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Venezuelan armed forces received the Russian complex for the repair of military equipment

Rosoboronexport delivered a mobile complex to Venezuela for maintenance and repair of nine types of weapons of military equipment, reports RIA News message of the press service of the company.

This equipment was delivered abroad for the first time.

“Rosoboronexport handed over to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela a mobile service complex designed to carry out maintenance work, current and medium repair of weapons and military equipment of the ground forces,” the release said.

As the deputy general director of the exporting company, Sergei Goreslavsky, said, “the complex is able to provide after-sales service for nine types of weapons and military equipment of the ground forces and the customer has already shown interest in expanding the capabilities of the complex in order to service the equipment for other branches of the military.”

They (complexes) allow in the real-time scale to receive information on the state of the equipment, to plan its maintenance and repair in field conditions, to keep an electronic passport of military equipment, to automatically generate requests for spare parts,
said the deputy general director.

It is reported that the time of full deployment of the main part of the complex at the prepared site is 25 days, “all its elements are adapted for transportation without distance limitation by rail, water and road transport without decreasing readiness for work after transportation”.
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  1. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 30 October 2017 10: 56
    I wonder why Venezuela exactly? Do they have so many diverse weapons systems?
    1. US
      US 30 October 2017 11: 19
      We supply them with BTVT. And accordingly we serve them. This complex was created on the basis of existing samples of repair tools, BUT without rotten impact GABTU and other subtyloic fraternity. Another thing is interesting here, why in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation repair facilities and repair bodies are in full ......, but is exporting the best? Although even this is the best that is, far from what the troops really need.
      I believe that the existing structure for the restoration of BT and its equipment, and most importantly FORCES (read people) will lead to a very rapid drop in CTG to the level of "not combat-ready" in the case of a grandiose shooter (I can prove it in numbers, but naturally not on the Internet). Our state of repair is worse than in the year 36 of the last century.
    2. padded jacket
      padded jacket 30 October 2017 11: 26
      Quote: Corsair0304
      I wonder why Venezuela exactly?

      Venezuela is armed with a large number of Russian-made equipment - tanks BTR BMP SAU MLRS air defense systems airplanes helicopters and so on

      MOSKVITYANIN 31 October 2017 01: 12
      Russia will not receive a billion rubles (about 53,9 million dollars) into the budget of 930 due to Venezuela's failure to fulfill obligations to restructure its debt to our country. This is stated in the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber.
      Quote: Corsair0304
      I wonder why Venezuela exactly? Do they have so many diverse weapons systems?
  2. Greyhound famously
    Greyhound famously 30 October 2017 11: 57
    Video from the Rosoboronexport website on which there is a general view of the transferred complex
  3. Sergei75
    Sergei75 30 October 2017 15: 04
    Interestingly, when will they return the debt? And while we give - friends.
      MOSKVITYANIN 31 October 2017 01: 16
      Quote: Sergei75
      Interestingly, when will they return the debt?

      Never, la-la-la-la, never ....
      According to the "zombie box" they said that American imperialism wants to put its president there ..., not a word about the return of money to our "ROSOBORONEXPORT" ...
  4. Vikmay16
    Vikmay16 31 October 2017 21: 03
    It is necessary to support our ally, otherwise the United States puts its proteges everywhere, for example in Brazil!