Military Review

Storming the city of Racca through the eyes of US coalition fighters

We are heading to the area of ​​the last ISIL stronghold in Syria, where US-backed forces are fighting for the liberation of the city of Raqqa. The fall of the city will be a major defeat for extremists who are trying to unleash terror around the world. In this battle, the stakes are higher than ever.


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  1. afrikanez
    afrikanez 25 October 2017 19: 11
    This is definitely not an assault, but rather a siege of Racca. Moreover, the “agreement” with the terrorists. Wow and warriors, your mother ..... angry
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 25 October 2017 20: 23
      C'mon, both the Russian Federation and the United States arrange agreements with Isis and the like. This is much more effective than storming a city and losing a ton of resources.
  2. Helicopter122
    Helicopter122 25 October 2017 20: 27
    And weapons, mainly Kalashnikovs and Dragunovs.
    Even American Christian naughty from Dragoons. But the cartridges are not from her.
  3. agent
    agent 26 October 2017 09: 44
    Cinema with a romantic touch. About simple heterosexual people, different faiths. But Assad’s dictatorship wasn’t found a suitable picture or video. Judging by the video, volunteers from different countries release Rakku, without the support of anyone, America does not pour enough weapons on them, but they are not discouraged, the Igilovites armed and seasoned in city battles crumble with homemade weapons. Judging by the movie, it turns out that these good volunteers liberate Raqqa, and they will also have to fight the Assad regime.
  4. the monastery
    the monastery 26 October 2017 17: 02
    golem hollywood
    ohh look how he shoots heroically at ig
    ohh what fighting spirit do they have
    ohh we will win soon
    almost got sick of the cheapest clowning!
  5. Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 26 October 2017 19: 52
    igil unleashed a war, this is who opens the mouth of the usa! negative just wonderful. here it is the whole essence of democracy.
  6. svetkl74
    svetkl74 15 November 2017 07: 25
    The Ishilovites in the United States will be given a different name and a different task, a different film will be shot in the dust.