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Joint exercises of VKS and EW of the Western Military District

In fact, this is a kind of preface. A picture from an invisible battlefield unfolding in the third dimension, that is, in the air.

When it comes to hostilities of a modern nature, electronic counteraction is an integral part of the war, where armies with modern weapons. Accordingly, today's military conflicts in the Donbas and Syria can not be interpreted as modern.

Hence the need for training of flight personnel (and not only) precisely in the context of countering them with modern electronic warfare systems. Today it is not necessary, tomorrow it may become a necessity.

That is why we ended up at two (no longer able due to the small number of groups) points where the working out of today's hostilities of today took place. In general, what he saw and made a certain impression, and filled up the knowledge base and understanding of what can happen in the very near future.

Part one. Airfield Buturlinovka Voronezh region.

The Su-34 unit, equipped with the Khibiny complex, is preparing for takeoff. About the complex will be a separate material, it is worth it.

The planes are sent to one of the landfills of the neighboring military district, where they are working on the use of the Khibiny against the air defense system.

Naturally, in addition to "Khibiny", everything is widely used that can help the pilots of our VKS in work against air defense systems. At the aerodrome, a full set of traps were loaded, both in the infrared range, imitating the operation of the engine, and radioelectronic, imitating the operation of the radar.

In fact, simultaneously with the takeoff of the bombers, the promotion of the third, most interesting side of us began. Namely - calculations of the EW ZVO brigade complexes.

The command of the brigade to perform the assigned task of countering the aircraft exhibited a very impressive force: two “Ruby-4C”, P-330B, P-934C “Sinitsa”, P-330G “Resident”.

Knowledgeable readers can ask a reasonable question: what is there forgotten "Resident"? The answer will be a little later. Come in handy.

Calculations arrived at the site, turned around and began to perform their tasks to detect and suppress aircraft of a potential enemy. Absolutely nasty weather did not interfere with anyone, the planes flew above the cloud zone, the calculations were inside their cars.

After some time, the commander of the unit, Colonel Vostretsov, arrived at the test site. It was surprising that he came not by car, but by KAMAZ. It turned out almost immediately. Kombrig brought with him an “enemy sabotage group”, which was supposed to move forward unnoticed and hinder the work of the complexes as much as possible.

Under the terms of the task, "saboteurs" were supposed to use cellular communications to coordinate. Here, in fact, it became clear that the "Resident", which actually became a shield for the remaining stations.

Calculation of the complex very quickly found six telephone sets operating near the landfill and notified the calculations of the remaining complexes. After that, he successfully suppressed all the phones, completely cutting down the cellular connection at the site.

Then the cover group, consisting of fighters not involved in solving the main tasks, entered the business.

A smoke screen was installed very quickly, completely hiding the operating stations from the “saboteurs” and becoming a very unpleasant surprise for the filmmakers. The soldiers had gas masks, the operators, of course, no.

The only really unpleasant moment. The smoke, which the falling snow nailed to the ground, was very dense and caused sad sensations and coughing. Eliminating in such conditions, "saboteurs", completely disoriented was not very difficult, as it seemed to us.

But I had to observe all this from a really safe distance.

The result was the fulfillment of the tasks assigned by the crews of the EW defense brigade, both with respect to the aircraft of a potential enemy, and with respect to "saboteurs". According to the information received, the VKS aircraft also successfully coped with the task of countering the air defense system of the potential enemy. In the confrontation of the VKS and EW, the victory remained behind the electronic warfare complexes.

Returning to the beginning of the article.

Speaking of a preface, we had in mind that further stories will follow about the complexes that took part in these exercises. We have already told about "Krasukha", then we will discuss the "Khibiny", "Resident", "Sinitsa" and R-330B. And the "cherry on the cake" will be short (unfortunately) due to certain limitations, the story about the product 14Ц875.

But on this topic EW will not end. The weather did not allow us to get acquainted with such complexes as Leer-2 and Leer-3. But we will definitely return to this topic, especially since the EW brigade has something to demonstrate. Both the technique and the ability to calculate it to apply.
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  1. tchoni
    tchoni 30 October 2017 07: 49 New
    1) Maskhalat diver - just atas! Its vibrant green blends perfectly with the deathly pallor of a chashed field)))
    2) About saboteurs, the article says more than about working in the air-ground channel. Neither the goal, nor the tasks of the parties, nor the progress of the codification are indicated.
    1. Sergey53
      Sergey53 30 October 2017 14: 19 New
      Why disclose what the adversary does not need to know. But the set of equipment is impressive.
      1. statokaev
        statokaev 31 October 2017 20: 09 New
        Especially a hammer for hammering stakes! In principle, it will serve for a long time, but it must comply with some TU and not be in the middle of the handle. A trifle? But remember! The enemy broke into the city, sparing no prisoners, because there was no nail in the forge.
        1. statokaev
          statokaev 31 October 2017 20: 17 New
          And, you can still have some kind of hydro mechanism on the machine that would quickly and without noise arrange the necessary stakes. It is possible that many will consider this a stupid fantasy, but I asked the opinion of the soldiers themselves about this.
        2. Galleon
          Galleon 1 November 2017 13: 06 New
          Hmm, it was on such exercises that I learned to work with a sledgehammer. soldier I will say more - all these stakes are driven in until the ground is frozen. And when it froze - the old fashioned way: where with a crowbar, where with a bonfire. But no one will remember the deployment standards.