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In Nalchik, the leader of the bandit underground has been destroyed named Ubaida

In Nalchik, the leader of the bandit underground has been destroyed named UbaidaIn Nalchik, the leader of the bandit underground, operating in the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, named Ubaid, was liquidated. This was reported "Rosbalt"in the information center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee on the results of the operation.

The FSB received operational information about the possible whereabouts of one of the odious ringleaders of the bandit underground operating in the North Caucasus. And around 04: in the morning, the gunman was blocked in one of the private houses of Nalchik at the intersection of Komsomolskaya Street and Michurin.

In a part of the city, the KTO legal regime was introduced.

Before the beginning of the active phase of its conduct, the gangster was asked to fold weapon and surrender to the authorities. In response, he offered armed resistance and was killed during the assault.

During the inspection of the house the body of a gangster was discovered and identified. It turned out to be, as the secret services had supposed, the leader of the sabotage and terrorist thugs operating in the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria - Alim Zankishiyev, nicknamed Ubaida.

According to the NAK Operational Center, Zankkishiyev was on the federal wanted list since 2006 for committing crimes of a terrorist nature. Since 2011, after the neutralization of the former ringleader of gangsters, Dzhappuyev Ubaid, coordinated the terrorist activities of gangs in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. During this time, the militants committed more than 30 terrorist attacks on the territory of the CBD, the killing of law enforcement officers and military personnel, the attempted assassination of government officials and the explosions of the IED.

In addition, members of the bandit underground, under threats of life, they extorted large sums of money from businessmen of the republic.

Zankishiyev was also involved in organizing the killings in January-February of the pilot Denis Nikolaev and the investigator Kantemir Kyarov.

He also organized an assassination attempt on the head of the administration of the Urvansky district of the republic, Antemirkan Kanokov.

During the inspection of the scene of the clash, two pistols were found and seized, one of which was foreign-made, cartridges, grenades.

At the present time, operational search activities are continuing in the KTO area, an investigation team is working at the scene.

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  1. A word
    A word 28 March 2012 09: 53
    One "canoe" in the world has become less. fellow
    1. domokl
      domokl 28 March 2012 10: 03
      So it is necessary .. Every ubayda needs to be given a dumb bastard ... so that others understand. That no matter what ubayda you are, there will always be such a bidet who will make you kirdets ...
      1. Churchill
        Churchill 28 March 2012 10: 29
        The main thing is that without loss! ..
    2. gojesi
      gojesi 28 March 2012 10: 31
      constantly and always one thing strikes ... unprofessionalism ... is it really only me alone ???
      WHY ARE NOT TAKING CAPTURE ??? Are you out of grenades with "bird cherry"?
      Are "languages" no longer needed? Are our "competent authorities" overloaded with information about bandits?
      Why are young people sent to study with the Saudis? Our authorities, what, do not know what the youngsters are "taught" ???
      Why don't they destroy the houses of terrorists, as Israel does in Palestine? If it is proved that he is a terrorist, then if you please ... they will immediately drive a Caterpillar under the window, and ... live where you want ... Parents will think a hundred times before blessing their child for murder ...
      Why such a wild NON-PROFESSIONALISM? Who benefits from this ???
      1. older
        older 28 March 2012 10: 38
        laughing This is just professionalism .. The fact is that most of these bandits have already been on trial ... the fact is that the laws in Russia are very cleverly structured, so proving terrorism is very difficult, and banditry, and with all the mitigating terms, is quite ridiculous ... So the commanders take care ... Do not give up, destroy .. by the way, look at the actions of the French in a similar situation, the result is exactly the same ...
        1. gojesi
          gojesi 28 March 2012 11: 13
          Speaking of captivity, I DO NOT mean SAVING LIFE. Speaking of captivity, I mean EMERGENCY GUTTING, and the seizure of operational INFORMATION about impending terrorist attacks, militants, funding channels, ammunition and so on. and so on ... yes any information will be useful. For example, what ensign, in the bow of the unit commander, write off and sell weapons to the bandits? One injection of Pentothal and begins to sing like a nightingale, you won’t stop ... But will he save his life? So I don’t even talk about it ... In war, as in war ... and the tribunal always has the same sentence ...
          1. Jaromir
            Jaromir 28 March 2012 12: 09
            Everything is much simpler, apparently, the destroyed object has no operational value.
      2. YARY
        YARY 28 March 2012 10: 42
        In principle, I agree with everything, with the exception of "taking prisoner" is like in the case, but, during the transportation, "suddenly" died.
    3. vadimus
      vadimus 28 March 2012 10: 39
      Ubaydohali and good!
      1. Норд
        Норд 28 March 2012 11: 35
        For gojesi
        A few words about the "unprofessionalism" of the special forces:
        - calculated and blocked;
        - attracted relatives to the negotiations;
        - during the liquidation, they did not have losses themselves, and even more so among the population;
        - widespread media involvement to cover the event

        Personally, I see the action - PROFI
        1. gojesi
          gojesi 28 March 2012 12: 35
          Tell me what prevents a professional from throwing into the room where a terrorist (terrorists) is hiding a couple of grenades marked not "F-1", but nerve-paralytic grenades ???
          What prevents a professional (working directly from neutralizing gangs of the group) to GET ADDITIONAL INFORMATION in addition to the operational information received from local cops on the issues listed by me above? Financing, Supply, Ammunition, Pi-Ar (advertising), Personnel, Training.
          Tell me, have you ever heard that these questions are raised at all ??? Always the same thing! - ALL KILLED !!! Well, it’s nothing good ... That made me raise the question of PROFESSIONALISM, or the counteraction of professionalism .... Either someone at the top is INTERESTED in a CIVIL WAR in the CAUCASUS, or AN EXTRAORDINARY NON-PROFESSIONALISM !!!
          Sorry Nord, but the third option is simply not there in principle !!!
          1. AER_69
            AER_69 28 March 2012 16: 51
            If Russia had proved that the Saudis were participating in this, then it would be possible to declare them to the whole world in the spread of Wahhabism, and in extreme cases declare war on them! am
            Then we would have looked at their attempts to overthrow the Assad regime and adjust the entire Middle East to suit us and the United States. laughing
    4. AER_69
      AER_69 28 March 2012 16: 41
      Yes!!! They hesitated already us! am
  2. Sergh
    Sergh 28 March 2012 09: 53
    That's it, lads, not to take anyone prisoner. I will say more, the Chechens are doing our common cause, once, in the fall, in the winter, they, together with the Airborne Forces, the GRU, etc., will simply trample these amers, no, no ... Guys, I bet a hundred on one, ours will throw everyone out in two weeks.
    1. domokl
      domokl 28 March 2012 10: 06
      Banditry is no longer just tired, it is already economically impractical .. That is why now they are pulling out all these Ubaids from the cracks ...
      1. older
        older 28 March 2012 10: 39
        Just yes, our fathers of commanders finally realized that the life of a special forces soldier is much higher than the life of a bandit
  3. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 28 March 2012 09: 54
    Everything is correct, but I would be nicknamed Ubaid first and replaced by e laughing
  4. Ziksura
    Ziksura 28 March 2012 09: 55
    Another ran back. Keep it up guys. Thanks for the work.
  5. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 28 March 2012 09: 58
    The outfits of the kids are pleasing and the armor plates with the slings of the moth uuu are simply luxury. Respect the lads.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 28 March 2012 10: 05
      Hi Alexey!
      So the year of reckoning has come, we are already specifically armed with the cannon, well, tell me, why is this bad?
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 28 March 2012 15: 35
        Das, I agree with you.
  6. domokl
    domokl 28 March 2012 10: 12
    When the special services take the next fighter into circulation, it turns out that they are given the opportunity to shoot .. And why? Talk and shoot ... No one will blame for such actions ... CH must be protected ...
  7. patriot2
    patriot2 28 March 2012 10: 27
    Well done boys! These scumbags also listen to the news, let their knees tremble with every knock, shot, and even whisper. Our special guys will get to them! good
  8. taseka
    taseka 28 March 2012 10: 27
    The weekly annihilation of the leaders of bandit groups and all sorts of emirates with zones of influence is alarming - why is it that the heads of the republics are not loudly "sandwiched" in the Kremlin where is this happening? Channels of weapons, money, communication lines, why recruitment, work with young people, the irreconcilable attitude of the population towards bandits are not interrupted - these are the origins of these formations themselves, you have to work here and then you won't have to shoot! And most importantly, why do young people go there - money, revenge, politics, war or what else ???
  9. Bat1stuta
    Bat1stuta 28 March 2012 11: 00
    and right. there is nothing to stand on ceremony with them. it is only in Europe that all sorts of funds and commissions are created to help terrorists, but in our country they are "slaughtered in the toilet" am