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Results of the week. And what about the “Putin regime”?

Day stand and night hold out

After the Yushchenko regime’s theft with Russian gas, the Europeans insured themselves and, together with Russia, quickly built the Nord Stream. When Poroshenko in Kiev took into account the lessons stories and gas theft approach "strategically."

Ukrainian statute:
Point one: Russian gas can be stolen. Point two: if Russia declares that gas cannot be stolen, see point one.

Presidents, pans and colanders on their heads change, and the postulate remains unchanged. And if the pipe really bypasses - finally? .. As a railway, like the Kerch Bridge ... Well, isn't anyone looking so far in Kiev today? There would be a day to stand, and the night to hold out - the usual state of undying revolutionary enthusiasm.

Comments from our readers:

Just a man
Uh-huh, the decision of the Kryzhopil court is a reinforced concrete foundation in the international legal framework for the theft of gas. I believe.

Europe against gas purchases on the eastern border The ruins of the Russian Federation, although the risks of undersupply of the contracted volumes of fuel in this case have decreased dramatically. Why is it against - it is clear that transit money does not allow Ruin itself to be bent and that the GTS is maintained in working condition, and the transit is paid by Russia, not by the EU, as it would have been when purchasing gas in the east.
By the way, we would also be comfortable with the option of selling gas on the Ruins border, since problems with the theft of gas would be an internal family affair of Tseevropy and of Europe itself.

d ^ Amir
A brief summary of the article .... Europeans should now begin to select a company that will dismantle pipelines and hand over used pipes to scrap ...

And what to pick her up? Ukrainians themselves will disassemble and sell scrap metal in Germany, and concerns Krupp and Rheinmetall will melt and make new pipes for gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine.

Grape optimism

Igor Dodon's statement:
"The regime will fall into a hole that it digs for others. The oath of oath of the defense minister goes beyond political legitimacy and demonstrates how powerlessness forces the authorities to make serious mistakes. By not allowing the Democratic government to control the president’s actions, we forced them to use the last tool they controlled The Constitutional Court. But the precedent that the Democrats dared to set up will become a tool from which they themselves will suffer. They will be struck by a boomerang, which they themselves have launched. "

Dodon said that this, they say, is pressure on the presidential power, that the people must repulse the encroachments, and so forth, so on and so forth. However, the most active Moldovan population has long been working either in Russia or in Romania, and therefore the population already seems to care - “that will, that bondage”, that Dodon, that not Dodon. They are silent ... Grapes and apples can still be sent to the Russian market - they will continue to be silent. Conclusion? .. No, we, of course, do not hint at anything here ...

Comments from our readers:

Dodon has only one hope - for the people, and it will be practically impossible to help Russia, as Moldova has any friends in the ring, but the parliament has money and Western support, and any.

There, either impeach him, or he can take the people out into the street. And then the whole question of who the army will be. Therefore, its pulling.

<strong>Book</strong> a demo
Hope is only when you really do something yourself. And if you hope that it will resolve itself, the result will be obvious. The guys in Moldova are all well connected and tied. Why should they let the power out of their hands? Are they blind? Didn’t they realize Yanukovych’s example? Ie we summarize - the Russian Federation does nothing to involve even interested politicians into its orbit. One chatter and puff out cheeks. So do we want to become an independent state, as we are told from the high tribunes and from the screens of the zomboyaschik.

Lavrenti Pavlovich
Does Dodon have eggs? Take your voters to the streets and arrest the parliament. Or like Zyuganov, winning the election gave power to an alcoholic.

B-52 against inflatable soothers?

The basis of the distant aviation The U.S. Air Force is still comprised of Boeing B-52H Stratofortress bombers. For several decades, these aircraft have retained the role of one of the main components of strategic nuclear forces. In recent days, several new reports have appeared in the foreign press regarding the further operation of such equipment and plans for its use in the strategic containment system.

Results of the week. And what about the “Putin regime”?

While Washington itself has been posed by Pyongyang in a piquant pose, in Washington, of course, they can reflect on at least round-the-clock combat duty of the B-52, at least on the stellar landing. Kim, in his notebook, calculates how many times Trump has already threatened to wipe the DPRK off the face of the Earth, and against this background, North Korean engineers are doing their job. They make it so that the United States has less and less desire to call North Korean missiles "inflatable soothers." After all, the "dummy" may well bang. And the B-52 “on duty around the clock” will only remain to state the fiery greetings from the North Korean “comrade” from the air.

Comments from our readers:

To be or not to be
Next in line is Iran ????
He has no nuclear shield from American democracy yet.

Mikhail Zubkov
The Americans just did not break the North Vietnamese REGULAR Army, but suffered such unacceptable losses for themselves that they left the country in accordance with the Paris agreements. Soon the puppet, but heavily armed, million-strong army of South Vietnam collapsed and surrendered to the North Vietnamese. And the Iraqi army elite Americans simply bought and captured Iraq with little or no serious fighting. Traitors simply surrendered Iraq to the Atlantis! With all of our obsolete arsenal delivered there.

Neither the B-52, nor the Tu-95 or even the Tu-160 anywhere in a combat situation will intersect with air defense systems. Although with the old, even with promising, like C-500. They are used as the carrier of cruise missiles. Yes, if that - B-52 is not very much older than the Tu-95.

To be honest, I have no doubt for a minute that in case of suspicion of preparing a strike or assuming that the departing planes are going to strike at the DPRK and the PRC, we will inform the military leadership of the DPRK about this. Both the PRC and we have early warning systems, and the turmoil on our borders has not bothered us. My personal opinion, without hesitation, the PRC will shoot down everything flying up within the reach of air defense weapons (I mean the CD), I suspect ours too. Who is who, and we are well aware that, when attacking his country, UN, he will definitely press the button. He just will not be out. He clearly knows what turns flirting. His only chance to cause such unacceptable damage, that all the sky in sheepskin seem. They remember very well how the UN coalition, led by the United States, practiced the scorched earth tactics on them, and therefore they have nothing to lose and they will not have any remorse.

Tariff "Unlimited Army"

The next period of study has passed. “Army Games”, “ARMY-2017”, “West-2017”. It all ended quite beautifully. But this is already a component of the management of the modern army and the military industrial complex, without which, obviously, today is impossible.

Unlimited Internet. Unlimited calls. Unlimited army. You make a subscription fee, connect the tariff depending on the stated option - and go ahead. If the tariff is cheaper - you see, in the warehouse there are racks of boxes with cartridges for AKM - grab as much as you carry, and shoot at least until blue. If the “supermegapremium” tariff, then there is not much that can be done until the “Caliber” option is activated.
And what? .. Defense enterprises from orders and cash inflows literally swell, jobs - in bulk. The only question is: where did the proceeds come from? - Put down the questions! ..

Comments from our readers:

Everything has its own measure. And this measure is determined by orders. You can "burn" the car of ammunition and never teach the soldier to shoot. Practice shows that when learning to shoot, the main thing is the RIGHT METHOD, a soldier, before he makes the first shot, should already be READY for him, and this is achieved by methodical training. Moreover, now there are enough computer programs that help in this. Therefore, the law is not a law, but the LIMIT should be. All the same, there is a difference between the fact that the crew hit the target - a tank, two projectiles, having spent at the same time b \ k or standard - three projectiles.

And if you really want to, shift the burden of responsibility from the commander’s shoulders to the fighter’s shoulders, to improve their combat skills, then you’re a fighter free of charge three shells, to fulfill the standard, he did it - GOODTHY, but didn’t manage, the next three, at your expense until you complete the exercise ...

Vasya Vassin
I have shot about two thousand rounds of ammunition for two years in military service. Shooting took place almost twice a month, regularly. The results of the company showed confident, tactical exercises were carried out. I talked with the guys who served at the same time with me, some machine guns only saw on oath. Not everything is unique in our world.

The limit is needed. Even from the banal, so that the cartridges are not stolen. (this is so lyric). As for the training in our company: who did not fit the shooting standard, ran from the shooting range behind the Ural, and who fit the standards - was driving in the back. By the second year of service, everyone went to the back :) You want to live, and you will learn not to shoot like that. In the battle was not, I do not know, maybe there are situations in which the lines should be fired. But in most cases you shoot AK single, like a rifle.

Red Book "plant"

The development and modernization of the armed forces involve the creation of new designs. weapons and technology of different classes. In recent years, special attention has been paid to the development of air defense, thanks to which several new models have been developed and adopted. One of the recent innovations was the Bagulnik anti-aircraft missile system.

This is really a Red Book "plant" in the Russian army, this "Ledum". It seems to be there, but to see it “in action” is a serious rarity. In Syria, it seems, it also "does not grow." On the other hand, does it make sense for him to “grow” in Syria? Transfer to the SAA in order to fend off Israeli aircraft pecked by birds and drones? is a dubious idea. And to shoot at contraceptives inflated by "bearded boys" from such an air defense system is too hussar.

Comments from our readers:

To work on helicopters, I think this complex is good. But what about air-to-surface missiles launched far from outside the detection and destruction zone?

I think TOR will cope, but it is expensive, and Pine is budget.

Here the flora and fauna rise.

T-xnumx not instead of t-xnumx

Last week, Army Standard magazine published an interview with Deputy Minister of Defense Dmitry Bulgakov; the theme of this material was the development of domestic armored combat vehicles, including the latest T-90M project. Deputy Minister revealed the main features of promising tank, and also told exactly what changes were made to the existing design.

It is noteworthy that as soon as a publication appears on the projects for upgrading the same T-90, statements from the series are immediately heard: “Well, the Armata project asks ... if you have made a dozen machines for the parade, and that's all zilch.” And what, after all, it is so convenient - you don’t look into the plans for the supply of T-14 to the troops, but at once you mark everyone and everything - right up to the welder at UVZ - they say, sabotage, profanation, all the rack! But what an emotional outburst, what an information storm.

Comments from our readers:

The grid around the tower somehow looks flimsy. As exploitation can fly off with an enviable constancy when a tank passes through a forest belt. But the log is well hung on the starboard side. In the stern, it did not give any protection, but here at least a little board, but protects. The main thing is that this log does not cling to urban areas.

Golovan Jack
I propose to add another log on the left side. In this case, the log at the stern - save, definitely. By the way, they will come in handy, really: logs do not happen much.

Krasnyiy komissar
I expected more! Where is the new 2А82 gun shooting new uranium BOPS with armor penetration more than 900 mm? Sheet-type shells were relevant to the end of 90-x-beginning 2000-x, but today they are unlikely to be able to hit Abrams M1A2 SEP.v3 or Leopard-2A7 "head-on," which makes life difficult for tankmen. Why put the engine power of all 1000 hp, even if on the Usrainsky tank Oplot is worth dviglo 1200 hp ? With a mass of about 50 tonnes, the specific power density will be about 20 hp / t, which will bring the T-90M closer to the British Challenger-2, which is clearly not fast. Go ahead. Where is your mother, KAZ ??? Tankers are not cannon fodder in order to substitute them for subsonic "Javelins" and "Spikes", not to mention M829E4 BOPS! And the last - Where is the separate thermal sight of the gunner, independent of the commander's, and high-quality OCDM with two-plane stabilization ?!
PS This modernization is inferior to T-90AM in a number of parameters, which is very offensive for a great tank-building power. It turns out that we are selling the best to foreigners, and we are fighting for T-72B3 and T-90А.

About the "has no analogues"

The Tractor Plants Concern and the Ministry of Defense of Russia have completed testing of a unique new infantry fighting vehicle with the working name of the BMP-3M “Dragoon”.

Stated that the BMP-3M "Dragoon" will be able to surpass foreign analogues. And the main thing here is that the “Dragoons” should go to the troops. And already there it will become clear whether they can beat the foreign counterparts or not. After all, if we are guided solely by the statements of the developers, then we have any combat unit "has no analogues in the world." As a result, it often turns out that with the conclusions about the “lack of analogs” they still hurried.

And by and large, arms advertising has still not been canceled. Moreover, Russia is increasingly entering the field to expand markets for arms exports.

Comments from our readers:

Surely the 2 lines of the BMP will simultaneously make both the Dragoon and Kurgan-3 BMP-25?
Of course, shooting from closed positions is a good advantage for Dragun in the entrenched infantry (if I don’t confuse), then, by and large, programmed mutilated ammunition is not needed (and they will not be cheap).

Yes what Kurganets? He can't afford it. They will again upgrade old women a'lya T-72 to T-72B3. We have this good Soviet thousands stand and rust.

It should be noted, the high versatility of the project created by the modular principle. Also, in a very positive way, the firepower of the BMP-3 combined with the ability not to store 100-mm guns in the troop compartment looks like (at least, the crew may simply not take spare 18 shells ... or not take airborne troops, hammer the squad ammunition and work tachanka)))))
For portable Dushkts - just applauding standing gentlemen designers !!!
And now IMHO. The car is great and great, but, nevertheless, still has a low level of security. I repeat, this is a personal opinion. In general, this is a class of cars trying to combine low weight, the passenger capacity of the armored personnel carrier and the firepower of the tank, is doomed initially. And it's not just about our BMP-3 ... it's about the whole class. Modern infantry fighting vehicles cannot carry infantry across the battlefield. They can only get to it and support it with fire from cover. Those. in fact, this is not a BMP, but an armored personnel carrier with reinforced weapons.

Bulgarian aces are upset by MIGs

The Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria declares that the pilots from the personnel of Graf Ignatiev air force base of the country announced their refusal to perform training flights on MiG-29 aircraft.

Why refuse to fly on the MiG-29? Everything is simple: the Bulgarians recently go to the abandoned one for any reason: from gas and nuclear power plants to airplanes. It’s necessary not to upset partners on the one hand, on the other hand to leave the possibility of having something to fuck with Russia. As a result, they end up in an “intermediate” position.

To modernize Russian aircraft, as the Bulgarian president recently stated, is “impractical,” because “it is better to purchase new ones.” True, there are a lot of questions: what to buy, from whom to buy and where should MiGs go directly?

The pilots scratch their heads and say - we don’t want to fly MiGs repaired with a sledgehammer and electric jigsaw in Bulgaria - give us a fresh one, straight from NATA or at least from the Swedes called up in NATU ...

Comments from our readers:

Screamed "bratushki" ... And who is to blame?
The Serbs, I hope, are successfully mastering and will soon show aerobatics in the center of Europe.

They are no stranger - fourteen years ago, Bulgaria was saying goodbye to the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, built by Soviet nuclear scientists. At the insistence of the European Union, four working and completely safe reactors were closed, the remaining two will be closed before 2020. The Russian project of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline was closed. Several environmental demonstrations, and it was all over. Bulgarians buried the new nuclear power plant "Belene". And before its construction, Bulgaria paid one and a half billion levs (750 million euros) for preparing the site for the construction of the station. Plus, Russia filed with the international arbitration court in Bulgaria for refusing to build. Well, the fourth reincarnation - freezing "South Stream" to the detriment of itself. There is an expression that Bulgaria is the cemetery of the Orthodox brotherhood, and it’s hard not to agree.

Lying under NATO can not fly. Especially on the MiGs.

He was morally upset ...

Reports of the tragic incident with servicemen of the Rosguard came from the Chechen Republic. The senior lieutenant opened fire on his fellow soldiers. Four dead.

The head of Rosgvardia, a few days after the tragedy in Shelkovskaya, stated that Starley Hajiyev, you see, was in a bad emotional state due to the unit commander, who was about to fire him (or had already dismissed) during his vacation. Starley was so upset that he took up arms and shot ... four, including three sergeants. If all the "morally upset" in the army would have grabbed the barrels, then it would not be an army, but a mess. Therefore, it is hardly possible to justify a soldier who, due to personal friction with the commander, is ready to shoot to kill his own colleagues.

Comments from our readers:

Some chiefs like to use such legal somersaults, forgetting about the existence of a judicial system. An officer may be wrong a thousand times, but it is impossible to “squeeze” housing like this, and most likely it is not legal.

Marat Gadzhiev (senior lieutenant).
The dead:
Banykin Ilya Y. (captain)
Agamagomedov Khairutdin Nurmagomedovich (Sergeant)
Garachiev Ilyas Magamedmustafayevich (senior sergeant)
Baygaziev Arsen Arslambekovich (senior sergeant).

St Petrov
Shooting colleagues because of a dispute with the commander is atas. Whether money is involved, something else is not important in this context at all. There is no excuse for him. The highest measure is crying for him. He is a soldier, after all. And not hysterical.
4 fighter killed. Because of the tantrum. Would shoot at yourself or wife. Others do with it at all?
That's right, that they fired, such a character to a weapon in general, psychologists had to prevent. The staff, the dog and the flock of sheep are the ceiling of this hysterical. It was necessary to eliminate - now to feed him at the expense of taxpayers.

The sentence was executed ...
Apparently, he did not see himself outside the army, but here they wanted to fire him, because he threatened to contact the prosecutor's office.

Indian games

The number of applicants for construction for the Indian Navy of six submarines with an air-independent power plant under the “Project-75 (I)” program was reduced to four. According to Jane's Defense Weekly, the Japanese consortium Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Spanish company Navantia did not respond to the request for information sent by 19 on July 2017 of October to the deadline set for October 16. Four other manufacturers, including the French Naval Group (formerly DCNS), the German ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, the Swedish Saab Kockums and the TsDB MT Rubin (through the Rosoboronexport agency), submitted their responses to the request.

Within the framework of the “Project-75 (I)” program, whose cost is estimated at 500 billion rupees (7,81 billion dollars), it is planned to build six submarines with an air-independent power plant capable of hitting ground targets at the shipyards of one of the Indian private companies. .

Far more important is the joint Russian-Indian project of a promising FNFA 5 fighter generation, which should establish operational-tactical balance in South and Central Asia, as well as allow the Indian Air Force to maintain proper combat potential in front of the advanced Chinese air forces, writes analyst Yevgeny Damantsev.

In the period from 2007 to 2013, the joint project of PJSC Sukhoi Company and the Indian aircraft-building Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, based on the constructive component of the promising Su-57 aviation complex, moved forward with grief: the parties were all arranged and a sketch project was actively developed. Nevertheless, already on December 24 of 2013, at a conference on the prospects for the aviation industry in India, representatives of the Air Force came down with harsh criticism of the concept of FGFA proposed by the Russian side. New Delhi also complained about Sukhoi’s reluctance to provide important information about the project.

From such a "bosom friendship" of India and the United States nothing good is expected. It is extremely sad, Damentsev believes, to observe the attempts of Rostec to present the situation with the FGFA program in an exceptionally pink color at a time when New Delhi continues to systematically blackmail the company Sukhoi with even more, heated out of Washington, for failing to provide critical technologies for the future aviation complex 5-th generation.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
When concluding contracts with the Indians, Russian companies had to prescribe all these nuances indicated in the article and not to cry now ... The modern arms market is, one can say, a theater of military operations, where an ally or partner, as you wish, can suddenly shoot in the back. .. Do not be so naive in dealing with Hindus.

In addition to simple Russian, no one to the Hindus of technology is not something that production, even service does not transmit ... So they survive from our everything they can, and all their frills are aimed at it.

This is not a simple matter. Just sit at Rostec "effective managers" who feed on these contracts. And ready to merge anything, for their profits.

Well, in India, corruption is simply elevated to the "state program": there was always a competition for those who gave the most. At one time, the Indians quarreled very much with the Americans on the basis of Pakistani motives, now it is forgotten against the background of the desire to live beautifully. Well, Americans are richer than Russians in any way, and they give bribes, obviously, more, and to those who need it. The Russians, on the other hand, oversubscribed because of the sanctions, the Crimea, olympiads with football, Syria, etc., and obviously became greedy, stopped feeding the Hindu military elite well, which the Americans immediately took advantage of ...

We would have to finish our boat with VNSU at last, and only then climb to the Indians.

Trump lose rating on Syrian war?

Demanding to Tehran about the need to withdraw from Iraq the pro-Iranian military units of the militias and members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who are opposing the IG today (prohibited in the Russian Federation) and supporting the Iraqi armed forces in an offensive operation against Kurdish units in the Mosul and Kirkuk region, and also turning the refugee camp "Rubkan" "(Located near the military base of the SSO and USMC At-Tanf) in the many thousands of pseudo-Caliphat bridgehead / training complex for the implementation of a regular destabilizing activist awn on the liberated territory of the CAA, the United States completely refuted announced in August a plan to withdraw from the region "immediately after the IG centers of suppression."

The “Rubkan” camp, where several hundred American, British and Israeli military instructors operate, concealed by the contingent in At-Tanf, is simply staked. This is not surprising, because, firstly, the Pentagon never so easily left the regions abundant with deposits of major energy sources (in Syria these are oil fields southeast of Deir-ez-Zor), and secondly, for the current American regime, the loss of even the slightest control over the actions of the Russian and Iranian contingents in the Syrian theater of operations would be like death, says E. Damantsev. As a result, for Trump and his entourage it will certainly result in a very serious loss of rating to an even lower level than the one observed in the spring of 2017.

Such a development of the situation will lower the current US regime “to the level of a curb”, both in the eyes of its pro-republican electorate, and just before the most inveterate “hawks” taking an active part in the political life of the state. Consequently, the US presence in the Syrian Arab Republic will linger for decades, which will be possible only due to the deployment of military units of the KMP and MTR, and in the future, the fighter squadrons of the US Air Force in the territory controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Meanwhile, recently the regional military-political situation around the Syrian theater of operations is changing almost unrecognizably every week, which is preparing for Washington a number of unexpected "surprises" that complicate the stay of the US Armed Forces in Syria, as well as receiving from this stay various military strategic and economic benefits. In the first place, these “surprises” are caused by a clash of state ambitions with the interests of Ankara and Tehran, which were clearly marked in the last two weeks.

The era of the IG is rapidly coming to an end. The Syrian Arab army, this "fist" operates along the western coast of the Euphrates, slowly but surely advancing southward from Meyadin (towards the Syrian-Iraqi border), moving the western grouping of the pseudo-caliphate away from the river. Towards this grouping from the city of Humaimah in the northeast operational direction comes the CAA grouping, which at one time gained control over the Syrian-Iraqi border east of At-Tanfa. When the latter meets with the “Meyadi kulak”, the IG’s western enclave will end up in the “cauldron”, after which it will remain to suppress the terrorist centers on the eastern bank of the Euphrates near Abu Hamam and Abu Kemal. If we assume that a long-term de-escalation scenario will follow after this, where the Kurdish SDF formations, as well as the AOI, will not attempt to attack the liberated CAA territory, then the situation in the Syrian theater will stabilize, and the parties will begin substantial work to increase the combat potential before the next stage conflict, which will be based solely on the territorial ambitions of the parties.

Comments from our readers:

The United States in the ranks of more than three hundred C-130. If they wish, they can create traffic by them at that air base, as in Domodedovo. So the argument about the semi-fleet and poor supply, in my opinion, does not look obvious.

Where are the surprises, where are the problems, for some reason I did not understand at all.
Based on this logic, it can be stated that Israel has only, and only one, problems with surprises around. And they take, and in no case, they hammer this Syrian Arab army whenever they want and where they want.
Also, Americans - oh, oh, they can not provide their deployed systems. Pay attention - radio electronic systems. Due to the fact that, say, the northern group of the legions of Syria is slowly crawling on the bow with the southern group of the army of the legions of Syria ... Oh, sorry, I was mistaken. There are not legions, there are fronts ... in the number of a marching platoon or company. Right now, the two fronts will surround the "bearded underdogs" and the Americans along with them. True, only a semi-ring surround. Or maybe a quarter ring. Or do not surround.
And I immediately have a question: if the Americans, as usual, have saturated their structures with electronic gadgets, then what do these same “legions” crawl there like some kind of living creatures in a certain place? Why not “give” to this most valiant CAA fighter our usual electronic warfare and suppression complexes? Well, how to give. No brainer that our radio intelligence and interception were there made themselves such a proving ground - Mama Do not Cry. And it will be necessary - they will jam all the Americans' radio stations with interference so that the corn grill has nowhere to sit, not like the Hercules. And instead of that, we still thresh with rockets across the desert. Beauty, damn it.
So surprises, of course, will be. For example, the UN showed a surprise yesterday.
But only for us. With the Syrians.
And not for the Americans.
Cassandra, damn, experts.

The article convincingly proves that while the NATO command is leading the entire process and, apparently, with the full but tacit consent of our military. Coalition forces in Syria are the same aggressor as ISIS, and could be warned that if they did not leave Syria, measures would be taken against them to exile. It would be possible to close Syrian airspace to coalition forces as accomplices of terrorists.

Near foreign borders

The events of recent weeks clearly show that Washington will not miss an attempt to provoke one or several high-intensity local and regional conflicts in both Eastern European and Asian-Pacific theaters of military operations, and in Front Asia. In the immediate vicinity of the DPRK air borders, the crews of the B-1B “Lancer” 8 airborne bomber of the US Air Force Global Assault Command play with fire, provoking Pyongyang to fully justified military countermeasures. Similar but more balanced and accurate US and British Air Force actions are regularly carried out with respect to the Russian Federation in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea, where P-8A Poseidon anti-aircraft and DER-RC-135W / V aircraft regularly conduct combat duty "Rivet Joint". Donbas TVD is turning into a testing ground for full-scale tests of American small arms and anti-tank weapons (as is known, the US Congress already examines the mechanisms for providing Kiev with FGM-148 Javellin ATGM), believes analyst E. Damantsev.

If the Pentagon does not dare to go into direct conflict with the Russian armed forces, then it is quite capable of pushing to the hybrid confrontation numerous slave regimes (for example, Ukraine) in the near approaches to our state. This is done both with the aim of trying to establish operational and strategic control over the Russian border in a particular area of ​​the European theater of operations, and for a comprehensive check of the technological capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces in combat conditions. The command of the US Armed Forces is interested in the frequency parameters of all radar systems of the Russian Aerospace Forces without exception, as well as similar indicators of tactical information exchange radio stations. Not less interest are the EW and artillery reconnaissance radars, which, for example, are used to cover the republics from the RTR complexes at the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as to provide a timely counter-battery "response" on active Ukrainian artillery batteries ...

Comments from our readers:

Everything is correctly laid out in the article by the author. Trump needs a war, or it will be thrown off, and preferably a quick one, with a publicized victory ...

And in the United States it has long become a tradition: if the president has internal problems, then a small victorious war is urgently needed. One blow Clinton is worth something.

As one of the possible scenarios - it is possible. Degree of probability? 10-15%. Although the option of air collisions is more likely. If only because the Americans are very respectful of the Italian doctrine of Douai "to beat out" the enemy from the war. But it is not good for the bad to deal with a practically nuclear power.

“Grab the bags, the station is leaving!”

Times change, and we change with them. Israel has persistently tried to remain the same for years and today realizes that it is late for the outgoing train to reshape the political maps of the Middle East: “Get hold of the bags, the station is leaving!” For two years, outright losing Bashar Assad was on horseback. Igilovtsy massively flee Syria, having lost even American support. The coalition that has arisen around Russia is not just winning, it has united former irreconcilable enemies, such as Iran and Turkey. And only self-confident Israel continued mindlessly to follow the previous course, Michael Onufienko argues his thesis.

The “reformatting” of Syria under the dominant position of Russia in this process provides an excellent opportunity to deliver a “strongest blow” to the United States in the long term, having turned Israel over the years if not as a strategic partner, then at least as a neutral ally, the author believes. The pragmatic position of Russia in the last decade and a half and the two millionth part of Israel (essentially Russian) guarantee Russia success on this most important part of the Middle Eastern front, he said.

Comments from our readers:

Israel receives about $ 3 billion in annual military aid from the United States (F-35, for example). That says it all. And why is there a base, if there is Tartus nearby? Kurdistan in such an environment is unlikely to take place now and is capable of something; before, during chaos, it was necessary.

... "And there, even before the" dream come true "is not far away - our naval base fleet in practically Russian Haifa. ”
No words ... some thoughts ...

Oh you, Haifa, oh you, Haifa, the city of G'u seamen! (Sing to the tune of the "Legendary Sevastopol".)

Russians hit the terrorists? NATO is in danger!

The Russian submarine Krasnodar, which this year unnoticed by NATO military ships passed through the waters of the Mediterranean and attacked the Islamists in Palmyra, alarmed by NATO, cites the InoTV article published in the Daily Star. The Russian “ghost submarine” gave rise to concerns about the possible start of the “second cold war,” the newspaper writes.

However, it is immediately noted that President Putin warned NATO of the passage of the submarine, which was sent to participate in military maneuvers.

What a cold war, gentlemen, if you were warned? Why anxiety, why such excitement? Sip Valerian.

Even Western newsmen admit that Russians have beaten terrorists. “Being in the Mediterranean, Krasnodar went through Libya, and some time later struck jihadists in the Syrian Palmyra,” writes the same “Daily Star”.

However, NATO still found one reason for “alarm”. The boat was able to avoid detection by tracking devices! That's what the generals of the alliance were excited about.

Comments from our readers:

And I love the blanket you wrap? These dolboyaschiru satisfied only that our boats would rot at the piers, without going to sea. Do not wait.

She, too, can silently cross the Atlantic Ocean and suddenly strike at the United States. Does it bother them?

It hurts fat on the geyrop to send such boats, geyrop, and so we roll into dust, if that. But on the Omerzikos - the most it!

Nuclear deal with Iran as an apple of discord

The EU foreign ministers called on the United States to continue the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (IFAP) with Iran, better known as the “nuclear deal.” The Council suggested to the Americans: before taking further steps to abandon this agreement, take into account its implications for the security of the United States, their partners and the region.

Americans are hardly an example of the fulfillment of their obligations. Russian President Vladimir Putin just reminded about this in his speech at the Valdai Forum.

It is time for Americans to change their arrogant attitude towards agreements affecting the interests of regional powers and small countries.

By the way, in Europe they understand this - to the bewilderment of a transatlantic ally. It remains to follow the movements of American hands.

Comments from our readers:

How can the US claims to the current Iranian policy now be attached to the previously reached agreement on the “atom”? Only if they are viewed in the light of US gop-politics, when they are trying to take everybody on the gop-stop ... This is not serious.
"Last week’s summit of EU leaders called for the unconditional implementation of the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program."
And there is nothing surprising. First: the EU has invested heavily in modern Iran and wants to invest even more there, and clearly ahead of everyone, including the United States, in this matter. And who wants to lose money just like that? And second: somehow it is not comme il faut to do this with signed agreements, who will believe you later! And the third: this is, of course, the overt desire of the United States to simply bend everyone and everything, including the EU economy. Friendship is friendship, and money apart.

So for that and the Americans, to always have on hand a list of claims against any country that does not want the dictates of the United States. And if Iran makes a list of claims to the United States? It will probably be much longer and more real.

You have forgotten to add the organization of a couple of major terrorist attacks that the mattresses organize in the territory of European partners for their return to the American stall.

Victory is not far off

About how the Russian army will pierce the "defense capability" of NATO, despite the adoption by the Alliance of measures to "strengthen deterrence", the so-called secret report says. The document surfaced in the German press.

NATO will not be able to repel a strike by the Russian army if it undertakes an offensive against Eastern Europe. This is stated in a secret document called “Fortschrittsbericht über das verstärkte Abschreckungs- und Verteidigungsdispositiv der Allianz” (him), which means “Report on enhanced deterrence and defense capability of the alliance”. The secret document was edited by the German "Spiegel". How did he get there? Probably Putin threw up.

If we forget about the jokes, then the press has another and almost official confirmation that NATO does not believe in the possibility of the alliance states to protect themselves. From whom? All from the same Russian, who do not attack.

There was information about a new victorious war without an army that is being waged against the USA by the same Russians.

Russian mastered the art of warfare of the XXI century. Wait a minute! They are fighting not on tanks, not on airplanes. Not big armies. For thousands of years, people fought with the help of armies, but everything changed. And now the Russians are winning without soldiers. Doctor of Sciences Azim Ibrahim talks about this on the Al-Arabia website in English. He is a great expert: over the past years he has met with many world leaders and has given political consultations to many of them. In 2010, the European Social Think Tank Brain Trust included it in the top 100 of world thinkers, and the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum) found it a place in the ranking of young world leaders. If he believes that the Russians are winning, then so be it.

Willy-nilly, we note Mr. Ibrahim, speaking on behalf of the West, acknowledged that the negative changes in Western democracies, primarily in the American, are the main cause of confusion in the minds of society. It turns out, is not in Russian business! And not in the North Koreans, about which stated recently the old Bill Clinton, who put the DPRK on par with Russia.

The split in American society has long roots, which were strengthened during the Vietnam War. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, writing about which as the victories of the United States is ridiculous, has grown trees on these roots. Many US citizens have a negative attitude to overseas "campaigns" of the White House and are in favor of non-interference; In recent years, the number of those who express a lack of trust in the government and the US Congress in polls has been rapidly growing.

Comments from our readers:

A typical example of psychological, Babskoy war. The point is short: the consequences of its objectively occurring moral degradation, of its war crimes from the end of 90 until today, its failure in globalization to be attributed to the false thesis of a "hybrid war" of insidious Russians against the West. Totally purposefully omitting the fact that Russia is always defending itself all the time. Moreover, it is completely open, and not insidiously. Back in 2007, Putin in Munich explained in detail all the problems and all the points of the clearly emerging opposition. Swam further to Russia? Well, get in ten years, the return made by you. And the demagogic attempt to shift the blame for their own mistakes to Russia — this is pure infantilism, this is an idleness. In quarrelsome women always the man is to blame for everything, even if they themselves have spoiled specifically. So here: they themselves have spoiled, and the man is to blame. Well, the man is a man, in order to show her place at the right time for a babe-bitch. Calm and dignified. That, in fact, Putin is doing well. You should not pay attention to tantrums and other angry chatter. Well, you still have to live like this together: you don’t have to be screwed apart from this planet ...

The West sometimes surprises itself. "Secret reports" surface in the media and immediately the question arises: is it worth to classify what you want to merge into the press? If this happens, then it is very necessary for someone. What the US needs is for Europe to pay 2% without otkoryachek for its "security," which is promised only in words and for the American military-industrial complex to flourish.

In the case of a serious kneading, who will you, gentlemen of NATO, allow you to move freely from country to country, or do you think, as in 1941, Russia will wait for you to accumulate near the borders ??? I think you are mistaken, everything will be very quickly and firmly suppressed. Russia, having modern weapons (including rocket systems of different classes) will quickly restore order in Europe.

We will not be able to stop them when they start moving very quickly to the side: away from our borders.

Stalin - yes, Lenin - no. And Putin - no?

In Russia, Stalin can be worshiped again, says Andreas Rüch, correspondent for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Stalin needed the "Putin regime." But Lenin worship in Russia is not accepted. Why? Lenin scares the Kremlin with the word "revolution", believes Victor Sebastien, the author of the complete biography of the proletarian leader, written for the centenary of the Russian revolution.

By the way, what about the “Putin regime”?

The VO observer, Yuri Podolyak, believes that next year, the operation “Successor” may happen in Russia. Such an operation, he writes, “is by no means excluded, but on the contrary, probable,” with “more than ever.” Apparently, even in 2008, there was no such high probability.

Another columnist for VO, Mikhail Onufienko, went even further and answered the unequivocally posed question: "Why Putin will not go to the polls next year." This question does not end with a question mark, the sentence was narrative. Therefore, "do not go" is considered something of a fact. It remains to explain why this fact will take place in the near future.

The columnist replied to his “why”: “Today, in addition to the traditional Yavlinsky-Zhirinovsky, a whole number of self-promoted candidates claiming the presidency of Russia, guaranteeing that the presidential race is not even a show, but a low-class farce. To participate in which a person like Vladimir Putin is simply not comical. ”

That's it! Therefore, Vladimir Putin has only a few months left to head the state. And foreign experts are still scaring the democratic nations with the “Putin regime”!

It is time, dear overseas gentlemen, to call wise experts on forecasts, re-read the idealistic book of Fukuyama, rewrite the methodological instructions on the liberal-democratic “end of history” and figure out how to call the new Russian “regime” under which Putin will not be president.

Comments from our readers:

Stalin is a builder, a faithful fellow Lenin, who put his ideas into practice. Suppose, though not all ... But Lenin is the creator, the inspiration, and that says it all. Looks like you need to raise them both.

Uncle lee
+ Felix Edmundovich!

Let it be Putin! Finish the unfinished, raise Russia! And not some secret successor. The successor will be wrong, and Putin will correct. But you can mess it up so that it won't be possible to fix it!

Maybe enough already finish building? And then, after all, 18 has been finishing everything for years - it cannot complete it. Instead of the expected improvement in the life of the people, they want to make the introduction of new taxes, the increase in excise taxes, the increase in seniority of the pension ... And three years ago, this is how the people were robbed! They halved wages with savings twice, and even for that no one bore the responsibility! Is this something civilized growth?
Well, yes, yes, yes ... I need another Yeltsin-Medvedev. Democrat. This will definitely increase the standard of living. One wave of the hand. And wages will increase, and civilized growth will provide. Of course, our overseas friends will immediately remove the sanctions, fill all the budgets of the Russian Federation with investments - read again, destroy what was “restored” for 20 years, again take the gold reserves to the American bins “for storage”. Urya! The triumph of democracy will come.

SRC P-15
Putin can not go to the polls with only one purpose: to show screamers that he expects the country if he leaves the post! But Vladimir Vladimirovich will not fall to such baseness, therefore he will go to the next term of presidency. And the fact that there are odious candidates for this position, so there is nothing reprehensible in this: the king was always accompanied by a retinue of jesters.

I agree! Putin will go to the polls, and let the "well-wishers" not hope. A country at such a moment cannot be trusted to another person. But we already need to think about a successor, and we will see him after the elections as part of the new government, or he will even be its chairman.

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  1. izya top
    izya top 29 October 2017 07: 05
    Point one: Russian gas can be stolen. Point two: if Russia declares that gas cannot be stolen, see point one.

    Kim, in his notebook, counts how many times Trump has already threatened to wipe the DPRK off the face of the Earth,

    next year operation "Successor" may happen in Russia.

    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 29 October 2017 07: 16
      Izya Top Today, 07:05 AM

      hi ! ... a little sad about the Belarusian nesting doll, and no offense on the part of the Belarusians-forum users if they have one ...
      1. 210ox
        210ox 29 October 2017 08: 59
        Regarding Dodon. Well, the population is silent, this is expected. But what will they do now in Moscow? not in NATO, but on Banderostan.
        1. Inok10
          Inok10 29 October 2017 20: 54
          Stalin - yes, Lenin - no. And Putin - no?
          ... on the eve of the election campaign, this comes to the point of absurdity ... hi
      2. 79807420129
        79807420129 29 October 2017 09: 02
        Well, comrades Komsomol members on the occasion of you
        1. 79807420129
          79807420129 29 October 2017 09: 03
          Quote: 79807420129
          Well, comrades Komsomol members on the occasion of you

          And to all the drivers of health and good luck on the road, happy holiday to you. love
          Thanks to the authors for the review, as always with high quality and with humor. good
        2. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 10: 04
          Thank you comrade! So congratulated me too! Happy holiday to all!
          1. Nyrobsky
            Nyrobsky 29 October 2017 11: 40
            Quote: EvgNik
            Thank you comrade! So congratulated me too! Happy holiday to all!
            Happy Comrade underground members !!!
            1. EvgNik
              EvgNik 29 October 2017 12: 08
              Thank you, land, will you go to our dugout?
        3. Contra-M
          Contra-M 29 October 2017 10: 49
          Quote: 79807420129
          Well, comrades Komsomol members on the occasion of you

          The date is serious! I remember the first of the class joined the Komsomol ..
          The principles of democratic centralism, such a question was ..!

          Well, for the Komsomol .. drinks
        4. To be or not to be
          To be or not to be 29 October 2017 11: 06
          С happy holiday !!!
          1. Cetron
            Cetron 29 October 2017 16: 32
            Komsomol is a diagnosis! While we are together, we are invincible. Happy Holiday!
      3. staviator
        staviator 29 October 2017 12: 08
        a little sad about the Belarusian nesting doll, and no offense from the Belarusians-forum users if they have one ...

        Belarusian nesting doll opens, you open, and there Kolya! wassat
    2. EvgNik
      EvgNik 29 October 2017 07: 28
      Quote: izya top
      izya top

      Izya, do not touch Belarus. Tear the throat. This is not some kind of Israel for you. hi
      1. izya top
        izya top 29 October 2017 07: 38
        Quote: EvgNik
        Izya, do not touch Belarus. Tear the throat.

        I was born in Mogilev angry
        1. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 07: 54
          Well done, I knew where to be born! laughing
      2. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack 29 October 2017 07: 46
        Quote: EvgNik
        This is not some kind of Israel for you

        Something tells me that izya top has no relation to Israel ... request
        1. izya top
          izya top 29 October 2017 07: 50
          Quote: Golovan Jack
          Something tells me that izya top has nothing to do with Israel

          what a shrewd Golovan yes
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack 29 October 2017 08: 42
            Cool poster, but they still distorted the song ...
            After all And it’s unclear to passers-by ...
        2. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 07: 57
          Absolutely not, my countryman now. This is us about our, old.
      3. Anatole Klim
        Anatole Klim 29 October 2017 08: 37
        Quote: EvgNik
        do not touch Belarus. Tear the throat.

        Eugene! Well, do not eat meat and potatoes at night, Rygoritch said - only with herring! wink
        1. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 09: 18
          Quote: Anatol Klim
          Well, don't eat meat and potatoes at night

          And what is this? Under the Soviet regime, he ate like, at the present I don’t remember.
          1. staviator
            staviator 29 October 2017 12: 20
            Quote: EvgNik
            And what is this? Under the Soviet regime, he ate like, at the present I don’t remember.

            Is there money for a potato with meat on the computer? Are you tired of pouring pink snot on the grave of a non-existent country? But I’m eating cervelat, octopuses and bananas, I didn’t know what it was under the Soviet regime. And what?
            1. EvgNik
              EvgNik 29 October 2017 12: 33
              Quote: staviator
              And what?

              And what? Do you like this shit *** mo? Or eat and choke?
            2. Boa kaa
              Boa kaa 29 October 2017 15: 05
              Quote: staviator
              But I’m eating cervelat, octopuses and bananas, during the Soviet era I didn’t know what it was. And what?
              He began his service in the North, in 1977. And all this freely lay on the shelves in Severomorsk, well, maybe except for the Finnish cervelat. But Moscow, HC - lay freely ... Well, what did you, the stator, the Union and Soviet power not please? Hunger pooh, or what? Or do you have more confidence in the future today than in the era of the "heyday of stagnation"?
              Therefore, Andersen, leave the tales to Grandma Arina: she’s getting more comfortable! Yeah.
      4. Contra-M
        Contra-M 29 October 2017 10: 58
        Quote: EvgNik
        Quote: izya top
        izya top

        Izya, do not touch Belarus. Tear the throat. This is not some kind of Israel for you. hi

        I join ..! negative Now, again, a wave went against Belarus ..
        1. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 12: 13
          I have the best friends in the Far East and in Belarus. So I know the situation is not from corrupt media.
          1. Contra-M
            Contra-M 29 October 2017 12: 17
            Quote: EvgNik
            I have the best friends in the Far East and in Belarus. So I know the situation is not from corrupt media.

            I know this Eugene, and therefore answered ... hi
            Good luck to you ..
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 29 October 2017 07: 10
    I liked the joke more this week - the horse spoke in a human voice, lol and carried such bullshit lol as if in a oat or hay, feed a horse LSD mixed, moreover, a large dose! wassat
    1. The black
      The black 29 October 2017 07: 18
      In the fight against the Putin regime, the liberals decided to use cavalry wassat
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 29 October 2017 11: 01
          Quote: nmaxxen
          We say sobchak-we mean Putin.
          We say Putin-mean dog

          We talk nmaxxen - we mean "troll"
          We say "troll" - we mean ... (oh, and a lot of you got divorced here ...) including, and nmaxxen laughing
          So it is more correct, IMHO.
        2. Contra-M
          Contra-M 29 October 2017 12: 25
          Quote: nmaxxen
          We say sobchak-we mean Putin.
          We say Putin-we mean dog.

          Well done! The award will be written to you ...
          And what about the future ..? laughing

          There is still Bourbon in the back with scuba gear ..))))
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 29 October 2017 07: 19
      Herculesic Today, 07:10 ... as if in an oats or hay, feed LSD horse was mixed,
      if only not two drops of nicotine, otherwise we won’t get rid of all the media ...
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 29 October 2017 07: 55
        Nicotine in drops is not for sale!
        OR what I do not know?
        1. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 08: 17
          Quote: Reptiloid
          OR what I do not know?

          Do not know, Dima hi

        2. urman
          urman 29 October 2017 10: 02
          This is common knowledge.
          everyone knows that.
          A drop of nicotine kills a horse.
          Quote: Reptiloid
          Nicotine in drops is not for sale!

          It's a pity!
    3. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 29 October 2017 09: 46
      Quote: Herkulesich
      I liked the joke more this week - the horse spoke in a human voice, and it seemed that she carried such nonsense in oats or hay, feed LSD with a horse, and a large dose!

      Our "Blacksmith" intentionally did not "shoe" her - so she would not go far! laughing
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 October 2017 07: 11
    Here we are again at the "Results ..."
    Kim, in his notebook, counts how many times Trump has already threatened to wipe the DPRK off the face of the Earth, and against this background, North Korean engineers are doing their job.

    ... God forbid these two minds !!! ... otherwise, then many, many millions of people will remain without reason, from a word completely ...
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 29 October 2017 07: 14
      Trump has already destroyed Eunah a hundred times in his thoughts lol but just to sense, for Eun comes with a smile on his face every night in a dream, and demands that they begin to learn the Korean language in the USA urgently! !! lol
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 29 October 2017 07: 22
        Koreans in the USA (cor. 한국계 미국인, Hanguk-ke ​​migiguin) are Americans of Korean descent. Form the fifth largest group among the Asian population after the Chinese, Filipinos, Indians and Vietnamese.

        ... and teachers in the meritosia are already there ... bully something like this...
  4. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 October 2017 07: 11
    We must pay tribute to the cartoonist Vitaly. Bravo!
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 29 October 2017 07: 35
      VadimSt Today, 07:11
      We must pay tribute to the cartoonist Vitaly. Bravo!

      ... COMPLETELY JUST ... "Results ..." we read, and drawings always "smile" ... meaning and humor are present in each of them good ... good luck and professionalism, Vitaly !!!!! drinks
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 29 October 2017 08: 02
        Thanks to the RESULTS !!!!! Good mood in the morning!
        Putin said that he had long been aware of Korean nuclear weapons from Un's father. By this he indicated trusting relations between our countries. Secret. !!!!!
        1. aszzz888
          aszzz888 29 October 2017 08: 51
          Reptiloid Today, 08: 02This he indicated the trusting relationship between our countries. Secret. !!!!!

          ... then he, and the Darkest! ...
        2. EvgNik
          EvgNik 29 October 2017 12: 16
          Quote: Reptiloid
          Secret. !!!!!

          Dima, do not read newspapers at night. And throw the box out the window.
  5. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 29 October 2017 08: 30
    Would the topics still be interesting:
    1. Catalonia, development prospects and possible consequences
    2. R. Muller, The beginning of the investigation.
    3. The upcoming presidential election. Candidates
    1. domokl
      domokl 29 October 2017 08: 39
      laughing Yeah .... So that the authors create a weekly brochure and not an article. Results they are the results. Links to articles are. Who is interested can read more detailed material fellow
    2. volodya
      volodya 29 October 2017 09: 11
      Quote: vladimirvn
      Upcoming Presidential Election. Candidates

      1. vladimirvn
        vladimirvn 29 October 2017 09: 38
        Of course, I can assume that it was not Putin who killed Kennedy, but all other versions look like conspiracy theories and are very implausible.
  6. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 29 October 2017 08: 36
    Another interesting topic is how to prepare for possible sanctions. "Mandatory sale of foreign exchange earnings, purchase of foreign currency with the permission of the authorities, special accounts for part of operations - the Ministry of Finance asks the government and the Central Bank for the right to introduce such measures. The monetary authorities should be prepared for a sharp deterioration in the situation, Anton Siluanov believes. The monetary authorities should be ready for a sharp deterioration in the situation. believes Anton Siluanov Evgeny Razumny / Vedomosti Finance Minister Anton Siluanov reported to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev “on measures to modernize currency control" (Vedomosti reviewed a copy of the document, two federal officials confirmed its authenticity.) Currency laws must be liberalized, Siluanov acknowledges, for example, cancel obligatory return of export earnings to the country, but in return he asks to give the Central Bank and the government the right to introduce stringent currency restrictions in a crisis. Among them: require exporters to repatriate money, sell currency without fail, obtain permits for the purchase of foreign currency, open special accounts for certain types currency transactions and reserve money under them. Such amendments are proposed to be introduced into the law on foreign exchange control. Now currency transactions between residents and non-residents can be carried out without restrictions. "
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 29 October 2017 15: 33
      Quote: vladimirvn
      It is necessary to liberalize currency legislation, Siluanov admits, for example, to cancel the mandatory return of export earnings to the country. But in return, he asks to give the Central Bank and the government the right to introduce tight currency restrictions in a crisis.

      It seems to me that Mr. Siluanov is the Trojan horse of liberalism! When the crisis breaks out, then you won’t knock out a broken ruble from any oligarch, not to say that the currency earnings in full ... But in the pre-crisis period, these world-eaters will eat three throats until they burst ... they or their banks! yes
  7. 1536
    1536 29 October 2017 08: 59
    By the end of the 2017 year, it began to seem that people from other countries began to look at people living in the territory of the former USSR as people with some intellectual disability (mental retardation). Or at least living not in the present. Yes, they will forgive me for such a tough comment. But after all, many abroad read F.M. Dostoevsky, and therefore know the more accurate definitions of human misfortune in the field of soul and mind in Russia, given by the great Russian writer. Or here N.V. Gogol once wrote in his poem Dead Souls:
    "Russia, where are you rushing? Give an answer. Doesn’t give an answer. A bell is being poured with a miraculous ringing; the air is torn to pieces and becomes a wind; everything that is on the earth flies past, and squinting, staring and giving it way to other nations and the state. "
    1. d ^ Amir
      d ^ Amir 29 October 2017 11: 01
      ta-aaa ?????
      look at people with some intellectual disability (mental retardation)
      and what is it expressed ????
  8. nikvic46
    nikvic46 29 October 2017 10: 31
    Putin will definitely be president. But the author raises the question of his successor. I am not a thing, and hardly anyone will answer this question.
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 29 October 2017 11: 19
      Quote: nmaxxen
      We say sobchak-we mean Putin.
      We say Putin-we mean dog.

      What, wedge, dear? wink

      1. nmaxxen
        nmaxxen 29 October 2017 11: 35
        that is, there is no objection to the statement itself?
        1. Golovan Jack
          Golovan Jack 29 October 2017 11: 43
          Quote: nmaxxen
          that is, there is no objection to the statement itself?

          If you do not "feed", you will die out of boredom, like that bird.
          [If the bird cuts off his hands,
          If you cut off your legs too ...

          But in general, a schoolboy, would you ... forest, field and peat bog yes
          PS: I’m deleting you ... (s)
      2. nmaxxen
        nmaxxen 29 October 2017 11: 48
        1. nmaxxen
          nmaxxen 29 October 2017 11: 51
          "To show his contempt for the Senate and the insignificance of the senators, Caligula introduced a horse to the Senate ...
          To ridicule the election process itself and show the insignificance of the people and democracy, Putin introduced the Horse ... "
    2. 23rus
      23rus 29 October 2017 11: 26
      And if you say Navalny, we mean Medvedev in beauties? laughing
    3. EvgNik
      EvgNik 29 October 2017 12: 20
      Quote: nmaxxen
      We say sobchak-we mean Putin.

      Quote: nmaxxen
      We say Putin-we mean dog.

      Ё ё ё!!
  10. Sergey Cojocari
    Sergey Cojocari 29 October 2017 12: 02
    I will not touch on the situation in Russia, I will talk about Moldova. since I am a citizen of this republic. So, firstly, according to the Constitution of the republic, the president performs representative functions: accepts credentials, rewards orders and medals for merit (according to the government) there are probably a couple more minor functions. AND EVERYTHING! Dodon knew all this very well and nonetheless participated in the elections as a presidential candidate. All of his throwing to Russia, Belarus in search of help does not lead to anything because Dodon has nothing to offer the Russian oligarchy in return. The republic does not have mineral deposits, or any significant production. The able-bodied population almost all went abroad, the remaining pensioners and state employees are kept on handouts of the West.
  11. Silver fox_2
    Silver fox_2 29 October 2017 12: 12
    The first time I hear about this Ledum! like following the news)))
    1. Grayish
      Grayish 29 October 2017 22: 24
      yes this is the same "Pine", constantly playing with the names.
  12. evil partisan
    evil partisan 29 October 2017 16: 24
    About Ssaku liked:

  13. Maz
    Maz 29 October 2017 20: 16
    Quote: 79807420129
    Well, comrades Komsomol members on the occasion of you

    By chance or not, but today I found a Komsomol ticket in the closet, my and Bati
  14. Say
    Say 30 October 2017 12: 07
    Kuzhegetovich can hold on while the king in the government sits.
  15. Des10
    Des10 26 January 2018 13: 11
    The head of Rosgvardia, a few days after the tragedy in Shelkovskaya, stated that Starley Hajiyev, you see, was in a bad emotional state due to the unit commander, who was about to fire him (or had already dismissed) during his vacation. Starley was so upset that he took up arms and shot ... four, including three sergeants. If all the "morally upset" in the army would have grabbed the barrels, then it would not be an army, but a mess. Therefore, it is hardly possible to justify a soldier who, due to personal friction with the commander, is ready to shoot to kill his own colleagues.

    How many of the civilians know the so-called "specificity" of military service - and especially - NGR? Each time the commander comes worse (dumber, dumber, extravagant ..) - unfortunately a fact. Therefore, it is possible that people have nerves and can not stand it, even regardless of the Caucasian theme. From a familiar officer - you come to the "cadre", and you are a pricelist by job title, pzhlst. And he strictly advised his relative, a graduate of the SU, to go to the NGR --- a hundred times better to --- MO, maybe that’s all, but less moron. So it goes.