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Indian military in Primorye demonstrated the ability to destroy conditional terrorists

Russian and Indian troops continue joint operations in the framework of the bilateral interspecific exercise Indra-2017. Maneuvers are held with the participation of the combined arms army of the Eastern Military District. Department of Information and Mass Communications The Russian Defense Ministry reports that during the maneuvers at the Sergievsky training ground (Primorsky Territory), the Russian-Indian contingent repelled the attack of a conventional terrorist group on a humanitarian convoy.

Indian military in Primorye demonstrated the ability to destroy conditional terrorists

It is noteworthy that the conditions of the city were simulated, in which, according to the legend, exercises and wielded several terrorist groups.

From the message of the department:
According to the scenario of the exercise, a terrorist group of up to 40, a man using a mined vehicle, attacked a military convoy at the time of the delivery of humanitarian aid to the local population. The protection of a humanitarian convoy under intense enemy fire was forced to retreat and go on the defensive. In order to neutralize the detachment of terrorists, a joint international operation was conducted, during which Russian and Indian units blocked the settlement.

The submission states that for the liquidation of reinforcements, which advanced towards a terrorist group, the Gradz MLRS, SAU and towed guns were used. They destroyed suitable militant groups on the approaches to the conventional city.
It is noted that the Mi-8AMTSH helicopters supported the operation from the air, from which a tactical landing force was landed.

MO informs:
In 2017, the international doctrine for the first time takes place in an interspecific format according to a single plan. Instead of the earlier Indra-Nevi-2016, AviaIndra-2016, and Indra-2016 exercises, one exercise was planned involving the warships of the Pacific fleet and the Indian Navy, aviation and the ground units of the Eastern Military District and the ground units of the Indian army.
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  1. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 25 October 2017 13: 13
    The Egyptians must also be taught, otherwise they have such incomparable losses in the fight against terrorists.
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 25 October 2017 13: 23
      Quote: Alexander 3
      Egyptians need to be taught the same
      - Before the Egyptians, you need to practice on the Papuans. Then it goes like clockwork.
    2. Cheshire
      Cheshire 26 October 2017 13: 55
      And who told you that the mass of Egyptians can be taught this? Arabs sir, Arabs ...
      By the way, the fact that the Indians show at our test sites does not mean that they have learned something. Upon arrival home, they safely forget it.
  2. novel66
    novel66 25 October 2017 13: 37
    Let them study in Syria, otherwise ish - Primorye!
  3. faridg7
    faridg7 25 October 2017 13: 39
    maneuvers at the Sergievsky training ground

    Well, the landfill was renamed for the arrival of the Indians. Hopefully just a polygon? The garrison has not been renamed? The Indians arrived early, I would like to see them at the end of January, at the beginning of February.
    Interestingly, the Indians were brought in on civilian side, that is, they could not afford working out the transfer of units by transport aviation?