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Answer to the article: "Crete today or once they worshiped the bull ..."

I want to make my 5 kopecks in the article of the author, who himself was not in Crete, but describes what his daughter told and showed ... Ie It turns out the word of mouth ... At the time of the Internet and various cognitive channels, it seems to me inappropriate to write such things!
Here you would go yourself, and your emotions and feelings passed on - that is another matter.

I was on Crete in October 2012. Therefore, I will make minor adjustments.

Here is a link to this article: Crete today or once they worshiped a bull ...

The sea is warm - 24-25 degrees, and the same in the air. True, warm to 17.00. Then a cool breeze starts blowing and you need to wear something on top of a t-shirt. On the southern side of the island, naturally (beyond the mountains), is warmer than on the north. Palm trees are even growing in the south, and it was there, and not on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that they used to shoot the familiar “Bounty” advertisement “Paradise delight”.

In October, on the north side of the island, the temperature in the evening does not fall much below 20 degrees. So I was walking in one T-shirt. Yes, a cool breeze is blowing near the sea. But in the afternoon there is under 30 degrees! On the south side is not much warmer! The sea is just a little warmer.
Advertising bounty removed in different places:
- Samui Island (Thailand) - the world's largest coconut plantation
- Phuket Island (Thailand) - Karon Beach
- Crete Island (Greece) - Vai Beach
- Maldives
- Rorotong Island (Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean)
- Saona Island (Dominican Republic)
We were on this beach Vai. It is located on the eastern tip of the island, and not on the south! And I especially do not advise you to go there. To go far, and there is nothing to do there from the word ALL! And even few October parking places!
And if you arrive there with an excursion, you will be there half the day to bake in the sun!
We left in an hour!

There is, however, one problem. Local people by this time already "tired" from the influx of tourists. This may affect the menu in the restaurant of your hotel (it may not be as diverse as in July), but here everyone chooses himself.

I have never noticed that someone is tired of tourists ...
And we are "lucky"! Because It was the end of the season, then our dining room at the 4 hotel closed the stars, and we were transferred to the 5 dining room of the same hotel!

That's just with the shadow there is bad. Therefore, walking on hot stones, when there is not a cloud in the sky, it is just hot.

There is such a thing. Even in a headdress bakes a lot! So think 2 times about excursions! We free then joined the excursion in the Minoan Palace. We felt hot, we left. But who paid, they were fried there ...

Well, the “little things” of staying abroad are well-known to everyone: the hotel should be left with one euro of a maid (some of our tourists even boast of not leaving, but then for some reason wondering why Russians don't like it anywhere), leave a trifle with a ticket for the bus driver (and do not pick it up when leaving, if the driver is looking the other way at that time!), in a word, behave as befits. Here you can be drunk in an inappropriate way! This is normal. So the Germans and the British drink, and then they brag about how well they rested on Crete - well, God help them!

This is a personal matter for everyone! But I basically do not leave! Because not at all! And it only discourages the staff. Before the trip, the tour salesman told us that the Greeks are not like the lazy Arabs. Bullshit! Greeks are more lazy, because their social sphere has been awesome for a long time. And they were chilled. Even in 2012g, there was already a crisis! But they have 800 euros per month unemployment benefit, which many people receive on the island for half a year when it is not a season! And they work in the field of tourism to receive this allowance! Those. cleaning lady gets 800 euro sn. And as much she will receive benefits!

Of course nafig her try! We 3 day sought toilet paper in the room! In Egypt, never better! The same lazy cleaners! Although not all! And to pay for shaking the rug in your room, and for other profanity ... Excuse me ... But in the restaurant I always leave a tip. As for buses, I will not say, I did not go!

Then you need to imagine that no one there is particularly eager to deceive you (as some imagine it). The most important "cheater" there will be ... your own tour operator, which will bring you to Cyprus. After all, he is Russian! So, the very next day after arrival you will be offered a package of excursions around the island "from the firm" and you ... in no case should not be allowed to persuade yourself and agree on their prices. Finally you found what you need and ... bargain!

I agree! Tours should not be taken! It is necessary to rent a car and drive at your pleasure. Just take the car through the tour operator, so you don’t get stupid and ask the embassy for help! And it is necessary to bargain in the markets and in the shops! This rule is relevant for any resort. Although we have, at least in Europe, even in the east or Asia (where they may even refuse to sell something if you do not bargain). Although many in Crete do not throw off the price.

Crete itself is a place ... where people, firstly, practically don’t work (and if they work, they don’t work), and secondly, where no one is in a hurry! And we are talking about a crisis in Greece, huge debts, “impoverishment of the masses”. In fact, as they "worked in Greek", so they work - that's what.

Right. But in part. I already wrote that they work, but lazily. And here it is in the very position of Crete. They have matriarchy there. There are practically no visitors, real estate and land are practically not sold. Workers are brought only for service. In particular, sellers to stores are recruited from citizens of the former USSR who speak Russian! Therefore, there are no migrants from Africa and other countries.

There, everyone inherits a plot of olive trees. They lay out the nets under the trees, the olives fall, they are collected and handed over to the plant! That and live! As well as benefits. And in the "off-season" tourist, when it "gets cold" to 20 degrees, they grow cucumbers and tomatoes in greenhouses, which they also sell! But this is more difficult because there is little fresh water on the island!
Do they not live happily ever after? Where to rush? Olives grow without human intervention! Climate allows! And since there is matriarchy, women are especially in no hurry to work! Were on the show where Sirtaki danced ... The men are still, like the Greeks. But the girls ... Poland, Ukraine, Russia, England ... And someone else ... No Greek. Matriarchy!

And there is a crisis in Greece. Only in Crete is not particularly noticeable. Because they have olive trees, which bring them a certain income without straining.

Well, those who are not working ... spend time in a cafe. The impression is, by the way, that the entire population of the island spend time there. Sit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and ... slumber (those who are older), communicate (those who are a little younger), and discuss football (young). Sit and men and women.

There is such a thing. But the reason has already been described above.

How to relax? As you like, of course, especially if you have “all-inclusive”, but remember - here, unlike in Spain, there is no set of “with you” (“picnic”) instead of lunch. Your lunch is missing due to the fact that you were late for it - these are your difficulties! In any case, try to take the car and drive it. Then it will be the most exciting adventure in your life. This is riding on a mountain serpentine among olive groves, and the species, one more beautiful than the other. And then you will be able to go down to a small cozy cove with pure white sand, where nobody except you is there and ... swim in whatever mother gave birth to and just simply forget about civilization.

I agree. But the hotel can always order suhpaek with you. True, he is so-so. But better than nothing!

About the ride ... Since it is an island, then at nightfall it becomes dark as a negro .... in the ear ... No lighting on the slopes, except in the city! Scary ride! Especially when you do not know where, and you are driving on the map!
So keep this factor in mind!

Car rental - subcompact, of course, and it is on such cars that all local and most of the tourists drive Crete. That is, on the highway you can easily meet cars with locals, trailing at a speed of 40 km / h. Speed ​​60 km / h - this is a fast ride. And with the speed of 90 km / h only one "crazy Russian" drive. The fact that “they (that is, we) go wrong” is known to all Greeks, and it is a real pleasure for them to communicate with such reckless people at rental offices. "Well, now and it will be impossible to drink!" - It was expressed some regret at checkout. And the answer was: “Why not? A small glass of brandy can be! ”Such here in Crete ...“ rules on the roads. ”

Bullshit! According to the rules, only tourists go there! Because because ... Get into a patrol, you will pay a large fine. And if you do not pay, then they will not give Schengen! I was overtaken and signaled to me, as a brake, by the Greeks! To cross a solid for them - like 2 fingers on the asphalt! Their speedcams are painted out of spray cans there ... And the road patrol on the island for 3 of the day saw only 2 times! Maybe that's why the locals drive as much as they want!

Drink up? Yes to health! Only if you get into an accident with injuries, you will be denied health insurance! Because they were intoxicated! So do not get fooled! The same rules apply everywhere. The hotel Olinklyuziv! But in case of injury, if you were drunk, you will be denied insurance! Keep in mind! The 2012 gasoline cost almost 2 euros.

There is one more important circumstance. We used to ride on signs. There are practically no signs on the roads. That is, of course, there is, but very little. Therefore, getting lost and “not turning there” is easier than the easy one. Therefore, it is necessary to drive either on the road map, or on the navigator. Otherwise ... otherwise you will just stray!

There are really few signs. We missed the turn to our village several times! Had to travel to return and turn! And at night, all the trouble. Oriented to "our" mountain with a big antenna on top! 

But if you are not a driver, you should not be upset either. Crete has an excellent bus service. Only in Heraklion there are three bus stations, from which you can reach any point of the island. But the city is also driven by double-decker English tourist buses.

Buses there. But go on schedule. Because This is an island, and people are not in a hurry, then they rarely go! Uncomfortable! Taxi is expensive!

You can have breakfast in a cafe for 3-5 euros, but if you want to choose something local, mouzaka, for example, one dish will pass you already in 10-12 euros, but a real fresh lobster (live will bring and show how he moves claws, then taken to the kitchen!), coated with any food on a platter - already in 80! So, on Crete, rest can be very budget, much cheaper than in our south, including flights (!!!), and very expensive.

I agree in part. Lunch around the euro 10-12. But here in the hotel restaurant for 50 euros per person was dinner. In particular, one of the dishes is lobster. The fact that crayfish and shrimps are tastier is a separate conversation. But about 80 euros for one dish, you were in some VERY expensive restaurant ...

In Crete, especially when you go to the mountains, beehives are at every turn.

I have not seen one! Seen some olives!

By the way, there is simply nothing to bring from Crete as memorable souvenirs. Of course, there is enough of “antique shit” there, but everything is so coarse ... bl-r! There is good soap in olive oil, there is good chocolate (in olive oil - a joke!), There is Metaks cognac (who likes it), there is brandy and anise vodka (this is generally ... who oh-oh-ry like it!), There is olive butter. And so - everything!

Metahu, it is better to buy in the Duty free It will be cheaper! I anise vodka - Ouzo and Moonshine - Raki brought back. Ouzo cool stuff! Taste of tarragon. Crayfish - like our moonshine. No difference! Bring olive oil. Do not take at the factory. In the store buy the same cheaper. It is better to buy not near the hotel, but where local people buy. There is a spar! 

And a little more paint!  Greeks, in particular Cretans - big havozniki! Dirt along the roads - nemeryannom! Bottles, papers and stuff ... mess! The same mess in their abandoned shops and unfinished! In Crete, Greek and Cretan Salad are something. They chop a tomato on 4 parts, chop a cucumber coarsely (as if with an ax) and so on ... And it’s not eaten in one place! And Cretan Salad is Greek with bread! On the show with Sirtaki there was a feeling that they were throwing scraps of bread there!

Greeks and Cretans in particular are lazy! We arrived at the parking lot on the southern part of the island, on the beach of hippies! So there the parking attendant fell down to drink beer, and then drih in the gatehouse (we were told in a cafe where we found out if we had to pay!).
Those. he charges parking fee from several people, goes thumps, goes asleep!  In the bay of St. Nicholas, too, they did not pay for parking, because the parking machine did not work, and there were no parking workers either!
 Communism right! 
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  1. kalibr
    kalibr 31 October 2017 08: 32
    How many people, so many opinions. It is enough to see the reviews of our tourists at the same hotel abroad. Some write - I liked everything, others - "we survived there." The difference in 2 of the month, or even almost day to day. When did everything manage to change there? No, this is a vision of man. You have your own, others have your own. Perhaps I would have seen something third in Crete. Who knows. But noting your sharp look, I only want to wish now a continuation - a story about Crete in the era of the struggle of Arabs and Byzantines for it, about the Venetian period, etc. This will be an even more interesting continuation of this topic. But I wouldn’t use the word “deceivers”. Here all adults are and nobody intentionally deceives you. In general, I consider it below my dignity to deceive people hiding behind nicknames ... and I do not like common words. We just see everything differently.
    "At the time of the Internet and various educational channels, writing things, it seems to me, is inappropriate!" - but writing it ... in general ... is not very smart. Value, just represents the opinion of an eyewitness, not correspondence from the Internet. Word of mouth? So it is also different! I have a daughter, a journalist of international level, a member of the Union of Journalists of not only the Russian Federation, but also the International Association of Journalists, the author of a number of interesting books, many of which are on the same Internet. So, what, what, and she knows how to tell and write!
  2. Korsar4
    Korsar4 31 October 2017 09: 15
    Too much criticism, sometimes turning into restrained indignation. It’s not entirely clear why.
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 31 October 2017 14: 22
      Quote: Korsar4
      Too much criticism, sometimes turning into restrained indignation. It’s not entirely clear why.

      He said
      I want to make my 5 cents
      Well, there’s 5 kopecks excluding inflation since 2012, and they somehow turned out to be bent. But noted ...
  3. Stas157
    Stas157 31 October 2017 11: 58
    The sea is warm - 24-25 degrees

    I find this water temperature icy! You won’t swim for at least two hours. Do not soak up - not comfortable. I go to sea, provided that the water temperature is +27 and above.
    In any case, try to take the car and ride on it. Then it will be the most amazing adventure in your life. This is a ride on an alpine serpentine among olive groves, and views, one more beautiful than the other.

    I never understood this! But why on vacation still go somewhere? If you have already arrived where you need, then where to go, what else to look for? What kind of vacation is this - a ride?
    But if you are not a driver, you should not be upset either. Crete has excellent bus services.

    What? Ride again ?? Maniacs! Even the bus is ready to ride ... Just to ride!
    Yes, you finally come, where you need it, in a beautiful place, and relax. Do not pull yourself with this endless ride.
    1. varangian
      varangian 7 November 2017 12: 57
      Not everyone likes to wallow seals all vacation by the beach)
      The island can not be walked around.
  4. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 31 October 2017 12: 41
    Interesting Greeks (Cretans) are dancing.
    I didn’t read it, but I condemn ..... I mean, I didn’t read the first article that I started criticizing.
    But judging by the samples, I twice visited a different Crete, in parallel reality, or something.
    I really did not see the hives. A particular rubbish too. There is, of course, where would it be without him. But, for example, on Alexanderplatz in Berlin there is much, much MUCH more garbage.
    I won’t talk about prices at all. It was necessary to buy that, I went to the nearest supermarket, and there I had a good rest. This is if it really urged the grandson to feed fruit. Or buy wine for the evening.
    For all sorts of dukans and thoughts there was no shy, so here I am not strong. But the fact that bargaining is necessary everywhere. and the more violent - the better, I agree one hundred percent. You understand, you can’t bargain in the c-market.
    Here, in terms of vehicles, of course, a lot is true. Until you get caught - prank as much as you like. Gotcha - don’t wait for condescension, fork out. So ... who what. I am not a major, and not a daddy, so I went by the rules. And it’s not so much me as my son-in-law (he is German, he’s in parallel where to go). I have to cut through Crete, I came there on the beach to lie and dive from the heart. About the temperature of the water - I didn’t understand at all, were you there in the winter or something? I did not happen, it is necessary to correct this mistake.
    And, honestly, you need to look at the sights there and you can only once, and even then only those that you are attracted to. After the first time there is nothing to watch. Nothing at all. Including sirtaki. Very stationary attractions, not dynamic. In Russia, in a month everything will be updated - then the fence will be painted, the stage will be built, then the borders will be redone on the curbs, then the checkpoint will be arranged, then on the contrary - dynamics, spruces. And there, as everything fell asleep - and only the eggs of the Bull that carried Europe away, in the town of Agios Nikolaos, everything becomes brilliant and brilliant. Russians are probably polishing. Disposable attractions, in short.
    And all the same, Crete is pulling me to itself, I do not understand why. Anyway, the next vacation I’ll go there again.
    Maybe I'm a descendant of those same "peoples of the sea"? And the sailor himself, by the way, by education and part of his activity.
    Crete is a good place!
    1. varangian
      varangian 7 November 2017 13: 02
      Garbage depends on the city, but in general it is rather dirty especially where young people from Britain live.
      The nuts are rare there, the cameras work, but in any navigator they are marked.

      Naturally interesting sights to watch, for example, also fresh lake Kournas.
  5. Eight
    Eight 31 October 2017 15: 15
    Here a man visited Crete once five years ago - and how the trip affected the creativity. Now, if we were to draw up the article as an addition, or something, it would somehow be perceived differently. It was possible in the form of their own impressions, discussions. Why rush at people right away, having visited ONCE in Crete.
  6. Vard
    Vard 4 November 2017 14: 03
    Particularly struck ... a bottle of very decent wine ... one and a half liters ... for our money ... TWO RUBLES !!!! And Santorini ... that's where the divine ...