Military Review

Amur shipyard: a pledge of the power of the Russian fleet

Latest Corvettes for the Pacific fleet today they are creating on the banks of one of the main rivers of the Far East - at the Amur Shipbuilding Plant. The state defense order for several patrol ships provided jobs for thousands of employees of this city-forming enterprise. The shipyard not only mastered modern production technologies, but also began to develop its own.


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  1. cedar
    cedar 28 October 2017 16: 36
    Good news from a good team. May God give them another 300 excellent ships and ships to build for the glory of the Russian fleet.
  2. Bronevick
    Bronevick 28 October 2017 19: 34
    NEA is the most inefficient shipyard in Russia.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 28 October 2017 23: 08
      Quote: Bronevick
      NEA is the most inefficient shipyard in Russia.
      Maybe so ... BUT !!!
      1. It is, therefore it is possible and, apparently, it is necessary to make it effective!
      2. This is a city-forming enterprise. There is work - the city lives! And there are not so many cities in the Far East ...
      3. Ships can be built in St. Petersburg, but repaired ... Economic issues come to the fore. And the eastern direction is now coming to the fore. So we will strengthen our Far East.
  3. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 28 October 2017 19: 44
    May God grant! More “good and different” goods — naturally, by “goods” I mean ships for the Russian Navy.
  4. Victor Wolz
    Victor Wolz 28 October 2017 21: 42
    May God give them not 8 years to build corvettes each, like an aircraft carrier. And so the shipyard in the Far East is the most promising in terms of replenishing Pacific Fleet. Although the leader in the number of ships is Zelenodolsk plant, but there are restrictions on displacement, not more than 2,5 thousand tons.
  5. tlauicol
    tlauicol 29 October 2017 06: 08
    the shipyard received contracts for corvettes, deliberately underestimating prices and thus winning tenders. And then she said with innocent eyes that there wouldn’t be enough money (when the ships were already laid down). And what did the state do with such a divorce? Throw ships, bankrupt enterprise?
    And this wonderful shipyard as a parasite takes advantage of this. Okay, at least one corvette was built in 9 years