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BDK of the Black Sea Fleet "Orsk" went to sea after scheduled repairs

The large landing ship Orsk went to sea to test the operation of the main power plant in various operating modes after the completion of the scheduled repair. The ship was repaired at the 13th Black Sea Shipyard fleet»Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol. This was reported by the information support department of the Black Sea Fleet.

BDK of the Black Sea Fleet "Orsk" went to sea after scheduled repairs

After the completion of repair work, the crew of the Orsk BDK began to conduct a compulsory cycle of measures for the introduction of the ship into the combat strength of the Black Sea Fleet
- explained in the department.

The large landing ship "Orsk" is part of the brigade of landing ships of the Crimean naval base, has a displacement of 4,6 thousand tons, cruising range 10 thousand miles. The ship is able to transport up to 1,5 thousand tons of equipment and cargo.

BDK project 1171 "Orsk" laid at the shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad 30 August 1967 year. 31 December 1968 of the year was commissioned and became part of the Black Sea Fleet.

Dimensions: length - 113,1 m, width - 15,6 m, draft - 4,5 m.
Maximum travel speed: 16,5 nodes
Navigation range: 10000 miles with 15 nodes.
Powerplant: 2 diesel, 2 propeller, 9000 hp
Capacity: up to 1500 tons of vehicles and cargo.
Armament: 1X2 57-mm artillery mount ZIF-31B.
Crew: 55 people.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Egorovich
    Egorovich 27 October 2017 15: 18
    Good help for the Russian Aerospace Forces and CAA.
  2. padded jacket
    padded jacket 27 October 2017 15: 24
    For the "Syrian Express" will come down
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 27 October 2017 16: 32
      Yes, he only needs it there.
  3. gukoyan
    gukoyan 27 October 2017 15: 24
    For a long time he stood at the pier.
    I already thought that they would let him go to ferrous metal.
  4. Overlock
    Overlock 27 October 2017 17: 10
    and the Crimean Komsomolets sold and drowned
  5. etrofimov
    etrofimov 27 October 2017 18: 01
    To remove and not dishonor the flag of the Russian Navy (well, it’s been missing this vessel for twenty years already!)! Use for its original purpose under the Mongolian flag calling it a Patras Lumumba dry cargo ship with a note to the port of Ulan Bator :).
    1. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter 27 October 2017 21: 05
      An old galosh however. What happened to his nose? The whole set shines through ...
  6. ASG7
    ASG7 27 October 2017 18: 46
    And what about Olshansky? They will give him a ticket to life or he will disappear under Khokhlyat karma.
  7. 9517239438
    9517239438 28 October 2017 00: 18
    Is this the BDK in the film, The Marines, was shot?
  8. faiver
    faiver 28 October 2017 07: 34
    revived the old man ...