in winter, when snow sweeps above the roof. Yes, at least sprinkle the tracks with sand so that the old women would not fall. My neighbor, an old one, hardly leaves her apartment in winter, she is afraid to fall in the yard, it’s slippery and, as far as possible, I or sons, if at home, take the neighbor out onto the porch, breathe in the air, holding onto the railing, then start up on the bell. The men and I would sprinkle sand on the porch, but where can you get it in the winter?
    1. Esoteric
      Esoteric 4 November 2017 11: 54
      Quote: igorra
      The men and I would sprinkle sand on the porch, but where can you get it in the winter?

      They take it in the basement, dear man, in the basement of the house. Consider for the future.
    CONTROL 31 October 2017 12: 31
    By lunchtime, he “burnt” 50 grams, or even more.

    people who have been on the labor exchanges for 10-15 years, and this despite the fact that there is an opportunity to retrain and get another profession with virtually guaranteed employment. In the event that you are not a boob and your hands from the right place grow.

    ... it’s better to spread the cards:
    - What is a trump card? - Worms. - I have to go.
    - I hit. - Can’t you wait?
    - I take it. - Beat us around!
    - Hey, death! You really got lost.
    - Be quiet! you are stupid and young.
    It’s not for you to catch me.
    After all, we do not play out of money,
    And only to spend an eternity!
    A.S. Pushkin
  11. Partosik
    Partosik 31 October 2017 14: 06
    There is one more scheme: the sponsored collective farm (and in Belarus these collective farms have almost all enterprises with state participation, they are imposed on the enterprise by administrative procedure) takes seasonal workers to work (usually Roma) and pays them (conditionally but close to the truth) $ 400 per month, the gypsies do not work and receive $ 100, and the employees of the enterprise work for free (for a collective farm), for the average in the enterprise. and the chairman and director take $ 300 off the snout.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 1 November 2017 02: 23
      Well, that’s the answer to why in Belarus everything is through analogies.

      If a USSR, a beer saleswoman, diluting beer with water, what does she do?


      Water in beer is an ADDITIONAL cost. And the goal of the saleswoman is to make a profit with the help of this very value.

      What is unemployment? This lack of resources for the worker.

      And why? But because someone concentrated these resources. For Belarusians, you need to understand where the resources went. In the state, or settled in the hands of the owners of the "means of production."

      SOCIALISM, roughly speaking, is the administrative system of profit control. The maximum possible ban on surplus value.

      Only the state receives profit in the form of taxes and then returns these resources in the form of social guarantees.
      1. Esoteric
        Esoteric 4 November 2017 12: 25
        Quote: gladcu2
        Water in beer is an ADDITIONAL cost. And the goal of the saleswoman is to make a profit with the help of this very value.

        Then tell me where to spend 1,5 years in a general regime colony for receiving this type of surplus value.
        In the USSR, the beer seller was an elite post. And they diluted beer from super-greed. A friend said that even without diluting a beer with a 900 liter barrel, one could easily boil 30-50 liters (count at prices, it’s 15-25 rubles, but you had to share). No wonder there was a sign everywhere: "Demand topping up beer after sludge." Only this rule was successfully overcome by limiting the number of mugs and the good quality of draft Soviet-made Zhiguli foam.
        Quote: gladcu2
        SOCIALISM, roughly speaking, is the administrative system of profit control. The maximum possible ban on surplus value.
        Only the state receives profit in the form of taxes and then returns these resources in the form of social guarantees.

        We can talk a lot about socialism, only we need to take into account one feature of Soviet socialism - its one-party essence, which inserted sticks into the wheels with the hands of the "indefatigable" graduates of the Higher School of Arts. And, besides the administrative system of profit control, there was a party system of accounting and control. In our case, it’s not worth talking directly about the absence of surplus value in the social labor market. Just the private owner who used this was replaced by a collective one. Which distributed it in its collective discretion. Where control was much tougher, and export abroad for personal use was less.
        There were fewer taxes in the USSR and they were progressive. They didn’t take tax on salaries of up to 70 rubles ...
        What do we actually undertake to discuss what is no longer? Because it was better than today? what
  12. Alex66
    Alex66 31 October 2017 14: 39
    As everything is logical once unemployed, work for nothing for the common good. Those. as always, they can’t cope with employers, they have smart accountants, lawyers, communications ... But he can’t squeeze the usual hard worker, all the more he received the allowance, what kind of fat did he have. And the fact that then he did not receive a pension so the goof himself, agreed to work in the black. And the government didn’t seem to have been offered to work in white, it’s his decision, such as signing a consent to an injection, an operation in a clinic.
  13. Elevator in the building
    Elevator in the building 31 October 2017 17: 02
    And why does the author propose to adopt such a modest experience - why not serfdom, but labor re-education of the "good uncle Pol Pot".? Well, what, we already have the neo-nobility, we must throw a shower, otherwise how can they survive then? No, let DAMA “give birth to jobs” first, and then we’ll talk about “parasites of excellence”.
    PS A lot of forced labor "tricked", even one Baghdasaryanha failed to work out the required, and thousands who will control? It’s better to pay the janitors, but don’t guess yourself, here’s the “secret of cleanliness”.
    1. Assyrian
      Assyrian 31 October 2017 22: 15
      The article is empty. We have the same. And on salaries, benefits and street cleaning.
      Personally (as part of a brigade led by a worker of a gortrans) he walked along the main street and collected garbage.
      With registration and everyone else no less fun. Work Center of Armavir
  14. weksha50
    weksha50 31 October 2017 22: 14
    "You can earn about 15 Belarusian rubles (437 Russian rubles) per day."..

    So, I have not yet read through to the end, but immediately got up ... Until I forgot: the fact that the Russian ruble is against the Ukrainian hryvnia and the Belarusian ruble is a trifle all the time ... Well, this course surprises me ... Who dictates it ??? Why do my classmates remaining living in Belarus (Belarus) continue to receive Russian pensions in Russian rubles ??? Even the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Republic of Belarus in ... we will not say in which city and region ...
    Interesting girls are dancing ... No matter how much I think about this incident, however - well, I absolutely can not understand anything ...
  15. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 2 November 2017 18: 06
    But they didn’t write that this is the most miserable allowance in 17p they give only six months, and after that they will send you to hell. There is no money in the country; over the past five years, 90% of those who retired received a minimum pension of 224 rubles (112 dollars or 6400 rubles), having worked for 40 years. And for his lackeys and young 45-year-old vayaks, he appoints a pension in the amount of 600 rubles or more, depending on who licked the most. Now with a bastard he is resting in the emirates at the expense of 9 million slaves. By the way, google, who is a bystryuk, many Russians do not even know
    1. tracer
      tracer 3 November 2017 18: 32
      TOLIAN, you understand in "this scenario" "the sheriff’s Negroes do not care about problems" and so on everywhere. Especially over the ocean.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. rumatam
    rumatam 4 November 2017 21: 21
    Roma and the weakest just because of patriotic beliefs once a month to clean the streets? Or it’s easier to clap and condemn others who have lost their jobs.