Military Review

Military situation in Syria: Syrian air strike in Deir ez-Zor

Last night, an airstrike was inflicted on a government-controlled al-Qusur district in Deir ez-Zor, resulting in 14 deaths and 32 more injured. Loyal opposition sources say the incident occurred as a result of an erroneous strike by a Syrian or Russian aviation. According to sources loyal to the government, this airstrike was inflicted by a coalition led by the United States as a warning to the Syrian government in the current conflict east of Deir ez-Zor.


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  1. Fedya2017
    Fedya2017 25 October 2017 12: 51 New
    If our MO is silent, then ...?
    1. Fylhtq
      Fylhtq 25 October 2017 22: 27 New
      And what is the first time, or what?
  2. misti1973
    misti1973 26 October 2017 04: 14 New
    It’s very similar to a warning. Our VKS also bombed this opposition quite often. At first they said it was a lie and only terrorists were bombed, then there was talk that the opposition was no different from terrorists. They really didn’t trade in terrorist attacks, but our propagandists should stick a label :) All this lies have already got enough. Only talk about our successes and their failures :) From the very beginning they wanted to take control of the BV, so they began to break the regimes one by one. Now they are trying to take control of oil and gas fields. If they will succeed, they will be able to dictate terms, because this is the only source of income for the country. And if such things continue, we will get a permanent war that Russia does not need at all.
    1. Nikolai Grek
      Nikolai Grek 30 October 2017 03: 34 New
      Quote: misti1973
      They really don’t trade in terrorist acts,

      what what fool fool fool but the heads are cut off for children !!!! negative negative negative negative negative
  3. Yuri Grigorov
    Yuri Grigorov 26 October 2017 12: 38 New
    A RESPONSE is needed, and such that TO REMEMBER.
  4. Oleg Salov
    Oleg Salov 29 October 2017 04: 52 New
    Now we need to strike, in the same direction, against the Kurds, and such a strike, so that both the Kurds and the Americans remember, should not be mistaken, it is fraught.