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PF marines are alerted as part of a combat readiness check.

Separate Pacific Marines Brigade fleet as part of a combat readiness alert raised, reports press office Eastern District.

PF marines are alerted as part of a combat readiness check.

“According to the introductory, the Marines worked out the actions of the personnel when they received the alarm signal, loading material and ammunition for transport, exiting the fleet from the park to the points of formation of columns and making marches to the concentration areas,” the release said.

It is reported that "at the site, the military will repel the attack of a conditional enemy, strengthen their orientation skills in unfamiliar areas, and also work out the organization of logistics and the curfew service."

The training will take place in several stages: at the first stage, the military personnel act as part of units, then the tasks will be solved as part of the formation.

According to the press service, “at the final stage on the“ Bamburovo ”and“ Ermine ”test sites, the marines will conduct firing from small arms weapons, grenade launchers, weapons of infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 and armored personnel carriers BTR-80 on target positions, imitating the equipment and manpower of the conditional enemy. "
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Press Service of the Eastern Military District
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  1. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 30 October 2017 10: 13
    Oh and not boring the marines now)))
    1. stolz
      stolz 30 October 2017 12: 17
      Just think, damn it, a great event! Raised and raised, what else to do
  2. Berber
    Berber 30 October 2017 10: 22
    Previous news in the same style. In short, the army and navy are doing what it should be in peacetime.
    1. stolz
      stolz 30 October 2017 12: 34
      What is so unusual here? Raised and raised, what else is l / s doing? Not all are in the barracks to walk sides.