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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Sudden trip to Russia


Greetings to you, my dear friends and other dear readers. I'm not afraid of my own arrogance, but I decided to surprise you today. And so that it was unexpected. But more about that later. And I will surprise you as expected. I'll tell you my version of the continuation of our Maidan. And also later.

Now again, someone twisted face. The most interesting later. What kind of people are you? How many times already wrote about your stagnant approach to events. Shirshe need to watch. Deeper. These are not my words. This is Raikin words. The one who is Arkady, and not the one who is his son. Well, here is an example of your rigidity. What was the 1812 or 1941-45 war?

The human brain immediately climbs into the hidden corners of school knowledge. And the cockroaches? In logic! So, both wars were civil. Because in both wars the citizens of Russia fought at the beginning with the citizens of France, then of Germany. Just kidding, of course, and then some with jokes on "you" with us. But you understand the logic, I hope.

Any fact can be perverted as you please, if you correctly bypass some other facts ...

We continue fun days associated with weapons. It is no secret that many people said when Kozly (this is now the official name of the protesters at the walls of the Rada) started their games, that if something serious began, they would get the weapon in Kiev. It, like, already lies where necessary and as necessary. That SBU and attended to the search. Found!

In Svyatoshinsky district a search was conducted with one lover of military accessories and equipment. He sold them on the Internet. Nothing so searched. Three machine guns, two carbines, a TT pistol, two Nagan revolvers, a rocket launcher, optics. And cartridges already 4500 pieces.

And so what? How much is a grenade in Kiev now? Any student knows the price list. From 80 to 150 hryvnia. For grandmothers, or some state employees there, money, of course. And for the "warriors of light"? Or employees of the "dark gateway"? I’m not at all surprised if I read somewhere an advertisement for the sale of an anti-tank complex. "If you are hit by tank, you’ll have a real opportunity to respond. "

Yes, and how without a weapon today? I somehow remembered one historynot connected in any way with a weapon, but perfectly connected with our life. My mother-in-law (the cockroach with a pale shadow on her background) somehow deprived us of beer with the test. We poured beer ... Well, the foam on the tablecloth was spilled. Father-in-law for the honor of the Ukrainian brewers stood up. Good beer should be frothy. Mother-in-law beer selected. "Drink a fire extinguisher out" ...

Something like this "fire extinguisher" recently happened on Saturday with the commander of the OUN volunteer battalion Nikolai Kohanivsky. Warriors of light shone at the twin wake and fought on the street. Kokhanivsky's sister of his, Ruslan "Rem", shot from a trauma. If they shoot each other, how can a simple person be?

Good near the police walked. I mean, I walked like a simple passerby. He had a day off. As they say in official reports, he detained the criminal. And in the people say, the face is filled and twisted Hero. Professionally so. Hard as experts say. One is now in the hospital, the second is in the jail.

In general, we now have in the sense of a massacre, too, as in a joke. After the wedding night.

- Honey, I realized that I'm not your first ...

- Yes. And I realized that not the last.

Remember the fans of the football club "Dnepr"? Well, those who recently beat our MP, and also the president of the club "Dnepr-1" Yuri Berez? There was a trauma, that face has suffered. And then the next one news arrived in time.

In the village of Khaschavan, Lviv region, local physiognomy was rolled out to deputy Andrei Lozovoi. Imagine? A man from the party Lyashko came to agitate so that the forest would not be cut down. And he himself was cut down. Mafia! Definitely and irrevocably! But there would be a trauma ... A sadomasochist's dream. Given the membership of the party Lyashko, where would this injury Lozovoy stuck ...

Well, before I start to surprise you, information for consideration. From the same series that I have been trying to impress our traffic cops for a long time. Well, remember? "Did you drink?". I'm tired already. If only one asked: "Did you eat?".

So, in Georgia, the former footballer of our Dynamo and Milan, who works today as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy of Georgia Kakha Kaladze, was elected mayor of Tbilisi. Maybe we should think and replace a boxer with Shevchenko? I here again thought like a cockroach. Football players sometimes even play with their heads, and not only eat like boxers ... I will think.

Here, of course, the main thing is to look among your own. As the announcement is: "Do not disturb the Russian football players." Joke. Again, besides football players and boxers, there are other sports. Except chess. And not quite a sport, as it were, and the heads of it are all around. One Kasparov is worth something.

About mishmaydanchik. I will tell you a terrible secret, why "not a ride." Here, many people say, they write, everybody builds plans, but this is, again, the human approach. And you need not feet, you need a soul.

And where is the soul of man? That's right, in the stomach. And in the name of his, my dear, all the deeds and committed. The answer to the question of why the people of Kiev did not stretch to Misha on the micromaidan, is simple to “I can't”. 250 hryvnia per day for an activist. Plus, there is no feeding and living (by the way, not only in a tent).

For Kiev - about anything.

Everything is elementary: the day of work on simple kalymkas in Kiev is from 350 hryvnia. These are trees or shrubs to plant, mount something and so on. That is that, but that the noisiest of inhabitants are ready to go and the most hungry are the youth.

In short, do not take off. The process is initially dubious, and even for less money ... Sorry, after 2014 in Kiev, fools are becoming less and less.

Therefore, I left the maydanchik behind my interests and headed towards the Russian border. There the prospect was more interesting.

The fact is that over the past two years I have been trying to make my own contribution to the coverage of everything that is happening in Ukraine. And so, to be made. We decided in the editorial office to encourage me, just like in the song: “It seems that I have been awarded, awarded and recognized as a good fellow”.

And since I somehow, but have mastered a related specialty and now as much as I try to please you with my exclusive photo reports, then on behalf of and on behalf of the Chief Analyst I was handed a cool camera. Now I'm not just armed, but for real. Accordingly, more good and high-quality photos and videos will be! A SLR camera is not a Chinese smartphone. And considering the telephoto lens attached to it - it's hot in general!

That's just had to go to you for all this good. But I was even interested in how it was in Mordor. I told you that I have never been to this Russia. Here, I visited ...

I will not describe the road, it's still a 30 + category. The main thing - I got there and crossed the border. Naturally, without problems, what problems can we have?

And so fun. The border is on your side. More precisely, on the heck. And an uncle in uniform from a checkpoint with a barrier for cars yells at everyone: “The passport showed in expanded form! He closed the gate behind him! ” Fun.

Well, they found fun. Not cockroaches at all. Real boars. Such organisms only scare our deputies in a dream. To death. But welcome, contagion. Already chitin cracked. And the stomach was amused, and a master class on teaching new technology was staged.

By the way, the institution in the photo in the title I recommend to anyone who will be in Belgorod. And not because this is my first shot on Russian soil, but because I simply advise everyone who loves and appreciates their stomach.

Generally speaking about impressions, there were a lot of them. Many here complain that there are problems in Russia: fools and roads. I don’t know how it’s with fools, but I don’t want to talk about the Belgorodchiny’s roads, because compared to Kiev’s, these are tears of joy and affection. If you have such roads, then what fools? And vice versa, what kind of fools, if such cool roads?

I was very surprised at how much you have everything in place. We drove past the village, there is a wire twisted up in a coil on a pole. Meters 10-15. No, you have no idea, he just hangs! On the pole !!! And obviously, not the first day. We would have hung up to the first twilight. Lit up as it is. Live well.

Corners. Steel. Stop doing. They lie on the ground for a stop. Yes, we have such a corner to the ground would not have flown.

And how many cars. No, it is clear that you have your own gasoline and it is enough for everyone. And cheap. I saw it myself. But not to the same extent.

Everyone is moving somewhere. By cars. Buses and empty trams go, all on wheels. But the truth and traffic from here, and crowded parking.

It was very interesting to look with all my eyes at the miracle of the Russian automotive industry, "Vesta". Did not work. In general, as I understand it, VAZ products in Belgorod are absolutely not held in high esteem. As they said in that old film, “the whole world is widely represented,” but “Vesta” did not work out. And in general, somehow with the domestic auto industry on the streets of Belgorod is not very. Nifiga is not patriotic.

But the culture in Belgorod is felt. There is such a charm in the city, there is. I was invited next time to Voronezh, it will be interesting to compare. And so - here Belgorod is like Vinnitsa, into which a couple of dollars of wagons will be poured out.

In general, I will post all my opinion later. It is necessary to review the taken photos, and generally to sort things out on the shelves in my head. Still, I am now a member of the Order of the Frodo Traveler. Not anyhow where roll. Only the ring did not throw anywhere.

But so much I thought, while back telepal. This is a difference of fifty kilometers, and everything is not so. And not to say that it is right that they live much richer, and everything is as it should be. You can get to the bottom of everything. But - otherwise. More joyful ...

Although I spent only five hours in Belgorod, I didn’t see that much, but I thought hard. I'm still so thoughtful. It’s one thing to write, criticize, not seeing, and quite a different calico when you touch it. Well, it's about how you - one thing, when on TV something about us broadcast, and another thing - when myself.

In short, while I think and prepare for my next adventure. I read your wishes, where I can get into Chernobyl and the surrounding area - I will get there. You understand, you can not get anywhere there. Somewhere they do not allow it to be very active, but I don’t go anywhere myself.

But there will be an event there that I will try to contemplate. So - see you soon!
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 26 October 2017 05: 19
    Thanks Cockroach pleased with its optimism smile I wish you good luck and happiness. hi
    1. Finches
      Finches 26 October 2017 06: 23
      It’s so good when there is something to compare with, because some of us don’t see anything good at all, they just sit and whine, whine, whine ... Now, would anyone of these guys, on the contrary, even go to Kiev to experience all the charms of permanent revolutions of hydidity!
      1. your1970
        your1970 30 October 2017 10: 23
        Vesta is still quite a rare car in the vastness of Russia. This is me as the owner of X-ray repeat I always confirm ...
        However, judging by our taxi drivers (who have completely changed seats on it, and some have more than 200 km in 000 years), the car came out pretty good.
        There were some troubles - even so, the domestic auto industry, but AvtoVAZ is at war with them ... The only trouble is a little expensive, but the cars comparable in terms of equipment have long gone for lam
  2. Egoza
    Egoza 26 October 2017 05: 34
    Well, cockroach! Chuyka worked for you on time, rolled away, or else here we have a terrorist attack, you know.
    As a result of the attack, people's deputy Igor Moseychuk, political scientist Vitaliy Bala and the people's deputy’s guard were wounded. They received injuries of varying severity and were hospitalized urgently. The explosion power was not less than 1 kilograms of TNT

    Disputes only go on - either Kadyrov personally undermined, or the Russian special services, I’ll say one thing: "Guys! You felt sorry for 2 kg of TNT put? On such a carcass!" And so in the hospital toil, even though the guard has already passed away.
    1. domokl
      domokl 26 October 2017 05: 40
      lol The economy should be economical. And then, who is interested in the corpse? The guys from Mihmaydana are trying to swing the situation. To a little Kyivans push to the protests.
      Autumn aggravation in the hospital for especially Svidomo
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 26 October 2017 06: 04
        The guys from mikhmaydan try to rock the situation. To a little Kiev push for protests.

        Scooters aren’t enough ... and if you still have to put two kg of explosives in a gas tank, there’sn’t enough janitors to pick up garbage all over KIEV. what
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 26 October 2017 06: 04
      what How to pull up stupid people from Ukraine who "for a well-worn porch" personally blame Putin. Yes, yes, I understand that TAM who does not blame Russians for everything is a suspicious person and he needs to be immediately handed over to the SBU "for experiments", but when he gets to the most crazy ones there, see HOW does the Russian army act by video from Syria. good If there is an order to "blow Lyashka" or Klyachka - we can even blow up the whole house (because he obviously lives in a private, not apartment). If Putin personally throws out one of these pretzels, then the order will be executed "for the flight time of Caliber." bully tongue
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 26 October 2017 06: 11
        Quote: Mih1974
        Scum - we can even blow up the whole house (

        Do not touch the nag! He is poor! repeat Today he complained that he can’t pay for the apartment !!!! belay Housing and communal services prices lifted up!
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 26 October 2017 06: 13
          laughing crying laughing I fell under the table and I’ll be there for a long time. This ".udo" even in a correctly constructed speech manages to make laughs to a "non-standing" state.
        2. inkass_98
          inkass_98 26 October 2017 06: 58
          Quote: Egoza
          Housing and communal services prices lifted up!

          So he has an example before his half-dead eyes - Chernovol with help. She was a fool, and she equipped the house with autonomous heating and power supply. For which, however, she paid ...
    3. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 26 October 2017 06: 53
      Quote: Egoza
      Were you sorry to put 2 kg of TNT? N

      On the contrary, they put smaller ones, so as not to kill at all, but to look like a terrorist attack repeat You go request Ours would be put specifically so that for sure. And here it is, childish pranks to attract attention yes
  3. Mih1974
    Mih1974 26 October 2017 06: 08
    And the Cockroach is impossible to risk, dumb for him now. After all, geeks from their Gestapo wool both our video and our sites. Reveal and - flood with dichlorvos, die in the color of years crying , and indeed the whole network will be "poisoned" by Herods. So it is necessary to encrypt stronger, people in Ukraine are not stingy and shoot and blow up, so that they’ll not beat the ordinary Cockroach with a “slipper”.

    PySy: about impressions of Russia, but Russia mother "ate herself" when she stopped "feeding" 14 brothers and sisters. Yes, workers from these countries go to Russia and send back the money they earned, but to see it is not so serious against the background of the amounts that swelled into these countries while they were republics, that people in Russia “grow fat” by leaps and bounds.
    Yes, here we are groaning a “crisis”, yes, yes, we have problems “against the backdrop of the world revolution” - a wagon and a small cart, but against the background of “ex-brothers” - we have Paradise on earth.
    1. Olfred
      Olfred 26 October 2017 08: 32
      we have Paradise on earth.
      Seriously? Let me ask, what city will you be from?
      1. domokl
        domokl 26 October 2017 09: 04
        Strange you are people .. I here paid attention to a small, but rather important phrase. Pro wires that no one steals. But there was a time that holiday villages and villages thieves left the world without us and with us. Stealing, damn it.
        It is interesting to reflect on the words of a man who looks at us from his bell tower. From my own world ... And about Paradise ... It depends on what to compare. The eternal problem of looking at a half-full or half-empty glass
        1. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 26 October 2017 12: 01
          The eternal problem of looking at half-full or half-empty glass

          Well, from our side, in this case, a half-full glass is appropriate. I would not want to like them. Or am I wrong?
          1. domokl
            domokl 26 October 2017 17: 29
            Quote: rotmistr60
            Or am I wrong?

            I would say a filled glass ...
        2. Olfred
          Olfred 26 October 2017 18: 42
          About wires that no one steals
          I don’t know how it’s in your city, but in my 90s I’m as if not gone, I’m silent about the wires - you won’t see a single piece of iron that was lying around, they’ll pick it up and dig around in the garbage too ....
          It is interesting to reflect on the words of a person who is looking at us from his bell tower.
          So no one denies each has an opinion different from the other.
          The eternal problem of looking at half-full or half-empty glass
          the fact of the matter is that there are NO glasses laughing hi
      2. SOF
        SOF 26 October 2017 09: 13
        Quote: OlfRed
        we have Paradise on earth.
        Seriously? Let me ask, what city will you be from?

        ... but against the backdrop of "ex-brothers" ...

        If you do without pulling the phrase out of context, then the question disappears? Is not it.
        1. Olfred
          Olfred 26 October 2017 18: 52
          If you do without pulling the phrase out of context, then the question disappears? Is not it.
          How can a question disappear, it’s not ... You can either answer or ignore it. You didn’t like that someone didn’t have “PARADISE”. Duck, if the matter is in comparison, then in Ukraine there is a "paradise" than in any other Ivory Coast. It’s always a matter of comparison, and there are many places where it’s better and where it’s worse. And if without verbiage? Do you have something to say on the topic?
          PS I beg your pardon if I offended anyone ... hi
          1. Mih1974
            Mih1974 29 October 2017 21: 56
            So you just pull out part of the Offer thereby changing the meaning
            Here enlighten and you will immediately understand the meaning of my words. good Yes, Somalia or niggers or other African country can be hell on the level of Tajikistan or Uzbekistan, but it does not alter the relationship Russia / sAziya because from there emigrate migrant workers, and not there. Yes, they are emigrated to Russia (albeit to a much lesser extent) by the EU or the USA, and yes - by the same "low-class" types of work with the hope of "breaking out into people."
            Your words about “in Russia there are places far from Paradise” even if they were not voiced by you, but you meant them, they are true, but you will also have to admit that in the same EU or USA there are plenty of places where our people will not want to emigrate . Do not believe me - look at the Goblin’s website for a video of a policeman from the USA (he served there for 19 years) and he wasn’t talking about the black reservations of blacks in America or about the “dead” Detroit.
      3. Mih1974
        Mih1974 29 October 2017 21: 46
        Sosnovy Bor. Len.oblast (satellite city of Leningrad NPP). Yes, I understand that it is smaller than Moscow, but more so than Nizhny Mukhosk, and even against the background of "auls" or whatever the villages in Asia are called - really Paradise.
  4. jonht
    jonht 26 October 2017 07: 15
    Pleased Cockroach! Thank!
    Oh, your spiders would devour each other, but I’m afraid the Westerners will not let them roam.
  5. SOF
    SOF 26 October 2017 09: 06
    Quote: Mih1974
    So you need to encrypt stronger ...

    I support. At a minimum, photos on work and photos here should differ not only in content, but also in geolocation. After all, the Gestapo doesn’t work at all. The arans work, and they can connect two events.
  6. marshes
    marshes 26 October 2017 11: 48
    In Belgorod and in the region, real estate has risen in price very much, mine wanted to move from Kharkov. The trouble is that they can’t be sold at a decent price, or something acceptable. Of course, the village is not needed, city residents with higher education, some people retired. cook in Kharkov until better times and learn mov.
  7. Altona
    Altona 26 October 2017 11: 58
    It was very interesting to look with all my eyes at the miracle of the Russian automotive industry, Vesta.
    Very even a machine, by the way it is not so domestic. Now Lada, or rather LADA, is just another Renault brand that owns AvtoVAZ.
  8. Des10
    Des10 26 October 2017 13: 42
    "... on behalf of and on behalf of the Chief Observer, I was presented with a cool camera. Now I’m not just armed, but really. There will be more good and high-quality photos and videos! A SLR camera is not a Chinese smartphone for you. And considering also the telephoto lens attached to it - generally heat! "
    Congratulations on a well-deserved award, your reports are emotionally fresh and so close to us outlook on life. Thank. )
  9. 75 hammer
    75 hammer 26 October 2017 13: 47
    Trakanische, you go to Moscow, that’s where the state is in the state. And people seem to be the same, but as settled within the Moscow Ring Road, there will be happiness! And we and you have problems everywhere, the difference is that we did not declare “Ryazan and Tambov” people separatists, and our Tsar has a king in his head! And so, people are the same, all of meat!
  10. Earnest
    Earnest 26 October 2017 13: 52
    To the logic! So, both wars were civil. Because in both wars, the citizens of Russia fought in the beginning with the citizens of France, then Germany.

    And here is the nifiga! The first war was subject, because there were no citizens, but exclusively subjects of the emperors of Russia, France and other kings and dukes.
    1. exwarrent
      exwarrent 28 October 2017 19: 25
      As there was at Hasek: "While here the kings were beaten by an ace, far at the front the kings beat each other with their subjects."
  11. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 26 October 2017 14: 22
    I didn’t write, it was not until scribble. Well, you are our brother to you, cockroach, of health and success in family and personal life! "remember this statement by the superintendent performed by M. Pugovkin from" Partner "
    But seriously, I tried not to miss a single spelling of yours, everything is very lively and sincere. come on brother, write more, really waiting! GOOD LUCK !!!!! love
  12. Goha meister
    Goha meister 26 October 2017 19: 46
    I did not begin to compare Ukraine and Russia in 2017. Ukraine would be interested in what it was like to return in 2014, which one is there to compare.
  13. SOFA
    SOFA 26 October 2017 22: 34
    Thank you for the praise of Belgorod, and indeed, a beautiful city, I have been living in it for 15 years, has been very transformed and prettier. One bad thing is that salaries are small, prices are high (as throughout Russia, except for large settlements). Especially after Tajikistan (where he served in PV for a long time) - a directly licked and clean town. Come to us again, the people here are friendly, but complex. All.
    1. Aleksandr1981
      Aleksandr1981 30 October 2017 20: 07
      And I finished the Technologist)))))))) For 11 years now, after graduation, I returned to the Urals and I remember everything Belgorod !!!!!! I don’t know how now, but then it didn’t seem complicated to me at all!
  14. exwarrent
    exwarrent 28 October 2017 19: 28
    Thanks, the author, pleased again! Good luck and take care! We are waiting for new "Notes"!
  15. A.Kaledin
    A.Kaledin 28 October 2017 23: 15
    Lada Vesta, even on the streets of St. Petersburg is not uncommon what is it rare in Belgorod?
    1. your1970
      your1970 30 October 2017 13: 20
      Quote: A.Kaledin
      Lada Vesta, even on the streets of St. Petersburg is not uncommon what is it rare in Belgorod?
      - the main deliveries - 93% (unlike, for example, Priory, which went to Moscow in the amount of 1,2% of the output) went to Moscow and St. Petersburg, for example, there are in Saratov - but quite a bit. Nevertheless, it is a little expensive for us .. .
  16. gm9019
    gm9019 29 October 2017 19: 05
    Thank you, dear Cockroach!
    Well, now we live - already a SLR! Bourgeois you are real now wink
    Now I'm not just armed, but for real. Accordingly, there will be more good and high-quality photos and videos! Camera

    we are waiting for beauty, we are waiting for life observations, hot photos from the places of events ... we are waiting!
    I wish you good health! love