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Ukraine as a country without people. How to kill the soul of the people

Probably each of the readers had meetings that arose completely out of nowhere. When any aunt or another relative suddenly tearfully asks to bring her (him) to the station because “Vasya (Petya, Masha, Dasha ...), who you know very well, is passing, remember when you had 12-13 they represented you to each other for years. The son (daughter) of Aunt Masha, whom you saw at the age of six, and this Vasya carries a jar of absolutely miraculous jam from his aunt's homeland.

Ukraine as a country without people. How to kill the soul of the people

Approximately this situation happened to me. Day off. Snow and frost. Ice on the roads. Beauty. And the call. In the style that I described above. I could not refuse. And for good reason. This article is the fruit of this trip to the station and almost an hour of conversation with the "familiar." To me, honestly, the schedule of our super fast trains is completely unclear. Then they rush about like a pack of wolves go off, then stand for an hour at the stations.

The “old friend” turned out to be a complete stranger. He knew about me exactly as much as I knew about him. Simply put, nothing. Yes, and Ukrainian, he was "fake". An ordinary Russian man who fell in love a long time ago with a Ukrainian maiden and left for Ukraine. To Kharkov. Well, there is an apartment, children, friends, a summer house ... Life in one word. Even when all this mess started (his words) I did not think to leave. "Where and to whom are we needed?"

In short, a man of ordinary, not heroic. The one on which this world stands. Will work. Will fight if they call. Will vote for whom they say. For him, the main thing is just to live. Do not fight, do not expose political demands, do not Maidan ... Just live a normal life. Work. To raise children. Condemn? For what? Rehabilitate 50-year-old uncle?

But to talk for almost an hour about something is necessary. And then the memories of aunts about "our mutual friends" from distant childhood, the brain will be completely demolished. And our conversation, I confess, I turned to an interesting topic. Interesting for me personally.

The fact is that all events in Ukraine today, in my opinion, should have taken place in Russia in 90. This is my deep conviction. And it happened in the one that was being killed in Russia, one thing that somehow bypasses the press and numerous observers and experts on Square. The worst thing ... What determines the end of the state, and maybe the people.

Remember Russia 90's? I'm not talking about the economy, not about culture, not about the army. I'm talking about the soul. My, your, neighbor, Russia, finally. Remember that then they tried to create with our soul? Remember the millions sitting at the TV screens with cans of water and creams. When Alain Chumak was charging ... Remember Kashpirovsky, who "lifted up legless invalids" with one pass of his hand.

How many saints, such as Mary Devi Christ and others, then appeared. How many sorcerers, such as Longu, practiced white, black, “sour-silo crimson” magic. Practically in every small town a healer spoke, who treated everything. He even raised the dead. Pay and get a certificate that you have already recovered. We believed. And do not tell me that everyone believed except you. You are clever. With higher education. And the banks with water "charged" the wife-fool. What to take with women ...

"Yes, ass with this we have." These are the first words of my interlocutor on my direct question about sects and all kinds of magicians. “I was not specifically interested, but I heard about the“ Center of the Mother of God ”, about the church I caught up with, about the“ Embassy of God ”...”. According to the source, so far this infection has not particularly touched Kharkov, and indeed the eastern regions.

I really wondered if the “era of the Chumak and Kashpirovsky” today in Ukraine? Again, "You do not feel anything, but your body is already young by 50 years. Even those who have just been born ...". And then everything is clear. Curiosity must be satisfied. As it turned out, the situation, though similar to ours, "from 90's," but, as it should be in a farce, is absurd.

Here is a record of a resident of Lviv, Igor T., which I found in one of the soc. networks. It is about the author's wife, who fell into a sect: “We live in Lviv, and she goes to the preacher in Rovno. There, to be closer to the “teacher“, her mother moved from Zaporozhye. She pulled her daughter there. "Teacher" - a man of about sixty, a good psychologist and manipulator. He says that he is the son of God, and offers a mix of vegetarianism, Christianity, yoga, the doctrine of karma and everything else. At the same time in this sect, people are forced to leave their families, convincing that their relatives are obsessed with demons. And all this is arranged as a business: the cost of the day of “enlightenment“ is UAH 300, but you need to go for at least a week. About 20 people go there, and they are increasingly inviting newcomers. “Stress-resistant“ quickly leaves the sect, there remain those who are amenable to suggestion. ”

And here is a completely idiotic project. Purely Ukrainian, but working at the level of "genetic memory." Maybe not stupid even. Sneaky, it will be more correct. I’m talking about the “Mother of God Center” of today's “flood”. That's what I found about this sect. Irina from Vinnitsa: “About three years ago someone on the train hit my mom on their first book. And then a woman called and invited her to a seminar. Mom went, bought books, it is clear that it delays her. The sect calls itself the Old Believers, but I think it’s a cover for them. ”

Do you know why I call this a sect foul? Just because they remind me of agents of funeral houses. Both those and these "live" in conditions when a person is in the deepest stress. And you can milk it to the fullest. "Subscribe" for any money. The "Mother of God Center" parasitizes on the memories of the "Soviet" life. More precisely on the old myth of the brotherhood of nations. "Let's create a single state of all Slavs and paradise on Earth" ...

And about the other sects? Someone canceled and banned Eastern religions and their substitutes? Someone opposes the church of Dognal already banned in Ukraine? Many Russians have not heard of this sect. In fact, all kinds of "reformers" are enough in any of the world religions. Dognalites oppose the traditional Greek Catholic Church.

Do you know what the Embassy of God has become in Ukraine today? Do not believe it, but today it is, in many ways, the volunteer movement of assistance to the soldiers of the ATO. If you want to help the soldiers, join the ranks of believers and God's embassy on Earth.

Subject turned nasty. The belief of a person in general is an intimate topic. And it is necessary to write about it with great regard. One word and you already offended someone. Only in this case I am not so much interested in questions of faith. I am more interested in the soul of man.

In Ukraine today there is an open war between the Christian religions. Catholicism, Orthodoxy, some Ukrainian Orthodoxy, Protestants ... We somehow forgot that Turchinov is no more and no less, as a fairly high-ranking religious leader! And it is precisely the sectarian figure! And then what conclusion? Sectarianism in Ukraine has long been a leader in politics!

Beautiful история about the revival of the people today has already turned into a story about the degeneration of the people. The theme of the confrontation between the "west" and the "east" of Ukraine is in fact not worth a damn. Today there is no confrontation. Today in Ukraine there are people who have lost their moral guidelines. Lost faith! Everywhere.

Raise the theme of "correctness" of religion will not. I always adhered to the simple truth that the old village priest once said to me. "Faith is different. God is one!" And it is for this, one for all of God, in Ukraine today, crooks of all stripes are beating. A man without faith is a living corpse.

But still more and other "parasites" of faith. Those who are for the "small bribe" can get your son, father, brother out of the ATO area. Those who can "talk to higher forces" so that a bullet or a fragment has passed your son. Those who can “kill” your relative, if you don’t “make a contribution” to any cashier right now ... But you need to write a separate article about these people.

We can talk about bad politicians many times. We can talk about the deceived people of Ukraine. We can express hope for the enlightenment of the people. But all these will be words. A lost soul cannot be a man.

In the Ukrainian people, the soul is still preserved. We see it. We feel it. But they kill this soul. Daily, hourly, every minute. And it is impossible to resist it. This is the business of each person. The personal file of each person. Stay human, save the soul or become a sliver, which floats according to the will of the waves ... Or maybe a piece of what, according to popular proverbs, does not sink ...
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  1. ando_bor
    ando_bor 1 November 2017 15: 22
    It’s clear that the State Department’s fault is to blame for everything, it has broken the bonds - these are the demons and the sinful souls are gripping.
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 1 November 2017 16: 11
      Quote: ando_bor
      Clearly, the State Department is to blame for everything

      no, it’s our fault, we looked and stupidly believed that it would resolve
      Now the same garbage in Asia and again we look like sheep and wait when it resolves
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 1 November 2017 16: 45
        Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
        DO NOT BRAIN

        I agree, but we are shy, we do not climb with our charter into a strange monastery ... only here, now the question is how to defend our monastery from other people's charters.
      2. ando_bor
        ando_bor 1 November 2017 17: 55
        Quote: Vasilenko Vladimir
        no, it’s our fault, we looked and stupidly believed that it would resolve

        We didn’t have time for them - we would fight back ourselves, they were as poor as modern Ukraine.
        1. Vasilenko Vladimir
          Vasilenko Vladimir 1 November 2017 20: 54
          Quote: ando_bor
          We were not up to them

          Okay, let's leave the 90s, but forgive me later, but now? !!!!!!!!
          it’s just that we really have an ostrich policy
          Tomorrow Nazarbayev, he is no longer a boy, but who will come in his place? !!!
          and again we’ll cry about “cookies”
  2. Mik13
    Mik13 1 November 2017 15: 58
    Good article, correct. Thank.
  3. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 1 November 2017 16: 19
    So we have the same mess with sects so far ... the sect of the god Kuzi, for example, well, and others
    1. already a Muscovite
      already a Muscovite 1 November 2017 21: 38
      Kuzya on the bunk for a long time.
  4. AleBors
    AleBors 1 November 2017 16: 51
    Wild obscurantism in Ukraine led to what is happening there now. For apostasy suffer. He was at the end of 2012, drove through the whole of Ukraine, and was surprised by the wild porridge of cults, sects and other things.
    And when a person falls away from God, He admonishes him .... as a rule, with sorrows.
  5. cedar
    cedar 1 November 2017 17: 15
    The information-psychological war is in full swing. Like any war, it has victims, the wounded and the crippled. The crippled and murdered souls of the Ukrainian people are a vile deed of the arrogant Saxons, with their black souls the slave owners and slave traders that they were, are in fact and will remain until the end.
    See the root. "You won’t wash the black cable to white"
  6. bnm.99
    bnm.99 1 November 2017 17: 35
    Isn’t you tired of raising demagogy about the supposedly poor, miserable Ukrainian people? It’s time to understand that a dangerous and terrible enemy has formed on the southwestern border that has already tasted Russian blood and is really ready to wage an extermination war with the Russians. Using the impotence of the Soviet agitprop, Bandera ideology spread throughout the Ukrainian SSR in the 1960-1980s, resulting in the notorious referendum of 01.12.1991/2014/XNUMX. Well, then a Bandera song flowed from everywhere. It’s not worth worrying about them. The more and longer they cut each other, the less Russian blood will be shed and the less Russian money will be spent to restore them. Hybrid III of the Reich and the Crimean Khanate of Russia on the border is not needed. From personal experience - supposedly Russian Kharkov long before any Maidan dazzled with inscriptions like "Muscovites get z Ukrainyi", and after hearing the ultrapatriotic speeches of Kharkov relatives in the spring of XNUMX, I was convinced of this personally
    1. Astoria
      Astoria 1 November 2017 18: 27
      That's right, as they said in the famous film: the more we surrender, the better.
      1. bnm.99
        bnm.99 1 November 2017 19: 18
        Is there anything to take?
    2. German Titov
      German Titov 1 November 2017 19: 23
      "From personal experience - supposedly Russian Kharkov long before any Maidan dazzled with inscriptions like" Moskal get z ukrainy ", and after hearing the ultrapatriotic speeches of Kharkov relatives in the spring of 2014, I was convinced of this with my own eyes"

      There is nothing better than the words of a classic. "Congratulations to you, citizen of lies." Even a similar inscription from 2010 to 2013. in Kharkov did not see. Are you not a proazovsky bot for an hour? Manuals are very similar. And tell me, for the "uninitiated" - as much as possible "having heard the ultra-patriotic speeches of the Kharkov relatives in the spring of 2014" - "make sure of everything with your own eyes." Have you ever been to Kharkov? Did you go to your regional (regional) center, without unaccompanied adults?
      1. bnm.99
        bnm.99 1 November 2017 21: 04
        And here are the manuals? A bunch of bastards of several thousand carcasses took control of a huge country with an area of ​​603700 square kilometers (more than any European country and slightly less than Afghanistan). 42 MILLION Ukrainians minus the Crimea openly rejoiced at this (overwhelming majority) or swallowed silently (minority). And it is not necessary to prove the opposite by citing the example of Donetsk or Lugansk - the real, not the toy, resistance to the ukronatsiks began only with the arrival of Strelkov. Despite the ambiguity of this figure, he can be erected a monument in life - for the fact that he even stirred up someone out of a 5- or 6-million population there. For comparison - less than a million Chechens in 1994 exhibited 20-30 thousand well-motivated fighters. You know, when it all started, I also shouted like many then - “Putin send troops”, “Putin leaked”, “Putin” and so on. And now I think differently - both the Kharkov relatives and the epic played a role here, sorry for the expression, O.B.O.S.r.r.r.a.m.s with the announced "miners' division" of 50 thousand bayonets - remember how they shouted about it in July 2014? - and so on. And do not whine about the fact that the evil Putin and the oligarchs did not give weapons, that there was nothing to arm - this is all the lyrics - there would be people and there will always be weapons. Chechens of 1994, and Palestinian Jews of 1947, and even the Moldavians of Transnistria, who have always ridiculed with us, speak of this, 1992. IMHO, because Putin in 2014 confined himself to Crimea - he probably knew that the Russians would not be welcome there.
        1. German Titov
          German Titov 1 November 2017 23: 02
          I do not want to "dive" in this thread with you. I'm obviously older. I apologize "for the manuals" (somehow they look at numbers 66 and 99 askew). For I.I. Strelkova I also "do not need to pour." About the lack of "human reserve" as well. In 2014, PutinVediarmia was yelled by provocateurs. From Slavyansk to Donetsk, about 120 km. -It was not weak to give such territory without building "support posts". In June 2014, with 1 SCS for 10 people in Donetsk, there were units. I don’t need to tell for Strelkova, and no one will say “where should you go.” The operation to remove 32 wounded in about 40 cars went down in history. That normal guy, - "crowed, dawns." Again - "sacred sacrifices" - all according to "Feng Shui." I don’t know where anyone is happy, I’m in Donetsk "I’m definitely not happy with dill." Figurines, whom I consider the former Minister of Defense Strelkova I.I. there is nothing to do here either. “The match of war” they ignited, “Ivan, Odark and Mary” will have to extinguish it. So from the bottom of my heart I can be glad for the “swan flight of the Air Force”. Roosters fly over Donbass for the first and last time (they will understand that it is not 2014). Dear opponent! Do not "tell me nothing." The cards were dealt. Or in the "Russian fool" geopolitics will play, or in "poker".
          1. bnm.99
            bnm.99 2 November 2017 00: 12
            I repeat. Strelkov is an ambiguous comrade, yes. But serious movements in the Donbass began only with his arrival in Slavyansk for some reason, this time. Second: there was a choice - inglorious death in the surrounded Slavyansk among the raging sea of ​​local indifference and dill, or a breakthrough with an aim to continue the struggle - Strelkov made a breakthrough and did it right. The third - “left 120 km of the territory” —that and most importantly, whoever he defends these 120 km. I can remind you how the battle near Yampol ended for the militias - namely, the collapse of the defense front and the blockade of Slavyansk. The fourth - "for 10 people 1 SCS" - if there were 10000 people, then they would find 100000 AK. The husbands of the Bendery weavers did not whine at the time, but got themselves AK, and RPG, and BMP-1, and even T-64BV, Lebed with his "lunch in Chisinau and dinner in Bucharest" will draw later ... Fifth, right Until July 2014, Ukrainian authorities were sitting in Donetsk (the DPR had already been proclaimed!) and ... - wow! - was natsgvariya (!). And you are worried about the deficit of SCS ... Again, it was only a “fool” who was able to put things in order. And finally, a division was found that saved the situation - not just the miners', but the vacationers. I do not argue - Strelkov to put it mildly a kind of character. But, reasoning objectively, since there was no mass popular impulse like in the Crimea in the Donbass, nothing would have happened without a “hitchhiker” and his people.
            1. bnm.99
              bnm.99 2 November 2017 00: 34
              I will add. In the 2000s, people who arrived in Belgorod from Kharkov were greeted by train with a hefty inscription on the back wall of the PRIVET NOVOROSSIYSK garages (I suspect that they greeted the passengers of the St. Petersburg-Novorossisk train, he then went twice a day), and those arriving from Belgorod in Kharkov discouraged by the slogan painted in huge letters on the concrete fence of the depot in front of the South (sorry Pivdenny) station - MOSCAL - GOETH Z UKRAINI. And bnm99 - a random set of letters and numbers. In the elections, I first voted in 2003 and I remember very well how hysterical you were about your Tuzla braid in your ridiculous Ukraine.
  7. polpot
    polpot 1 November 2017 19: 11
    Sectarianism appears where the official church is in the corral, and in Ukraine there are about five Orthodox churches, sectarians are biting at each other and rejoice
  8. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 2 November 2017 09: 35
    And a savior appeared to people ... And he opened his eyes to the blind ... And his name is Alexander Staver ....
  9. lev54
    lev54 3 November 2017 19: 02
    The former Soviet elite, led by pseudo-communist careerists in the late seventies and early eighties, snapped ... And on the glorious bank of the Potomac, they carefully prepared for the assassination of the USSR. Through the CIA, traitors, renegades and stubborn Central Committee old shameless people who do not want to change anything, for renewal and progress in the country. Actually, in these decades there was a contest on the ideological "tug of war" between white and red, enemies from the west and rulers struck by senile dementia on the other hand.
    And the most important thing is that the people in death were tired of stagnation in all spheres of society and the tempting "goodies" from the west did their infamous thing: the USSR was gone!