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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. And I have another Ukraine!

Greetings, dear and beloved! Thank you for taking care of my chitin. Correctly you write everything. Of course, I won’t be a substitute, but I don’t even have to sit there. Entered the rage.

And the matter is not at all in the color of banners or belonging to any kind of opposition. Although, judging by the messages sent to me from the editorial office, which are beyond the comments, then I really opposition. Even your First Channel.

Yes, on the “First”, all Ukrainians can put pots on their heads as much as they like and tell them that if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, that’s all, cranks.

And in this they are right in their own way. Vyshivankov with us and Klitschko and Lightly they have plenty. About how you Gaidar and Sobchak ... Ah, Gaidar is now with us. Everything is to our shore, their wood lice ... But you also have it, and you should not deny it, yes.

But the "first" has its own Ukraine, and I have my own. Somewhat different, but what is. And the fact that it does not all fall in ecstasy from the name "Bandera" and do not pound their heads against the floor at the sound of "schenevmerly" - this is just an interesting moment. The mind, like its absence, they bring together. The question is who and how. I'm just for those who brings the mind together, and who does not stand out bile at the sight of the Ukrainian flag.

What does it matter which flag: red with a sickle and a hammer, yellow-blue, black-white-yellow or white-blue-red? Geniuses and idiots are enough under any of them.

More than two years ago, I began with merry stories about what was going on behind the scenes of the Rada. We laughed together. Well, it seems to have matured, and now I just want to show Ukraine normal people. He does not want the “first” to show - well, okay, we'll get along.

I will tell you to start about happiness and luck. Is it the same? Maybe lucky person to the fullest?

We have such a city. And the little man is complicated. Well, it's hard to call him just a peasant. Therefore, I will not particularly intrigue, and with my thoughts you should "suggest" something to you. In our Rada holiday: a new source of income for deputies. And this source was opened not only by the deputy, but by the head of the party and faction!

The chairman of the parliamentary faction of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, declared 571 000 hryvnia winnings in the Ukrainian national lottery. In fact, Lyashko declared three wins: 283 560, 153 485 and 134 000 hryvnia. In rushing, right? Only you can envy.

That's the truth, say money to money. Something's not swimming here, but Pan Lyashko seems to be doing nothing, but swimming towards him. Or does?

How else to explain 740 thousand dollars, 90 thousand euros and 890 thousand hryvnia, which he showed in the declaration? It is clear that not everyone can look at it, but who can - he will not lie to me. There are tsiferki such.

Now, in the course, "the card will trample" all the people's deputies ...

The truth is, here is a house and a couple of land plots for 15 000 000 hryvnias, which Oleg bought on the occasion recently, are causing questions. It is not good, of course, to look into someone else's pocket, just for yourself. For the future, I wonder how or how you can earn so much? Probably Lyashko "unloads cars somewhere," according to an old specialty ... Or not cars?

And why is it that money and work don't go in one hand? One job, the other money.

The rest of the "population", well, before people called them, even for the use of heat energy can not pay. People came to work, but there is no money. Moreover, Kyivenergo writes that we owe 1,3 billion hryvnia (for heating it is 741 250 000 hryvnia, the debt for hot water is 582 140 000 hryvnia). The housing and utilities organizations are still 682 million hryvnia. All in all, Kiev owes 2,6 billion hryvnia for heat ...

Already frost on the spine ...

And Kiev is no longer dolphinarium "Nemo" ... October 22 all beloved dolphinarium is closed. By decision of the Pechersk district court of Kiev. For inappropriate use of land. The dolphins lasted a year without sewage, but could not argue with the land. What a dolphinarium to woodlice, when you can build a beautiful wasteland there! It's a shame. Sorry for the dolphins. They are smart. And honest. And people are sorry that they loved to stare.

But you can talk endlessly about Kiev filth for a long time. To be honest, tired. Smack such that it is necessary to clean the mandibles every time. And it is like extra expenses.

So I will show you another strange Ukrainian town. The weirdest of all that I saw during my vacation.

Welcome to Kamenetz-Podolsky with me. One of the oldest cities in our land. Perhaps the most ancient. If you believe the archaeologists, then for 10 000 years BC here someone lived and ate mammoths. Well, the city itself was ranked as 9 century AD. But история there is on the Internet, we do not need it. To whom it is interesting, he will find and read everything himself.

The city itself is simply enchanting, as are the people living there. But they, however, "with a cherry on the cake," or, in our opinion, with a cockroach in my head. Yes, even with how! African, no less. This I tell you as a special. On cockroaches.

I will break the charm of Kamenetz into three parts.

Part one. Patriotic.

I arrived in the city already during the day for which a huge “thank you” to our “Ukrzaliznytsia”, patroness of queues and snails. It's like you Railways, but in the worst incarnation. Slow and rotten. But I will walk along this terrible structure some other time, I don’t want to spoil my mood.

I arrived on a very special day - the Day of the Liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis. Not a round date, but still. I wanted to, really wanted to see how it would not look like in Kiev. From Kiev, I confess, already sick.

And late. It is a pity, but everyone has already gone. The day was nothing according to the weather, so that all residents and guests used it to the fullest. Well, I, too, of course, in accordance with the task.

What I did not see in the city at all. For the whole day I did not see a single already familiar black and red cloth. Not a single leaflet or agitation. Nothing, which would remind of pravosek or Bandera and Petliura fans, although it was here, for example, that the army of Simon Petliura completed his combat journey.

I’ll say right away that I didn’t have a guide-guide because I found it, I found it.

This is the only thing of the modern. And "Heavenly hundred", and those who ... did not come from the ATO. No comment, and here's why.

And this is a monument to the soldiers-liberators Kamenetz-Podolskogo. There is a difference, if in my opinion.

Wreaths - wreaths, but as if fresh flowers will be more.

Speaking of decommunization and all of this:

I am sure you will like this approach to the question.

Sadly, modestly, but goose bumps from numbers, to be honest.

Well, here, too, everything is clear, is not it?

This is another place. Generally kamenchan such an approach to the memory of fellow countrymen - remember all. And this is respectful.

In general, in the city of memorial places dedicated to the Great Patriotic War is not just a lot. And everything is in a very decent condition, there are no traces of vandalism, paint, and similar disgraces. Not Kiev or Lviv definitely.

This, as the editors have already enlightened me, your Black Knives was noted.

Finishing the first part, I want to say only one thing: in order not to talk about complete degradation and other democratic pleasures there, dear Russians and residents of other republics, you take one thing for an axiom: Kiev and Lviv are not all of Ukraine. There's just a percentage of ducks more. But in ordinary Ukraine everything can be like this: calm and dignified.

And on one monument, doused with paint, we have much more of these: well-groomed and with fresh flowers. Just about this normal people do not scream from TV screens, do not earn their ratings. This is just a memory, but we can remember. At least, have not forgotten how. Yes, and not soon forget how, believe it or not.

Here is another proof. "Heroes in prisons" is about all sorts of Aydarovsk and tornadov heroes who are now prisoners. And please, black on red (straight in company colors) opinion. Good and capacious.

Then I finish the patriotic part, and turn to the second part.

Part two. Just a city.

Kamyanets-Podilsky, who arrived to him for the first time, simply kills outright with his purity. And technical quirks. How do you think this is a structure?

That's right, bike parking. I have never seen anything like this in any city. Well, you can simply and without spending too much metal, make the arc? Without the emblem of the city, without artistic forging? Of course it is possible. But not here. Here they strive to show with all their might that they can and can. And they love their city.

Remove the pillar with modern signs, and take a dip back on the 250 years. Not a home is a time machine. And there are many. And all in a very good condition.

Cobblestone as in Lviv, but here's the problem: not a single stone was everted.

And it amused me. Seeing parking for greats, I thought that the wheels were honored here. An, no.

Such a bicycle path is a bone walker, with a slope a not weak and sharp turn. And around the corner - a test of the ability to ride in the form of a pillar.

Local extreme zone. Catcher on the cable. How much you go - so much yelling.

He looked down, thought ... and began to look for a detour. I was just on the wrong side. But I am a normal hero, and, as you know, they always go around.

And this is the local fishermen themselves staged.

You know, and Raphael, too, used to draw on the bottoms of wine barrels ...

This is the town hall. Here before fathers commanders sat.

And this is a monument to me. To the tourist. So it is, everyone is open-mouthed.

Tavern and Cave Monument. Well, coffee.

You will laugh, but this is a sightseeing bus. Or an armored personnel carrier. And there are a few of these. Apparently, rolling on the pavement every day is the death of any suspension, except for the military.

Monument soft spin. Previously, it was either a Lutheran, or a Catholic church. But then it was taken up by the Orthodox and slightly modernized. Look poppy funny, is not it?

Part Three The fortress.

But, of course, the main attraction is the fortress. How much it was built, rebuilt, only experts can say, but beauty ...

By the way, this is a fortress-movie hero. She participated in a heap of films, somewhere she played herself, somewhere she did not. The most famous role - La Rochelle in the movie "The Three Musketeers". Here!

The old castle is the quintessence of everything. Undiluted This is a must see and touch. Everything is at the mercy of reenactors, they are here and shaman.

Engineering on the right. Such, you know, the seas dug in the old days. Joke, of course.

And this is the 16 century field bread maker. Clay Now do not tell, historians, that Napoleon introduced the first field kitchens. We were the first!

By the way, the fire is not just burning. His baker spread his bread and baked bread. And I also treated myself, and I tell you, quite interesting. Something between lavash and flatbread. Yummy.

Here, in fact, the whole tour of the Ukrainian city of Kamenetz-Podolsk. Short, of course, but alas. I took, of course, a lot. After all, the beauty around. And the people, by the way. With faces.

I will tell you so, my dear readers. Let everyone sees his own. They will not be remembered for the night, but if someone wants to see in Ukraine only dirt and snores from the Rada and all kinds of "heroatalons" grinning into television cameras, is your will. Here, as they say, you will not be forced by love.

But I repeat once again - Kiev and Lviv are not all of Ukraine. And our baboons from the Rada, crooked-language "hero ATO" - this is not the whole nation.

And who wants to see what I try to show you, well-groomed and clean monuments, fresh flowers on the graves of ours and your ancestors, who together beat one enemy, people who do not see the Mordor hordes in the east - then yes, I, your voluntary but a very diligent assistant, I will continue to show you another Ukraine.

I really hope you find it helpful to see it. Because I, an old cockroach, still believe that sooner or later we will become people and we will not visit each other tanks.

So good day to all of you and the belief that it will be so! And, as always, until the next meeting!
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 October 2017 07: 21
    ... they got into people's heads about "Muscovites", now try to pick it out ... the world will come to the weather when it comes to hope, I hope ...
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 30 October 2017 10: 05
      That's for sure. There are enough maximalists who equalize one size fits all. Cockroach - a huge refuge and good luck! I also want to add that most of V. Belyaev’s narrative “The Old Fortress” takes place in the city of Kamenetz-Podolsky.
    2. raf
      raf 30 October 2017 10: 54
      Quote: aszzz888
      ... they got into people's heads about "Muscovites", now try to pick it out ... the world will come to the weather when it comes to hope, I hope ...

      The world will come nezalezhnu, come! In Germany, in 30-40 years, everything was much worse!
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 30 October 2017 13: 30
        Quote: raf
        The world will come nezalezhnu, come!

        How he came to Crimea - also beautiful.
    3. Berber
      Berber 30 October 2017 10: 55
      And from our side there are no less. It is easier to think with stamps. "Ukraine is not Russia," said one near, but they all repeat it.
  2. Shurale
    Shurale 30 October 2017 07: 30
    I understand what the author wrote about, but he set the city specifically for the passage, soon there will be monuments to be felled and decommunization to be carried out, but it’s a pity ...
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 30 October 2017 09: 33
      Quote: Shurale
      he framed the city specifically

      I agree. Sorry. Such beauty will be ruined. hi
  3. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 30 October 2017 07: 33
    What does it matter which flag: red with a sickle and a hammer, yellow-blue, black-white-yellow or white-blue-red? Geniuses and idiots are enough under any of them.

    Very well said! good
  4. Popovich
    Popovich 30 October 2017 07: 42
    La Rochelle was mostly filmed in Khotyn (although episodes were filmed here as well ...)
  5. victorsh
    victorsh 30 October 2017 08: 00
    Great photo essay! Thank you! Unfortunately on our site there are those who "remember" about the Ukrainians, grain cutters, rear, and "favorites" officer
    erov, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the fact that they insult people in the top three in terms of the population of Russia is of little concern to them.
  6. svp67
    svp67 30 October 2017 08: 04
    Class !!!!!!! Thank you "cockroach." Somehow even a soul rested.
    Well, I want to brag about the same ...
    Right, bike parking. I have never seen such a thing in any city.
    And here in Burg we have such a bicycle park ...

    And we have our own reconciliation bench ..

    Here, try on its inclined planes not to get closer and not reconcile ....
    1. your1970
      your1970 1 November 2017 10: 40
      In Belarus, in Brest, there is Gogol Avenue, the guide said that Lukashenko gave lampposts for forged advertising to companies (completely different in profile, the sewing studio and Hephaestus repeat ) on the themes of Gogol. Well, i.e. the pillar - the devil is stealing the moon on the pillar, and below is a small inscription with the name of the company. We walked on it for almost two hours - everything was so interestingly done without plot repetitions. I honestly envied ...
    2. Lyuba1965_01
      Lyuba1965_01 5 November 2017 21: 27
      Thanks for the photo of the bench. I really liked it !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Begemot
    Begemot 30 October 2017 08: 51
    I really want to believe the author, but I recall an amazingly expressive episode from (I don’t remember exactly) Cabaret, where against the backdrop of pastoral Alpine nature the Germans, dressed in traditional white shirts, black shorts and knee-high socks, peacefully drink beer and eat their baked sauerkraut with sausages and shanks, sitting at neatly set tables, the faces of all inspired, just like the author in the text, jokes fun, carefree dancing and all this ends with unanimous, powerful and adamant in their faith performance on istskogo anthem or something like Doychlyand uber Alesi. The ideas that a simple burgher is not simple, but a superman born to command the world are too attractive. Than crest worse. He wants it too.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 30 October 2017 09: 23
      With two hands I support the previous speaker.
  8. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 30 October 2017 09: 08
    "... sooner or later we will become people and we will not visit each other on tanks." (with)
    I'd love to ...
    I would go to my darling a long time ago
    Yes, stand in the way of the devil!
    And while I walk, I ride in war
    You, Maroussia, do not believe Satan!
  9. Mestny
    Mestny 30 October 2017 09: 44
    Quote: victorsh
    Great photo essay! Thank you! Unfortunately on our site there are those who "remember" about the Ukrainians, grain cutters, rear, and "favorites" officer
    erov, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the fact that they insult people in the top three in terms of the population of Russia is of little concern to them.

    That is, it is necessary to pretend that they were not there - all these rear guards, favorites and so on? Did I understand correctly?
    It seems to me that the people as a whole are characterized precisely by its individual representatives.
    The question is which ones are more.
  10. bandabas
    bandabas 30 October 2017 10: 07
    Beautiful city. But, I immediately remembered the old Soviet joke about the meeting of the directors of Kamenetz-Podolsk and Lviv tobacco factories about Vatra (there were such cigarettes) .- "Ah, you also put tobacco!"
  11. exwarrent
    exwarrent 30 October 2017 14: 17
    Well done, Cockroach !!! Take care and write; write as much as possible and more often!
  12. esaul1950
    esaul1950 30 October 2017 19: 43
    Beautiful city, thanks Cockroach. And we know that different people in Ukraine are different, but the percentage with brainwashed worries.
    STABILIZER 30 October 2017 22: 06
    cool fortress !!!
  14. Earnest
    Earnest 30 October 2017 22: 33
    Quote: Mestny
    That is, it is necessary to pretend that they were not there - all these rear guards, favorites and so on? Did I understand correctly?
    It seems to me that the people as a whole are characterized precisely by its individual representatives.
    The question is which ones are more.

    I’m scared that the vast majority of Russians don’t see anything wrong with the fact that after working on the way home he takes a half a cup of beer, and who and 200 whites a little white at dinner, it’s cool, yes, to bite with a cucumber, to smell bacon ... , and only on Friday or after a salary ... As they say, someone told them to God. They worship the devil, apparently, he is their god. Some of my hard workers quietly hate me for a breathalyzer in my pocket, the company has a fine for “ppm” - 5000 from the salary, the second time during the year - 10000, for the third time a ticket to life behind the fence.
    1. Russian jacket
      Russian jacket 31 October 2017 08: 32
      +100. I can forgive a mistake or marriage at work, but never get drunk. My tariffs are 1 time 25% then 50, then 100. If a person does not understand - out of the gate. hi
  15. Mih1974
    Mih1974 30 October 2017 22: 57
    Dear Cockroach, what I’ll write to you right now - few people will tell you that frankly, the majority will be modest, while others will not want to offend the Truth.
    After 2014, every case of a Ukrainian attack on Russians here is inflated "to the size of an elephant" and what is worse, it is postponed to the subconscious. Let the purchased “clowns” on TV also do their job and introduce at least caution to Ukrainians in the subconscious. And when there are reports that the FSB is not catching on the border your coves from ukrovermaht, "porno sector", etc. (recently there was a death doctor in St. Petersburg and even posted pictures), then - there is an increasingly wary attitude. Those who encounter Ukrainians abroad pay more attention (they stand out and alert) just to the “katbrlegolovyh” and frankly Bendery trash. How do you expect these meetings include those who "came to relax with family and children"? That's right - it’s very cautious that in turn it will be postponed by their attitude to all Ukrainians !!
    No, we are not stupid people here who “equal everyone to the same level” (Bender scum), but out of self-preservation and on the principle of “safe God preserves” - we are wary of you. Yes, I understand that this is not right, but honestly, I will meet you on the street and guess you Ukrainian (but not knowing that you are YOU), at least I would be wary and would prefer not to discuss many topics and "for watched with hands. " sad
    YES, you have a lot of normal people there, but most likely - the majority, but "my_hata_krasu" has brought Ukraine to such a state. Do not expect Russia to come and put things in order. This will not happen, not out of spite or greed, but because of the sanity of our Guidelines. Looking more and more at Crimea and the mess that is happening there, I’m convinced that they’re right, Russia simply won’t pull up order throughout Ukraine. request So, I don’t know how, but - "myself." And this is not because of malice, but because we are once again killed and sent to you to send "Russian teachers" - well, it is not a pleasure.
    PySy: I didn’t want to, but I’ll add - to the nuclear facilities and to nuclear power plants, especially after 2014, Ukrainians are not allowed to take a cannon shot. Of course, "no discrimination", but - to avoid.
    CAT BAIYUN 31 October 2017 22: 23
    For the insectoid article, "Respect and Respect," as young people now say. Thank you for the article.
    And in fact, the Cockroach is right - Lviv and Kiev are not the whole of Ukraine .... But ...
    ... screams about the "Muscovite" almost from relatives and the proud geboid giggles about the "May barbecue" in Odessa (this is a literal quote from the stubborn hero) I still remember. I was born in the USSR and do not separate myself from all other residents of the former republics, despite borders and contradictions. And that's why, because of these expressions from the lips of ordinary Ukrainians, I still have a "stone in my bosom."
    A betrayer will betray once and twice.
    I personally deeply hope and want the people of Ukraine to wake up from this bad dream. Moreover, I am ready (yes, yes, ready) to believe them in case of repentance. But I have no and will not have trust in the Ukrainians, and even more so in the present country, until the end of my life. Therefore, I will trust three times to check.
    The fact that there is another Ukraine is ready to believe. But will I see this “other” in life and on the same first channel? That is another question ....
    I mean, if she is this other Ukraine, when will she wake up? Or it will die little by little, as soon as this river reaches all Kamenets-Podolsky, it is a river from Lviv and Kiev.
    The fact that the monuments were preserved, of course, causes great and genuine respect. And gives hope for the recovery of a seriously ill neighbor.
  17. intuzazist
    intuzazist 1 November 2017 12: 03
    Quote: Earnest
    I’m scared that the overwhelming majority of Russians do not see anything wrong with the fact that after working on the way home he takes a half a cup of beer, and who blows a whitening 200 grams at dinner, it’s cool, yes, to bite with a cucumber, to smell bacon ... And on Friday or after salary ..

    What kind of strange Russian are you describing! Have you been to Russia for a long time ?! Or live in some kind of reserve ......................
    1. Russian jacket
      Russian jacket 1 November 2017 12: 33
      I agree .... They began to drink much less, and have been to Europe more than once ... Compared to British gentlemen, we don’t drink at all .... hi But it happens ... And the hard workers go to my free freelance .... NOOO is very rare.
  18. Tatyana Savintseva
    Tatyana Savintseva 1 November 2017 20: 44
    Thanks, Cockroach. I was pleased. Awesome city .... I really wanted to visit.
  19. Lyuba1965_01
    Lyuba1965_01 5 November 2017 21: 32
    It’s a very beautiful and comfortable city. Apparently, it’s not very big, but I like it very much. Let the war and the mess in Ukraine soon end, and I will definitely go there to relax and see the city itself, its surroundings and attractions.
  20. Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. 26 November 2020 09: 57
    Now year 20 is coming to an end, but we never go to visit ... It's a pity ...