Military Review

Russian case. Lost in time

20 on April 1916 of the year, transports with the First Russian Special Infantry Brigade solemnly entered Marseille Bay.

For two years, the First World War. They had to fight on the Western Front. It was their allied duty. This was the payment of the Russian state for weapon and loans extended to the government of Nicholas II by the Entente countries, mainly by France.

What was the fate of Russian soldiers on the fronts of the First World War? What happened to the soldiers of the Russian Expeditionary Force when Russia was shaken by the revolutionary events of 1917 of the year? About this in the film tell the historians of Russia and France.

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  1. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 29 October 2017 13: 03
    The tragic fate of Russian people, by the will of fate, and politics found themselves in a foreign land. I did not think that in a hundred years everything would happen again after the collapse of the USSR. Millions ended up abroad, repeating their fate.
  2. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 29 October 2017 13: 22
    Our people on all fronts fight great
    It’s a pity that we were at the turn of the eras
    Glory to Russian weapons! soldier
  3. Yuri Litvinenko
    Yuri Litvinenko 30 October 2017 11: 52
    There, it seems, Marshal Malinovsky served.