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Atomic Tsar: Peter the Great Heavy Missile Cruiser in 60 seconds

The website of the TV channel Zvezda tells about the most powerful strike surface ship in the Russian Navy, the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great.


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  1. owl
    owl 26 October 2017 16: 41
    Where new warships at least half of the TARKR displacement, Kuibyshev, how much you can PR on what you didn’t build, this information degradation is already tired of the order!
    1. alibabaewitch.vasilij2018
      alibabaewitch.vasilij2018 27 October 2017 15: 16
      and you repeat all the time .. halva halva, halva. how? sweeter gone?)
  2. Navigator
    Navigator 26 October 2017 20: 10
    I haven’t seen this ship prettier.
  3. Talgat
    Talgat 29 October 2017 21: 23
    Unfortunately, Russia can’t set up such a count in Berkov and Tikonderog as the United States

    But if at least it restores and modernizes these 2 nuclear cruisers, then they will be the most powerful ships in the world

    and in the Arctic will play a role
    1. technical
      technical 31 October 2017 20: 27
      And what should they do there ??? There will definitely not be NATO carrier groups !! Those who believe that the Russian troops are in the Arctic on business are naive people. For those troops, nobody will even use cruise missiles. Just three months after the start of the large-scale database, these troops will either succumb and freeze, or they will shoot down the officers and surrender with a white flag to any passing icebreaker. For example, Chinese.
      1. Krabik
        Krabik 21 November 2017 07: 41
        Something you are right on the positive.

        Where does the Chinese icebreaker come from?