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Jordan is selling Osa anti-aircraft systems, decommissioned

Recently, the Ministry of Defense of Jordan put up for sale 52 combat vehicles of the Soviet self-propelled short-range anti-aircraft missile system "Osa", reports bmpd with reference to the magazine "Jane's Defense Weekly".

Jordan is selling Osa anti-aircraft systems, decommissioned

This military equipment was decommissioned as part of the ongoing reorganization of the Jordanian armed forces.

According to the military source of the magazine, at least 5 of foreign “partners”, including Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland and a private American company, showed interest in purchasing the complexes.

The interlocutor also said that earlier the Jordanian command was considering the option of modernizing the Osa air defense system in Belarus, but then refused for financial reasons. As a result, the complexes were decommissioned, three divisions equipped with this technique were disbanded.

At the same time, the source noted, the Jordanian army retains two divisions armed with Soviet short-range air defense systems 9K35 Strela-10.

Help bmpd: “Soviet military air defense systems were acquired by Jordan in the USSR in 1981-1989, moreover, their purchases were funded by the government of Iraq. According to the Western media, Jordan then received 60 9A33BM ZRK 933M2 Osa-AK combat vehicles, 50 OV XYNXXXXXXX XYUMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXGX 9K35M Strela-9M and 35K10 Strela-50.
Photos used:
Jordan's Armed Forces (via Jane's)
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  1. sivuch
    sivuch 30 October 2017 12: 42 New
    Woke up. Here
    0785679 # t310785679
    over the past two days have been discussed deadly
  2. Romanenko
    Romanenko 30 October 2017 12: 59 New
    An easy-to-read combination from pin dos, in the last companies in Iraq and Syria the bearded had nothing to hide from the aircraft, they hid for some time at the pin dos dos bases, but they were burned there. Openly supplying bearded stingers and patriots, pin-dos, despite their greyhound, are still embarrassed. So we decided to bring to this topic the most untied people - Poland and the ruin, buy old complexes in Jordan, re-equip them under the guidance of Pin-dos designers, and there you’ll not have time to look around, when they suddenly get lost on a march somewhere in Libya, or pop up Kurds on the Turkish border ....
    Pentagoners aren’t interested ...
    Finding themselves in a war game, think they will not come?
    All boomerangs come back sooner or later
    1. faiver
      faiver 30 October 2017 15: 07 New
      they do not need bearded nafig - too noticeable, consider disposable
      1. zoolu350
        zoolu350 1 November 2017 06: 54 New
        With the skillful use of the Osa air defense system, I think Romanenko is a terrible weapon, it will be veiled supplies to the bearded children of the owners of the Fed and the Zionists (fascists).
  3. Evil 55
    Evil 55 30 October 2017 13: 06 New
    "Caliber" Wasps are not an obstacle ...
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 30 October 2017 13: 19 New
      Quote: Evil 55
      "Caliber" Wasps are not an obstacle ...

      That is yes. But it must be admitted that Osa helicopters are a serious threat. It was not for nothing that our people bought them at one time in Eastern Europe in order to find the best methods of anti-de-activation. Very serious weapon.
  4. Livonetc
    Livonetc 30 October 2017 13: 14 New
    Quote: sivuch
    Woke up. Here
    0785679 # t310785679
    over the past two days have been discussed deadly

    For add. link to the discussion, probably thanks.
    The link was published yesterday.
    Where there are two days of discussion.
    Yes, and why.
    We are discussing at this site.
    We are quite comfortable here.
  5. Sergei75
    Sergei75 30 October 2017 14: 55 New
    Intersely, and in any way to upgrade them?
    Well, from the Delitanian point of view, there is an outdated missile system and guidance system, if this is removed and a new one is installed, then the idea will work further ...
    1. san4es
      san4es 30 October 2017 15: 37 New
      Quote: Sergei75
      Intersely, and in any way to upgrade them?

      ... modernized. The result was a completely different machine Osa-AKM:

      The main task of modernization is to increase its reliability and noise immunity by updating the outdated elemental base, as a result of which the life cycle of the complex is extended for another 10-12 years. Due to overhaul with modernization, specialists of the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant achieved a number of advantages relative to the previous complex, including an increase in the range of targets and their ultimate characteristics, speed, height. In addition to high-speed targets, the complex can detect and hit small non-speed targets such as UAVs, which is currently important. Due to the automation of the process, the reaction time is reduced and the combat crew per person is reduced. The modernized Osa-AKM1 attracted the attention of both Russian and foreign military specialists. And this interest is logical and justified - after the repair and modernization of the OTA-OSM air defense missile system, the Armed Forces receive an automated anti-aircraft missile system, with military equipment located on one chassis, which allows for effective combat against precision weapons, airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aircraft.
      1. Sergei75
        Sergei75 30 October 2017 19: 12 New
        the nomenclature has been increased, it’s good, but so that it matches the best newest models, and does not become a little better than the old one, but it’s the same.
  6. knn54
    knn54 30 October 2017 18: 01 New
    - At least 5 foreign “partners”, including Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland and a private American company.
    Listed 4 countries, and the fifth, "by accident", not ISIS?
  7. Oleg Andreev
    Oleg Andreev 31 October 2017 06: 40 New
    I just can’t understand how, after the sale of C 400 Turkey, this complex will remain unreassembled by Americanos in details.
    1. zoolu350
      zoolu350 1 November 2017 06: 55 New
      And it will be disassembled, but money is more expensive for the oligarchy of the Russian Federation.