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Over 30 UAVs entered combat units of ZVO

More than 30 unmanned aerial vehicles "Orlan-10" and "Aileron-3" this year entered the formations and military units ZVO, the press service of the district.

The latest UAVs were transferred to the military as part of the implementation of the state defense order. In turn, in military units, the intensity of mastering high-tech equipment increased significantly.

Over 30 UAVs entered combat units of ZVO

This year, the training flights of UAVs amounted to 500 hours. This is primarily due to the fact that combat reconnaissance drones are used at all stages of operational and combat training of ZVO troops conducted this year. In particular, they are an indispensable element during tactical exercises of various levels, live firing, as well as in classes for driving combat vehicles. Also, the UAVs were used during the field exits of the radiation, chemical and biological defense troops and military intelligence units.

It is worth adding that the UAV "Orlan-10" refers to the class of small devices. It flies on a gasoline engine, is equipped with photo and video cameras and is designed to collect information and conduct aerial reconnaissance in various weather conditions. Developed by the company "Special Technology Center". The take-off weight is 14 kilograms and it can carry 5 kilograms of equipment. The maximum flight duration is 16 hours at speeds up to 150 kilometers per hour.

UAV "Aileron-3" allows around the clock to conduct aerial optical-electronic reconnaissance and transmit information in real time through closed digital communication channels. In addition, this drone is able to operate in a wide range of altitudes and temperatures at a distance of more than 50 km from the ground control station, reports WG-Force

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  1. himRa
    himRa 30 October 2017 14: 19
    If even their coordinates could open artillery fire ... there would be no price winked
    1. Lycan
      Lycan 31 October 2017 11: 54
      It is believed that this will come over time. Automatic guidance means - this is not to wander around with a target indicator (although it can be installed stably on the ground). And the speed of the assignment is greater. All will be.
  2. Sergey53
    Sergey53 30 October 2017 14: 26
    My friend still defended his dissertation on the use of drones on the battlefield in 1987. Finally, it came to a real use. In general, the UAV corrector should automatically transmit the coordinates of reconnaissance targets.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 30 October 2017 14: 30
    For shock drones, a big problem and it is not known when they will appear in our army. what
  4. Sergei75
    Sergei75 30 October 2017 14: 34
    Something all of our drones are similar to the products of the aircraft mug from the house of pioneers.
    When will the drums be?
    1. askort154
      askort154 30 October 2017 15: 29
      Sergei75 ..... Something all of our drones are similar to the products of the aircraft mug from the house of pioneers. When will the drums be?

      The work is underway.
      "Altair" - a heavy UAV, Weight - 5 tons. N max - 12000m, T floor - up to 2 days. Lmax - 10km. Payload - 000 tons, Kazan - in 2. made a series of successful test flights. The series is planned in 2016.
      Also in development:
      "Frigate" - 7t.
      "Breakthrough" (Yak-133BR) - 10t.,
      "Hunter" - 20t.
      Will wait.
      1. Sergei75
        Sergei75 30 October 2017 19: 20
        Wait again:
        - 5th;
        - Armature;
        - new machine, etc.
    2. okko077
      okko077 30 October 2017 17: 34
      In the near future we will not have drone drones ... We do not have combat information systems, which should include conventional drones ... We do not have modern network-centric systems to conduct a modern war ... We do not even have the understanding of the leader the composition of the MO of such a need ... The article confirms everything I said ... UAVs, like reconnaissance aircraft, like AWACs, as well as fifth generation aircraft, must be part of the combat information systems that control weapons on the ground, in the air and at sea in real time ... These information systems include control centers with the ability to make decisions on the use of weapons as part of combat operations in certain positioned areas of the planet ... THIS is what is not in Syria, where we do not see anything we don’t know in real time, and we achieve results with outdated, grandfather methods, but with the latest weapons ...
      1. Sergei75
        Sergei75 30 October 2017 19: 22
        I agree, a single integrated information field should be created accessible to everyone, and there should be a single control of all arms of service, if necessary up to each combat unit, at a time in the designated space-time.
  5. Esoteric
    Esoteric 30 October 2017 15: 20
    More than 30 unmanned aerial vehicles "Orlan-10" and "Aileron-3" this year entered the formations and military units ZVO, the press service of the district.

    Looks beautiful. good In Soviet times, they would have been collected at the "Young Technicians Stations" ... up to thirty pieces a month ... stop throughout the Union, of course lol
  6. K-36
    K-36 30 October 2017 18: 45
    In the light of this article I want to raise this topic:
    a) aircraft aviation units incorporating MiG-29, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Su-35 combat aircraft
    b) helicopter units incorporating combat helicopters of the Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-28, Ka-52 brands
    equip (out of the box) UAV "Outpost", and the landfill services of these parts (also standard) equip 3-4 helicopter-type drones.
    Outpost assign tasks:
    - Weather reconnaissance with the transmission of video to the aerodrome control center
    - Gather intelligence information from the landfill situation and transfer it to KP BU for classification and development of a decision to defeat;
    - Distribution of target designation to airplanes (helicopters) in the air;
    - Video recording of aviation work by objectives and its online broadcasting to the CP.
    To assign small polygon "guintokryly" assign tasks:
    - Fly around the boundaries of the training ground before the start of the flight shift in order to detect any mushroom pickers, fishermen, shepherds with livestock, etc., etc .;
    - On each gvintokryl to provide for the possibility of installing some loud-speaking installation (like a megaphone) to alert uninvited guests with the requirement to leave the perimeter of the landfill until xx hours 00 min .;
    - Monitor the departure of the landfill, after which the RP at the landfill can report on the readiness of the landfill at the aerodrome control center;
    _ during the operation of the aircraft hang out the “guinting wing” a little off the course of the combat approach and observe the on-line operation of the aircraft on targets.
    So here it is in a nutshell. I see a lot of pluses, but serious Minuses, as it were. With respect to all who are interested in this topic. hi
    1. okko077
      okko077 30 October 2017 21: 58
      This is all within a radius of less than 50 km, then our UAVs in real time do not work .... This is the first and main minus. And you, that you didn’t see that in Syria all the spotters of fire were bringing us .... My friend, go down to the sinful earth .... We all UAVs only fly along the route and write to the internal storage unit further than 50, well, maybe 80 km ....
      1. K-36
        K-36 31 October 2017 16: 47
        Special answer for okko077 I have been reading your posts for a long time. And (on these posts) your position on the insolvency of Russian UAVs is clearly visible. It’s unlikely that I will be able to convince you, but I’ll throw some arguments.
        1. The communication range of a ground control station (control point) with an Outpost is 150 km from a full-angle antenna and 250 km from a directional one. Outpost was launched from Lipetsk at the last three final Russian Air Darts (to cover the situation at the Pogonovo training ground in Voronezh, where these competitions were held). At the same time, no repeaters were raised! lol
        2. The Orlaan-10 UAV factory package includes 4 (four) Orlan aircraft at once. Communication range with ground control station = 150 km yes Each of the devices can operate as a repeater. The latest modifications of the Eagles are equipped with 12 special video cameras capable of creating a 3D-image of the area. yes
        3. The outpost now no longer carries a flash drive with it, but only works on online image transfer. This was specifically emphasized in the film ("Syria. Science is winning." You can watch the Military Acceptance channel). soldier
        4. Since 2015, I have already met five (sequentially) rotational workers from my flock in my native birches. And in sincere gatherings about the successful return (and well-deserved State awards), I received confirmation from their lips about the transfer of MU (target designations) on board from both PANs and UAVs yes
        Such are the things. Of course, you can continue to blaspheme the "non-centricity" of our UAVs, but I can already see real changes for the better. And glad of that! And you???
        Then politely take my leave hi
        1. okko077
          okko077 31 October 2017 17: 18
          I am also glad, but only these are small advances and then very late .... I am not very interested in UAVs, or rather, as one of the simplest information and target designation sensors in Combat Information Systems that directly control weapons and are used for it guidance, or rather target designation in real time .... I think you understand how big the difference is in this way of posing the question ... The picture on the monitor even with the coordinates and transmitting them via the radio is not yesterday, but the day before yesterday ...
          And your friends can confirm that there is still no hardware in real time that requires the input of information into the target systems on board from the LSI !!!
  7. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 31 October 2017 16: 25
    Divided by the piece, as in 1941. Nothing in this country is changing .. drinks