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South Korea bought Global Hawk drones

Before the end of this year, the United States will hand over to South Korea the first pair of intelligence drones Global Hawk. According to the portal, the Republic of Korea Air Force has officially confirmed the purchase of American drones.

The first drones should come into service with the South Korean air force in December. Another pair of Global Hawk drones must be delivered in 2019 year. According to unofficial information, each of the drones cost South Korea $ 223 million.

South Korea bought Global Hawk drones

South Korea and the United States discussed the deal in 2014, and yesterday it became known that it ended with the signing of a contract. In the coming months, the South Korean air force will be able to monitor its “northern neighbor”, actively developing its nuclear program.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense explains the purchase of Global Hawk by the need to build up its military potential in the face of a growing threat from the DPRK. Global Hawk drones will be based at the Guerungdae military base located in Kereyon city (Chuncheon Namdo province). American-made reconnaissance drones should be a key element of the early warning program in the event of an attack from North Korea, reports "Warspot".

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  1. ZVO
    ZVO 25 October 2017 11: 44
    I understand that the communication and management system is leased ...
    You can even buy a drone even Mozambique and Lesotho, but a satellite-based control and communication system ...- you can’t buy it.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. assa67
        assa67 25 October 2017 15: 58
        and this is not necessary ... to raise the balloon to a certain height, with a karey scale it will be quite enough and economical .... and the cucumber is interesting, how many are there
  2. Engineer
    Engineer 25 October 2017 12: 43
    How we lagged behind in the field of unmanned aircraft! And Syria has shown this fully.
  3. Div Divich
    Div Divich 25 October 2017 15: 49
    Looking at the headquarters on the enemy’s position is very cool. But you won’t win by viewing, if there is little money, then planes are more important.

    It turns out drones are just an addition, the main one is still airplanes, tanks, infantry.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 26 October 2017 01: 01
      This drone has a flight altitude of 30 kilometers in case of war, the DPRK’s air defense will not get it - and it will be an excellent target indicator for missiles in South Korea and the United States.