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"Great Revival" - a synonym for socialism

China has made a fundamentally important step in the construction of socialism. The 19th Congress of the Communist Party, which ended, set the country's development goals for decades to come. This event is of global significance, as China, straightening its shoulders, becomes the center of a new world order based on justice and equality.

Fear of bourgeois elites

The fact that the "free world" led by the United States defeated communism and won the Cold War, Washington states regularly. With the advent of Donald Trump, the American ideological barrel organ played old motives. Residents of the United States and other countries have heard the propaganda clichés of past years, the essence of which boils down to the fact that communism is a threat to the prosperity of the West. “From the Soviet Union to Cuba and Venezuela, wherever real socialism or communism was implemented, this caused suffering, devastation and ruin,” Trump said in September at a session of the UN General Assembly. "America will fight against the tyranny of communism," he promised a few months earlier.

The impetus to resuscitate the image of the enemy was given by the foreign policy of the new administration with its frankly aggressive stuffing. Operating on the rhetoric of the Cold War, which literally entered the minds of middle and older Americans, the White House is trying to gain public support for its course.

The main target of the new edition of anti-communist hysteria is China. Speaking at the end of September in the Senate, Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that in the long run, Beijing poses the greatest threat to the country's security. According to the general, the PRC limits the influence of Washington in the Asia-Pacific region and seeks to destroy the "main military and technological advantages of the United States." The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke no less frankly. On the eve of his visit to India, on which the States place high hopes in Beijing’s “containment” strategy, he said that “China undermines the sovereignty of neighboring countries and disadvantages the United States”, and China’s “provocative actions” in the South China Sea violation of international law and regulations. ”

In his speech, Tillerson identified the most important points on which Washington would beat. First, it is the interests of China in the South China Sea. The Pentagon is developing plans to patrol its waters on an ongoing basis. Secondly, the security of the external borders of China. According to the Secretary of State, the United States will supply the countries neighboring China with "means of protecting their sovereignty", helping them to establish closer ties with each other and loudly declare their (read: American!) Interests. Thirdly, the implementation of the strategy “One belt - one way”. The United States urges the allies, primarily India, Japan and Australia, to develop an alternative to the Chinese project. This is also served by Washington’s pressure on Pakistan, Beijing’s most important partner in implementing the transport and infrastructure strategy. The head of the State Department directly accused Islamabad of supporting the Taliban.

Attention is drawn to not only the content of Tillerson's speech, but also the time chosen for it. The speech was held on October 18 - on the very day when the CPC congress opened in Beijing. Thus, Washington decided once again to declare itself as a superpower, dictating laws to the whole world and not tolerating disobedience.

Behind the ostentatious bravado is the fear of the capitalist elites facing the loss of world leadership and the scattering of the model of international relations that has developed after 1991. The country that challenged this world order was China.


The 19th CPC congress is the last word that fits least. Already we can say that in its significance it ranks with the VII Congress (1945 year), which proclaimed a course for revolution, and the XI (1982 year), which consolidated the policy of reforms and the movement towards socialism with Chinese characteristics. This is proved by the tremendous preparatory work: 59 research centers, government and party departments have prepared 80 reports for the year on the most relevant topics. A series of conferences, including international. Among them is the theoretical seminar “The October Revolution and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. Speaking on it, the head of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee, Liu Qibao, pointed to the need for "a deep understanding of the great significance and far-reaching influence of the October revolution."

Immediately before the Beijing congress, an exhibition of achievements “Five Years of Relentless Movement Forward” opened, at which the 11 themed pavilions demonstrated the success of China. Visitors could see the layout of the world's largest radio telescope FAST, which was commissioned a year ago, and the high-speed train Fusin, which began running between Beijing and Shanghai last month. The main theme of all the events was the breakthrough of the country to the heights of civilizational development while maintaining loyalty to the socialist choice.

The same line became the core of the Xi Jinping report. The more than three-hour speech of the Chairman of the PRC, the Secretary General of the CPC Central Committee can be called a sketch, in which development goals after the 2021 year are marked with confident and clear strokes. Recall that by this year - the 100 anniversary of the Communist Party - in China should be achieved "society of average prosperity." Its main criterion is almost reached. Since the 18th 55 Congress, millions of people have come out of poverty.

The next benchmark is the 2049 year - the 100 anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Xi Jinping's movement towards him was divided into two stages. On the first, comprehensive socialist modernization will be carried out, the country's economic, scientific and technical power will increase, with the result that China will rise to the level of innovative leaders. This will directly affect the life of the people. “The people’s right to participate in public affairs will be fully ensured,” said the PRC Chairman. - The gap in the level of development of the city, village and regions, in the standard of living of the population will sharply decrease. Equal access to basic public services will be provided. ” The second stage envisages a significant increase in the level of material, political and spiritual culture, with the result that by the middle of the century China will turn into a “rich and powerful, democratic and civilized, harmonious and modernized socialist power”.

The goals set by the Chinese Communists may seem fantastic to the reader. The formalism of the late Soviet era and the promises of "United Russia" gave rise to distrust of declarative appeals. A similar distrust would be justified with respect to China, if not for the fundamental difference between our countries. The leadership of the People's Republic of China is alien to voluntarism and empty praise. Decisions are made on the basis of a careful study of objective reality, since the scientific institutions in the country are not defeated, but turned into real “think tanks”. Their analytical work directly affects the control system.

Achieving goals allows planning system. Western predictors of "hard landing" do not take this into account, and therefore over and over again fall into the sky with a finger. The growth rate of the economy in China is more than two times higher than the world average, and the share of China in the global economy has grown in five years from 11,4 to 14,8 percent. After 2012, the country's leadership announced a radical change in the direction of economic policy. The main engine of the course, called the "new norm", should be innovation and high-tech production. On this path, undoubted success has also been achieved. The share of advanced innovative industries in total GDP reached 10 percent, in terms of the number of pending patent applications, China has come out on top in the world. As the American magazine Forbes recently admitted, China is making a decisive contribution to the global scientific and technological progress.

Steps to socialism

Thus, Beijing is on the shoulder the most ambitious tasks. At the congress, the 14 principles of the movement towards socialism were outlined. Select the most important. First, "the constant emphasis on the embodiment of the key values ​​of socialism." This is not just a tribute to the past. In China, they understand that the Western bourgeois model is destructive for a country of one and a half billion. “A century ago, the gunslides of the October revolution brought Marxism-Leninism to China,” Xi Jinping said. “The advanced minds of China in the scientific theory of Marxism-Leninism have found a way to solve the problems of the country ... Thus, the Chinese people found support in the search for national independence, freedom, prosperity and happiness.”

Secondly, the “leading role of the party” and “the provision of strict methods of internal party regulation”. The undoubted merit of the current leadership of the PRC is that it does not shake off existing problems, among which corruption and a decrease in the moral authority of party workers occupy a special place. The current anti-corruption campaign is unparalleled in stories country. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection transferred additional powers. As a result, over five years, 1,3 million officials were brought to justice, including hundreds of heads of administrations of cities and provinces, heads of departments, members of the CPC Central Committee. Among those involved in recent high-profile cases is Sun Zhengcai, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. As Xi Jinping emphasized, party members should get used to living and working within the framework of control and restrictions. “The manifestations of corruption are the greatest pain for the people, decomposition is the greatest danger for our party,” he added.

Third, “strengthening the position of the masses as the master of the country”, “improving the well-being of the population”. It would seem that much has been achieved in this area. The “White Book” released before the congress gives an impressive picture of China’s success. The average life expectancy from the beginning of 1980-s increased from 66 years to 76,5 year (in Russia - 72), maternal and infant mortality decreased fourfold. In terms of average wages and housing supply, the People's Republic of China also confidently overtook Russia. But the Chinese authorities do not rest on their laurels. Speaking to delegates, Xi Jinping called the uneven distribution of wealth, insufficiently perfect structure of the economy, problems in the field of employment as serious challenges. The task of the leadership, he continued, is the introduction of national social security, a complete victory over poverty. “The entire population should enjoy the fruits of development on an equal footing,” said Xi Jinping.

Fourthly, “national security”. According to the speaker, China should continue to build a strong and modern army, adapt the military strategy to the new conditions. The modernization of the armed forces should be completed by 2035 year.

Finally, the XIX Congress outlined the contours of the new system of international relations to which China is striving. Xi Jinping stated the importance of activating global integration processes "for the formation of humanity linked by a common fate." In short, the essence of this concept is that there is no alternative to the rapprochement of peoples and cultures. The alternative is to the unfair principles on which capitalist globalization is built. Beijing offers a different path, where dialogue and equality will replace confrontation and politics from a position of strength. “No country alone can solve the many problems facing humanity,” Xi Jinping said, adding that no matter how powerful China may be, it will never claim to be a hegemon. The PRC Chairman also noted that China’s successes in socialist construction and the paths of modernization that had been beaten by it open up new alternatives for all countries seeking to accelerate progress and who want to maintain their own independence.

The project “One Belt - One Way” is based on this foundation. As the People's Daily recently noted, its realization means connecting the “Chinese dream” and the world dream of a better future. This is what scares the United States, who are afraid of losing world domination.

Recent events have only added to their concerns. The Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, which were elected by the 19th Congress and the first plenary session of the 25 of October 19th 19, included Xi Jinping’s loyal associates, which will allow him to carry out his ambitious plans more confidently. The Chairman of the People's Republic of China himself was re-elected for a new term as the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the CPC Military Council.

The great renaissance of China, about which the country's leader speaks so enthusiastically, has many enemies. But even more friends. Millions of people from different countries and continents understand that the development of China is in the interests of the whole world.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 31 October 2017 17: 25 New
    The Americans are jumping. Negroes, Latinos and "American citizens of Chinese nationality" will arrange for them a great colorful revolution ...
  3. gladcu2
    gladcu2 31 October 2017 18: 20 New
    All these slogans of congresses distract from the understanding of the main thing.

    What are the elements of the differences in the economics of socialism and capitalism.


    Under Capitalism there is profit.
    Under socialism, profit is reduced to zero and salaries cannot have a difference of more than three times. The concept of speculation is a synonym for crime.
  4. Gardamir
    Gardamir 31 October 2017 18: 25 New
    Millions of people from different countries and continents understand: China's development meets the interests of the whole world
    Why is China better than the USA? And where is socialism in China?
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 31 October 2017 19: 30 New
      This is a serious question.

      Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the type of economy in China due to various conflicting information.
  5. Aleksandr_5
    Aleksandr_5 31 October 2017 20: 00 New
    “From the Soviet Union to Cuba and Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism was realized, it caused suffering, ruin and ruin,” Trump said at a UN General Assembly session in September. -
    Further this phrase, I could not read. He turned blood, stsuka. Then one mate and a burning desire to smash his head into the meat with all the objects that fell under his arm. To the stuffing. So that only, stsuka could moo slurredly. And he is our partner! I apologize if anyone was shocked. You are here, all the analysts are ...
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 1 November 2017 01: 16 New
      Politicians do not always say what they are doing.
      In the United States, people with an engineering degree are well aware of what Capitalism and Socialism are. And they know perfectly well what systemic crises are.

      Well, D. Trump, knows that Capitalism has owners.
    2. zoolu350
      zoolu350 1 November 2017 07: 40 New
      He is a partner of the oligarchy of the Russian Federation, not the Russian people. He cannot say good things about socialism, for he is a faithful servant of the owners of the Fed.
  6. engineer74
    engineer74 31 October 2017 22: 28 New
    EMNIP, Lenin said: "The capitalists themselves will sell us the rope on which we hang them, and they will sell them on credit!" The Chinese seem to have bought this rope and are looking for soap ...
    IMHO, the whole thought of the article. hi
  7. silver169
    silver169 1 November 2017 03: 35 New
    In fact, Trump is right - wherever genuine socialism or communism was realized, it caused suffering, ruin and ruin. Perhaps China is the only exception.
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 1 November 2017 09: 56 New
      And Trump is wrong, and you. Nowhere and never has true communism been realized. Well, socialism, as a transitional stage, can be called genuine only when it has already led to communism. Those countries that followed this path made a lot of fatal mistakes, including USSR, because The last real theorist of socialism was Stalin, the rest followed an empirical path, i.e. blindly. And it is not yet known where China will eventually come. Although, of course, there is no alternative to socialism in terms of human development.
  8. Doliva63
    Doliva63 1 November 2017 09: 30 New
    "... China's successes in socialist construction and the paths of modernization it has advanced open up new alternatives for all countries seeking to accelerate progress and want to maintain their own independence."
    Sounds like a direct US challenge, however! I wonder which country the Chinese will choose as a landfill? bully
  9. 1536
    1536 4 November 2017 10: 22 New
    The US production hall held a party meeting. And a few days later the "Secretary General" from the United States arrives there to personally make sure that China is moving on the "right path", the end point of which will be the world of people of American nationality with a Chinese face. By the way, it's time for the Americans to paint the stars on their flag in red. You look, decrease in the world of fighters "for communism".
    And where does Confucius and Lao Tzu? Everything is very cynical, thoughtful and insolent. In a part-time way.
    We should shun and fear the strengthening of China, and we, repeating the mistakes of the 40-50's, declared him our “ally” (think only) and strengthened his power now in every way, as they helped to survive and get stronger in the years mentioned, spent in SAT ONN. They forgot both Damansky, Kissenger’s “ping-pong diplomacy”, and hunweibins, and help to the “Mujahideen” from the CIA in Afghanistan, and the bloody war unleashed by Beijing against Vietnam, and its current aggressive actions in the Far Eastern region, and much more. It doesn’t even bother that these “friends” at the UN are now behaving as if they were waging opium wars against the aliens together with the British.