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And we argue, I will find, for what you will be obliged to pay me a tax?

Somehow we often began to encounter animals. You walk down the street, and it, this is the animal, to meet. And proudly so strides. On the human sidewalk. And next to the slave-man goes. No, of course, this same person believes that he is the owner of the animal. But the animal knows who is who in this world. And most importantly, at a time when there are thousands of hungry children on the earth, old people and these women, animals, such as pets, are eating fat. Eat, you know, just like adult people.

And we argue, I will find, for what you will be obliged to pay me a tax?

And wild? I, of course, in a city with wild animals a little face. More with wild people, and the rest? .. I imagine a person is going to, for example, go to the theater or have a talk, a drink, a snack, a show. Goes outside - and bam ... A wild pigeon "bombards" a handsome man with jeweler's precision! Or wild crow brazenly caws. Like, dressed up, they say, an idiot. Well, it's a shame.

In general, it is time for Russia to take an example from Square Ukraine! I was sent here a copy of the bill number 7220, which is registered in the Rada. Balsam for the soul of the beast-hater and the humane. I read, and a tear of emotion rolls down the unshaven cheek. This is a concern for people! This is the attitude to nature! And we argue about some kind of "Matilde". Yes, God is with her, with this Matilda. Died and died. "The dead are not shameless," so like Prince Svyatoslav addressed his soldiers before the battle with the Byzantines in 970 near the city of Dorostol. But about the bill. So that you are glad.

Everything! Enough for Ukrainian cats, dogs and other ferrets to walk not covered by the state! Land, I apologize, foul. Products devour. Air breathe. Also produce their own kind! And all without control, accounting and payment of all taxes. In the ATO does not send, and sausage and fat crackle. In short, there were smart people and ...

All cats, dogs and all other creatures of a non-human species must be registered! And not just stand up, but also get the chip under the skin! So that the state clearly understands which of the animals, especially in the border areas, is a saboteur and a padded jacket. And then the frontier guards report that Ukrainian cats run to the aggressive cats for dates. Spread Square seed for fertilization of enemy females. Well, and vice versa. Separatist cats penetrate Ukrainian territory and undermine the foundations of the state with cats "with reduced social responsibility."

The national police, according to the bill, will make special round-ups to detect such illegal pregnancies! Remember in Dog Heart? This is how it will look like! Catch the beast guys in body armor and affectionately ask: "And you from whom with the belly go here?" And the cat they document in the face. "On, look. Most of all there is a real cat. You can say, the participant of the ATO!" Well, those without a document ... You understand. Shooting at the nearest wall.

And do not about cruelty! Now, again, according to the bill, the shot will not be thrown into the garbage. Now, when the beast becomes state, it will be buried in special cemeteries, memorials! No options. Imagine such a procession? From the village of Gorishny Zady to Kiev the motorcade is going to bury the cat in the memorial. Europe!

“The Ukrainian will not be able to bring his pet to the earth himself. After the cat or dog dies, the owner will immediately notify his veterinary clinic. The corpse of the animal will have to be handed over along with the previously obtained passport and license plate indicated on the token. A funeral cat or dog must to carry out exclusively in cemeteries for animals and in crematoriums, which will be created at the expense of local budgets. "

You think everything that I wrote is a hunch in the author's "beast-hate" head. Dudka. At the heart of the bill is a great idea to register pets in the Ukrainian version. Why should the authorities discriminate animals in the country? All animals are equal! So, according to the deputies' thoughts, everyone must be registered and ... paid for! In terms of taxes and other fees.

And here comes the concern! Not only animals, but also about people. The state undertakes the hardest work! We need to learn from Ukraine. And what work is harder? Bring your own cat to the clinic and register or catch a wild squirrel in the Carpathians to push the chip into it? That's the same thing. The state will, at its own expense, catch and chip wild and stray animals! And then also pay taxes for them!

The main thing, now also the age of this squirrel or crow must be clearly known. To not violate the law. Up to 2, months can croak freely. Then everything. Without registration it is impossible. By the way, if a Ukrainian is foolish, after the adoption of this law, buys an animal, he will be obliged to register a beast in the 5-day period. Otherwise fine. A cat or dog will receive its registration number for life and will be a full citizen ..., no, a resident of Ukraine!

Why register? And there is no money. And the state quickly organized a source of income! 180 hryvnia for registration and 70 for correcting errors in the records. But, in the fair world of the Central Europeans, not everyone will pay. Chernobyl victims, invalids of the Great Patriotic War, participants of the ATO. disabled 1 and 2 groups, public organizations, state and local authorities will not pay.

Okay. Registered, money laid out and everything? And here again the pipes! And who will pay birth to cats? According to the world organization of cat conservation, more and more cats at childbirth are experiencing various problems! Therefore, according to the bill, all deliveries will now take place in clinics! The price of such kind you know. So all of these mongrel-litter litters stories. In Ukraine there will be only purebred animals to live! And those clever Ukrainians who will give birth at home will run into a fine, or imprisonment for up to 6 months!

By the way, about fines. Pets are a great way to take money. Agree, there is no owner of a cat or dog, who among the neighbors would not have enemies. Even canary owners have enemies. Sing because, bastards "egg-painted." Snakes all in terrariums look and poison hoard. Even the cockroaches are huge. And what if they run away from the owner? In short, I will list the fine sentences:

- killing pregnant dogs and cats or putting them to sleep in the presence of children (where interesting such savage parents live) -the article of the UCU 299, the UAH 850 fine, or the arrest up to 6 months;

- non-collection of dog excrement - from 850 to 1700 hryvnia;

- the use of animals for begging-5100-20400 hryvnia;

- breeding of purebred animals and home birth-5100-20400 hryvnia;

- refusal to sterilize animal-3400-20400 hryvnia;

- sale of cats and dogs without documents - 340-20400 hryvnia with the confiscation of an animal.

I understand that the bill for many causes a mixed feeling of disgust, some kind of unreality and laughter, but there is one point in it that is really interesting. This is without banter and irony. We in Russia for several years fighting the problem of "fighting" dogs. By what criteria to determine them? What dogs are really dangerous, and which just got "under the distribution."

Ukrainians offered their list of such breeds. And the approach is slightly different. Do not prohibit, but investigate and give an expert assessment of the danger of each dog separately. Simply put, each dog of these breeds must necessarily undergo a psychiatric examination. You must admit that there really is something in it. Because this item will bring in full.

"The list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs that are subject to mandatory psychiatric examination is: Akita Inu, American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, English Mastiff, Belgian Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bordeaux Doggeon, Great Dane, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bordeaux Doggean Dog, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bordeaux Doggean Dog Bullmastiff, Bullter, Doberman, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Cane Corso, Mastino Napoletano, Moscow Watchdog, German Shepherd Dog, Great Dane, Canario Press, South Russian Shepherd Dog, Giant Schnauzer, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, East European Shepherd Dog, Tosain, Black Terrier, German Boxer, Fox Terrier, Shar Pei, German Jagd Terrier, and also half breeds of these breeds. "

So what do you think? An excellent bill, especially for a country where the majority of the population lives in small towns and villages. Where a dog or cat is valued not for the exterior or belonging to some kind of tribe, but for working qualities. The cat must catch mice and rats. Dog guard or, on the contrary, help to find.

I foresee comments like those that constantly appear from the side again of my “regular admirers”. "Brad. In Russia, too many idiotic bills. Author, look at Wikipedia. He's a patriot." Moreover, I understand the deputies. Solve two problems at once in one fell swoop. It is very tempting to create a breeding nursery of pets across the country and increase the tax base of the state.

If such a bill is adopted, it can be realized, according to the deputies, within 3-4 of the month already. Almost immediately. And the money will flow into the budget too immediately. But is it really? In the current realities of Ukraine? Does this remind the Chinese company for the destruction of the sparrows, as enemies of the Chinese people, who eat the grain of the harvest? What happens in real life? Not invented? People just start killing animals, not to pay. Just kill.

I doubt that there are many thoroughbred dogs and cats in Ukrainian villages. But outbred mice and rats are many. And when their natural mustache and meowing enemy disappears, chaos will begin. And not the grain Ukrainians will pay for this mouse "chaos", and their own lives. After the adoption of the law on medical reform ... But there is also a fox "lawlessness" with distemper, from which those same stray dogs are saved. And human chaos, especially in the villages, when "ATO veterans" are robbing peasants under the brand of protection against other robbers ...

So is it worth it? A beautiful project for the destruction of animals that have lived for centuries and still live next to a man ... It’s time to recall the very butterfly that the science fiction writer once described ...
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  1. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 30 October 2017 15: 34 New
    Well now it’s clear! Our parliamentarians can see their project for registering pets with dill jointly developed.
    1. iouris
      iouris 30 October 2017 16: 41 New
      I have long suspected that they are at the same time.
      1. stas
        stas 30 October 2017 18: 23 New
        The authorities spoil the deputies, but the king ordered to find another additional way to recover money, they are always ready.
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 31 October 2017 07: 28 New
          But the fine for the excrement harvest would be worth introducing in Russia.
          Those who live near the "dog square" know - a real problem in the city.
        2. Alikos
          Alikos 31 October 2017 18: 31 New
          Quote: stas
          The authorities spoil the deputies, but the king ordered to find another additional way to recover money, they are always ready.

          Quote: iouris
          I have long suspected that they are at the same time.

          Quote: zadorin1974
          Well now it’s clear! Our parliamentarians can see their project for registering pets with dill jointly developed.

          Work out! And we also give birth to a similar law.
          On the one hand, the authorities do not know where else the Russian would be ripped off, and on the other hand
          The registration of animals should be, as well as the rules of keeping these very dogs and cats.
          And yet, dogs must of course be mentally balanced persons, as well as the fact that they must take courses in management (Obedience) OKD with their ward. The dog must be socially adapted to the street and the people there.
          No aggression towards other animals and people. Courses take place in dog breeding clubs (dog training centers)
  2. elenagromova
    elenagromova 30 October 2017 15: 47 New
    In fact, in Russia, similar measures are also being discussed.
    And, in principle, something similar is, in fact, necessary.
    Only if the main emphasis was not on taxes and fees, but on controlling the animals and their owners. To not keep on 20 dogs in the apartment. That safety of all the others (and - toughening of responsibility if the animal will harm someone was observed). In order not to multiply uncontrollably and not thrown into the street. And, of course, it is necessary to solve the problem of stray dogs, although many zoo defenders believe that it does not exist, but the bites are not uncommon, and even with fatal outcomes ... And you can take a charge for chipping unhindered.
    1. notingem
      notingem 30 October 2017 22: 31 New
      Cut ten deputies and two senators. Enough money for chipping and shelters, and still remain. It will definitely be easy
      1. Alikos
        Alikos 31 October 2017 18: 35 New
        Quote: notingem
        Cut ten deputies and two senators. Enough money for chipping and shelters, and still remain. It will definitely be easy

        The country will not suffer if deputies are reduced by a factor of ten
        1. notingem
          notingem 31 October 2017 19: 07 New
          I agree. Let ten times
      2. Varyag71
        Varyag71 3 November 2017 08: 56 New
        Yes, generally disperse them all.
  3. hohol95
    hohol95 30 October 2017 16: 17 New
    In 2014, the Germans scrupulously estimated that homeless cats damaged the green spaces of cities in the amount of 500.000 euros. The question of homeless cats was put up for public discussion, but the country's citizens spoke out against the destruction of stray animals. The most that the authorities managed to achieve was to limit the free-walking of domestic cats.
    British animal welfare laws are among the most advanced in the world. Nevertheless, the number of stray cats here is also large. According to statistics, 85% of kittens in England are born "over the plan." As a result, government spending on cat shelters is increasing year by year - from £ 2,15 million in 2010 to almost £ 3 million in 2013. Over the past few years, the population of cat shelters in England has grown to 30 thousand. According to authorities, the optimal solution to the “cat crisis” that has covered the country is preventive sterilization of cats before their first pregnancy.
    France is a country where owners of cats use them not only as pets, but sometimes as a fashion accessory, such as hand dogs. The country has strict rules for keeping pets, and all domestic cats must be registered in a nationwide database. Each cat must have an identification mark in the form of a tattoo or microchip with information about the owner. This partly helps the French to identify stray cats (if they escaped from home), but it does not solve the problem of increasing the population of stray animals. In the country, cases of homeless cats attacking dogs and even people are regularly recorded.
    On the eve of the 2008 Olympics in China, many stray animals were destroyed. Most stray cats in this country are animals abandoned by their owners. The Chinese get rid of cats for various reasons: they drop them when they move to a new place or drive out of fear of picking up a contagious disease like SARS.
    USA - 76,5 million cats!
  4. Krasnyiy komissar
    Krasnyiy komissar 30 October 2017 16: 31 New
    Animal control is certainly necessary. A cat or dog needs a passport, and the animal must be marked with a chip or collar with an electronic tag. The price of the RFID tag is cheap, so the cost of chip encoding should be minimal. Look at how many abandoned animals are running on the street, which were bought as a living toy and then thrown away. Living creatures did not deserve such an attitude.
    As for the fighting breeds, I do not see any problem, but I see the owners do not care. If the dog is muzzled and on a leash, then it doesn’t matter its “fighting ability”. In the event of a dog attacking a person, its owner must bear administrative responsibility, and if it inflicted serious injuries - criminal.
    In dill, they just want to tear off the money from the population, which is why they came up with a “monthly fee” for animals.
    1. domokl
      30 October 2017 17: 57 New
      Quote: Krasnyiy komissar
      As for the fighting breeds, I do not see any problem, but I see the owners are not sure.

      You did not keep such dogs. A muzzle only from bites will save. And dogs also have claws. And with its hind legs such a dog "covers" the winter jacket and the belly of a man at a time. And the front can work fine on the enemy.
      The issue of fighting dogs in the Ukrainian bill is decided, in my opinion, more correctly than ours "Do not let go and destroy!"
      1. Krasnyiy komissar
        Krasnyiy komissar 30 October 2017 18: 07 New
        I have no hostility to pit bulls, staffs. Yes, these are potentially dangerous animals that can cripple or even kill, but good owners have a very low risk of such a development of events. The German shepherd, the training of which was scored, is no less dangerous for others. You can’t row all the fighting dogs together. A childhood friend had a dog - pit bull Linda, so I didn’t get a kinder dog, although she easily tore the cats apart.
        1. domokl
          30 October 2017 19: 29 New
          laughing My previous one was a pit ... First time it barked in 9 months. as well as a tail in front of everyone. We joked that if the thieves fit in, he will also show them where everything lies. And by the year it became a normal pit.
          It is impossible to speak about such dogs as sheep dogs. There really are cruel norms. In most countries, any aggression towards a person by such dogs leads to a quick sleep. Not everything depends on education. Much, but not all.
    2. Alikos
      Alikos 31 October 2017 18: 41 New
      Quote: Krasnyiy komissar
      As for the fighting breeds, I do not see any problem, but I see the owners do not care. If the dog is muzzled and on a leash, then it doesn’t matter

      Hmm ...
      This angry “crocodile” in the muzzle from a distance of about ten meters with its mass times the speed will carry the teenager at a time.
  5. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 30 October 2017 16: 33 New
    As the owner of 3 cats, it’s not at all funny for me, because in Russia there is a similar nonsense, which, in general, proves the complete worthlessness and the uselessness of all glad and doomwhere collective intelligence is lower than the intelligence of each deputy. am
    1. Krasnyiy komissar
      Krasnyiy komissar 30 October 2017 16: 48 New
      It is high time for the Duma to disperse to hell, for it does not reflect the interests of the majority.
      1. Evdokim
        Evdokim 30 October 2017 17: 13 New
        Yes, they just don’t have a cat. no
        1. notingem
          notingem 30 October 2017 22: 37 New
          But they have fleas and lice. Even bite
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Alikos
        Alikos 31 October 2017 18: 43 New
        Quote: Krasnyiy komissar
        It is high time for the Duma to disperse to hell, for it does not reflect the interests of the majority.

        ))) Hmm, yes
        Once in the USSR there was a normal Supreme Council ...
    2. Siberian
      Siberian 30 October 2017 17: 36 New
      I already paid (in Vladivostok in 1989), but he died, this tax.
      Already the rudders "all" moved from right to left or vice versa, and there was a lot of all sorts of stupidity. All will pass...
      1. domokl
        30 October 2017 19: 32 New
        laughing And you will run with the cats to the hospital twice a year. lol And then documents to straighten and attach the pedigree kittens wassat
        No one is against the tax. 50-100 rubles a year will not burden your pocket at all. But the rest is utter nonsense
        1. notingem
          notingem 30 October 2017 22: 40 New
          Tax on what? If on your pocket and you agree I am for.
          1. notingem
            notingem 30 October 2017 22: 43 New
            By the way, Nobody is the surname of an individual person or you decide for everyone.
            1. domokl
              31 October 2017 03: 21 New
              Not me, alas. I have no authority. Just talking about it has been going on for many years and most support this position. We tax you, you give us a platform for walking animals
              1. sunzhenets
                sunzhenets 31 October 2017 12: 36 New
                domokl Today, 03:21 ↑ New
                We give you tax, you give us a platform for walking animals

                So it will be as always - there is a tax, there are no sites. Local administrations have an obligation to have such sites. In my small (about 35 thousand population) town there are 2 sites that are only indicated on the city plan. In fact, they are not. Both on the outskirts of the city. And how the dog should get there for walking - no one hovers.
                1. Alexey Z
                  Alexey Z 5 November 2017 21: 08 New
                  And in my neighboring yard there is a playground for dogs, but for some reason the owners do not give a shit.
          2. Siberian
            Siberian 31 October 2017 07: 16 New
            I agree. Pay for all your pets (indeed, 100-200 rubles will not make the weather in my wallet). But I want the action of this tax. For me, this will be a kind of security certificate from all the haters. And let the money go to abandoned, homeless people, but the state should take care of them too. No need to lay veterinary services and sterilization in the budget - decide by tax.
            1. alex-cn
              alex-cn 31 October 2017 10: 57 New
              about twenty years we paid a tax on the organization of sites .... made one .... on the outskirts of the city to her an hour by bus. Where the rest was stolen - no one knows.
              1. Siberian
                Siberian 31 October 2017 15: 47 New
                So I - about the same. Everything quietly died by itself.
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 30 October 2017 17: 18 New
    And we argue, I will find, for what you will be obliged to pay me a tax?
    Yes, what to look for? In Europe, they paid for air.
  7. TOR2
    TOR2 30 October 2017 21: 29 New
    I doubt that in Ukrainian villages there are a lot of thoroughbred dogs and cats. But there are many outbred mice and rats. And when their natural mustachioed and mewing enemy disappears, lawlessness will begin.
    Yes, not only in the villages. In urban environments, in mice and rats, opponents other than cats do not exist. In our history, the Leningrad blockade is such an example. That with such a risk delivered along the "road of life" was eaten by hordes of rodents in food warehouses. All attempts to fight rodents with conventional methods have failed. On the Shlisselburg highway near which the mill was located, hordes of rats tried to crush tanks, beat them with butts and shovels. The situation was aggravated to such an extent that, in addition to starvation, the inhabitants were threatened with a plague epidemic. The first batch of cats in warehouses had to be carried along the "road of life" along with ammunition and food. At the same time, a decree was issued equating the killing of a cat to aiding the enemy. At all times they wrote about this reluctantly, but such episodes of history need to know the campaign.
    1. domokl
      31 October 2017 03: 23 New
      Thanks for the info. Really interesting.
  8. vasilev
    vasilev 30 October 2017 22: 37 New
    Something like this...
    1. notingem
      notingem 4 November 2017 09: 24 New
      Our cat. I respect
  9. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 30 October 2017 22: 55 New
    In principle, the question is raised today. We also need a law that disciplines our citizens of four-legged lovers. Well, aunts and uncles come out in the morning and in the evening with a bunch of tailed tubes on leashes that press "jam" right on the sidewalks and lawns. Well, we don’t have a culture when the owner with the package and the scoop cleans the crap for his pet. Many having played enough, they simply take the "pet" out of the city and leave them to their own devices. The budgets of regions and districts seek out some kind of money for trapping dogs and cats, their overexposure and sterilization, and this, for a moment, tens of billions across the country. A lot of volunteers are knocked down by babosi on the watchdogs kept in nurseries, essentially earning on animals, but no one cares about people rummaging in garbage bins and sleeping on heating mains that do not spread rabies, but carry tuberculosis and other human sores. This tax will at least shift part of the costs from a bona fide taxpayer to animal lovers, freeing up budget money for other needs. I remember in the 70s on the village radio, for three consecutive days an announcement was made that citizens would remove their pets from the streets and put them on a chain. After three days, a police car drove accompanied by a truck from a housing and communal farm, all the shaggy vagabonds were shot and taken out for disposal. All. No one was indignant. And now the dogs are tearing up children and aunts, and representatives of animal welfare societies are stubbornly not on the side of the injured people, but on the side of the dogs, from which they themselves are not weakly “fed”. Started a dog, pay, clean and answer - but how else?
    1. Gormenghast
      Gormenghast 31 October 2017 06: 20 New
      Domestic cats do not crap anywhere! How to separate them from fecal producers? But I'm not sitting in the Duma; and do not have to know. But the draputates are obliged, they are paid crazy money for this - from my taxes, including. am

      Thrown out on the street? This again is not for me - it is a question for the Great Dummies. So let them decide! Or let me get paid as much as the Dundumians and their sexual assistants - then I will decide!

      Who raises excise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes? People who are sober only in the grave!

      Who, because of 001% of drug addicts, banned the sale of over-the-counter codeine painkillers? Headache - go to the doctor for a prescription - as if there were few real patients there!

      Who passes laws to remove children from poor families? Those whose offspring from abroad do not crawl out and have already forgotten the Russian language at all!

      Who, in favor of the mattress enemies, has the torrent trackers banned - as if they did not suit us with sanctions? People who watch porn even at meetings of the Duma!

      The hand is becoming numb to collect all the examples of the calothe creation of the anti-people’s elect!
      1. Sinbad
        Sinbad 3 November 2017 08: 38 New
        ++++++++++++++++++ and to infinity.
  10. Salx
    Salx 30 October 2017 23: 59 New
    The person who brought the animal, played enough and threw it on the street, should immediately isolate from social society for a couple of years. If there is a relapse, sterilize, because they started with animals, they will end up with children.
  11. goblin xnumx
    goblin xnumx 31 October 2017 01: 56 New
    author -> author -> author clearly wrote counting on other comments, laughed at the aftor:) also some kind of a pet of a campaign, like a pug :)
    1. domokl
      31 October 2017 03: 28 New
      laughing Or maybe it was the reaction the author was counting on? Even on such as yours. The problem really exists and it is serious. Would you read if it weren't for the banter at the beginning?
  12. Shurale
    Shurale 31 October 2017 06: 47 New
    - non-collection of dog excrement - from 850 to 1700 hryvnia;

    We would have introduced this, and it would even be nice if, in the same amount, we translate into rubles ...
  13. LAWNER
    LAWNER 31 October 2017 18: 13 New
    There are laws that no one follows ... this one is the same
  14. 501Legion
    501Legion 31 October 2017 18: 28 New
    An animal protection law is needed, and especially in Russia
  15. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 1 November 2017 09: 43 New
    horror, and kitties for that, they do not attack in packs
  16. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 3 November 2017 08: 46 New
    It would be better if the veterinary clinics were exempted from taxes and animal shelters.

    The daughter picked up a homeless kitten - exhausted, sick, hungry.
    The veterinarian determined the plague, if not treated, he will die. Droppers, medicines - the amount is not small, you can buy a thoroughbred kitten.
    But do not leave the same stray to die - left.
    1. notingem
      notingem 4 November 2017 09: 41 New
      Well done. Real people, not demagogues
  17. Cat Marquis
    Cat Marquis 3 November 2017 14: 31 New
    Yes, how much can you say about how "bad" in Ukraine? In Russia, too, they were about to introduce a tax on cats and dogs.